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The value of numbers in numerology, various combinations and values

The value of numbers in numerology in the characteristics of the person

If you know and understand the meaning of numbers in numerology, you can analyze the identity of any person, to discover its strengths and weaknesses.

The value of numbers from 1 to 9

Numerology of numbers allows us to characterize the personality: to identify its strengths and weaknesses. The characteristic of a person depends on which numbers prevail in his numerological map.

The value of numbers in numerology, various combinations and values

  • A person endowed with high moral principles that are very important and unshakable for him
  • Set goals and reach them. Clearly planning your life
  • Favorably influences surrounding people, charges them with its vigor and positive
  • Lucky, he always lucky
  • Kind and happy with life
  • It is aimed at creating, not destroying. Transforms the space around you

Weaknesses: selfishness, sometimes goes to the head, often feels fear, is aggressive, afraid that the people around will perceive his actions incorrectly.

  • People with developed imagination, are able to build in their heads the whole Universe
  • Artistic, plays different roles in society
  • Susceptible to other people’s emotions, sensitive to the mood of others
  • A harmoniously developed personality, for whom balance is important in everything
  • Kind and friendly, people like — they are easily amenable to the charm of this man

Weaknesses: a sense of shame, sometimes — indifference to other people’s feelings, or excessive sentimentality, are obsessively curious.

  • Strives for balance and harmony in everything
  • Possesses great creative potential, endowed with many talents
  • Able to inspire and motivate other people.
  • Easy to communicate with a great sense of humor

Weaknesses: propensity to tediousness, lack of attentiveness, shyness, jealousy, boasting.

The value of numbers in numerology, various combinations and values

  • Very «tenacious» person. Able to overcome great difficulties, quickly come to life after the blows of fate
  • Optimist and lively, very persistent and strong personality
  • Excellent organizer and leader: diligent, calculating, aimed to benefit, reliable

Weaknesses: sometimes pessimistic, harsh with close people, sometimes too burdensome with responsibility, which is why it suffers.

  • A man in constant search for himself and his vocation
  • Very unpredictable — you never know what to expect from him
  • Unstable personal life — frequent change of partners, is in constant search of an unattainable ideal
  • Loves freedom and does not tolerate restrictions.

Weaknesses: addiction to addictions, vices, licentiousness and incontinence.

  • A very reliable person you can rely on. Responsible for his words and deeds, fully takes responsibility for his life on himself, never blames others for difficulties
  • Balanced and calm, hard to ruffle

Weaknesses: narrow-mindedness, limited thinking, excessive stubbornness, suspicion and cynicism.

The value of numbers in numerology, various combinations and values

  • A wise man who throughout his life strives to develop, learn something, gain knowledge
  • Introvert, laconic, not keen to constantly be in society

Weaknesses: can be nervous and irritable, secretive and insincere.

  • Very fair person
  • Strives for harmony and achieves it.
  • Needs recognition and success, purposeful and persistent
  • Disciplined. Excellent leader and organizer, very ambitious. Able to reach the top

Weaknesses: heavy character, self-interest, foul language, sometimes — slowness, as well as intolerance to opinion different from his.

  • Courageous, steadfast, not pastypas of personality
  • A very principled man who piously honors the law and moral norms.
  • Altruist, lives for the good of others
  • Selfless: in no way looking for benefits, seeking to bring real benefits

Weaknesses: addiction to reckless spending, impracticality, emotional instability.

Watch a video about the meaning of numbers in terms of numerology:

Combinations of numbers

There are two important combinations, the meaning of which must be known and understood in order to correctly analyze the numerological map. These are the numbers 11 and 22.

  • The man whose soul came to earth to serve people
  • Often these are people who give life to religion and spiritual development.
  • «Not of this world». Above all — the development of the soul, spiritual growth, material things of little importance
  • The propensity to learn all the mystical and mysterious
  • Unpretentious in life, able to get by with little, often practicing austerity
  • It inspires confidence and sympathy to others at first sight, although it always keeps apart

Weak side: can choose the side of evil and not fulfill its purpose, which is why it condemns itself to constant suffering.

  • A dreamer who prefers to live in the world of his illusions, abstracting from the real world
  • Often unhappy, because his picture of the world is not true. Suffers when confronted with reality and difficulties
  • Honest and proud personality, but sometimes too innocent
  • With the correct living of their energy can be an excellent leader, leader, organizer, a person who can lead

The weak side: it does not know how to earn money and build a comfortable life around itself, it is suspicious and vulnerable.

Pay attention to the numbers that surround you. It is not only the numerological map and date of birth that matters, but also all the numbers most frequently repeated in your life.

Try to notice and memorize them — these are signs of the Universe, which indicates which side of your personality needs to be worked out and corrected.

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