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The value of Lenormand cards and their combination with each other

Value cards Lenormand divination

Anna Maria Adelaide Lenormand was a world famous French seer and fortune teller. During her lifetime, it is believed, Madame Lenormand created her own deck, according to which she made sensational predictions.

In this article I want to make out the meaning of the Lenormand maps.

The value of Lenormand cards and their combination with each other

Significance Lenormand: Description Cards

Rider. 9 worms

This lasso means receiving news, important news. Whether they will be favorable or not will be shared by neighboring positions.

Associated with information, travel, movement, quick recovery, surprises, unexpected encounters.

A drop-down card of the Horseman in the scenario will indicate that you will soon receive the expected news or package.

Clover. 6 tambourine

Arkan is called to instill hope in a guessing person, strengthen his optimism, get rid of depression and despondency. Clover speaks of the return of your happiness, good luck, there has come a period when all our plans will come true (even the most unreal).

Calls to contact with others, to move away from loneliness.

Clover is associated with luck, luck, ease, surprise.

Ship, peak 10

Arkan tells about travel, motivation, passionate desire for something. Promises the emergence of new perspectives, plans, opportunities, luck in business. Not excluded a successful trip.

In the life of a fortune-teller, something new will appear that will greatly change his personality.

Psychologically sometimes associated with a strong desire for change, can tell about the inner journey, deep meditation.

House, King of Hearts

The house is personified with all the home, security, protectiveness, family, stability. Can tell about finding your home, or — a good result, a successful completion of something.

It is a very favorable indicator, mitigating the impact of adverse values. Tells about security.

Tree, 7 worms

Primary attribute: health, natural, organic. The card in fortune-telling will tell about good health, large internal resources, strengths and capabilities to fulfill everything desired.

But it is worth paying attention to the surrounding indicators: if the tree is surrounded by «bad» positions — then a person should think about their state of health. Perhaps he is too overworked, under stress, he needs rest.

The value of Lenormand cards and their combination with each other

Clouds, King Tref

A harbinger of crisis, approaching trouble. In fortune telling means something tangled, uncertain, suppressed, hidden.

Arkan Clouds are filled with the energy of a presentiment of a thunderstorm, when the atmosphere is so hot that even a minor occasion (spark) will provoke a storm.

But do not be in a hurry to lose heart — on the other hand, the rain eliminates all the excess ballast, something that is unnatural to you. Yes, and clouds can disperse in an instant.

Snake, Lady Tref

Key concepts of the Snake: competition, envy, insecurity, unpredictability.

If it arose in the scenario, consider it as a serious warning. Think about the features of your environment: there are definitely enemies, detractors who can deceive and betray.

Therefore, be extremely careful when talking or doing something.

Coffin, 9 tambourines

Arkan is characterized by dependence on someone, a heavy loss, a disease. And also: change, transformation, completion.

Considered an unfavorable sign. Tells about someone’s illness, death or other significant difficulties. It can act as a symbol of indisposition, financial losses.

Tells about a certain turning point in life. Ended a certain stage of life.

Bouquet, Lady Spades

The main characteristics of the card are associated with gifts, gratitude, decoration, surprise, spring.

The bouquet is a symbol of happiness, life satisfaction. It promises good luck in everything.

Very positive value, especially for girls. Tells about love and attention from the partner, probably a pleasant gift.

In general, he will tell you that things will develop calmly, smoothly, his health and mood will improve.

The value of Lenormand cards and their combination with each other

Spit, Jack tambourine

Spit is associated with harvest, autumn, danger, shock, haste, irreversibility, timeliness.

Arkan is the main warning in the deck. Indicates the need for a wise and prudent decision that will help to cope with a very serious danger.

Spit indicates a possible accident, injury, accident. But really to cope with the misfortune, if the guessing person was warned in time and accepted the challenge of Fate.

Broom, Jack Tref

Main characteristics: conflict, anger, evasiveness, constant repetition.

A broom foreshadows a quarrel, disharmonious relationships, family troubles. Sometimes — indicates the lack of friendly relations, like-minded people, consensus with other people.

Symbolizes cleansing, elimination of excess, but in a very rigid form.

Owls, 7 tambourines

Arkan is associated with chatter, talk, excitement, magnification, imitation.

A couple of owls, depicted on the map, are the personification of daily difficulties, not too serious problems. Owls advise to continue to move on, do not give up.

Find the strength to survive the temporary troubles — they will not be eternal.

