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Troika of Wands of Tarot — the value of the card

The Troika of the Wands map shows a silhouette of a man walking along the road between three tall pillars and looking out to ships coming to the shore. This card indicates the need to have patience with everything in the long life path.

Troika of Wands of Tarot - the value of the card
Troika of Wands of Tarot - the value of the card

In direct position, the Troika of Wands symbolizes the positive development of affairs. She testifies that stagnation in business has ended, and the person has new opportunities.

This card very often appears in the scenario, when a person is just beginning to implement new ideas and this confirms the skill and talent, and also focuses attention on the fact that the started business is successfully moving forward.

The Troika of Wands in a straight position always foreshadows a creative future. Very good combination of this card with the card Emperor. This indicates that soon a person will receive very important information.

Next to the road maps, the Troika of Wands becomes the harbinger of an unexpected, but very pleasant journey.

The card can emphasize that in order to make the right decision, you need to listen to the useful advice of a loved one. If there are any difficulties in life, then with the appearance of such a card in the layout, it can be concluded that they are temporary.

In various fields, this map may indicate the following:

  • In the field of health, the card is a testament to well-being. For a sick person, she indicates that the correct treatment is finally started, which will be successful and lead to full recovery.
  • In matters of relationship, the card foreshadows many useful and pleasant acquaintances. And in the personal sphere, she points out that the existing relations are strong and are based on complete trust and common interests.
  • In the business area is scheduled creative growth. The map indicates that the atmosphere of complete mutual understanding will prevail in the working team.

This card symbolizes strong personalities. As a rule, these are people who naturally have a calm and balanced character.

Very often they choose trade-related professions.

The value of the map of the Troika of Wands in an inverted position

In the inverted position, Troika of Wands symbolizes haste in making responsible decisions. She points to the excessive and absolutely unjustified self-confidence of a person, which can lead to the fact that even the most successful start in the future will bring disappointment.

If there are negative cards next to this card, then this indicates that a person has imagined a lot and turned away from reality. When such a card falls out, it is better not to listen to the advice, but to rely only on yourself. But when there are positive maps near Troika of the Wands, we can assume that the difficulties are over, since ill-wishers and enemies have been discovered, which means that they will no longer be able to harm.

If the Tower is in the layout with this card, then this indicates that all life problems arise due to the stubbornness of a person.

In various areas of human activity, the map may indicate the following:

  • In the field of health should be expected to develop a serious disease. Moreover, the presence of negative cards in the scenario additionally focuses attention on the fact that long-term treatment is ahead. And if there are positive cards nearby, this indicates that the crisis has passed.
  • In matters of relationships, an unfavorable situation may arise when this card appears in the alignment next to the Hermit. This portends loneliness due to the loss of close friends. All the troubles in his personal life in this period are due to the fact that the partners are not ready to compromise.
  • In the business sphere, cooperation will not be constructive, as one of the colleagues may fail or even betray. This period is also not the best for job search.

The card personifies dreamy people who prefer to live in an illusory world. Quite often such people are arrogant and envious.

Sometimes Troika of the Wands indicates unlucky businessmen.

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