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The value of cards for divination — a deck of 36 cards

Interpretation of the value of cards in fortune-telling with a deck of 36 cards

When divination, the correct interpretation of each card plays a very important role. In addition, you need to understand the value of each suit as a whole and know what combinations of different cards can mean.

The value of cards for divination allows you to correctly interpret the information received.

Very often, a deck with 36 cards is used for fortune telling. According to professional fortune tellers, it allows you to get reliable information.

As a rule, fortunetelling is not difficult, therefore, knowing the meanings of cards in fortune-telling with 36 cards, you can perform the rite yourself.

Peaks are associated with the elements of air and display life events associated with losses and troubles.

Cards of this suit for divination are treated as follows:

  • The ace symbolizes winter and night time, it can foreshadow the receipt of a message with bad news or bereavement;
  • Six — a long and not very pleasant journey;
  • Seven — unforeseen quarrels and conflicts that will lead to nervous breakdowns and tears;
  • The eight symbolizes the home of an outsider, but a very important person, and also foreshadows sadness and bad luck;
  • Nine — a break with your closest friend and the need to go on a long journey;
  • Ten — the emergence of a variety of problems that will not allow to realize the dream;
  • Jack points to the fact that in your surroundings is a young brunette who seeks to harm you, and also a map warns you of a possible fight or aggressive conflict;
  • The lady warns that there is a wicked old woman next to you, spinning intrigue and spreading gossip;
  • The king emphasizes that the brunet man is your rival and can hurt you a lot.

Trefs are associated with the elements of fire and determine the position in society of a person and his financial condition.

Specific maps indicate the following:

  • The ace foreshadows favorable changes in various spheres of life;
  • The Six warns that any undertakings in the near future will be useless, and trips — unsuccessful;
  • Seven foreshadows the beginning of a successful life period;
  • Eight symbolizes the company of reputable people or the emergence of love feelings in an unfree person;
  • Nine — doubts in the soul and a possible marriage of convenience;
  • Ten predicts the onset of positive life changes;
  • The jack symbolizes a dark-haired young man and confirms the correctness of the card layout;
  • The lady symbolizes a friend, a dark-haired woman with a happy fate and foreshadows theft;
  • The king is a successful, attentive and important dark-haired man who can help solve any of your problems.

Worms refer to the element of water and symbolize feelings between people.

Maps denote the following:

  • The ace symbolizes the home of family people and heralds the beginning of a new relationship;
  • Six emphasizes absolute harmony in relationships with loved ones;
  • Seven — you need to listen to your intuition to find a way out of the situation;
  • The eight — love relationships can take an unexpected turn;
  • Nine — the successful development of love relationships, which can lead to marriage;
  • Ten — the fulfillment of a cherished desire;
  • The jack symbolizes sympathy for the chosen one or the chosen one;
  • The lady points out that there is a wise married woman next to you who is always ready to give good advice, and the card is a confirmation of a strong family union;
  • The king symbolizes an adult blonde man and emphasizes that soon someone will seek your favor and favor.

Diamonds are controlled by the elements of the earth and determine the state of affairs in the business sphere of man.

Cards mean the following:

  • Ace predicts positive changes in the professional field;
  • Six recommends reducing costs for a while and heralds a pleasant and very rewarding journey;
  • Seven emphasizes family well-being and predicts success in all endeavors, as well as joy and fun;
  • Eight — strengthening the financial situation and the possible purchase of real estate;
  • Nine foreshadows useful contacts that will expand your business opportunities and improve your financial situation;
  • Ten — possible blow from a loved one and the ingratitude from loved ones;
  • Valet foreshadows good health of children and grandchildren;
  • The lady symbolizes a young beautiful girl in your surroundings and foreshadows possible betrayal;
  • The king foreshadows a meeting with a man who will become your husband in the future, and also indicates a strong partnership.

In order to properly decipher the distribution, it is very important to consider the combination of some cards during divination. The most successful option is considered when all four aces in the deal fall out together. This is interpreted as the fulfillment of the most cherished desire, the beginning of a bright life line, or the receipt of pleasant news that will lead to positive life changes.

