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Troika Chash (Cups): the value of the Tarot card, a combination with other arcane

Troika Chash (Cups): the value in divination for love, finance, health, in combination with other cards

Troika Chash (Cups) — a positive card. It symbolizes a favorable and comfortable environment, mutual understanding with other people.

Arkan indicates a festive mood, calm and confident state. In the life of the questioner, a fruitful period is planned, which will bring joy and pleasure. At a deeper level, Troika Chash personifies a positive worldview, a feeling of fullness of life.

Sometimes the card indicates the receipt of a valuable gift.

In the traditional tarot decks on the lasso are three dancing girls. In their hands they hold a cup.

Each of the characters depicted on the map is joyful and carefree. They do not hold back their emotions.

Girls are in harmony with themselves and with the outside world.

Troika Chash (Cups): the value of the Tarot card, a combination with other arcane

This is the classic image of a lasso in Tarot Ryder-Waite:

Troika Chash (Cups): the value of the Tarot card, a combination with other arcane

The girls seem to drink to each other’s health, which means the completion of any business or project, a happy outcome of events, the implementation of the desired. Also in the Ryder-Waite deck, Troika Chash is interpreted as consolation, healing of old wounds.

Troika Chash (Cups): the value of the Tarot card, a combination with other arcane

In Tarot Thoth, a lasso depicts three bowls made of garnets, which are a symbol of love. They are set on the lotus flowers of golden color and overflow with streams of love, which also stream over them from the edge of other lotus flowers.

In the upper part of the lasso is the sign of Mercury — the planet-ruler of this map.

Troika Chash (Cups): the value of the Tarot card, a combination with other arcane

Bowls on the lasso can symbolize three important people in the life of the questioner. With them, he shares a precious feeling of love, is in a relationship of trust.

Troika Chash (Cups): the value of the Tarot card, a combination with other arcane

In this deck, not three characters are depicted, but one girl. She has two cups in her hands.

Of these, she waters a flower that grows from the third bowl.

Troika Chash (Cups): the value of the Tarot card, a combination with other arcane

This card symbolizes profitable investments, obtaining large profits, the successful promotion of the project. In the upturned form, lasso means stagnation, being in a comfort zone, a tendency to pleasure.

Its position depends on the position of the card.

The Troika of Cups symbolizes the fulfillment of desires in any sphere: in business, work, personal life. The situation will develop for the questioner in the best way.

His life will be joyful and carefree. All affairs will be completed with success, and friendly relations will be renewed.

Arkan points out that something positive enters a person’s life. He will receive a gift (from a loved one or from fate itself), which will fill his heart with a feeling of happiness and gratitude. At a deep level, Troika Chash symbolizes optimism, a feeling of fullness of life, and at the existential level — joyful events, feast, and festive events.

The traditional meanings of the card are a party, a holiday, a fun pastime with friends.

During this period, the person is in an elevated mood. His ideas meet with support from others.

If the alignment was made on a crisis situation, Troika Chash says that very soon it will be resolved in a safe manner. Perhaps the third person will help the questioner.

This card indicates that a person is in a comfortable psychological state. He is surrounded "their" people in front of whom there is no need to keep a person, to build a defense or to prove something.

The questioner can completely relax and not require compliance with the formalities of either himself or from others.

In such a position, Troika Chash is regarded by many tarologists as a negative map. But the failures that she predicts will not be permanent.

They can not radically change the relationship between people despite the temporary cooling.

In general, an inverted Troika Bowl is an unfavorable sign for a certain period of time. Arkan means a loss of interest, a tendency to excess, a vain expenditure of vitality. There may be temporary difficulties, but for the questioner they will not be critical.

Even with this card, you can expect to get a good result, but it will be modest. Often, Troika Chash indicates a lack of understanding or loss of credibility.

Troika Chash does not predict brilliant successes, but in fortune-telling on circumstances indicates a favorable outcome. The card says that the questioner can count on external resources.

Example: a person will be able to borrow the right amount of money without the need to pay interest.

Arkan foreshadows a pleasant and interesting event. We can talk about marriage, the birth of a child, graduation, new work.

Troika Cup — one of the best cards in the scenario for everyday situations. She talks about a good purchase, successful resolution of issues related to the trip. The card is favorable if there are any problems related to the team or the interaction of several people.

This can be a trip with the whole family, a group trip, a corporate event.

The most important message of this card is that the completion of any project can be regarded as an occasion for joy.

In the opposite position, the card indicates that circumstances become a source of negative emotions for the questioner. He makes plans that will not be realized in the end.

Often in such a position, Troika Chash indicates abuse (overeating, drinking, sensual pleasures). This will lead to unpleasant consequences for human health or its financial well-being.

In general, even in an inverted position, the lasso is not negative. But at the same time, he makes it clear that if you continue to indulge your own weaknesses, you will have to pay for it.

The man pointed out by Troika Chash cannot imagine himself outside the team. Usually, this card symbolizes public persons who are constantly in the focus of public attention and live off of the energy that recognition gives them.

Such people often become regular guests of all kinds of parties. This kind of pastime is so fascinating for them that they subordinate to him his entire life routine.

