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The value of the Tarot card Knight of Swords, its combination with other cards

Tarot Card Knight of Swords: interpretation, combination with other Arcana

The Knight of Swords symbolizes a person supporting conflict for the sake of conflict. The map points to a fierce opponent who is not doing anything in the name of being right. The inability to see the consequences of their actions, sharp discussions, irony — all this is the responsibility of the Knight of Swords.

In a relationship, Arkan talks about cooling feelings, turning love into hatred and alienation. Even deep feelings become the object of stinging attacks.

On the Arkan, the Knight of Swords in Tarot Ryder-Waite depicts a young man racing forward on a horse. He put a sword in front of him.

The sky above the rider is strewn with torn clouds. The character has a gloomy and focused expression on his face — he is ready to win or die.

The map indicates the occurrence of a serious crisis. The questioner encounters various problems that are caused by his own incontinence and impulsiveness.

Arkan foreshadows misunderstanding, conflict situation.

The value of the Tarot card Knight of Swords, its combination with other cards

The value of the Tarot card Knight of Swords, its combination with other cards

In the Toth Aleister Crowley deck, the character is depicted wearing green-golden armor. In his hands are two swords — one long, the other shorter.

These blades symbolize masculine and feminine principles, with which the Knight plans to use on a par. Together with his galloping horse, the character is presented as if merged together.

The propeller personifies four main directions by which the power of an intellectual impulse cannot be limited.

Unlike the air component of the fire, which is implemented in the Toth deck through the Prince of Wands card, in this Arcane, the fire is symbolized by the horse. She carries her rider in a particular direction. Knight of Swords is filled with dynamism, dedication.

But since fire is subject to the elements of air, and not vice versa, Arkan points to making hasty decisions, levity in actions.

The value of the Tarot card Knight of Swords, its combination with other cards

The value of the Tarot card Knight of Swords, its combination with other cards

Arkan has other names: Horsemen Sword, Warrior of Swords, Horseman of Daggers, Knight of Blades. One way or another, this character in armor symbolizes aggression, stubborn upholding of his opinion.

If the question concerns a situation, then it is tense and develops quickly. A person enters the cycle of life twists and turns. If a card comes up in a scenario, the questioner is obsessed with his ideas, lives in his own reality.

He is guided only by his ideas about good and evil, not wanting to listen to others.

The value of the Tarot card Knight of Swords, its combination with other cards

The card symbolizes so powerful (but not always supported by the facts) self-confidence that this experience turns into righteous anger almost at lightning speed. Coldness and alienation spoil even those relationships that previously represented a safe haven for their participants.

Under this Arkan there are sharp disputes and discussions, a sharp statement of disagreement with the opinion of the interlocutor. The emotional state poisons the life of the questioner or other people.

The map indicates violent controversy, caustic irony, a break in relations, and in some cases betrayal.

A conflict situation occurs even without a reason, out of the blue. Under the auspices of this Arcana are wars, fights, and sometimes death (if this is indicated by other cards of the alignment). In some cases, the Knight of Swords speaks of a decision that will not be in the hands of the questioner.

Arkan can mean a trip fraught with problems.

Despite this, the interpretation of the Knight of Swords can be positive. Arkan speaks about significant intellectual potential.

He can be put to serve more peaceful purposes. Knight of Swords symbolizes young scientists, researchers, inventors, army commanders.

If the current life situation requires the questioner to get together and act decisively, then the Knight of Swords in this case is a completely positive card.

In the inverted position, the Knight of Swords completely loses the remnants of logic and competence. A person does not correspond to the level of his claims at all. The map has the following values:

  • recklessness;
  • unnecessary trouble;
  • empty arguments in the dispute;
  • erroneous strategy;
  • rivalry with those who have their «retinue».

The Knight of Swords in the opposite position is a character who is unable to decide on which side he is playing. Often, next to him is a man who seeks to re-educate him — the Queen of Cups or the King of Swords.

Desperate daredevil, observed in the upright position, becomes indecisive in reverse.

If the questioner is a woman, the upturned Arkan speaks of confrontation with a rival. Men point to conflict or even death because of a woman.

Map is a bad sign for travel.

The man pointed to by the Knight of Swords is bold, desperate and aggressive. With all his evil determination, he is not able to calculate the consequences of his own actions.