Four dozen are less powerful, but equally positive.

The value of cards for divination - a deck of 36 cards

Ace of spades in combination with a club ace, indicates a fear of a guessing on some vital occasion.

With other cards may indicate the following:

  • With 10 clubs — receipt of money from an unexpected source;
  • With 10 tambourines — the conflict, the cause of which are financial issues.

The value of cards for divination - a deck of 36 cards

Peak king, having appeared in the layout with any peak card, it symbolizes a favorable outcome of the planned event. But if he is with a lady and a jack, then this indicates that powerful people will come to the aid of a person.

With other suits, the peak king can stand for the following:

  • With any card, heralds reconciliation with a loved one;
  • With any card, a tambourine indicates successful promotion;
  • With any card, the club warns of possible confrontation with influential people. Moreover, if there is a queen and a jack of clubs with the king of spades, then this accentuates the hatred of the powerful people of the fortune-teller.

The value of cards for divination - a deck of 36 cards

Queen of spades next to any peak card symbolizes an elderly woman who is close in real life and is always ready to help with business or advice.

With cards of other suits, such a card means the following:

  • With a club card, predicts the appearance in life of a fortunate unkind woman;
  • With a diamond card symbolizes an insidious woman;
  • With a heart-shaped map, it indicates that a patroness will appear in life in matters of love and finance.

The value of cards for divination - a deck of 36 cards

Jack of spades next to the card, the peak symbolizes for a fortune-telling faithful ally in life, and with cards of other stripes it means the following:

  • With worms symbolizes a longtime friend;
  • With a club, he indicates that there is an insincere person next to a guessing person;
  • With a tambourine predicts the appearance in the life of a like-minded person.

The value of cards for divination - a deck of 36 cards

Ten peak, when appearing in the layout with any card of the same suit, it foreshadows changes for the worse. On the change of life circumstances, the peak seven is located nearby.

Other important interpretations of fortunetelling for cards with the ten peak:

  • Peak 9 and Ace foreshadow good cash income;
  • With any card card suit, heralds the onset of bad luck, and near the club nine predicts financial difficulties;
  • With a diamond card — indicates the occurrence of problems in the workplace;
  • With a red card — warns of discord in the family;
  • With an ace of any suit — emphasizes that the alarming information received will be false;
  • From 8 of any suit — indicates that the received unpleasant news will be true.

The value of cards for divination - a deck of 36 cards

Nine peakinterpreted as a bad sign, it brings troubles, conflicts, trouble. Very important for fortune telling is the combination of nine with aces of various suits, so this card:

  • With a peak ace, portends a serious illness for a guessing;
  • With a club ace warns of deception and betrayal;
  • With a ace of hearts predicts a fun party with friends;
  • With the ace of diamonds foreshadows the trial.

The value of cards for divination - a deck of 36 cards

Peak eight with absolutely any card of his suit, it symbolizes big troubles in the personal sphere, in the near future it is worth refraining from risky offers and rash decisions.

In hands with other cards, it can mean:

  • If the next lady dropped out, it indicates treason or betrayal of a loved one;
  • If there are seven or more clubs in the scenario where the eight of the peak cards fell out, this is a harbinger of great sorrow.

The value of cards for divination - a deck of 36 cards

Peak seven always reinforces the negative value of any card of its suit. If such a card falls near the peak nine, then you should expect trouble with the next of kin, and if with a ten peak, then in reality there will be a change in some circumstances.

With other cards in the scenario, she can focus on the following:

  • With any card of hearts — the feeling of one’s own independence against the background of forgiveness of those who, voluntarily or unwittingly, caused evil;
  • With a jack, a tambourine — in the near future, perhaps, carrying out any trade deals;
  • With Jack of clubs — enemies will try to do harm;
  • With 8 of any suit — to meet;
  • With 6 tambourines — expect family problems.

