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The value of the number 7 in classical numerology

The value of the number 7 in numerology

Consider the value of the number 7 in numerology. First you need to make a numerological map by date of birth.

How to do this, read this article. It is enough to know the day, month and year of birth.

You will need a pen, a piece of paper and a calculator. Calculations do not take a lot of time — just five minutes.

The result is a similar table:

The value of the number 7 in classical numerology

In the example, there are no sevens at all, but you can have from one to several. Detailed value will be discussed below.

Number 7 in numerology: meaning and general characteristics

Seven is in the third column of the table. It is he who is responsible for the state of the human soul, the deep qualities that many are not manifested.

This is an understanding of what a person wants, who he is, why he lives, why everything happens around him.

And the seven itself is responsible for intuition. It characterizes:

  • hearing and awareness of yourself from within
  • knowledge and understanding of your soul, psychology, reactions to external events
  • ability to anticipate and anticipate future events
  • the ability to perform certain actions in time, warning the outcome of adverse events for a person.

Do not confuse intuition with fear. If fear is a destructive feeling that fills a person completely, paralyzing the will and ability to respond adequately to what is happening.

That intuition is a kind of wave that rolls on a person, forcing him to “do this”, and not otherwise. And in the end, if you listen to her, the result will be favorable.

People with a large number of sevens, with a developed intuition, can take an umbrella in sunny cloudless weather, go outside, and it will begin to rain. Often they commit illogical and incomprehensible actions to others, but in the end they are right.

The value of the number 7 in classical numerology

Next, we analyze special cases.

One seven

In a person with one seven, intuition is clearly expressed, he hears and listens to his inner voice. Such indicator is normal, reference.

Therefore, if you have only one number 7 in the numerological map, there is nothing to worry about.

Three sevens

Three sevens in dough — a rarity. It is believed that such a person has a pronounced gift of foresight.

Their thoughts are very clear and dense. They are able to predict what is happening in the future, not only for themselves, but also for others, if they are close to them.

The value of the number 7 in classical numerology

If a person has three sevens or more in the test, the following qualities are characteristic of him:

  • sacrifice: the tendency to give everything to others, even at the expense of self-infringement
  • kindness and pity: these are the people who do charity, rescue stray animals, organize free feeds for vagrants, help everyone around
  • “Crawling”: it feels like they see any person through, in their presence there is no point in lying, hypocrising, hiding their true emotions
  • «Hear» at a distance: these are the people who are able to feel, being thousands of kilometers away, that their loved one has become ill, they can predict global disasters, terrorist attacks and other misfortunes
  • read thoughts: there are people who, before you could voice any thought, say it out loud, they subtly feel your thoughts, feelings, catch the mood
  • able to feel pain (both emotional and physical) of another person, and even they themselves feel it physically (but not always, but in the case when there are more than three sevens)
  • impulsive, live on a whim: first of all they react to all events with emotions, and do not try to act as the mind prompts
  • intuition for them performs a defensive function in life, phrases are familiar to them: “don’t do it, I have a bad feeling”, “we must go there, I feel we are lucky there” and others
  • often feel, think and act illogically, causing confusion and irritation of others, but in the end they are right
  • possess the gift of foresight, but they do not always know how to use it, they do not often realize it
  • possess non-standard, creative thinking.

Multi-dressers are creators, but the most unusual. Images come to them through visions.

Rarely understood by others, if they are not of this world.

More information about the value of sevens is in this video:

If you do not have any seven, do not hurry to get upset. This does not mean that nature cheated on you with a sixth sense.

Intuition in this case is, but it is hidden very far, rarely makes itself felt. Or it appears very quietly, so a person ignores and does not notice her signals.

It takes a lot of internal stress to feel the intuition of a person without sevens in a test. Usually the sixth sense is activated in a state of strong emotional lift, fear, arousal.

It is possible to develop intuition with the help of a competent numerologist, who will carry out the correction of qualities.

Often people with the absence of sevens try to seek God, although the concept of God is absent from them in principle. They read spiritual books, the Bible, communicate with believers, go to church. But in vain — they are not able to accept religion from the soul.

For it is important for them that the information be proved, verified for truth.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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