He is confident in himself and his convictions, but the rejection of the help of loved ones leads to insulting losses. Arkan points to an increase in aggressiveness, a desire to defend his point of view at any cost.

Authoritarian actions, uncompromising, verbal attacks — all this is in the charge of the Knight of Swords. Relying on such a person is extremely dangerous, since cooperation with him leads to unpredictable and negative consequences.

Willfulness and aggression are combined with a desire for risk. A person has nothing to occupy himself with, but the desire to accomplish something splashes over the edge.

The Knight of Swords patronizes stuntmen, desperate young people who «walk along the edge of the abyss.»

Such a person is not a team player. He always acts alone.

Knight of Swords is able to do such things for which he will have to pay his entourage. He is clever and full of energy, but he completely lacks leadership skills. This is a “chess player” who looks at any life situation only as an opportunity to beat his enemy, to prove his own right.

He is unbearable in ordinary life, has criminal tendencies, exists «by his rules.»

The Knight of Swords is proud but impolite. He does not care about other people’s tears, and the concept of tact is unknown to him.

The person pointed to by the card does not know how to absolutely love and does not want to learn this art.

For such an individual it is worthless to replace one partner with another. A Knight of Swords is a bastard or narcissist woman.

And since there is always something attractive in such people, they easily find their victims.

Loving relationships with the Knight of Swords is a very stressful process. He is crazy about the impenetrable darkness, pain, disappointment.

This relationship with him is full of quarrels, partings, rushing. In extreme moments, he is incredibly attractive for his partner, beckons him with sensuality.

But if the relationship resumes, the Knight of Swords remains equally impenetrable and cruel.

Sometimes Arkan points to relationships that have become obsolete. The questioner will have a divorce or temporary separation.

The card speaks of a marriage of convenience, entering into a love affair for the sake of gain. Some tarologists believe that fatigue from relationships passes under this Arkan.

Knight of Swords points to the cooling of the senses. He is not peculiar manifestations of care and affection.

In kinship talks about isolation. A person closes from other family members, he has his own secrets.

Relationships are crumbling. The crisis has come, when it should be open to talk about their claims.

Maintaining good family relationships is an extremely difficult task for the person to whom this Arkan points. His one caustic word is capable of destroying intimate relationships that were once valuable.

In a working relationship, the card indicates a lack of strong connections. There is no coherence in the team.

This group is randomly assembled to work on a one-time project.

Usually the Knight of Swords points to a young man full of ambition. He has a certain skill set, but you cannot call him an expert.

Lack of deep knowledge is well compensated by his zeal for work — he will fulfill all that is required, even more.

The thinking of such an employee is fast. He offers radical innovations that invariably come up against valid criticism of opponents.

Sometimes Arkan means a change in the job description. Knight of Swords has all the skills of a leader: the ability to force to work and to convince of his right.

But subordinates of such leadership hardly have any benefit.

Arkan points to the analyst, experts in the field of IT, caustic blogger or a desperate stuntman.

Arkan warns that in the current working environment one should refrain from direct actions «head-on» and rash statements. Thirst for destruction will lead to negative consequences.

Knight of Wands indicates an unexpected jump in income. The questioner should urgently adjust his financial plans.

One of the old values ​​of Arcana is rash extravagance.

The card also means ruin as a result of violent acts. It is an indicator of money laundering, racketeering, theft, burglary.

Arkan Knight of Swords indicates mental disorders — schizophrenia, dependence, paranoia. Human behavior puts his health at risk.

Physically, the map indicates wounds, fractures. Injuries occur due to falls or speeding on the roads.

The map describes life threatening situations. When confirmed by other cards in the scenario foreshadows death.

In the upside down position, the Knight of Swords speaks of impotence caused by psychological causes.

In the “Map of the Day” scenario, the Knight of Swords does not promise luck. There is a conflict situation that is not recommended to be avoided.

The main thing is to react soberly and coolly, to think through tactics without unnecessary worries. Advice cards of the day — be careful in quarrels, as they can dramatically ruin the relationship.