The value of cards for divination - a deck of 36 cards

Six peak when appearing in a scenario, it often points to a distant path, and in combination with cards of different suits it may indicate the following:

  • Worms foreshadows a meeting with loved ones and a pleasant road;
  • With tambourines, he indicates that a period is over and over filled with household troubles;
  • With the club it symbolizes that the guessing person can take revenge on anyone and still go unpunished.

The value of cards for divination - a deck of 36 cards

Ace of Diamonds in combination with the cards, the tambourine foreshadows well-being and prosperity in the financial sphere. And if it falls out with any peak or club cards, then it warns that in reality there will be serious troubles, because of which the life goal is deferred indefinitely.

The value of cards for divination - a deck of 36 cards

King tambourine with any card, the tambourine foreshadows enchanting financial success and luck, and with the six, the tambourine symbolizes the fulfillment of a long-cherished desire. With any card of worms, the king of diamonds indicates a fun pastime in the company of close friends.

In addition, other specific combinations are very important for fortune telling:

  • If the king of tambourines is located between any two ladies, this indicates that the woman is cheating;
  • If the king of tambourines falls between the club nine and the ace of any suit, then the person guessing will soon be promoted;
  • When there are four sevens around the king of diamonds, it foreshadows quarrels and discord in personal life. They can happen, both for trifles, and for very good reasons.

The value of cards for divination - a deck of 36 cards

The lady of diamonds and the jack near the cards of their suit are treated like a king tambourine. But if after the jack in the scenario, any figure of a different suit appears, then it warns about the hypocrisy of the person whom she symbolizes.

The value of cards for divination - a deck of 36 cards

Jack tambourine in combination with the seven, a tambourine means that a guessing person in real life will have to face fraud.

The value of cards for divination - a deck of 36 cards

Dozen diamonds in combination with the younger cards of his suit is interpreted as:

  • 10 indicates the possibility of receiving a large amount of money;
  • 8 foreshadows the cash chores that will be very successful;
  • 7 predicts that waiting for financial income will be delayed indefinitely;
  • 6 foreshadows the fulfillment of long-held desires in the financial sector.

The value of cards for divination - a deck of 36 cards

Nine tambourine when appearing in a scenario, it introduces positive accents in the interpretation. It is very good if she appears next to the diamonds or king of diamonds. It symbolizes mutual love and strong relationships.

A good omen is also the case when a dozen diamonds drop in after the card. This means that soon you should wait for the receipt of funds.

Other important combinations with cards of other suits:

  • Next to all four kings — meeting with friends and cheerful conversation;
  • From peak 6 — a financial trip and disappointment;
  • With a jack of jack — a forced trip to distant lands.

The value of cards for divination - a deck of 36 cards

Eight tambourine next to any card of his suit puts financial accents. So, if the map appeared next to the ten, then we should expect conversations related to the increase in the career ladder.

When the diamonds seven follow in the set-up, there will be big household chores that will require money.

With other suits, the following combinations are considered important:

  • With the peak king or lady — the appearance in the immediate environment of a person who will seek to harm;
  • With 7 worms — it’s time for new beginnings;
  • With 7 clubs — in the newly initiated cases there will be difficulties;
  • With 6 clubs — all troubles will soon recede;
  • With 6 peak — routine affairs in everyday life.

The value of cards for divination - a deck of 36 cards

Seven tambourine — This is a card that accentuates the troubles with all the events that other cards of this suit can foretell. A particularly significant combination is considered to be a six and a dozen tambourines.

In the first case, you need to prepare yourself for great disappointment, as a result of some conversation on the road. In the second case, on the contrary, we should expect pleasant troubles that will bring joy.

With cards of other suits, the seven tambourine can mean the following:

  • With any figure, whatever suit, heralds a happy event or a chance opportunity given;
  • From peak 10 points to an unexpected suggestion about an important issue;
  • With 10 clubs predicts great financial success.

The value of cards for divination - a deck of 36 cards

The Six of Diamonds considered one of the happiest cards. And in combination with the peak ace indicates that all attacks of enemies will be repulsed and the life of the fortuneteller will be filled with joy and happiness.

