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The value of the runes during divination: the value of the Slavic runes, inverted runes, various combinations of runes

For divination uses different sets of runes. Moreover, each rune has its own value. The most ancient are the Scandinavian runes.

For fortune telling, a set of 24 runes is used. They are most often used for divination.

But since the runes are inherently the writing of various ancient peoples, there are other kits that are successfully used in magic.

Thus, in accordance with the ancient tradition, the god Velez presented the Slavic runes to the people as a gift. For a long time they served as individual amulets, as well as amulets to protect the home and family. A little later, such symbols began to be used for divination.

Each rune has a certain meaning and is charged with special energy. It is important for the correct interpretation of the alignment to realize the value of each rune.

The value of the runes during divination: the value of the Slavic runes, inverted runes, various combinations of runes

For fortune telling by Slavic runes, a set consisting of 18 runes is used. In order to correctly predict the future, you need to carefully study the interpretations of each rune and realize its inner meaning.

Basic interpretations:

    World — This is the first rune of the Slavic series, which symbolizes the letter M. Rune is associated with the universal order and has the ability to predict various events depending on the current life situation. This rune is a symbol of Belobog and the entire human race.

    She points to the patronage of higher powers to which a person addresses during prayer. If this symbol falls, it indicates that you can take on any business.

    This rune emphasizes the presence of the right motivation. Also, this symbol can predict the successful completion of a previously started business.

    This fortune-telling rune forces a person to act in the concept of the Good and the Good, therefore during this period of time it is impossible to try to turn the situation in its favor by any means. In the Scandinavian and Germanic runic series, the runes of the world partially convey the significance of the runes Mannaz and Algiz.

Chernobog — this is the second rune of the Slavic series, symbolizing the letter H or C. It is a symbol of darkness and evil. Chernobog is the link between man and the forces of chaos. He rules the other world, which is not understandable to man.

The image of this symbol resembles the roots of a tree, so the rune often emphasizes a close subconscious connection with the progenitors. In the scenario, this symbol foreshadows the destruction of old ties and the usual life order.

And all that remains will be tested for strength. Very often, such a rune foreshadows death in the immediate environment of a person.

If such a rune falls during divination, then you need to pay attention to your relatives and friends. Also, this symbol emphasizes the need to break out of the old circle and break unwanted connections.

In the Scandinavian and Germanic runic series, the rune Chernobog is partially reflected in the Perth and Hagalaz runes. Moreover, the analogue of the god himself is the god Loki.

Alatyr symbolizes the center of the universe and denotes the letter A. Rune indicates the place of the collision of Belobog and Chernoboga, Order and Chaos, Good and Evil. In prediction, such a rune is the advice to live by the rules, namely, to appreciate the family and honor the traditions. In addition, in the scenario, this symbol warns of possible life trials.

He emphasizes the importance of their successful overcoming; one should not give up the struggle at this stage and doubt one’s own abilities. During this period, it will be possible to obtain new necessary knowledge and understand your true purpose.

In the Scandinavian runic series there is no analogue of this rune. Conventionally, it can only be compared with the runes of Hyères and Stan of the Northumbrian series.

The value of the runes during divination: the value of the Slavic runes, inverted runes, various combinations of runes

Rainbow symbolizes the road connecting order and chaos. It has no beginning and no end. In the Slavic alphabet, it symbolizes the letter R. This rune also denotes the Slavic goddess Rada, who always gives wise advice, therefore, in divination for a specific question, this symbol, in its direct position, always means «Yes.»

In a scenario, this rune warns that striving for so many different benefits of life will not lead to anything good. It is necessary to strive for harmonious development, and for this you need to stop for a while and consider all your future actions.

Fleece warns that spontaneous decisions will lead to collapse. In the Scandinavian runic series, Alatyr corresponds in its significance to the rune Raedo.

But the difference is that in this case the path can be measured, even if it is life-long.

Need It symbolizes the fate of fate and corresponds to the letter N. This rune denotes the Slavic god Vija, who is able to burn all living things with one glance. The basic meaning of this symbol is the inevitable influence of Destiny. She points to a forced stop in life, which is always accompanied by the suffering and pain of a person.

In the scenario, such a rune indicates that you need to abandon plans that are not sure to be successful. This symbol warns you to comply and comply with certain boundaries.

But on the other hand in life there comes a period when a person can understand what he dreams of in life. In the Scandinavian runic series, this rune corresponds to the rune of Nautyz.

Krada — this is a fiery significant rune, symbolizing purification. It corresponds to the letter K or G in the Slavic alphabet. It is a symbol of Truth.

The general value of this rune is the embodiment of plans and realization of plans. Sometimes this symbol emphasizes the power in the real world, which allows you to realize your desires. On the other hand, when divination, such a rune emphasizes: to seek advice from wise people or for help from people who have real power.

In the Scandinavian runic series, this rune most closely matches the Kano and Gebo runes.

Need It symbolizes the sacrifice and denotes the letter T. This is a very complicated rune, denoting the Warrior of the Spirit. This symbol underlines the persistence and firmness of a person on the way to the goal. But at the same time, the symbol warns that it is necessary to be ready for self-sacrifice, without which it is impossible to realize your own intentions.

