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The significance of divination on burnt paper — all about divination at home

Divination on burnt paper: the meaning and interpretation of figures

The meaning of fortune-telling on paper burned — how to correctly interpret what happened as a result of this ancient magical action that came to us from the depths of the ages. Many people today know theoretically that if we set paper on fire and look at what remains after burning, we will see a silhouette that is somehow connected with our destiny, but not everyone knows how to interpret these drawings correctly and how to burn paper correctly. you can do this in a state where you don’t. All these subtleties are paramount in divination on burnt paper, because without exacting observance of all rituals, it’s just self-indulgence that doesn’t tell anything true about your life.

Attention! Take this divination seriously, since open fire is used there is a high risk of fire.

It is very important to use paper of not dense composition, otherwise it can completely fade and a combination of light and

The significance of divination on burnt paper - all about divination at home

Shadows in the room should be harmonious, in order to see the shadow of the paper and as accurately as possible to see all the subtleties, because the secret of divination is kept in the subtleties, only in them is our future hidden.

On our site you will find an overview of the most common ways of divination on burnt paper and get step-by-step tips on how to perform these rituals. May the force be with us.

Light blinds a person, distracting him from the mysteries of the universe. Only in the shadows can one see the true nature of things and know the future.

This is actively used when performing special predictive practices. The old Christmas divination by shadow is a sure way to reveal your own soul and get information about upcoming events.

How to conduct fortune-telling on the shadow of burnt paper

The ritual should fall down on the Christmas eve (from January 7 to 19). In another period, the results will be distorted; they are more likely to confuse than help a person to deal with the problem. It is preferable to perform divination by the shadow of fire at night.

If it turns out to allocate time only in the afternoon, it is necessary to darken the room as much as possible, having hung the windows and turned off the light. It is important to remove from the room mirrors, electrical equipment, photographs. It is advisable to take care of the absence of drafts that can affect the flame.

Guessing alone.

You will need:

  • clean sheet of white paper;
  • wax candle;
  • fireproof surface (suitable plate with a wide bottom).

It is necessary to sit in front of a flat light wall. If necessary, it can be hung with a white sheet. Starting divination by the shadow should be in full concentration on the issue.

It can concern any sphere of life; the main thing is to really have a genuine interest (prediction out of curiosity rarely gives true results).

It is necessary to turn the plate over and put a crumpled paper sheet on its bottom. A burning candle is placed so that a well-seen shadow forms on the wall.

Already at this stage, the guessing person can see the first image indicating the root cause of the problem. The paper should be set on fire.

It is necessary to carefully observe the shadows appearing on the wall. Each of them contains the answer to the question.

There are different numbers of images: as a rule, from one to thirteen. The alternating figures show the events unfolding in chronological order.

It is recommended to interpret the result, based on the traditional meaning of the characters of divination by shadow, but at the same time one should not ignore the intuition. Often the inner voice gives the right clue.

Divination by the shadow: the interpretation of figures

Each person sees his own images on the wall. They depend both on the question posed, and on the fantasy and worldview of the diviner.

But still there are a number of universal symbols that appear most often. For figures whose predictive value is clearly and repeatedly described include:

1. People in one form or another:

The significance of divination on burnt paper - all about divination at home

  • witch — the machinations of the eldest in the family of a woman or hereditary witch, a magical effect;
  • rider — good news, positive developments;
  • bridegroom — marriage proposal;
  • people — public pressure, censure;
  • face — close, which will play a key role in the development of the situation;
  • baby — pregnancy, childbirth; the beginning of a new business;
  • man — mediator, assistant, mysterious stranger;
  • the bride is a quick wedding;
  • profile — important for a guessing person, yet hidden by circumstances;
  • man — new acquaintance.

2. Nature:

  • mountains — obstacles;
  • tree — growth, prosperous development;
  • star — hope, patronage of higher powers;
  • forest — escape from reality, self-deception;
  • flower — growth, prosperity, well-being in everything;
  • pit — lack of support, spiritual downfall, material problems.

