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The value of the number 3 in numerology

The value of the number 3 in numerology

To determine the value of the number 3 in the identity of a particular person, it is necessary to make a numerological table. How to do this — read this article.

There we gave a detailed and simple algorithm, which was analyzed using a specific example. Making a table is easy; just arm yourself with a pen, a piece of paper and a calculator.

The value of the number 3 in numerology

general characteristics

What characterizes the number 3 in numerology? The value of this figure is as follows: it denotes the following qualities of human nature:

  • personal space: its rules and boundaries, which a person adheres to in life
  • hobbies and interests: a hobby to which a person can be given wholeheartedly, a mission in which he is realized throughout his life
  • your style: behavior, relationships with people, clothes, professional behavior and other things
  • personal knowledge owned and shared with others
  • technology work and doing everything
  • information available only to him
  • gossip
  • the logic of small systems, which is also called female logic: is manifested in the household, everyday affairs, care for loved ones
  • the material world: attitude to money, the ability to receive, spend and earn

In short, the troika is an expression of individuality through habits, hobbies, relationships, and money.

The value of the number 3 in numerology

Normally, the troika should be one. If this is your case, fine — all the listed traits of your character are balanced and do not require adjustments.

But about the absence of triples in the table or about their number more than one should be discussed separately.

Minimum — the absence of threes in general

Such a person, like a fish, adapts to any surrounding reality. Roughly speaking, in what aquarium was placed, in such and lives.

And if another person, getting into a certain environment, adds his own rules, then the “bestroechnik” adapts to the already existing ones. For him, the rules of public life, the environment in which he fell, are the only true way of life.

A person who does not have triples takes a large amount of time to get rid of any long-established habits, even if they are disliked.

Children «without triples» are obedient and convenient for parents, usually do not cause problems in the process of education.

A man «without triples» from childhood absorbs the rules imposed by his mother. Therefore, it is difficult for him to change priorities and principles in an adult, already his own family life, if his wife’s rules are completely different.

The value of the number 3 in numerology

Two to five triples

The maximum possible number of triples in a numerological map is five. This is rarely found in practice, but it happens.

Multi-triad people are usually greedy. If this is a girl, then she will never go to the hairdresser to trim the ends of her hair, but turn to a friend for a free service.

All their lives they strive to “grab the excess”, get something for free: to beg, receive as a gift, take without asking. Favorite thing — to take what is bad.

Of course, this is not about stealing, but about the eternal search for «freebies», the desire to profit at the expense of others. And sometimes these bad things are not really necessary for a person.

All this “grabbed” good as a result poisons the many-sided life. They tend to accumulate trash that strains them, spoils and clutters up space.

But they themselves argue it like this: «I am not greedy, I am economic.» In a word, the storekeeper personally.

Practicality — this is the main quality of a multi-grader But not always reasonable, more reminiscent of grabbery.

Therefore, the house of such a person often resembles a warehouse, and the owner is a sort of storekeeper, who lives in the rubble of accumulated good and “withers over gold”.

To the question: “Why?” Often does not find an answer, he always has “hands that do not reach” in order to make out the rubble.

A multi-troechnik man is a catastrophe in family life. He drags in the house a different trash, not allowing his wife to throw out unnecessary things. It takes everything, saves everything, so that at the age of 50 it’s clear that he didn’t have time to enjoy the acquired good and use it.

These are the very people who have been saving money for years, and have been wearing their clothes for decades, do not change their housing and car for better ones.

Dependence on things, eternal restrictions … The reason for this is incomprehensible fears of remaining in poverty. But in reality, all life passes in poverty, while wealth accumulates on a rainy day, which is unlikely to ever come.

More information in this video:

One triple

People with one three caring. If this is a woman, she always has a delicious dinner for her husband in her house.

In the home everywhere order, products are purchased in advance, and not at the last moment.

If this is a man, he provides for his family, his relatives live in prosperity, warmth and comfort.

People with one triple know everything about everyone, but they don’t gossip, but, on the contrary, are ready to keep secrets, give sensible advice and support a friend in difficult situations in word and deed.

But they are economical and stingy. Do not lend and do not borrow money, preferring to rely only on themselves.

For good attitude towards them generously reward.

We summarize: if you have one triple, you are a practical person. But not selfish, always find time and money to help loved ones. In your presence, people feel protected.

In the absence of triples, a person is an amateur adapting to others. He is somewhat weak-willed, he prefers not to do himself, but to listen to the opinions of others and do what is beneficial to others.

Multi-trippers are stingy and stingy, they will never part with their property, even if some things are absolutely useless, and it is better to get rid of them.

Any extremes are bad. And, if available, it is worth thinking about a serious personality adjustment with the help of a competent numerologist.

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