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The value of the tarot card is 5 swords, as it is combined with other cards

The value of the Tarot card 5 swords in the layouts, combinations with older and junior arcane

Map of 5 swords (blades, sabers, daggers) belongs to the category of junior arcane. She points to losses, conflicts, aggressive disputes.

If a victory is won in the confrontation, it will not bring joy. 5 swords symbolize unhappy and tragic circumstances, grief. The card indicates a negative answer to the question of the questioner to the deck.

Querent should realize the limits of their capabilities or come to the conclusion that he does not need a victory in this situation.

In the classic tarot decks on the lasso of 5 swords, a character is depicted holding three swords in his hands. Two other blades lie at his feet.

The value of the tarot card is 5 swords, as it is combined with other cards

The man looks back at two other men who have recently competed with him. He managed to emerge victorious from this battle, disarming the rest.

Both other characters leave the victor. One of them is distressed by defeat: his head and shoulders are lowered.

The second tries "keep face", not wanting to accept the loss.

The value of the tarot card is 5 swords, as it is combined with other cards

Map 5 of swords is destructive. She sweeps away everything in her path that prevents her from moving forward.

Arkan can indicate both defeat and victory, for which too high a price was paid. Such a victory is inconclusive, her character is dual.

The main interpretation in the direct position is defeat. The card does not directly indicate what exactly led to the loss, but for 5 swords this is not so important.

Arkan only states a fact: the questioner has already lost or loses. Another meaning of the card is revenge.

The emergence of 5 swords in the scenario is a sure sign that a heavy streak begins in life. Resolve the situation will not immediately.

Other cards in divination can mitigate the negative sense of the arcane, but, one way or another, there will be a period of destruction, discouragement and conflict. This stage can only be overcome with the least losses (to analyze which resources are reflected in the scenario).

The card speaks of conflicts and aggression, but does not indicate whether the negative comes from the questioner himself or whether he is drawn into this unpleasant situation. In both cases, 5 swords symbolizes Pyrrhic victory, which will not long bring joy to the victor.

The value of the tarot card is 5 swords, as it is combined with other cards

In the inverted position, the value of the arc increases. The card speaks of excessive aggressiveness, abuse of their powers.

At the event level symbolizes the loss, the need for retreat. In an inverted position, bitterness is added to the general meaning of the card, similar to the loss of a funeral.

It can be deep repentance, torment of conscience.

One of the interpretations of the arcana says there is a small chance to turn the situation in their favor. But among tarologists, the idea prevails that in the upside-down position losses and injuries are also inevitable.

Arkan points to a deep depression, mental anguish, mourning, loss of loved ones. In any position, the map is unfavorable for any undertakings.

The value of the tarot card is 5 swords, as it is combined with other cards

The map indicates a threat to health and life. There may be injuries, injured piercing objects, nervous overexcitement.

Adverse factors aggravate the course of the disease. Sometimes the cause of the deterioration is polluted environment or work in conditions of increased risk of injury.

In the relationship of 5 swords indicates defeat: the separation has already come or will come pretty soon. Perhaps the love affair will be destroyed by external circumstances. Sometimes the lasso speaks about setting unrealistic goals.

Querenth may try too hard to please the partner or authoritarian parent. In fact, neither one nor the other does not care about it.

5 swords symbolize misfortune, and sometimes tragedy. In this lasso, the motives of conquest, aggressive victory are strong, so its traditional interpretations in relationships are dishonor, shame, violence, blackmail, sarcasm, ignoring, heartlessness.

The card speaks of the end of a grave battle, which took away a lot of strength from both the winner and the defeated. In relationships, everything positive has long been lost.

During this battle, old spiritual wounds were affected, and now the love affair is a source of fear. 5 swords, all that was once called love, is shattered.

The man described by this lasso is stubborn and vengeful. His actions are unpredictable, it does not cost anything to hurt.

Often he becomes so under the influence of his own suffering.

Arkan speaks about the beginning of a difficult stage, accompanied by intrigue, slander, insults. All this will be followed by dismissal.

Often the case ends with a trial in court. Arkan points to a serious blow to self-esteem — failure on exams, rejection of a commercial offer.

Sometimes it symbolizes a person capable of going headlong for the sake of career growth.

5 swords indicate serious conflicts, the incessant struggle for primacy. Unprincipled, cold war, cruelty reign in this debate.

There is always a winner and a defeated one. The card can talk about the need to interact with individuals not of their level:

  • in combination with the card page of swords — with a subordinate;
  • with the Emperor or the king of swords — with the top manager.

Sometimes the lasso indicates a break in relations between colleagues.

The map reflects the violent changes in the organization, accompanied by scandals, violation of the current legislation, dismissal of all those who disagree. The activity of the company is harmful to the environment.

Projects fail, directions of development are dangerous both for management and for subordinates.

