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The value of cards for fortune telling: a playing deck of 36 cards

The value of playing cards in fortune-telling to predict the future

Guessing on maps is a popular method of predicting the future. Even people far from magic often turn to him.

In order to open the curtain of your nearest destiny, you need to know not only the ways of card fortune-telling, but also the meaning of cards during divination.

What is taken into account when interpreting the results of divination

The value of cards for fortune telling: a playing deck of 36 cards

Any fortune-telling on the cards comes down to getting a certain deal that will help predict the future of the fortuneteller or customer. When interpreting the results, several basic parameters are taken into account:

  • map location;
  • a combination of cards with each other;
  • card affiliation to a particular suit.

The first thing that fortunetellers are guided by when deciphering the resulting layout is the position of the drawn card:

  • direct location offers a favorable prognosis;
  • inverted location is given a negative value.

Special attention is given to dropped out combinations: when combined with each other, cards, during divination, strengthen or weaken their meaning.

One of the most important criteria is that a drawn card belongs to a particular suit. Each suit is associated with one of the four key areas of human life and symbolizes one of the four natural elements:

  • Peaks — relates to all negative events that a person may encounter (problems, losses, failures, etc.). The element of the peak suit is Air.
  • Trefy (Kresti) — associated with the sphere of power, finance and social status of man. The element of the club suit is Fire.
  • Worms (Hearts) — associated with the sphere of emotions, feelings and relationships with other people. Element of the heart suit — Water.
  • Tambourines (Bubi) — are responsible for questions and situations of a business nature, for any types of vigorous activity, education and travel. The element of diamonds suit is the Earth.

In case of divination, playing cards can be used as a full deck of 52 sheets, and a shortened one — out of 32. The most popular is the shortened version, therefore, in this article we will consider those values ​​of playing cards during divination that may fall out when using a deck of 36 cards.

The value of cards for divination on 36 cards: the interpretation of the results

Peak suit

The value of cards for fortune telling: a playing deck of 36 cards

Ace — to bad, unpleasant news, losses, fright. If a number fell out:

  • club ace — fear;
  • peak ten — unexpected receipt of money;
  • dozen diamonds — quarrel, the cause of which will be money;
  • six of any suit — to a long journey.

King — a dark-haired man, a cruel and selfish man, a rival, a competitor, a detractor. If combined with:

  • lady or jack of any suit — assistance that comes from an influential person;
  • peak eight — in life will come a streak of bad luck;
  • any cards of the peak suit — a favorable sign, to positive events and changes;
  • any club suit cards — hostility from some person (people);
  • any heart suit cards — friendship;
  • any diamonds suit — someone will be well located to you.

Lady — An evil woman with bad intentions, an intriguer, a rival. Warns about wiles, gossip and obstacles. If a number fell out:

  • Hearts Nine — promises happiness in life;
  • any cards of diamonds suit — jealousy and harm, the source of which will be a woman;
  • any cards of the peak suit — a woman of mature age with good intentions;
  • any cards of the suit — evil woman;
  • any hearts suit cards — to help.

Jack — a young dark-haired man, mean-spirited, deceitful and selfish type with bad intentions, bad news, illness of a loved one. In combination with:

  • the peak lady — promises scandals and fights;
  • peak eight — to trouble in the love sphere;
  • with any cards of the peak suit — to a meeting with a congenial person, like-minded person;
  • with any club suit cards — to a meeting with a cheat and gossip;
  • with any diamonds suit — to meet with a drunk person, to the news;
  • with any heart suit cards — a friendly person, friend.

Ten — problems, disappointment, illness, desires will not be fulfilled. If a number fell out:

  • ace of spades — unexpected receipt of money;
  • peak king , queen of spades — to interest from an influential person;
  • king or queen — to failure, the dream will not come true;
  • Ace of Diamonds — to bad news;
  • ace of the remaining suits — to false news;
  • club ten — to recovery;
  • peak nine — promises grief;
  • peak eight — health will deteriorate;
  • seven of diamonds — do some kind of offer.

