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The value of the numbers on the clock will predict the near future.

The value of the numbers on the clock will predict the near future.

Numerology has long proved that digital combinations can have a continuous impact on the life path of each person. And if, looking at the clock, every now and then you see the same numbers, then this, at least, is a reason to think.

Perhaps in this way a higher power wants to warn you about something. And what exactly — the value of the numbers on the clock will tell.

The value of the numbers on the clock will predict the near future.

Important nuances of fortune telling by the hour

The time that we track with the help of a clock is in close proximity with a person throughout his life. It will not go anywhere even after the human soul leaves the other world.

For this reason, many people, casting a casual glance at the hands of the clock and noticing the coincidence of some numbers during this, feel at a subconscious level that there is some secret meaning here, especially if the same digital combination repeats periodically.

Any numbers and their combinations are the object of study of a special science known as numerology. Certain numerical coincidences and repetitions (including the meaning of numbers on the clock) are investigated by Angelican numerology, a relatively new numerological trend created by Dorin Verce.

According to angel numerology, the often repeated ones deserve special attention. identical numeric combinations on the clock . Such signs are nothing more than the attempts of the guardian angel to contact the man, whom the higher forces made him ward, put the responsibility of his defense on the winged patron.

If a person is constantly pursued by repetition different numeric combinations , This fact testifies to the development of his intuition. And the signs received from the clock are messages from the Universe itself.

The value of the numbers on the clock is also interpreted depending on parity / oddness duplicate combinations:

  • odd numeric matches are considered successful. — they portend early positive events and favorable changes. However, if the number often drops out 9 — this indicates the end of one life stage and the beginning of another. Nine — the final number, promises future major changes.
  • caution are even numeric combinations — they can warn about the potential danger, the machinations of envious and detractors, the upcoming difficulties and trials. Sometimes even numeric matches on the clock contain a hint to action, recommendations that will help to find a way out of the current difficult situation.

Numerologists recommend carefully look at and to mirror reflections of numbers on the clock (for example, 23:32) — they also give a hidden sign to a person.

Another nuance of the divination by the hour — take a closer look, what kind of figure catches the eye more than others . Each figure is assigned its own special meaning, its own magical interpretation.

The coincidence of numbers on the clock and the same combinations of them a person can observe daily. But fortune telling has one important rule: accurate forecast of the clock give only 2 days a week — on Tuesday and Thursday . On other days of the week the information may be false. It is worth a closer look at the prompts coming from the clock on Tuesday and Thursday, and, perhaps, not to miss your lucky chance.

No need to cheat and try podgadat time to see a favorable combination. The intentionally received “forecast” has no relation to the future and is completely uninformative.

The value of numbers on the clock: what does each digit symbolize?

The value of the numbers on the clock will predict the near future.

According to numerology, each digit has its own meaning:

  • one— symbolizes energy. Regular hit of the unit on the eyes may mean increased self-love, or — the need to deal with his personality;
  • 2— indicates the need to soften his temper, smooth out the opposites present in him, stop rushing from one extreme to another, learn to find a compromise;
  • 3 — a symbol of uncertainty with which a person must fight: set life priorities, think about the past and the present, set goals for the future;
  • four — means hard work. Frequent fours warn that a person should not live by work alone — they need to take care of their rest and their state of health.
  • five — most often come to the eyes of people with an adventurous character — those who seek adventure and love risk. Warns that a person begins to look at his life more carefully and prudently;
  • 6 — symbolizes peacemaking. Six says that a person must be honest to himself and the people around him;
  • 7 — means success, has mystical properties. Indicates that a person has the ability to comprehend all the secrets of this world, to feel its harmony;
  • eight — a symbol of infinity. Warns of upcoming changes, the need to think about your future, to turn your attention to events that require urgent decisions, otherwise you will not be able to return later time.
  • 9 — a sign of development. Nines say that a person must learn to cope with the regularly occurring obstacles in his life in order to be able to develop further.

The value of numbers on the clock: the interpretation of numerical combinations

Time of the first half of the day

  • 00:00 — your innermost desire will surely come true, if no one is harmed.
  • 01:01 — Good news from a male.
  • 01:10 — Newly conceived business does not meet expectations.
  • 01:11 — a profitable offer, from which you should not back down.
  • 02:02 — entertainment event, an invitation to visit, entertainment.
  • 02:20 — suppress irritation in yourself, let’s not provoke ourselves, otherwise you will not end up having problems.
  • 02:22 — to learn some secret.
  • 03:03 — to the love that comes to you very soon.
  • 03:30 — disappointment, lack of reciprocity.
  • 03:33 — the day will stand out happy, successful and successful.
  • 04:04 — Change your point of view, look at the situation from a different angle.
  • 04:40 — the day does not work out;
  • 04:44 — to problems at work.
  • 05:05 — warns about secret detractors who plot against you.
  • 05:50 — be careful with fire and water, avoid contact with them today.
  • 05:55 — Meet a man endowed with wisdom.
  • 06:06 — for singles: a meeting with a betrothed (betrothed) and a wedding; for family — a good day.
  • 07:07 — try not to contact with people wearing uniforms (military, police, etc.)
  • 08:08 — climb the career ladder, success in service.
  • 09:09 — warns of the danger of suffering theft. Be extremely careful, do not take anything of value with you.
  • 10:01 — to get acquainted with an influential person.
  • 10:10 — changes in life.
  • 11:11 — risk to be soon, depending on some addiction, or person.

The value of the numbers on the clock will predict the near future.

The time of the second half of the day

  • 12:12 — lucky in love.
  • 12:21 — to a pleasant acquaintance with a man (for women), with a woman (for men).
  • 13:13 — stay alert: enemies and detractors are not asleep.
  • 13:31 — the realization of the cherished dream.
  • 14:14 — love will rule your life.
  • 14:41 — get ready for trouble.
  • 15:15 — someone will give good advice, and you can solve a difficult situation.
  • 15:51 — to a violent love affair.
  • 16:16 — you need to be extremely attentive on the road, in transport.
  • 17:17 — caution: you may encounter a robbery or assault.
  • 18:18 — exercise caution in any situation related to transport.
  • 19:19 — good luck and success in any endeavor.
  • 20:02 — to the quarrel. Do not let yourself provoke.
  • 20:20 — to intra-family conflicts.
  • 21:12 — new beginnings, changes in life (new business, pregnancy, etc.)
  • 21:21 — to the novel, in which the passion will be off-scale.
  • 22:22 — a new acquaintance that influences your life.
  • 23:23 — dangerous contacts associated with risk.
  • 23:32 — deterioration of health.

I also recommend watching the video about the meaning of numbers on the clock:

For numerology, regularly repeated numerical combinations are an important indicator by which the nearest future of a person can be predicted. That is why this science pays so close attention to the value of numbers on the clock.

However, there are those who are skeptical of any kind of divination, and digital combinations that occur on the clock, do not take seriously.

Psychologists, for example, explain people’s attention to numerical coincidences by excessive suspiciousness. According to their point of view, each has its own biological clock, which develops the ability to feel time on an intuitive level.

When a person is focused on a specific task, this biological clock causes him to glance at the clock at the same time.

Others believe that any coincidence of numbers on the clock is nothing more than a mere coincidence. People sticking to this version, as a rule, do not see any hidden meaning in the meaning of the drop-down numbers.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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