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The value of the number 11 in numerology

The value of the number 11 — what effect it has

Today, almost no one doubts that the numbers have a huge impact on our destiny. All of us are constantly dependent on numbers to some extent — we are born a certain number, lives in an apartment or a house with a certain number, we get a specific salary in numerical values ​​… It is difficult to overestimate the role of numbers in our reality.

In this article we will look at the value of the number 11.

The value of the number 11 in numerology

Number 11 in numerology value

Numerology — the science of numbers, considers eleven to be a rather complicated number, which is an amazing microcosm.

It is of particular importance, and its planet-ruler is Proserpina. The inhabitants of ancient Rome revered her as the goddess of the underworld and fertility.

The Egyptians personified her with the goddess of the night sky — Nut, who was the mother of Osiris and the wife of Gaia.

Christianity is in the number eleven hidden vicious meaning, ostensibly it personifies liberty and passion for freedom.

Higher forces regularly send us various clues to get us on the “true path” in life. Such signs include, for example, “accidentally” seen numbers on a clock, car numbers that you often see.

If you regularly observe the same combination of numbers (or one number), then this is not just an accident.

The value of the number 11 in numerology

According to angel numerology, it is often to contemplate the combination of the numbers «eleven», especially with repeated repetitions, indicating that the Higher Forces approve of your undertakings and your plans are doomed to success. But there is also a negative aspect of these numbers, in which they denote the occurrence of possible complications or the onset of some pathological dependence.

How does the person’s personality

This important number gives a person different talents, quick-wittedness, courage, but can also send him to the abyss of illusions and hallucinations. Around the number eleven there were always rumors about his connection with mysticism.

This is largely due to the fact that it is located in the sacred row, containing the numbers from one to nine and twenty-two.

Those individuals who correspond to the vibration number eleven, in principle, can not play a second role in life. They have a pronounced ambition, energy, independence, swiftness and objectivity, tend to take the initiative.

But due to natural delicacy, a sense of tact and sensitivity, they may face difficulty in implementing their plans in life, as they are too worried about the feelings of others.

It is difficult to predict the line of behavior of eleven people, they can be both very open and sociable, so after a short time they become real hermits. The number eleven has the duplicate properties of a unit, but in the total, turning into a two, changes its value to the exact opposite.

Learn more about the numbers eleven and twenty-two from the following video.

Positive aspects of the number 11

Numerology positions this number as a symbol of friendship and success in the love sphere. People born to this number are optimistic, initiative, have original thinking.

The main task for them in this incarnation is to learn to cope harmoniously with the difficulties of being, always remain optimistic and tirelessly move forward. In this case, they can make a dizzying career.

Fate likes to send such people significant trials in the form of various hardships, betrayal, disease, and bankruptcy. And if they cope with them — they receive an award from the Higher forces, reach enormous heights, both spiritual and material.

Negative aspects

But on the other hand, the number eleven, in its negative meaning, can make a person a pessimist, increase his depression and arrogance. Hostility towards the world around us, non-acceptance of opinion, reticence and pettiness begin to appear.

Due to the influence of negative vibrations, a person forgets about his basic life purpose. In this case, due to the influence of weak will, it falls to the bottom. The number can contribute to the suppression of the surrounding individuals, both moral and physical.

Also, there are often various sexual disorders.

For people born under the influence of this number, is characterized by the development of psychological pathologies. Therefore, if you often encounter difficulties, then find the strength to recover.

Only through constant forward movement can you activate your energy.

These individuals are also characterized by a “rebirth from the ashes”, when they all start from scratch, after having experienced great losses.

Features of the character and personality of people of the same twelve

If the number eleven is the manager for a person, it gives a tremendous magical energy that can become even stronger than the strongest person. In some people, it will contribute to the disclosure of secret opportunities, while others will be sent to the bottom of life, to complete degradation.

The main task of a person will be to control the situation so that this powerful energy does not bring chaos into your life, but harmonizes it.

The value of the number 11 in numerology

Representatives of the described vibration are messengers from above and prophets, they have something to tell others. Being a personal number, eleven helps its students to achieve significant success in the diplomatic, political, religious spheres, as well as teaching and psychology.

Due to their strong connection with Cosmos, such people often have paranormal abilities and often become healers or psychics.

Knowing the characteristics of the number 11, it will be easier for you to use its energy, you will be able to direct it in a positive direction, thanks to which you will succeed in life.

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