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The value of the number 4: the secrets of numerology

The value of digit 4 in numerology

Before finding the value of the number 4 in numerology, you need to determine how many fours are in your numerological test. Perhaps they are completely absent.

Therefore: open this article and create a table, as in the example.

The value of the number 4: the secrets of numerology

The normal number of fours in the dough is one. And the lack of numbers 4, as well as their presence in quantities of more than one, is a deviation from the norm.

Let us examine what this means, and what characteristics people have with different numbers of this number.

What does the Four carry? general characteristics

The number 4 in numerology meaning has the following:

  • ·Call of Duty. It is important to understand exactly what this means. The four characterize the «parameters» of honesty, straightness, morality, internal discipline, responsibility for themselves and for others.
  • Responsibility for order in their lives and in general. This is how much you are inclined to create harmony in your own affairs, and in any other place, under any conditions, regardless of your location.
  • Attitude to generally accepted laws, norms of morality. The extent to which you comply with these norms or ignore them

It is important to understand that a sense of duty is not an indicator of relationships with other people, relatives, friends and relatives. This is how much you are internally aware and accept the rules and laws of society.

And how independently they are inclined to observe them, and not because it is a necessity, and someone made you.

The value of the number 4: the secrets of numerology

Typically, Quartetrs have a well-developed awareness and understanding of why other people do certain things. They are not inclined to risk, break the law and disregard for violating this law by others.

Quadruple — a kind of «right» people who do not understand and condemn the rebels.

Well, if in your test four one. This means that your sense of duty is ideally developed, there is no excess or, conversely, lack.

No need to adjust the personality, work with a numerologist.

But the absence of fours or a large number of them — the extremes, which we analyze in detail.

Three Fours

Multi-man has a high sense of duty. These are the very people who care about everyone.

They see, analyze and notice everything around, down to the smallest details.

They try to remake and change everything that does not comply with social rules, stereotypes, and norms. They strive to make everyone live “rightly”, forgetting that each person has a normal level.

These are the people who become embarrassed even for the speakers on TV or on stage, if the latter behave absurdly, incorrectly. They will be keen on commenting on any talk shows, giving advice where they don’t ask, getting into outsiders’ disputes.

These are those who will follow the order in the queue at the clinic and the store. Those who demand to give place to a pregnant woman or an old woman on the bus.

Those who without reason will begin to comment and control the work of colleagues.

The value of the number 4: the secrets of numerology

Polytler children will not allow their children to live in peace. They will choose for them the institution, place of work, future spouse.

Begin to climb into family life, handing out tips and arriving with control checks.

But it is also the people who help children in orphanages, do charity work, attach tramps to shelters, save homeless animals and solve world problems every day.

No fours

A man without fours is another extreme. For him there is no morality, generally accepted values, laws.

He has his own laws in his head, which may not coincide with the opinions of others.

Often these are single people, because they are too irreconcilable, rarely anyone withstands such an independent and peremptory character. That’s because most people are social creatures, constantly creating relationships with each other. And the existence of these relationships (love, friendship, workers and others) is impossible, if both parties do not comply with the unspoken rules and laws.

Therefore, it is difficult to adapt to social reality for non-perpetual.

Surprisingly, new people, acquaintances appear in the life of such a person often. But for a long time acquaintances do not linger, do not turn into close friends, the second half is not located. No one can endure intolerance, the rejection of their borders.

A non-quiver is constantly trying to establish its own rules, without taking into account the rules of other people. Arguments and conflicts, can not cooperate and negotiate.

For more on the meaning of 4 in numerology, see the video:

And moral standards simply do not exist. Therefore, such a person needs (if he wants to correct his character and change his life for the better) to constantly control himself, to monitor his actions and actions. There is a chance that gradually it will be possible to observe social roles and be accepted by society.

Otherwise, there is a risk of becoming an outcast and a recluse.

In the absence of self-control, a streamless sink always acts inappropriately, does not correspond to the purpose and place of its location. Because of this, he almost never achieves his goals, does not get what he wants.

And they do not even understand why everything happens this way and not otherwise.

The main problem that needs to be solved is the violation of other people’s interests. It is necessary to learn to take into account the wishes of others, and not to do everything just the way you need.

One should learn to consider people not as a means of achieving one’s own goals, but as living characters with feelings, emotions, aspirations.

And it is especially important to learn how to communicate your complaints or desires, and not to hope that people will guess and understand everything on their own. Straightness, openness and honesty is not enough.

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