A person who is influenced by Troika Bowls, likes to amuse others, is the soul of the company. They are witty and enterprising people who welcome any society. Usually they are the backbone of the team.

Their opinion is respected, considering it authoritative. No common event can do without them.

This is especially true for a person indicated by the combination of the Troika of Cups and King of Cups cards.

In the opposite position, the Troika of Cups indicates rather unpleasant personality characteristics. Usually these are people with a large number of vices: they think only of themselves and their whims, without caring at all about the feelings of others.

As in the case of direct Troika Bowls, they love big companies and festivals. But often they suffer from excessive craving for alcohol, use narcotic substances.

Another unpleasant feature is a promiscuous lifestyle, neglecting stable bonds. Such a person easily changes and betrays, without bothering himself with the thoughts that his behavior causes pain to another.

With an inverted Troika Bowl, a person can take a leadership position in society.

Troika Chash promises good results, successful completion of the project. Things will go well, and all interested parties will be satisfied.

All issues related to work and career will be resolved in the best way.

The traditional interpretation of the Troika Cup in the work — a small success, an accomplishment that does not require much effort. But this success is "a little" only in comparison with the triumph symbolized by the Nine or Ten Cups.

At the level of subjective perception, it is perceived as a real triumph. For example, a student who managed to get a good grade on the exam, which he did not expect to pass, feels the influence of the Troika Cup to a much greater extent than guests of a corporate party.

Often the card promises career growth. Partnerships will be strengthened; there will be an active exchange of experience in the working team.

In conjunction with the card, the Deuce Winners Cup speaks of reliable working relationships bordering on strong friendships.

Troika Kubkov indicates that the questioner likes his work. If it were not necessary to think about the immediate needs, he would fulfill it for free.

The card symbolizes the professions associated with creativity. Since it depicts dancing figures, it is often ballet dancers, choreographers, set designers. Troika Chash symbolizes the dynamics, emotions, ecstasy in the process.

Dancers, singers and professional footballers can experience such feelings.

In the upside down position, the Troika of Cups means the instability of the situation. Temporary well-being can end abruptly.

What seems reliable now will be a source of trouble tomorrow. This may be a sudden dismissal, a conflict with the authorities, squabbles between employees.

In conjunction with the card Troika Swords Arkan indicates extremely tense relations in the team.

Troika Chash points to the profit obtained as a result of joint work, total investments. The financial situation is under control, but under one important condition: it must be a closed territory, where unauthorized people are not allowed. Family business, closed society, mafia grouping — all of these structures are held along the trophy of the Cup Troops.

The collective management is horizontal, in which all its members are equal and united by blood or ideological kinship.

The card indicates the possibility of good earnings. All emerging issues can be resolved by coming to a compromise. On the other hand, the card does not predict changes in the financial sphere.

Now the questioner has both good work and livelihood. But no one guarantees that the situation will not change.

In the opposite position, the card may indicate irrational spending, the inability to properly manage money. The questioner is advised to start saving money and improve financial literacy as soon as possible.

Troika Bowls usually does not indicate paired connections, but relationships in a group of people. She personifies the family, the interaction between parents and children, brothers and sisters, grandmothers and grandchildren.

In the business field, the card speaks of such partnerships in which more than two people take part, or the whole team.

At the same time, if the question concerns a love affair, Troika Chash foretells a favorable period, a joint pastime, engagement. Often she points to a small family party.

In conjunction with the Four of Wands, the card speaks of an emerging wedding.

Troika Bowl is a positive card for family relationships. She points to strong feelings, charm, mutual love. Partners are open for each other, their relationship has moved to a new level.

It is possible to say about such people that they will be together for the rest of their lives, both in grief and joy.

In the reverse position, Troika Cup points to the distance of one of the partners. But it does not occur sharply and does not acquire ultimatums. This process develops gradually, and it can be seen only in a long time perspective.

With this lasso it is necessary to think about the reasons why the partner is moving away: did the questioner provoke him or did he decide so himself.

Inverted Troika Bowls indicates a need for sensual pleasure. Such a desire can push one of the partners into treason, and therefore the lasso sometimes means a love triangle.

In conjunction with the card Ace of Cups, Arkan directly indicates the betrayal of the partner.

If the question concerned the wedding, it will have to be canceled. In some cases, a card means serious family conflicts arising from selfishness and impatience.

Troika Bowls indicates good health, physical endurance. The man is full of energy and is in a good state of mind.

In the reverse position, the lasso indicates the presence of some excesses. We can talk about bulimia, alcohol abuse and even drug addiction.

The inverted Troika Bowl also symbolizes various infectious diseases, including sexually transmitted diseases.

The life lesson that the questioner needs to learn under the influence of this card is the ability to share with other people wealth, joy and love. The questioner learns to give his resources not only to his relatives, but also to the society, to express gratitude to fate and other people for taking part in his life.

Troika Bowl teaches a person to relate to events occurring in his life with humor. Then even unpleasant things will be perceived by him from a different angle, which allows you to find the right solution.

The card reminds that you can rely not only on yourself. Troika Chash points out the importance of finding a common language with other people, being able to compromise, and even having trouble with a smile.

