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Time divination on the clock

Combinations of numbers on the clock will tell about your future.

At all times, different ways of exploring the details of future events were popular. Often we unconsciously turn to mysticism, begin to apply it in our daily life.

Not everyone wants to perform complex manipulations with runes, maps, mirrors and other magical attributes, but many are attracted by time divination. It is believed that the appearance of the same numbers on the clock is not a coincidence, especially if you start to notice them often enough.

In this article we will look at the main characteristics of different numerical combinations that can catch your eye.

Time divination on the clock

Description of combinations of numbers

To find out the prospects of the future in this way you will not need to perform complex actions. All that is needed is an ordinary watch with an electronic dial (the watch on various devices — a computer, a mobile phone, a tablet, and the like) will do.

An important condition for fortune telling — do not try to deliberately turn your eyes on the clock, just take a closer look at the number combinations that you often see.

Time divination on the clock

  • 00:00 — this combination of numbers is a warning — the coming day will bring certain difficulties. No need to plan on it any important things, the beginning of new projects or bold actions. It is recommended to provide yourself today with maximum peace and quiet.
  • 3:33 — This is a more favorable numeric combination than the previous version. Troika foreshadow the successful completion of the cases you started. Today, you can safely take up the start of new affairs, plan for the future, take decisive action.
  • 10:01 — if you see this number combination, it means that the day will bring you good luck in any undertakings. Higher forces are trying to cheer you up and push you to begin to act decisively, parting with any fears and doubts. You will be able to cope with all the problems!
  • 10:10 — version of another very successful combination. The appearance of a dozen on the dial promises you good luck and luck in business, and calls for action, and not to stand still. You will be able to achieve success in your career issues, all initiatives will succeed.
  • 11:11 — a very positive combination, promises you a nice gift from fate. And it can be both material and spiritual plan — today will present you with various pleasant surprises and surprise you.
  • 12:12 — It is a rather unusual combination, it occurs usually less frequently than the previous options. But if you saw it — you can rejoice, because everything that you would not undertake today will surely work out, you will cope with any difficulties in life.
  • 12:21 — another combination of units and twos promises you love. Throughout the day, you will be in a romantic cloud about a person. It is also possible to receive a pleasant romantic surprise from a loved one, a romantic meeting or a proposal.
  • 14:41 — also acts as a successful combination, which has different meanings. So for girls who are not in a relationship, this combination predicts the emergence of love adventures in life, making new acquaintances, flirting and other pleasant romantic surprises.
  • A family people combination of numbers 14:41 promises a pleasant communication, family holidays, harmony and tranquility throughout the day.
  • 15:15 — This combination is not as attractive as the previous versions. If you have registered it, it means that today it is worth to postpone the risk and new beginnings. It is possible to get an unpleasant surprise or not a very pleasant meeting. It is important to maintain the wisdom and perceive everything correctly.
  • 15:51 — a positive combination of numbers. Today you will have a pleasant surprise, you will have a good evening. Even if in the daytime certain difficulties arise, by the evening the state of affairs will become more positive.
  • 20:02 — The combination acts as an advice from the Higher Forces today to show restraint. There is also a tiff with your lover or relative. It is necessary to control your emotional state and keep your mouth shut.
  • 21:12 — tomorrow you will achieve success and will rejoice at something.
  • 21:21 — this is a warning sign, you need to be more careful and carefully monitor your actions. You could have made some mistake in the past, do not reproach yourself with this.
  • 23:23 — The number of very good luck and happiness. Drop aside all doubts and worries and fall asleep with a positive attitude.

It was a fortune telling on the clock, and now we will offer you another way to learn more about yourself — by the number of hours in your home.

You can find more numerical values ​​with their interpretation in the following video clip

Divination by the number of hours in the house

  • 1 hours — your house is imbued with love and prosperity.
  • 2— Housing is also filled with positive energy.
  • 3 — you are distinguished by pragmatism, which affects your home — in it the calculation prevails over the senses.
  • four — in your home there is not enough comfort, work on this situation.
  • five — you like to welcome guests, the atmosphere at home is quite friendly.
  • 6— There is a lot of disturbing energy in the house, you are always in a hurry somewhere.
  • 7 — it is necessary to change your attitude towards relatives in order to ensure harmony in the family.
  • eight — in your house business energy prevails, it is difficult to calm down and relax your soul.
  • 9 — The statement “my home is my fortress” is exactly about you. You love your home.

If the number of hours exceeds 9, you will need to add up their number and reduce to a single number. For example, if only 12 hours — 1 + 2 = 3, then the energy of your home corresponds to the figure 4.

Time divination on the clock

Now you know how to shed light on the details of your future with the help of a simple dial. From now on, each time looking at the clock, you will know what fate has prepared for you and how to act correctly in this situation.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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