3. Animals:

  • butterfly — romantic passion, mutual love;
  • hippopotamus — unwillingness to leave the homeland and move on;
  • protein — the tendency to hoarding, sharpness, ability to achieve material well-being;
  • the bull is an aggressive person who can harm a guessing person;
  • camel — readiness for severe trials, accumulated resources and experience will be enough to overcome difficulties;
  • the wolf — the fast changes caused by the new acquaintance;
  • pigeon — peace, rest, everything will be decided in the best way;
  • dragon — there are forces that are invisible to the guessing; it is impossible to change the situation;
  • hedgehog — hidden resources, both material and spiritual plan;
  • a hare — cowardice, an attempt to hide from responsibility; a petty official who can ruin the cause with his lack of initiative;
  • the snake is a cunning man capable of any meanness; the influence of dark forces;
  • the cat is a beautiful and cunning woman; perhaps a magical effect;
  • a rabbit is a man not burdened with moral principles; treason, treachery, pettiness;
  • chicken — the ability to take care of himself; the presence of a permanent and stable income;
  • boar — promotion, a chance to prove himself;
  • a rat is an unpleasant person or event that will permanently knock out a guessing person;
  • horse — work, permanent job;
  • crocodile — a dangerous person, a cheat; sudden trouble, a knife in the back;
  • swan — loyalty, pure love, mutual understanding, friendship;
  • lion — courage and determination; unexpected help, support, patronage;
  • a horse — petty domestic problems that need to be urgently addressed;
  • frog — lightheadedness, lack of “airbag”, lack of thought;
  • bear — the need to pause not to worsen the situation;
  • mouse — minor worries, anxieties;
  • monkey — fateful acquaintance, promising material profit;
  • a bird — a sharp rise, a sudden improvement in the situation, good news, inspiration;
  • a pig — a malicious deception, often by an older woman or woman;
  • the dog is a true friend, ally;
  • elephant — meeting an important person;
  • snail — some delay, unhurried development;
  • duck — unexpected profit, gain;
  • tortoise — temporary stagnation in affairs.

4. Buildings:

  • tower — career growth;
  • gates — new beginnings, moving to another environment (relocation, wedding, change of work, etc.);
  • home — strong rear, stable family life;
  • lock — confidence, security, strong position;
  • the well — the unknown, secret, the need to look beyond the edge;
  • ruins — collapse, separation, breaking ties, loss of money or freedom;
  • Church — wedding or funeral (look at the accompanying images).

5. Items of use:

  • Shoe — skill in the work, good-quality duties; unexpected romantic acquaintance;
  • bottle — fun, celebration; alcoholism;
  • scales — the need to carefully consider your decision; balance, the situation will not change;
  • ring — obsession with the problem; with other auspicious signs — the wedding;
  • baby carriage — addition to the family; new chores;
  • Crown — prosperity, recognition of the crowd, achievement of success, fame;
  • cross — danger, serious illness, death;
  • bag — wealth, hoarding, unexpected profit, income growth;
  • weapons (pistol, gun, sword, spear) — quarrels, conflicts, inability to find a common language;
  • candle — marriage, sacrament;
  • tank — attack from the outside, the need to escape;
  • transport (car, plane, ship) — travel, movement;
  • kettle — the imminent completion of an important life phase, full readiness;
  • a hat is a mystery, stealth, an attempt to appear like someone else.

It is not so difficult to understand what fortune telling means, if you focus on your question. Each image carries with it the answer — you only need to show a little sharpness in order to interpret it correctly.

The significance of divination from the shadow of paper: a sample of interpretation. Each case is individual, only a few special cases can be considered to improve understanding of the rules of interpretation.

The significance of divination on burnt paper - all about divination at home

For example:

1. Divination by the shadow on the wall was carried out by a girl. Her question: “Will I marry my boyfriend?” The images that emerged are the groom, the mountains, the star.

The answer is yes. The girl will receive a marriage proposal (the bridegroom), but obstacles (mountains) will arise on the way to the wedding, which will be overcome, since the union is patronized by higher powers (the star).

2. Guessing over the shadow of burnt paper was performed by a man who was interested in his material well-being for the coming year.

His symbols are people, baby, hippopotamus, dove. A person will face negative public opinion (people) due to his desire to move on, start something new, run his own business (baby). For some time, the man will be afraid of changing the situation, will prefer to remain in the old place (hippo), but then he will make the right decision and achieve the desired prosperity (dove).

The answer is expected material success, for which you need to work hard and not be afraid to take responsibility.

