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Three of the most accurate fortune telling for the near future

Three of the most accurate fortune telling for the near future

There are many simple and accurate guesses at the same time that some do not even realize. To find out your near future, it is not necessary to go to fortunetellers — it’s enough to use the usual things that everyone has at home.

Many believe that it is imperative for divination to allocate a large amount of time, wait for a certain lunar phase, prepare special candles and the like. In fact, if you need to urgently find out what awaits you in the near future or you are tormented by a specific question, you can apply simple fortune telling that is available to everyone.

Despite its simplicity, these divinations are fairly accurate. But remember that the final outcome of events depends on your actions. For example, if you have predicted your marriage in the near future, but from this point on you have never gone out into the street, the prediction may never come true.

Three of the most accurate fortune telling for the near future

If you want to know what awaits you in the near future, the usual book will come to the rescue. Pick up your favorite piece and hold it between your palms for a while. After that, close your eyes and mentally ask the question: “What awaits me in the near future?” After that, open a page at random and select any line. This will be a hint from the future.

To understand the meaning of the prediction, sometimes you need to read the entire sentence, rather than a short phrase.

This fortune telling can be applied if you doubt the choice of your soulmate or you need to urgently solve some working issues. Its scope is quite broad. It all depends on your imagination and creativity.

If you urgently need such help, and the book was not at hand, use a TV or radio instead. It should also focus, mentally ask the question of interest and randomly turn on any channel on the TV or choose a random radio station. What you hear or see there will be the answer to your question.

Second fortune telling also very simple and more suitable for those situations where you need to get a clear answer «Yes» or «not». In this case, come to the aid of a regular coin. Hold it in your hand and ask yourself a question, the answer to which will be affirmative or negative.

Then determine for yourself what answer the eagle will denote, and which tails will signify, toss a coin and see what you have done. For accuracy, you can throw three times.

Another great way to get unambiguous answers is pendulum guessing. But its scope is much broader. Many will learn with the help of it how well the chakras of a person are developed and help harmonize their work.

Third fortune telling is also very simple, but extremely effective. It is suitable for divination in a large company. If you need to choose a specific person for a particular task, or you cannot understand whether you need to take on the assigned task, use matches or sticks.

If you need to decide on the answer «yes» or «no», then only two pieces will be enough, one of which you make shorter than the other. In this fortune telling, the number of matches is not limited: it all depends on your request and on the number of participants.

In fact, the whole world is filled with tips. The main thing is to learn to see them and trust the Universe. Pay attention to signs and numbers that may warn you against dangerous situations or, conversely, foreshadow good luck. Be open to new, love the world and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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