Baby, Jack is the peak

It personifies everything childish, immature, small, trusting.

Despite this, the Child acts as a positive sign, which symbolizes the path begun and many possibilities. If you keep up with the times, you perceive new ideas — wonderful prospects are waiting for you.

Also, the lasso will tell about trust, harmony, the authoritative position of the fortuneteller, deserved respect, the appearance of the baby. If the number of «bad» neighbors — talk about excessive gullibility, naivete.

Fox, 9 Tref

Arkan is associated with cunning, survival, the use of advantages, dexterity, mind.

He will tell about various seductions, temptations, cunning, cunning, deception, crafty intentions, intrigues. Performs a warning card, advising to beware of possible deception, traps.

If the Fox has fallen to you — use caution, do not tell others about your intentions, so as not to suffer.

The value of Lenormand cards and their combination with each other

Bear, 10 Tref

The main characteristics of a bear: strength, power, responsibility, generosity, resilience.

The bear is a symbol of nobility, courage, strength, service to lofty goals. If it is close to the reckless lasso, it will tell about a strong and influential patron.

But with “bad” positions — foreshadows the evil caused by jealousy, envy, personal dislike.

Stars, 6 worms

Values: harmony, elegance, clarity, inspiration.

Stars are a lucky card (similar to the corresponding lasso of the Tarot Star). They are a symbol of hope, inspiration, future success.

But at the same time, the lasso warns about the probable «star» disease, advises to be modest. It is important that the goals of the person match his real capabilities.

Stork, Dame of Hearts

Associated with variability, care, improvement, development, auxiliary.

The stork symbolizes happiness, homeland, cyclical changes. Tells about loyalty to principles, adherence to traditions.

Being close to the lasso of the fortuneteller — talks about significant life changes. Women — promises the appearance of the baby.

But if there are a number of negative cards, it will predict changes for the worse.

Dog, 8 worms

Associated with the benefit, friendliness, support, reliability, like-minded person.

Dog — personifies friendship, help, stability. He also tells about security, describes a faithful friend, a person on whom a fortuneteller can rely.

Surrounded by «good» cards — a sign of good luck. And surrounded by negative — will tell about bad friends, unreliable partners, possible failure.

The value of Lenormand cards and their combination with each other

Tower, 6 peak

The main characteristics of the card: organization, official, formal, isolated.

Arkan Tower will tell about a certain result: either the result of a business, long-term efforts, or even the whole life. Symbolizes stability, reliability, stable position.

Often talk about longevity, happiness.

But if “bad” cards are near, they will act as a symbol of failures, diseases, and poverty.

Garden will tell about the holiday, enjoying a pleasant company, rest. Being in a society of kindred souls, a place of reincarnation, a world of thoughts, refined feelings and manners.

On the other hand, the lasso symbolizes unfounded illusions, eccentricity, excessive complacency, self-confidence. Advises to show more realism.

If surrounded by «bad» lasso — describes a bad company, excessive fussiness, the danger of false friendship.

Mountain, 8 trof

Associated with a call, delay, blocking.

Mountains are obstacles in life. By them are meant both specific personalities and circumstances that do not allow to get the desired result.

The questioner should look for a method of how to circumvent the mountains — this is the advice of this arcane.

Fork, lady tambourine

Main characteristics: the need for decisions, choice, ambiguity, alternatives.

Arkan Razvilka is a harbinger of important decisions. May symbolize a fork in the path of life.

Guessing should choose the right direction, which is the best solution to his problem.

Also, the card will tell about the completion of a certain stage, the state of the threshold of something new, unknown.

Rats 7 trёf

The main associations are: devastation, successive disappearance, liquidation, devouring.

Appearing in fortune-telling, the Rat card tells about damaged property, loss, loss, theft. He advises you to carefully check the security in your home, whether repair of door locks is needed.

Falling out next to positive cards — promises to find the loss, and with negative cards — irretrievable loss.

Heart, Jack of Hearts

Arkan is associated with love, romance, emotions, exchange, state of contentment.

The heart is considered a very favorable card, telling about friendship, love, harmonious partnerships, joy, happiness, emotional comfort, empathy. The fortuneteller may have new feelings and relationships.

Or mutual feelings, affection in an existing alliance will increase.

Heart, surrounded by unfavorable maps, will tell about the conflict, serious emotional experiences. He advises to pay more attention to his second half, to reduce selfishness.

