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Tibetan divination Moe

Tibetan divination Moe

Probably no one will deny that Tibet is the most mysterious terrain on our planet. She is shrouded in mysticism and some primitive sacraments. World-famous famous Tibetan medicine, which often uses such a ritual as divination Mo.

The oldest Tibetan fortune telling, Mo, according to legend, came to us from Shangri-La itself, a mysterious country that disappeared from our world as well as Atlantis.

This ritual is used in cases where the roots of a problem for a particular person are very deep, and the usual diagnostics with a special Tibetan horoscope do not allow understanding the causes of its occurrence.

Among indigenous people, Tibetan fortune-telling Mo is just as popular as the Book of Changes fortune-telling among the Chinese. With the help of this fortune telling, one can not only learn about what he expects in the future, but also reveal dangerous and unfavorable moments that should be avoided. In the process of divination, the person interested received useful recommendations on how to overcome the difficult situations of his own life.

The ritual of divination Moe

Mo’s divination is divination on the bones. It is often used by Tibetan monks to predict the future of ordinary people. Very often, such a ritual is accompanied by advice to perform a particular rite to cleanse oneself of negative energy.

To tell fortunes at home on your own, you will need two dice (dice) with six edges.

You should decide in advance on the issue and focus on it, squeeze the bones in your palm and blow on them. So you give them your own thoughts and mood. Then roll each bone separately. The first will indicate the cause of your problem.

And the second will indicate what needs to be done and what to look for in order to solve it.

The interpretation of the result of divination Moe

Carefully refer to the numbers that you fell on the bones, because it is in them and will be the solution of interest.

one “Your family has a great relationship and this will not change in the future.” All plans will be implemented with a significant delay. Enemies will be powerless before you. Diseases will not do harm, and lost things will be found.

The reason for the failure can be your own short-sightedness and indiscretion.

2 — You are threatened with troubles related to the person that comes from the west. Chances of illness are high, but all illnesses will be short-lived. In personal life should not make drastic decisions.

Be careful with strangers.

3 — All your plans are aimed at success. There is quite a double time in your life when everything is not at all what it may seem at first glance. Old friends will try to make contacts.

Disturbance should be sought in the south.

four — Your enemies are powerless. Good luck on your side. Do not be afraid to make decisions about the family.

Watch for events, because your fate may inadvertently fall into the wrong hands.

five — Gather courage and strength, because the future is not the most prosperous. Your desires are too numerous and uncertain, which prevents their implementation. Avoid contact with people and things associated with the earth.

6 — Discard the plans, as they will be able to distort the situation unpleasantly. Do not seek support and support from friends. In the family and personal life, discord is possible due to the inability to smooth sharp edges.

Lost items can not be found.

Finally, we note that you should proceed to the ancient fortune-telling of Mo only when you are in a calm and relaxed state. Otherwise, you can ask for help from someone from relatives or friends. During the ritual, the fortuneteller should hold your hand so that your energy is transferred to the bones.

We wish you to find answers to all your questions. And so that luck will accompany you in all your endeavors, do not forget to press the buttons and

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