Nine — quarrels, rupture of relations, loss, surprise. In combination with:

  • the ace of spades — to the disease;
  • with ace of clubs — to harm;
  • with ace of hearts — to sexual intimacy;
  • with ace of diamonds — will face deceit from loved ones;
  • queen of spades , peak king — to love;
  • the king of the rest — a wish;
  • peak ten — to unexpected profits.

Eight — an unfortunate outcome of the case, illness, problems, troubles, tears, boredom. If a number fell out:

  • kings of any color — to the party;
  • heart of jack — bad news;
  • club nine — to the trouble;
  • club seven — to change.

Seven — to quarrels, conflicts, parting, tears, deception. In conjunction with:

  • lady of any suit — to pregnancy;
  • club jack — to the ill-wisher, bad intentions;
  • diamonds six — to family problems.

Six — unsuccessful trip, loss. If a number fell out:

  • other cards of the peak suit — the road will be successful;
  • club suit cards — failure in transit;
  • hearts suit cards — to the meeting;
  • cards of the suit of diamonds — a trip associated with the receipt of money.

Club Suit

The value of cards for fortune telling: a playing deck of 36 cards

Ace — positive changes in many areas of life. In combination with:

  • club king — desire to be fulfilled;
  • king of any other suit — promises tokens of attention and love;
  • peak nine — to benefit;
  • club seven — to win, win;
  • six of any suit — for the trip, the road.

King — a successful and sociable brunette, from whom some help can come, a military man. If a number fell out:

  • any cards of the suit — to joy;
  • club ace — to fulfill wish;
  • club nine — help from someone;
  • six of any suit — to the road.

Lady — a successful and influential brunette with leadership qualities. In conjunction with:

  • the peak lady — to family problems, court proceedings;
  • club eight — receipt of help from a relative.

Jack — sociable, energetic young brunette, friend, help, protection. Combination with:

  • ladies of any suit (being between them) — to treason;
  • jacks of any suit (being between them) — to a restless life;
  • peak seven — harm from the ill-wisher;
  • tambourine ten — profit and profit from some business.

Ten — success in many areas of life, success in business, changes in the form of new friends and love. If a number fell out:

  • cards of the peak suit — to work, financial need;
  • hearts suit cards — success, easy profit;
  • club ace — to favorable changes in life;
  • a dozen of hearts — mutual love;
  • dozen diamonds — money;
  • club nine — for entertainment, noisy company;
  • club six — to the road.

Nine — to the novel, the marriage of convenience, inheritance, doubts. In conjunction with:

  • cards of diamonds — waste, financial costs;
  • of the suit of hearts — to sympathy and mutual love;
  • peak ten — to trouble;
  • ten or nine of the heart suit — fortunately in love;
  • ten, eight or seven of the clubs suit — to luck;
  • the jack of hearts — to the road.

Eight — to serious changes, increase, society of influential persons. If a number fell out:

  • club ace — to luck;
  • club lady — assistance from a relative;
  • club jack — a successful outcome of the case;
  • heart of jack — to loss;
  • club seven , ace of hearts — to luck, problem solving, inheritance.

Seven — promises successful business, news, a trip, improvement of family relationships. Combination with:

  • club ace — winning the trial;
  • jack of hearts — to the birth of a child;
  • peak eight — to change.

Six — to unpromising initiatives, unsuccessful trips. If a number fell out:

  • club nine — unexpected road;
  • ace of any suit — to date;
  • cards of the peak suit (located between them) — for a party, holiday, change of place of work or residence.


The value of cards for fortune telling: a playing deck of 36 cards

Ace — favorable changes in the professional sphere, a new successful business, your business, good news. In combination:

  • club cards or spades — to problems, concerns;
  • cards of diamonds suit — fast profit;
  • cards of worms — to a love letter.

King — fair-haired reliable man, family man, stability, familiarity. If a number fell out:

  • hearts suit cards — to joy, deliverance from the past;
  • dozen diamonds — to support;
  • diamonds six — desire will be fulfilled.