If the Knight of Swords falls in combination with the Elder Arkan, then for them he performs a secondary, specifying function:

  • Lovers with the Knight of Swords mean a fleeting love affair; crisis in love relationships.
  • The Hermit — A further strategy should be carefully considered.
  • Tower — everything is destroyed with his own hands.
  • Jester — serious monetary losses.
  • Magician — open aggression.
  • The High Priestess is a hidden opposition.
  • Empress — Premature Birth or Miscarriage.
  • Emperor — conflicts with superior persons.
  • Hierophant — quarrel with father or mentor.
  • Chariot — to achieve the desired by force; dangerous driving.
  • Force — to succumb to a flash of aggression.
  • The hermit — loneliness because of a conflict situation.
  • Wheel of Fortune — a critical situation will entail negative changes.
  • Justice — to bear the deserved punishment.
  • The hanged man — the querent himself has driven himself into a deadlock.
  • Death is a dramatic and radical change in circumstances.
  • Moderation — adaptation to new conditions will happen quickly.
  • The devil — the fall, degradation, indulgence vices.
  • Tower — injuries as a result of recklessness on the road; divorce due to extreme stress in the relationship.
  • Star — very quickly move towards the target.
  • The moon is a severe disease; fever
  • Sun — to clarify the situation.
  • Court — recovery will happen quickly.
  • The world is a crisis.

Junior Arcana in the scenario, talk about the current situation in detail. The Knight of Swords, supplementing their meaning, describes the features of the current conflict, allows you to see the solution.

Wands traditionally symbolize the everyday sphere, routine:

  • With an Ace, the Knight of Swords means tired of the current situation.
  • With Dvoika — ahead of another challenge of fate.
  • With the Troika — a decisive breakthrough.
  • With the Four — parting.
  • With the Five — disobedience, feuds.
  • With Six — defeat, surrender.
  • With the Seven — a heroic rebuff to the enemy.
  • With the Eight — aggression.
  • With Nine — now the attack is the best defense.
  • With the Ten — depressed psychological state.
  • With Pazhom — bad news.
  • With the Queen — a scandal.
  • With the King — a conflict situation with a man.

Cups (Chalices) mean deep emotions — love, friendship, other positive experiences:

  • A Knight of Swords with an Ace means that a new love will change life circumstances.
  • With a deuce — good intentions bear bad fruit.
  • With the Troika — reconciliation.
  • With the Four, indifference will be overcome with help from outside.
  • With the Five, passion and romance were replaced by disappointment.
  • With Six — there is an opportunity to improve the situation.
  • With the Seven — jealousy.
  • With the Eight — the collapse of illusions.
  • With Nine — a deserved victory.
  • With Ten — the situation will be resolved safely.
  • With Page — love offer.
  • With the Queen — the girl’s heart will be conquered by perseverance.
  • With the King, you can trust your loved one.

Swords symbolize enemies, official authorities, and the impact on life of a questioner for negative circumstances:

  • With an Ace, the Knight of Swords speaks of a positive answer to the question of the querent.
  • With deuce — with a certain person should be careful.
  • With the Three — infidelity.
  • With the Four — a long journey.
  • With the Five — the inability to rely on a partner.
  • With the Six — in the current situation, changes are urgently needed.
  • With the Seven — third parties will tell about the betrayal of a friend.
  • With the Eight — an extraordinary love affair.
  • With Nine — from a certain person should move away.
  • With the Ten — a mistake in the current circumstances can be expensive.
  • With Pazhom — short-lived relationship.
  • With the Queen — there is a chance to take control of the situation.
  • With the King, the questioner will meet love.

Pentakley — the suit of the financial aspect:

  • The Knight of Swords in combination with the Ace of Pentakley says that the querent will soon have a chance to get rich.
  • With deuce — in love affairs do not hurry.
  • With the Troika — the behavior of the questioner in financial matters should be more active.
  • With the Four — the relationship will be restored harmony.
  • With the Five — the situation is complex and requires thoughtful consideration.
  • With the Six to the Querent, you should clearly define your position.
  • With the Seven — a way out of difficult circumstances.
  • With the Eight — loyalty to the cause will be rewarded.
  • With Nine — strong love or obvious monetary success.
  • With the Ten — an indecisive person will respond with mutual feelings.
  • With Pazhom — good news dispel fears.
  • With the Queen — a passionate boyfriend renders signs of attention to a beautiful lady.
  • With the King — a man in love will make itself known.

If the Knight of Swords card appears in the layout, the questioner needs to approach the situation with a cool head. Tactics should be carefully considered, and emotional manifestations — restrained.

Then it will be possible to win even in the most difficult circumstances.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

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However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when you had to give 11 for renting an apartment.

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It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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