The value of Lenormand cards and their combination with each other

Ring, Ace of Trof

It has the characteristics of combining, binding together, promises, commitments.

The Ring Card will definitely indicate a marriage, either already concluded or impending. He will also tell you about the relations in which certain types of obligations are made that require seriousness and responsibility.

When studying daily or business issues: some kind of agreement to be concluded, based on trust, mutual affection.

Book, 8 tambourines

The main values ​​in the prediction: hidden, knowledge, awareness.

The book tells about knowledge in all its meanings. It may forerun a meaningful discovery, a complex puzzle, the mystery of Being, into which the guessing will penetrate.

Also indicates the intentional concealment of certain information. Advises to take up the comprehension of new knowledge.

More — acts as a symbol of a secret, secrets that will soon be revealed.

Letter, peak 7

The basic characteristics of the card: receiving messages, communications, text.

Arkan Letter will tell about a certain evidence, agenda, proposal for concluding an agreement or its termination. Will tell about all the «paper» official affairs.

The closer to the reckless lasso, the more important the document. We can talk about the informal message (call, letter).

Man, Ace of Hearts

The card is personified with all the masculine, courageous, personality of a man.

If the fortuneteller is a woman, then the lasso will tell about her partner, spouse, boyfriend or lover. Also associated with father and son.

Can describe the representative of the stronger sex or in whom the woman is interested.

In other cases — will tell about the participation in the life of the questioner of a certain MCH. The correct interpretation of the arcana is in direct proportion to the cards that have fallen out in the neighborhood.

Woman, Ace of Spades

The main values ​​in the prediction: the female person, the female entity, person.

Performs a guessing card, personifies a young girl or woman. If a man guesses, then the lasso characterizes his spouse, bride, beloved, perhaps, mother or daughter.

Arkan Woman is distinguished by a neutral charge, speaking the significator (defining a guessing person). It acquires symbolic meaning when describing someone’s mistress, wife or relative.

The value of Lenormand cards and their combination with each other

Lilies, King of Spades

The card is associated with maturity, experience, passion, protection, slowdown. It personifies youth, virginity and charm.

It is a very favorable card indicating a high social position. When a given lasso falls out in fortune-telling, you can calm down — there are good people around you, in the future we expect joy, happy relationships, your life will be long and successful.

Sun, Ace tambourine

The basic characteristics of the card: Sunny, life, success, happiness.

The sun is a symbol of the source of individual actions, intentions, vitality, personifies the higher forces of the universe. Appearing in the scenario will tell about the gain, wealth, triumph, joy, sincerity, truth, recognition, enlightenment, recuperation.

Tells about success in all spheres of life, acquisitions, achievements, fulfilling desires, successful period, excellent well-being, optimism.

Moon, 10 worms

Arkan is personified with work, emotional state, honors, recognition.

Motivates the guessing person to turn to his past in order to understand the causes of what is happening in the present. Allow your sixth sense to be your guide.

On the lunar path you will certainly come out into the sunlight.

Luna also advises to use her talents and experience if you want to get career growth, fame, and honor.

Key, 10 tambourines

The Key Card evokes associations with open / close, breakout, disclosure, confidence.

A guessing person is faced with the task of finding the right decision, it is important for him to rely on his life experience. Having solved a problem question, you will advance in all other matters.

This question is the “key” on which all others depend.

Fish King tambourine

Ark Pisces is personified with finances, fickleness, exchange, liquids.

Extremely favorable card, which says that all your hopes and plans are destined to come true, and even better than you expected. Many times there will be a big return of the invested forces and means, you will get everything you dream about and even more.

Fish promise excellent health, increased profits, success, but only if you use the drop-down chances over.

Anchor, peak 9

The card is associated with safety, stability, reliability, durability.

Symbolizes trust, constancy. She promises to find a quiet jetty surrounded by her loved ones.

You will achieve your goal, success. Moreover, the value of the lasso Anchor remains positive regardless of its neighboring lasso.

Cross, 6 trof

The cross correlates with fate, inevitability, burden, necessity.

Arises in a scenario that the person realized: he has a life lesson to be taken, which should be passed, no matter how hard it is. Fate has prepared for you a test that could have already taken place, and can only be ahead.

Tells about the sufferings, deprivations, consciously accepted for the sake of higher goals. Pain cleansing occurs.

In conclusion, I advise you to familiarize yourself with the video about Lenormand maps about the meaning and combination with each other:

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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