The value of cards for divination - a deck of 36 cards

Blue ace, appearing in the alignment next to the king of hearts and the ace of diamonds indicates that you should expect pleasant news or receive a letter with joyful content.

The value of cards for divination - a deck of 36 cards

Red king next to the cards of his suit, foreshadows the fortunate big life success. With all the cards of his suit, he foreshadows success for a man in love in the sphere of love.


  • If the king of hearts is between the ten and the lady, then this combination is a harbinger of success;
  • When the king of hearts falls with a ten, it foreshadows a pleasant surprise in the near future;
  • If there is a queen behind the king, and then a dozen, then in life one should expect a major loss, an unpleasant quarrel or other damage with unpleasant consequences;
  • If two eights of dark suit fell out before the king of worms, this indicates that the guesser will be accompanied by all possible troubles. But you should know that they will end as suddenly as they started.

With other suits, the appearance of the king of hearts in the scenario can be interpreted as follows:

  • With cards, a tambourine foreshadows financial success and the strengthening of material well-being;
  • With the cards, clubs predict exhausting household chores;
  • With the cards of the peak means the onset of trouble from all sides.

The value of cards for divination - a deck of 36 cards

Queen of hearts, falling in the alignment between two kings of any color is a very good sign. He points out that powerful patrons will appear in the life of a fortuneteller.

Other combinations of cards with the HERE may indicate the following:

  • Surrounded by four peak cards — big trouble or annoying accidents. And if among the four peaks there is a figure, then this may be a harbinger of the death of a loved one;
  • Next to the club lady — indicates that the closest friend can become a widow;
  • If there is a peak ace and a seven in front of a lady, then this foreshadows the illness of someone close to you;
  • When the lady is located between the eight and the seven tambourines, it indicates that the fortuneteller will have to deal with the infidelity of the partner.

The value of cards for divination - a deck of 36 cards

Jack of Hearts in combination with the cards of his suit foreshadows success in life. For young people in the period of their development, this may indicate that in reality they are committing the first adult actions and prove their ability to make independent reasonable decisions.

A jack of red next to the ace of his suit foreshadows a declaration of love.

Other combinations of Jack of Worms may indicate the following:

  • With 9 worms foreshadows a long journey;
  • With 9 tambourines indicates that the undesired trip can be avoided;
  • If four eights fell among the hearts of worms, this heralds a heartfelt conversation with a close friend;
  • With a lady or king of any suit — indicates the long-awaited guests.

The value of cards for divination - a deck of 36 cards

Ten worms — most important combinations in the layout:

  • With a lady or king of any suit — in the first case for a man indicates love and devotion of a woman, a similar interpretation is reserved for a woman in the second case;
  • With 10 of any suit — you should expect financial income;
  • With 8 worms — planned a romantic date.

The value of cards for divination - a deck of 36 cards

Nine worms and a dozen is a very good combination that foreshadows long and mutual love. And if the eight and seven of the same suit fall behind the heart-shaped nine, this indicates a meeting with your other half and a successful development of relations.

The value of cards for divination - a deck of 36 cards

Eight of Hearts itself is a very positive card, so it can smooth out the most unpleasant omens of other cards.

Especially favorable is the combination with the following cards of his suit:

  • With a jack — a pleasant conversation with a nice person is expected;
  • C 9 — is expected to meet with distant relatives;
  • C 7 — getting joyful news.

With cards of other suits, the following combinations are especially important:

  • With 10 tambourines — receiving a large inheritance, such a pair of cards is especially strong if it is located next to a card symbolizing a guessing one;
  • With 7 clubs — the possible addition to the family;
  • From 7th peak — meeting a new person;
  • With 6 clubs — travel with a partner.

The value of cards for divination - a deck of 36 cards

Seven of Hearts next to any suit card indicates that a predictable event will lead to significant life changes. If all four kings fell out next to this card, this indicates that in the near future, the fortuneteller will have a cheerful and easy conversation with pleasant people.