The significance of divination on burnt paper - all about divination at home

3. A fortune-telling by the shadow of a paper was carried out by a woman who has a bad child.

She wanted to know if there was any hope for a speedy recovery. The figures that seemed to her are the bride, the hare, the ruins, the hat, the man. Guessing lives with empty hopes, cares more about herself, hopes that someone will remove from her responsibility (the image of the bride in this case indicates the desire to find someone to hide behind; be married to).

A woman is cowardly, afraid to take a step — change a doctor or go to another country for treatment (hare). Retribution is not far — the child gets worse (the ruins). Guessing is hiding from herself, trying to play the role of a good and caring mother (hat), but in fact she needs constant support and is inclined to rely on the opposite sex (man).

In this case, the child is lucky: the new acquaintance will help the woman and take responsibility for children’s health — she will negotiate with clinics, negotiate with doctors, pay bills.

It is recommended to carry out divination by the shadow of burning paper no more than once a day and only until the end of Christmas time.

It is better to ask different questions: this way there will be no overlap of several figures on one problem, and the interpretation will be more accurate. Guessing with paper over the shadow is an unusual and exciting predictive experience.

The rite always helps to get a truthful answer. The only question is how much a person is able to see on the wall a message for himself.

Guessing on burnt paper, the value of the figures If you decide to guess on the ashes, decide which version of the prediction of the future you like the most. You can simply set fire to a piece of paper, wait until it is completely burned, and see which pieces are formed in front of you from burnt paper.

  • The house is a very good symbol. For an unmarried woman, this is a particularly pleasant sign. He says that soon she will marry. For those who are already married, the house foreshadows stability, calm, no problems.
  • Tree (branches pointing up) — the symbol says that soon you will receive joyful news, and all your desires will be fulfilled. Also, the symbol foreshadows good luck in any endeavors.
  • Tree (downward branch) — this sign says about the upcoming adversity, troubles in various spheres of life. Be careful in dealing with people and try not to get into unpleasant situations. Otherwise, to solve the problem will be quite problematic.
  • A candle or ring foreshadows a quick marriage, most likely with a wealthy man who is older than you. The ruins (shapeless figures) say that in the near future you will have to solve a lot of difficult tasks, you will find a lot of trouble and worries. Possible illness or separation. Any transport speaks of the imminent journey, which can significantly change your life.
  • The bird is the forerunner of good events. Most likely you will receive good news or be able to succeed in any undertaking.
  • A wolf or a dog. Most likely in the near future in your life there will be a person who can drastically change the course of events. It is impossible to clearly say whether these changes will be good or not, but your life will definitely change.
  • Mountain — there will be big obstacles and difficulties on your way of life. But if you are persistent, patient and show restraint, you will be able to overcome all the obstacles and your plans will be realized.
  • Cave pit is an unfavorable symbol. He says that in the near future a serious illness will overtake you or someone close to you. In rare cases, this symbol foreshadows death.
  • Person. A new person will appear on your life path. This may be a friend, an employee who will play an important role and be able to change the course of events. It is also not excluded the likelihood that you will have a new romantic relationship.

The significance of divination on burnt paper - all about divination at home

Ways to guessing the shadows

There are various ways of divination. One of the simplest is fortune telling on burnt paper.

Fire is a strong element of nature, which gives a person the opportunity to look into the future and find answers to all questions. The main methods of divination:

  • With the help of a candle.
  • On desire.
  • For the future.
  • In the name of a betrothed.

Guessing on burnt paper — easy way to predict the future

The significance of divination on burnt paper - all about divination at home

Guessing on burnt paper with the help of a candle is a simple way to know your future. It is best to perform a ritual from January 6 to 7 after sunset. In the room where it will be held, you need to remove all icons, mirrors hang with black cloth, close windows and doors.

The light must be off. You will need:

  • Matchbox;
  • White paper;
  • porcelain saucer;
  • white candle

Take a piece of white paper, put it on a saucer and set it on fire. When it starts to burn, place a lit candle near the saucer.

The flame of the candle will make the shadows, which the leaf throws, more distinct and visible. Concentrate on the fire and imagine how all your desires are fulfilled.

After the paper burns through, you need to carefully consider its shadow.

If you do not see clear images, you can twist the saucer. But this must be done very carefully so that the sheet does not fall apart.

Images of shadows will tell you how the situation will develop, and give answers to all your questions.

