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Triangle on the lifeline — decoding figure values

Triangle on the line of life — the location on the lines of the palm

What do the triangles on the palms mean? Palmistry examines in detail the values ​​of all the lines and symbols on the hand, as well as the shape of the hand and fingers.

The triangle on the lifeline has an excellent value from the triangle on other parts of the palm. It is believed that several triangles symbolize the happy fate of a person, but consider all the characters in order.

Triangle on the lifeline - decoding figure values

Triangle shape

To decipher the meaning of a symbol, you need to pay attention to the following:

  • size and clarity of shape;
  • top orientation;
  • on which palm is located.

In determining the value of a figure, it is necessary to take into account the person’s age, as well as the location on the arm — right, left, or both. On the right hand, there are changes in the fate that was ordained from above. On the left hand you can read destiny destined for a person.

The palmists have long noticed that the actions of a person can radically change fate — these changes are marked on the left palm.

Important! For left-handed people, the leading hand is the left, therefore, changes in life are indicated on it.

For right-handers, the signs of change are on the right palm.

If a triangle appeared on the leading hand, which was not a sign of fate on the other hand, it means that the person could change his life on his own. If a triangle appears on the left hand and is missing on the right hand, the personality could not realize the potential laid down by fate.

If you find a triangle on both hands, it is a sign of the lucky and favorite of the gods. A person is given a chance to become rich if he realizes it.

Now look at the shape of the triangle and the lines forming it. Usually, three peaks form the main lines of the palm — heads, hearts, destinies, and lives.

A monetary triangle appears in the center of the palms. It should be even, clearly defined and closed — only in this case, the sign has a positive meaning. If the triangle is open or has an irregular shape, it shows financial failure.

Basically, an open and deformed triangle indicates a leak of money.

Palm lines

How to determine which of the lines on the palm is leading when interpreting a triangle? We need to find the main side of the sign.

Head line

If the main side of the triangle is formed by the line of the mind, the person will earn wealth through his mental abilities.

If the sign is located apex to the mound of Venus (thumb), a person can achieve fame in the arts through the implementation of creative abilities. If the sign is located apex to the Mercury’s mound, the person will succeed through the sphere of scientific knowledge.

If the sign is located in other places on the line of the mind, it indicates the receipt of inheritance or material wealth from the father.

Life line

If the sign is located on this site, it predicts natural disasters or fatal events. However, it does matter which side the triangle is located.

If it is adjacent to the lifeline or is located on the outside or the inside, it is always a harbinger of trouble.

Only the hillock of Venus can soften the fatal meaning of the sign — if the triangle rests against it, misfortunes can pass by and not touch the fate of a person. If the top of the triangle looks in the direction of the mound of Venus, this is a sign of good luck!

Line of fate

The triangle on the line of fate speaks of luck. However, a person must make an effort to achieve well-being and success in life, because water does not flow under a lying stone.

The triangle shows that in any circumstances a person will succeed if he does not miss his chance.

Heart line

The figure on the heart line speaks about the ability of a person to adequately assess the situation, it is logical to reason and act. The figure on the line of the heart characterizes a person who builds marital relations solely on the calculation — these people do not know how to love and give in to feelings.

A person with a triangle sign on the heart line is a scientist, professor, mathematician. It can also be excellent philologists and translators from foreign languages.

Triangle on the lifeline - decoding figure values

Dimensions and appearance

Now let’s look at what a triangle looks like on a hand. It can be small and large, equilateral or isosceles. A large figure, as a rule, is formed by the leading lines of the hand — the head and the life.

These people are characterized by strong will, dedication and the ability to control everything.

Note! The more correct the figure, the more successful the value has.

If a triangle formed by the lines of life and mind is equilateral, a person will have a quiet harmonious life. If you see a small figure, but clearly outlined — this indicates a creative beginning in a person.

A triangle can resemble a tulip shape or a horn — this shows the creative mind.

If a figure appears at the wrist and crowns the line of life, the personality has a well-developed intuit quality. Here the main thing is to learn how to listen to inner tips and use intuitive knowledge in life.

Now consider the shape of the shape:

  1. rectangular;
  2. equilateral;
  3. isosceles.

If the right triangle is located on the heart line top of the index finger, it characterizes the interpersonal skills and the ability to be friends. However, such people rarely achieve career growth — they are not adapted to this.

If the right triangle is located apex to the middle finger on the heart line, the person has leadership qualities. Top in the direction of the ring finger speaks of a jealous nature and irritability without a reason.

The top in the direction of the little finger shows a stubborn unpredictable temper.

An equilateral triangle on the line of the heart, pointing to the index finger, characterizes a closed unsociable person. The direction of the peak to the middle finger shows an egoist who possesses an actor’s gift — this is a hypocritical self-serving person.

The direction of the top to the ring finger shows a kind person who always comes to the rescue. The top in the direction of the little finger characterizes the whole harmonious nature, which is all on the shoulder.

An equilateral triangle at the index finger characterizes a lucky person who can establish himself in any sphere of life. The figure apex to middle finger shows the commercial vein. The apex figure to the ring finger characterizes an incapable person who simply exists.

The triangle with the top to the little finger characterizes a reliable spouse.

Triangle on the lifeline - decoding figure values

Money mark

This symbol interests many people. Where is the wealth triangle located?

It is formed by three main lines of the palm — Mercury, heads and destinies. The line of Mercury shows the entrepreneurial spirit, the line of the head — the ability to think adequately, the line of fate — the ability to set specific goals and to achieve their implementation.

It is very important that the money triangle has a clear, solid form, any deformation shows damage. Human size also depends on the size of the figure: the larger it is, the larger the capital.

What will the breaks in the lines tell? If the gap is localized at the junction of the lines of the head and fate, the work activity of a person does not bring a stable income. The gap between the lines of Mercury and fate shows that all finances are spent on providing for the family.

If the gap is indicated at the intersection of the lines of the head and Mercury, money flows through the fingers.

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