Important combinations in the layout with cards of other suits:

  • With club 7 — you will need to build financial plans;
  • From peak 7 — the end of the bad luck strip;
  • With diamonds 7 — getting long-awaited news;
  • With club 6 — random discovery of a secret;
  • From peak 10 — getting a very profitable offer.

The value of cards for divination - a deck of 36 cards

Six worms in combination with any card of his suit heralds the road to a particular person or towards a particular event. In addition, with figures of various stripes, this card emphasizes the fact of how much a particular person is trying to guess the roads.

Important in the scenario are the combinations of sixes of various suits with this card, so:

  • With diamonds 6, one should expect that during a conversation with your closest friend you will be able to obtain very important information;
  • With club 6, one should expect that a scheduled meeting with a colleague will have to be postponed;
  • From peak 6, it is possible to get unexpected news during a country trip.

The value of cards for divination - a deck of 36 cards

Ace of clubs next to the king of clubs is a particularly good combination. This indicates that the desire will soon be fulfilled, and all the planned cases will be successfully completed.

The value of cards for divination - a deck of 36 cards

Club king symbolizes an older man who may well become a patron. With any card card, its interpretation is changing and indicates that next to the guessing is a true friend and loving person.

In addition, this combination can be a harbinger of great happiness.

The value of cards for divination - a deck of 36 cards

Trey Dame In the scenario, it symbolizes the gossip, which, most often, is a woman of advanced age, from which you can expect any trouble.

Other important combinations of cards in the layout:

  • If, after the ladies of the club, a six tambourine fell out, then this is a very good sign, indicating that the fortuneteller has reliable friends in life;
  • When a seven or nine tambourine appears next to the lady of the club, this indicates that the gossip is involved in financial matters and it is better not to deal with her;
  • When a figure of eight falls behind the lady of the club, this indicates that you can count on the help of a relative or close friend.

The value of cards for divination - a deck of 36 cards

Jack of clubs in a fortunetelling scenario it symbolizes a gossip and a schemer.

If he falls next:

  • With the 7th peak, the betrayal awaits the fortuneteller;
  • With 8 clubs, foreshadows inheritance.

In addition, if the club jack is in the layout between two ladies of any color, then this portends a serious quarrel with your loved one.

The value of cards for divination - a deck of 36 cards

Ten of clubs next to any red card, heralds significant changes in life and, more often, they are positive.

There are other important combinations for divination:

  • With club 6 — waiting for a long journey;
  • With club 7 — receiving joyful news;
  • C 7 peak — possible losses and tears;
  • With 9 peak — a great sorrow in life.

The value of cards for divination - a deck of 36 cards

Club Nine next to diamonds cards indicates that in the financial sphere the fortuneteller will have everything stable. Also, if it falls out with cards of worms, then it foreshadows well-being in the love sphere.

The value of cards for divination - a deck of 36 cards

Club eight with an ace of clubs is considered the most successful combination for fortune telling. This foreshadows the onset of a successful life span.

And if there is a club lady next to the eight of the club, this indicates that a close relative or girlfriend will come to the rescue in a timely manner. The combination of the eight and the seven of clubs indicates that in the life of a fortune-teller events will occur that he did not expect.

The value of cards for divination - a deck of 36 cards

Club seven pretty exponential map in the scenario, it may indicate the following:

  • With a jack of any suit, he accentuates the doubts and feelings in the soul of a fortuneteller, connected with various events in real life;
  • He predicts receiving sad news about a man, with whom a fortune teller has friendly feelings;
  • With an ace of diamonds indicates the problems that may arise when receiving money;
  • With any card of the peak suit, it symbolizes the discontent of the fortuneteller with the situation that has developed in life.

The value of cards for divination - a deck of 36 cards

Club Six Of great importance in the fortune scenario in combination with a peak ace. This leaves a negative imprint on any conceived case and postpones the outlined plans for an indefinite time.

Knowing the value of playing cards during divination and their combination, it is absolutely not difficult to understand what is happening to you in the present and get a forecast for the future. The main thing in the interpretation of the alignment is to listen to your intuition.

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