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The value of the number 6 in numerology

The value of the number 6 in numerology

To determine the value of the number 6, make a numerological map by date of birth. A detailed algorithm for the calculation and analysis of the example described in this article.

It’s easy — you need 5 minutes of time, a piece of paper, a pen, and the ability to put simple numbers in your mind. For one hundred percent accuracy of calculations, you can use a calculator.

The value of the number 6 in numerology

General characteristics of the magic six

The six is ​​a figure that will help characterize certain personality traits and character traits in a person. Unlike other, more “independent” numbers in numerology, the six are very closely connected with the three.

Therefore, often numerologists consider them when drawing up a numerological map together.

Figures 6 and 3 interact with each other according to the following scheme:

The value of the number 6 in numerology

You see the cross, which is called the «cross of knowledge.» It is believed that wisdom consists of two concepts — the cross of knowledge and the ability to use this knowledge.

Thus, the six is ​​responsible for the following personality qualities:

  • amount of knowledge in my head
  • the ability to systematize information: namely, all the knowledge encountered on the path of life
  • the ability to preserve, accumulate and, most importantly, apply this knowledge in practice

And numerologists divide knowledge into two types:

  • information — superficial and not very deep, usually obtained casually, aimlessly
  • technological knowledge — those that are sure to be useful, will be applied in practice, help solve problems, change the way of life in general

And if a troika in the cross of knowledge is responsible for information (“I know about everything a little bit), then the six are deep, technological knowledge (necessary for professional realization, the title of an expert, a pro, a guru). Therefore, the six in the cross is more important:

  • she carries quality
  • makes you think about self-esteem
  • stimulates to think (“who I am, why I am”), analyze in comparison the past and the future.

The usual and standard number of sixes in the test is one. This means that the qualities for which she is responsible for a given person is in balance.

Rather tenacious and fast mind, enough worldly wisdom.

And deviations from the norm (there are no sixes or, on the contrary, more than one) we will consider separately in more detail.

The value of the number 6 in numerology

More than two sixes

If a person has more than two sixes on a numerological map:

  • he is principled, clearly defines his borders and never violates them
  • deeply understands the essence of processes and things
  • very quickly thinks and reflects, almost instantly finds the relationship between objects and phenomena
  • neat in work, impeccably performs professional affairs
  • fulfills its duties efficiently
  • he is a good politician: he thinks for the future, “looks at the root” of problems and almost always finds causal relationships
  • quickly finds its destination and remains committed to the cause throughout its life

“Multi-stakes” are usually very bright individuals who can hardly be strictly and specifically described. These people are deep.

It is about them that they say: you can learn endlessly, draw without end. It is like a bottomless well: one can constantly find something new, unexpected in his behavior.

The absence of six

The number 6 in numerology matters even if the sixes in your numerological table are missing. The absence of the six — the natural minimum. For such a person is characterized by the following qualities of personality:

  • it is difficult for him to concentrate on performing one particular case, he is constantly distracted by external circumstances — because of this, he has to constantly return to business several times, otherwise it’s almost impossible to get the desired result
  • does not know how to say “no”, to refuse, even if you agree, it means to go against your own interests
  • can not stand up for themselves and defend their own interests
  • due to the absence (as it seems to him) of arguments, it is easier to do something for another person than to refuse
  • often with low self-esteem, trying to earn the approval of others, pleasing everyone, hiding their own desires away
  • his actions are primarily aimed at upholding the interests of other people, rather than their own, shy before the authorities, successful personalities
  • will always find arguments, why “to others is more important, and I will wait”
  • almost pure altruists
  • filled with energy, carried away by the needs and beliefs of other people, forgetting about their own (or simply cannot determine what he wants, it’s easier to follow the lead of a more reputable person)

The “tangle free” is often exploited by other people for their own interests. Moreover, one cannot say that they are spineless and weak-willed.

Rather, they are undecided and unaware of their own interests, aspirations, and desires.

The value of the number 6 in numerology

From extreme to extreme: «66666»

People with as many as five sixes in the numerological map are extremely rare. They usually have a very strong and deep inner core, and “I” is the main letter in the alphabet.

This is a principled, independent, knowing the value of the person. He «builds» all around and builds around himself his own world with its clear rules and boundaries.

About a man with five sixes, one can say that he is a tough cynic and egoist. This is especially true of relationships with relatives: relatives, friends, the second half.

He is smart, clearly aware of and understands everything that is happening around him, he is confident in himself. It can even be called a genius.

He sees ingenious even in simple things, is able to solve difficult, impossible for others tasks, finding non-standard ways out of insoluble situations.

It is very unpredictable and uncontrollable. This is a very deep personality that no one will ever be able to fully understand.

More information about the meaning of 6 in numerology is in the video:

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