In the upside down position, Troika Bowls indicate on the need to go through a difficult emotional period. The difficulties of the questioner arise because he is afraid to open his feelings and does not want to receive help from other people.

At this stage, he needs to understand that everyone who meets on his way is a teacher for him.

The questioner has to learn not only the world around, but also himself. To advance further, he should "turn over" map — to become part of society, and not to hide from it.

In this case, he will be able to receive from society the strength and energy for further progress.

Troika Bowl as a card of the day promises a fun and successful day. Today the questioner will have a great mood.

Difficulties will be solved quickly, and there will be people nearby who are eager to help.

This day is favorable for various social events and meetings. Parties and dates will be successful, will bring a sense of satisfaction.

The questioner today will seem to other people frivolous and carefree, but it will not cause outrage in others.

In reverse position, the map indicates a desire for solitude. Friends, acquaintances or colleagues will be annoying.

Negative emotional background will prevent you from making the right decision. The questioner today will be pessimistic and apathetic, not disposed towards business and communication.

Other cards in the scenario will tell about exactly in which sphere the joyous event will occur, which symbolizes Troika Chash. This map indicates the influence of the collective on the overall situation, other details of which are revealed by the neighboring lasso.

In combination with the older lasso Troika Chash means:

  • Jester — easy flirt;
  • Magician — third parties will intervene in significant for interrogative relations;
  • The High Priestess is a rival who will fundamentally affect the situation;
  • Empress — the birth of a child;
  • Emperor — a favorable completion of the project;
  • Hierophant — compliance with the rules of etiquette in a relationship;
  • Lovers — conceiving a child;
  • The Chariot is a complicated relationship;
  • Strength — anger, jealousy;
  • Hermit — suffer from loneliness;
  • Wheel of Fortune — pleasant and easy communication;
  • Justice is a favorable outcome of a matter of jurisprudence;
  • The hanged man is a relationship;
  • Death — a change in the relationship due to unavoidable circumstances;
  • Moderation — partners who care about each other;
  • Devil — parties, riotous life, the influence of bad people;
  • Tower — failure to comply with the arrangements;
  • Star — there is hope for improved relationships;
  • The moon is a deceit in love, treason;
  • The sun — communication with a pleasant person;
  • Court — the revival of old relationships;
  • The world is to conceive a child.

The value of the combinations of the Three of Cups cards with the suit of Wands:

  • ace — to conceive a child; start a new project;
  • Deuce — enjoy the vacation;
  • three — to reap the fruits of their labor;
  • Four — to celebrate a wedding or other celebration;
  • five — conflicts, lack of understanding;
  • Six — to honor someone with the whole company;
  • Seven — feel the pressure from others;
  • the eight is the time of productive work;
  • nine — take a pause; there is a need to decide who is superfluous in the company;
  • a dozen — to take responsibility instead of close people;
  • page — moral support, inspiration; good news;
  • knight — to celebrate departure;
  • the queen is in the spotlight;
  • king — promising initiatives; show foresight.

Interpretation of the card in combination with the suit of the Cups:

  • ace — love with the participation of three;
  • deuce — partnership with a friendly touch;
  • Four — miss the holiday;
  • Five — a conflict that affected the whole team;
  • the six — the cause of today’s events — the last party;
  • seven — friends in a frenzy;
  • eight — leave the party; give up the fun;
  • nine — a solemn reception;
  • a dozen — friendly company;
  • page — celebrate the engagement;
  • knight — to receive an invitation to the celebration;
  • the queen is incessantly seeking pleasure;
  • a king is a person who influences other people.

Treatment of combinations with the suit of Swords:

  • ace — brainstorming; collective idea;
  • deuce — thin world; tension after a quarrel;
  • Three — discord in the relationship, which brings suffering to each of the team members;
  • the foursome — to be isolated from society; take time out;
  • five is a collective failure;
  • six — travel in a group, hike; to look for a way out of a difficult situation by common efforts;
  • seven — pretend to be contented; seek solitude;
  • eight — to comply with ethical standards adopted in society;
  • nine — feel shame;
  • a dozen — the white crow, an outsider;
  • page — desire to hurt; rudeness, lack of ceremony;
  • knight — to thwart other people’s plans;
  • queen — lack of flexibility in relationships;
  • the king — to pry the nose in their affairs.

Combinations with Pentakley suit:

  • Ace — a gift from the team, dear reward;
  • deuce — the mood changes every hour;
  • the troika is a social project;
  • Four — to build the structure of the enterprise;
  • Five — crisis time in love relationships;
  • six — charity activities;
  • Seven — pessimistic mood;
  • eight — working environment, colleagues;
  • nine is a profitable deal for all;
  • a dozen — financially support relatives; family party;
  • page — wonderful news regarding the financial side of the issue; a reason for universal jubilation;
  • knight — achieving progress through teamwork;
  • the queen is a hospitable hostess;
  • the king is to enjoy collecting money "harvest".

Troika Chash advises the questioner to adequately accept gifts from destiny and other people, not to forget to bestow others with his love. The card recommends enjoying the current moment, but warns of the need to show moderation and avoid abusing anything.

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