Lady — blonde responsive woman, a young woman. In combination with:

  • Jack of Diamonds and Top Ten — to the unpleasant guest;
  • with a dozen worms — to theft.

Jack — a young man (perhaps a military man), a young man, good news and well-being. If a number fell out:

  • king of any suit — deception or hypocrisy on the part of a man;
  • club lady — to trouble;
  • diamonds nine — to aggression and hostility;
  • club six — unexpected road.

Ten — to success and fulfillment of desire, a date, gifts, money, rest in the family circle. In conjunction with:

  • the ace of spades — quarrel on the basis of money;
  • club jack — to financial success;
  • dozens and nines of any color, except spades — to profit;
  • the seven of hearts — to inheritance;
  • diamonds six — the fulfillment of desire.

Nine — profitable dating, fast important events. If combined with:

  • cards worms — money;
  • maps of spades or clubs — Problems.

Eight — possible purchase of real estate, repair, relocation, strengthening of financial position, talking about money. If a number fell out:

  • queen of spades or king — deception by someone;
  • dozen diamonds — unexpected profit;
  • seven of diamonds — lack of stability.

Seven — well-being in family relationships, success in business, efforts, monetary transactions. In combination with:

  • any card worms — good luck, chance;
  • peak ten — to the proposal;
  • tambourine ten — to money troubles.

Six — possible travel, wish fulfillment, happiness. If combined with:

  • tambourine ten — to profit;
  • peak nine — to bad news;
  • peak ten — to the death of someone you know;
  • the seven of diamonds — to family troubles.

Heart suit

The value of cards for fortune telling: a playing deck of 36 cards

Ace — to the beginning of a new friendship or love relationship; wedding, family. If a number fell out:

  • Ace of Diamonds — to the joyful news;
  • Jack of Hearts — good news;
  • peak ten — bad news;
  • peak nine — friends, party.

King — fair-haired mature man; manifestation of love feelings on the part of someone, meeting, good news. In conjunction with:

  • any cards spades — to trouble;
  • any heart suit cards — to success;
  • any cards tambourine — to profit;
  • any club cards — to trouble;
  • lady of worms — meeting with a married man.

Lady — blonde woman of mature age, married; love family If a number fell out:

  • a dozen worms — friendly meeting;
  • any hearts suit cards — to reciprocity;
  • cards of other suits — to achieve the goal.

Jack — a young man, a new suitor; to positive news and success. In combination with:

  • other hearts suit cards — to success;
  • an ace of hearts — love confession;
  • king or lady of any suit — to the guest;
  • nine of the clubs suit — for the trip.

Ten — to the fulfillment of desire, happiness and joy. If located near:

  • king of any suit — dedication to the woman;
  • lady of any suit — dedication to the man;
  • dozen diamonds — to fast profits;
  • eight worms — to date;
  • club nine — to mutual feelings.

Nine — success in business, happy marriage; news, event. In conjunction with:

  • lady or king of any suit — to love;
  • the peak lady — to joy;
  • ten worms — to love and wedding;
  • seven or eight worms — to date;
  • six of any suit — to an unexpected meeting.

Eight — changes in relationships (both favorable and negative); interesting conversation trip. If a number fell out:

  • Jack of Hearts — to talk;
  • a dozen worms — to sexual intimacy;
  • nine worms — to the meeting.

Seven — the need to listen to his sixth sense; to fun and change. Combination with:

  • kings of any suit — to talk;
  • peak ten — make an offer;
  • nine or ten worms — To date or meeting.

Six — promises harmony in relations with relatives and friends; obstacles and difficulties. If located next to:

  • any hearts suit cards — to meet with dear man;
  • a dozen worms — trip, frank conversation;
  • nine worms — success in the field of love.

With other possible values ​​of cards in fortune-telling 36 cards can be found on the video:

Knowing the value of playing cards when fortune telling 36 cards, you can always get answers to exciting questions about your immediate future or a hint about your future actions. A more voluminous and informative picture is created by the combinations that arise when plotting cards for the fortunetelling.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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