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The value of the number 21 in numerology

Number 21 — what secrets does it have?

The number 21 is the union of the properties of the numbers 2 and 1. It expresses duality and acts as a symbol of friendship. Two gives a person the ability to self-sacrifice in the name of great goals, and the unit is responsible for the presence of leadership qualities and guarantees an independent position in life.

A more detailed meaning of the number 21 you can learn from this article.

The value of the number 21 in numerology

Describing number twenty one properties

21 is the decisive figure in determining the life path of each person, will assist in various life endeavors. The number gives the necessary vital energy and contributes to the disclosure of previously unknown abilities.

But note that success will be possible only in cases where the person maintains a clear mind and is guided by good intentions.

This combination of numbers is significant in your destiny, it appears in those difficult and crucial moments when you need support from the outside. The number «twenty-one» contains a seven, which is a symbol of good luck.

When you combine the main components of this number together, you get the number «three». The Troika is the most important symbol of Christianity, personifies the divine Trinity.

You can get acquainted with the references to this figure from many scientific treatises, which include ancient records of alchemists. They were confident that an ordinary metal could become pure silver after three weeks.

21 — leadership number

Twenty-one is a positive number that can bring good luck into your life. But it helps only hard-working individuals, those who are not afraid to work in order to achieve what they want.

The value of the number 21 in numerology

Loafers can not count on the magic help of the number 21. They should take a closer look at the number 20 — the more passive figure responsible for inaction.

If we consider the spiritual numerology, here the twenty is the direct opposite of the number “twenty one”.

The number twenty will help everyone who does not wish to bother themselves too much and gives preference to a quiet, subordinate position that does not give a high salary, but will deprive of responsibility.

21 — human activity

This number is responsible for making decisions, which include the fateful ones. It carries a very powerful energy, so it is often used in date numerology.

For example, if a person needs to make a very important decision, with maximum responsibility, the figure 21 will favor him in every way.

In the same case, if a person is engaged in the implementation of other people’s orders and the implementation of the ideas of other people — the number twenty will be more suitable.

We recommend to watch the following video, which will reveal to you the secret meanings of the numbers 20 and 21 in Kabbalah

21 carries masculine energy

This number has a pronounced male energy. In this case, we are not just considering the physiology.

According to the esoteric axiom, each person has both feminine and masculine elements. And if you translate it into the language of numbers, then everyone is the owner of the numbers twenty one and twenty.

The number twenty-one personifies the manifestation of active male energy. However, it happens that some women have a lot of male energy, and men — female.

And this in no case can not be neglected when the numerological calculation of human fate is performed.

And considering the date numerology, it is often possible to observe such a fact that a woman who was born on the twenty-first number has a stronger will than the man who was born on the twentieth. At the same time, between partners who came into the world in the indicated numbers it is possible to create remarkable relationships.

But note that the union will be successful only if one and the second spouse are ready to realize who in the family will be in a leadership position. Otherwise, any relationship easily from happy will turn into unlucky.

How the number 21 positively affects the human character

People who are under the influence of the number twenty-one, have fairly good intellectual abilities and easily adapt to new situations in life. They are easy to achieve their goals, they can be realized, both intellectually and physically.

They have high communication skills, have a broad outlook, as well as excellent knowledge. Arouse respect from others for the ability to give the right recommendations.

The value of the number 21 in numerology

A lot among people who are patronized by the number twenty-one, charismatic personalities. They easily inspire confidence in others and are able to share their ideas.

Thanks to the well-developed imagination, new horizons are opening up for planning future events. Any, even the most crazy ideas can be realized.

And the number “two”, which is hidden in this number, will allow you to successfully complete the job.

Negative impact of the number

No matter how sad it is to realize, but this number has not only positive qualities, but also is capable of “giving” to its carrier many flaws. The most popular is megalomania.

Such individuals are characterized by a desire for world fame and influence on others, although in reality they are ordinary people.

Interacting with this category of people is quite problematic: due to the constant change of mood in the absence of clear life plans, cooperation becomes impossible.

And because of the heightened sensitivity, such personalities are very sensitive to criticism and are not inclined to listen to the advice of others. As a result, development stops, and a person loses his abilities as a professional.

Knowing the positive and negative points of any number, you have the opportunity over the weaknesses, due to which there is an improvement in your character and life in general.

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