If this rune falls in a scenario, then you should prepare for the fact that to achieve the goal you will need to spend a lot of effort. On the one hand, it does not guarantee anything, but on the other hand it indicates that during this life period there is nothing impracticable. If there are problems in personal relationships, then this rune in the scenario advises to make concessions to the partner.

In the Scandinavian runic series, the inevitable sacrifice of something implies the runes of Teyvaz and Treba.

The value of the runes during divination: the value of the Slavic runes, inverted runes, various combinations of runes

Strength is a symbol of power. She indicates that the time has come when you can drastically change your destiny and achieve a positive result. This is a bright symbol, which, as a rule, falls in the scenario of a strong man who confidently moves towards the goal in spite of any obstacles.

The rune represents the letter C in the Slavic alphabet and underlines the ability of a person not only to change, but also to change the world around him. In fortune telling, it is a symbol of the fact that in real life there is a considerable advantage over the enemy, due to the knowledge and experience gained earlier. This rune is often the forerunner of victory.

All new things started during this life period will be successful. In the Germanic and Scandinavian runic series, the rune of the Force corresponds to the rune of Sieg or Soul.

Wind It symbolizes the god Veles, who protects art, nature and wisdom. This rune denotes the letter B and is associated with the emotional world of man.

In the realm of love, such a rune in a scenario encourages decisive action. It emphasizes the creative abilities and natural creative talents of the person, in addition, she points to the need to go towards people.

If such a rune falls during divination, then this indicates the need to make non-standard decisions and are not afraid of change. She emphasizes the importance of creativity in everything.

It is necessary when solving any problems to act outside the box, while showing maximum imagination. Only with this approach is guaranteed victory in any situation.

Bereginya symbolizes the mother goddess Makosh, who is the guardian of the family hearth. This is a sign of the maternal beginning, the main purpose of which is to protect your own child.

In nature, such a rune is associated with a birch tree and denotes the letter B in the Slavic alphabet. In fortune-telling, this symbol indicates the correctness of a person’s thoughts. This rune falls in the scenario, when in life everything is positive. In personal relationships, it is a symbol of sincere and devoted friendship.

Sometimes the rune predicts the creation of a strong family or the birth of children. Partially this symbol corresponds to the rune of Berkan of the Scandinavian series.

Oud — This rune symbolizes the masculine and denotes the letter U. It represents the human passion and desire to create. In the scenario, it means an update. Such a symbol indicates that a person’s life is filled with love.

But besides this, the rune often falls before the birth of new projects. It is dynamic and combines the intent and the immediate cause. Its common meaning is passion for life.

In the Germanic runic series, the runes Uruz and Inguz correspond to this rune.

The value of the runes during divination: the value of the Slavic runes, inverted runes, various combinations of runes

Lelya means the daughter of mother goddess Mokosh. This rune symbolizes the letter A and natural life-giving water, which can be obtained after the ice melts. Such a symbol is the main thing in the love sphere, it carries a strong positive.

Fleece focuses attention on the, that need to listen to their intuition. Such a life approach will attract good luck in life.

Fleece is the harbinger of new attractive prospects. This symbol is positive for all spheres of life.

It can be considered successful in the situation before the business negotiations. The Scandinavian runic series has a similar rune Laguz, and to some extent Lelya is similar to the action of Vuno.

Rock is a symbol of the unidentified and the incomprehensible. The symbol indicates the presence of some secret and denotes the letter X. In fortune-telling, this rune means that a person has fallen into real life in a situation that he cannot control. The motto of such a sign is “what to be, that cannot be avoided”.

During this period, everything happens under the influence of external forces. Such a rune in the scenario contains advice simply to wait out the events, without interfering with them.

In the Scandinavian runic series there are similar in importance to the runes of Hagalaz, Eyvaz and Perth, but none of them fully reflects the power of the Slavic runes Rock.

Support — It is a symbol of the main base for man. This symbol unites in itself everything that is support for it.

It denotes the letter O in the Slavic alphabet. In the scenario, such a rune emphasizes that the higher forces in the coming time period will always support the divine.

In addition, it is a symbol of the fact that a person stands firmly on his feet and relies on the knowledge and experience of ancestors. The life period has come, which is very suitable for the beginning of active actions.

Sometimes such a rune indicates the presence of a powerful patron. But it should be remembered that success depends only on the independent actions taken.

In the Scandinavian runic series there are similar runes — Ansuz and Otal.

Dazhbog symbolizes the letter D in the Slavic alphabet. This rune is good in all its manifestations. This rune emphasizes that man is the real darling of destiny. This symbol emphasizes good welfare and spiritual fullness.

When divination, this rune indicates that the started business will be completed successfully, and new initiatives will be very promising. In the emotional sphere, this symbol emphasizes the calmness of a person and his objective perception of the surrounding world. For women, such a rune can be a harbinger of a desired pregnancy.

The closest meaning in the Scandinavian runic series are the runes Feu and Hyères.