The questioner is subject to aggression, self-destruction. This is manifested in the form of increased irritability, the desire to destroy everything around.

The combination of the lasso with the three of swords is especially fraught with negative consequences: in this case, in addition to such an explosive psychological state, the cards indicate a lack of external support (from relatives, friends).

Emotional impulses can be directed both at the world around and at oneself. The latter is manifested in the breakdown of health, suicidal attempts.

The condition described by the five of swords is accompanied by guilt feelings and regrets. In some cases, to eliminate the negative consequences can not do without the help of a professional psychologist.

Sometimes a map indicates a condition called "psychology of the crusader": a person thinks he is doing good, although in reality he is destroying himself and everything around him.

If 5 swords fell out as a card of the day, you should not tune in to peace. Conflicts are expected.

You may have to get involved in the fight against someone else’s meanness or slander.

Card Tip: The most optimal and secure strategy today is inaction.

5 swords enhanced cards Death, 10 swords and the Tower. The value of positive arcana in the scenario, this card seriously weakens.

In combination with the highest lasso 5 swords has the following meanings:

  • Jester — fruitless efforts to change the situation.
  • Magician — the beginning of a meaningless confrontation.
  • The High Priestess is stubborn in her ignorance.
  • The Empress — the struggle for tangible property, real estate.
  • Emperor — the strongest conflict at home or at work.
  • Hierophant — ignoring the laws of morality.
  • Lovers — conflicts in relationships.
  • Chariot — a man seeks to hush up a quarrel.
  • Force — the questioner is amenable to provocations that cause anger.
  • Hermit — self-destructive loneliness;
  • Wheel of Fortune — today’s battle is won, but the battle as a whole will be lost.
  • Justice — meanness from an unexpected side.
  • The hanged man is a punishment.
  • Death — mourning, serious offense, murder.
  • Moderation is a recovery period after psychological trauma or loss.
  • The devil is a personal degradation.
  • Tower — a sharp deterioration in health; divorce; serious problems.
  • Star — hope for the best.
  • The moon — understatement, intrigue.
  • The sun — a desperate battle for their place under the sun.
  • Court — the guilty will get what they deserve.
  • Peace — healing from resentment, the end of the conflict.

With the suit of wands:

  • Ace is an apathetic condition.
  • Two — escape from reality.
  • Troika — endless conflicts.
  • Four — unfavorable terms of the agreement.
  • Five — quarrels between relatives.
  • Six — defeat, surrender.
  • Seven — the struggle takes place with varying success.
  • Eight — revenge, oppression.
  • Nine — the distrust of the querent is justified.
  • Ten — a monetary loss.
  • Page — quarrel with a teenager.
  • Knight — a serious crisis.
  • Queen — confusion, conflict with a woman.
  • The king is a quarrel with a man.

With the suit of swords:

  • Ace — showdown, open rivalry.
  • Two — the lack of confidence in their abilities and capabilities.
  • Three — a betrayal of a loved one, lack of support.
  • Four — bitter loneliness.
  • Six — desire to escape from difficulties.
  • Seven — deception, fraud.
  • The eight — imposing restrictions on freedom; obstacles to achieving goals.
  • Nine — a state of despair.
  • Ten — a series of difficulties and losses.
  • Page — a young enemy.
  • Knight — the questioner will get help.
  • The Queen is a sad time.
  • King — the need to make an important decision.

With the suit of cups (bowls):

  • Ace — successfully overcoming difficulties.
  • Two — help from a close friend or relative.
  • Three — a temporary lull, the ability to recuperate.
  • Four — resentment, deep disappointment in man.
  • The five — separation, loss, pessimistic view of the future.
  • Six — search for the guilty.
  • Seven — an unexpected betrayal.
  • Eight — rejection of the usual routine.
  • Nine — the support of a loved one.
  • Ten — faith in a brighter future, the successful overcoming of trials.
  • Page — the ability to resolve difficulties.
  • Knight — the questioner will be offered help.
  • Queen — the ability to sympathize.
  • King — promoting a rich, influential person.

With pentakey suit:

  • Ace — property litigation.
  • Two — the instability of the financial situation.
  • Three — painful memories.
  • Four — prudence, treason.
  • Five — serious monetary difficulties.
  • Six — getting what they deserved.
  • Seven — a depressed state.
  • Eight — a difficult stage of life, a feeling of fatigue.
  • Nine — the situation is gradually stabilizing.
  • Ten is a great deal.
  • Page — pettiness, mercantile spirit.
  • Knight — getting a failure.
  • Queen — the instability of the emotional state.
  • King — reflections on finances.

5 swords — an alarming and unpleasant card, but the questioner should remember that even the longest night ends with the dawn, and sooner or later the difficult situation will exhaust itself.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes. I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me.

However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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