Divination on burnt paper — the values ​​of the shadows (decoding divination)

Conducting «divination

When a person is ready to perform a divination by a mysterious shadow, he needs to take white paper and, focusing on his inner feelings, set fire to the sheet and put it on a plate. When it is lit, you need to carefully monitor the alternating shadow images that are displayed on the wall. No need to hurry to look at the meaning of the images you see, you need to catch and memorize them.

As a rule, pictures always change very quickly, it seems that they are chasing each other.

Guessing person during the ritual may feel positive or negative energy. Some may hear intermittent sounds or feel a prolonged noise in the head.

All this usually lasts from 25 seconds to 1-2 minutes, depending on the size of the paper and the duration of its burning.

When the sheet is completely burned, you need to immediately look at the shape of the ashes, the outlines seen can also be interpreted as shadows, but these events characterize the distant future.

So, you decided to find out your future and for this you have chosen one of the most mysterious and difficult fortune telling — divination by shadows. Difficult is this divination is due to the need to pay attention to many details and to comply with certain conditions.

If you take the ritual seriously, then carefully read the following tips.

You need to start by choosing the right time for the ritual. Do not make a mistake, never guess the full moon.

According to most sources, this is the time of the rampant of evil spirits, dark sorcerers, witches, and so on. Guessing at the full moon, you risk attracting a lot of negative energy. Therefore, postpone divination by shadow until the early days of the new moon.

The significance of divination on burnt paper - all about divination at home

Now we define the day of the week. Of course, if you only want to amuse yourself or your friends, then feel free to choose any day convenient for you.

However, if fortune telling on the shadows has a slightly greater value, then the best time for the ritual will be the night from Friday to Saturday. One should start guessing just before midnight, and finish it after that.

According to the opinion of experienced specialists, the timeframe must necessarily be observed, then the results of divination will be more accurate.

It is good to guess during divine holidays: Christmas week, Epiphany, Ivan Kupala, etc.

Do not be nervous, do not worry and do not advertise your intentions on the day of divination. Conducting the ritual, do not be distracted by the interpretation, you will still have time for it.

However, you can miss something really important.

How to guess the shadows?

You will need: paper, wax or paraffin candle and some heat-resistant base — the plate is most often used. Responsibly approach the choice of paper, a newspaper is more suitable for divination by shadows — its sheets are large enough, they crumple and burn well.

If the newspaper is not at hand, take the paper, but it is better to draft the letter, and not for the printer — it will be better to burn. Well wrinkle the paper in your hands.

Do not try to make a ball out of it, let it be a shapeless ball. Turn the plate over (or the base you chose) and put the paper on the bottom.

Light a candle, extinguish the light.

Look at the shadow cast by unburned paper. Remember or write down what you saw.

Now gently light the paper. Look closely at the shadows that cast burning paper.

Memorize the characters that appear in front of you. How long does a particular character hold?

What was the shadow — black or unclear gray? In the future, these observations will be needed in your interpretation.

When the paper burns out, slowly, without destroying the shape of the ashes, bring the plate to the candle, carefully look and determine the last symbol from the shadow. Guessing over the shadows by the interpretation of figures ends.

Starting the interpretation, analyze your notes or recall what you saw. If a symbol was clearer than the rest, easily identified, had black, not gray, the value of this symbol has a greater impact on your future than the rest.

For example, if the “sheet” was clearly guessed, it would mean some very important news for you. The second in importance will be the symbol that manifested itself for a longer time, held longer.

Also pay close attention to it.

Of course, the process of interpretation is not simple. It is often possible to confuse similar symbols and figures, misinterpret, and so on. It also happens that when interpreted, a complete abracadabra comes out and the true meaning is not clear. In this case, leave the results until the morning, perhaps soon you will understand what was meant.

Always trust your intuition, she will surely show you the right path.

The significance of divination on burnt paper - all about divination at home

Divination by the shadows for many years, even our ancestors resorted to him to find out the future, look through the veil of secrecy and find the right path. Contemporaries also want to know many things in advance, and therefore divination is still popular. In this article, you learned about the basic rules, ritual features, and ways of interpretation.

The main thing: remember that you should not guess too often — at best it will not bring any result. Refer to the guessing of the shadows in case of urgent need and then your predictions will always be accurate.

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