The value of the runes during divination: the value of the Slavic runes, inverted runes, various combinations of runes

Perun considered the most powerful rune of the Slavic series. Fleece denotes letter P symbolizes force, which cannot be withstand. And this is all explained by the fact that the pagan god Perun was a real defender of the world of people from the interference of evil forces.

He protected the Order, kept the Law and the Truth, and successfully resisted Chaos. This symbol characterizes decisive, rectilinear people. When fortune-telling, this rune indicates the presence of a powerful protective higher power.

Particularly favorable this rune is considered in the layouts of love. It emphasizes a person’s ability to lay the foundation for a happy future in his personal life.

In the Scandinavian runic series, Thurisaz is the most approximate in meaning.

there is — this rune symbolizes the natural movement of life and symbolizes the letter E. This symbol denotes the goddess Live, which governs the natural variability and eternal mobility of being. This rune symbolizes survival and renewal. Such a symbol falls in a scenario, when in life everything goes well.

Fleece is a positive sign for health. It indicates the stability of the human condition and the absence of any threats.

In addition, this symbol indicates that a favorable period has come for bringing love to life. In the Scandinavian runic series this rune corresponds to the runes of Evaz and Berkan.

  • Source symbolizes life stability and denotes the letter I. Sometimes the rune in the layout may indicate stagnation, but in this case it is simply necessary to accumulate potential for future accomplishments. When this rune falls during divination, it means a quiet period of life, which allows you to fully relax and recover. In the Scandinavian runic series, this symbol corresponds partially to the rune Isa.
  • The value of the runes during divination: the value of the Slavic runes, inverted runes, various combinations of runes

    The above values ​​of the Slavic runes are given for the direct position of the characters.

    But upside down, they change their value like this:

    • World falls in the event that a person does not see a way out of the situation and does not seek to change in order to achieve positive results. This is a very important signal to the need for change, but not material, but spiritual. Also in this case, the rune can report off-sets or emotional overload, insecurity and excessive self-pity.
    • Chernobog calls for proper assessment of their own strength, as well as analyze their actions and decisions. This rune emphasizes that the person is notorious, he is experiencing self-doubt. The symbol also focuses attention on inner selfishness, which leads to absolute inaction.
    • Alatyr emphasizes excessive self-confidence and arrogance of a person, which does not allow him to make the right decisions. Often this rune focuses on family conflicts, and sometimes predicts the destruction of the family. In the presence of such a rune in the scenario you need to try to establish, as soon as possible, the relationship with their loved ones.
    • Rainbow focuses attention on the wrong way of life. But on the other hand, such a sign indicates that there is still a chance to change your life. Sometimes this rune emphasizes the fact that life has become stagnant.
    • Need warns that, despite the strong desire, the person will not be able to cope with the prevailing circumstances. It is a symbol of physical and material limitations.
    • Krada symbolizes the wrath of higher powers. Such a symbol warns a person about intrigues of detractors. In addition, the rune indicates that in the present life period it will not be possible to convey to others those desires and ideas. In all undertakings and new projects, a person will encounter misunderstanding and opposition.
    • Need symbolizes the senselessness of the sacrifice and the ingratitude of those to whom it was intended. For business people, such a rune advises to immediately stop negotiations and interrupt planned transactions, as there is a high probability of fraud.
    • Strength points to life misconceptions. Very often, this symbol warns that the risk of committing a fatal error is great. Moreover, this can happen at the very moment when it would seem that victory will be predetermined.
    • Wind indicates the confusion of the life situation, which led to great difficulties. In everyday life it can warn of intrigue and gossip. Perhaps someone wants to completely subjugate the person and control him. Also, the rune can express a person’s desire to hide from problems.

    The value of the runes during divination: the value of the Slavic runes, inverted runes, various combinations of runes

    The value of the runes during divination: the value of the Slavic runes, inverted runes, various combinations of runes

    In the process of divination with the use of Slavic runes, it is necessary to pay attention to their combinations.

    The most significant combinations:

    • «KRADA», «POWER», «BEREGIN» — a combination confirming material well-being.
    • “BEREGINIA”, “CLAIM” — a combination confirming protection from various external misfortunes.
    • «BEER», «RAINBOW», «Lyolya» — a combination that indicates that you can avoid an accident.
    • “BEREGINIA”, “WORLD” — the combination symbolizes reconciliation of opponents, as well as calming down and relieving tension in life.
    • «RAINBOW», «Lyolya» — the combination indicates that a person needs to take care of their own protection on the way.
    • “TERE”, “WORLD” — the combination indicates that the period has come when opportunities are offered to harden internal forces.
    • «WIND», «POWER» is a combination that emphasizes the possibilities of an irresistible way forward through your own self-improvement.

    With the help of Slavic runes, which are unique magical tools, you can infinitely learn not only yourself, but also the world around us. Combinations of runes allow you to protect yourself from negative external phenomena.

    These magical symbols lift the veil of the past and predict the events of the past. Deciphering combinations of runes is not easy, so you need to constantly study and comprehend the values ​​of ancient symbols.

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