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The runes of Odin (Wyrd): meaning and interpretation, how to apply

Features and value of Odin’s empty rune (Wyrd)

The runes of Odin (Wyrd): meaning and interpretation, how to apply

The rune of Odin, also known as Wyrd, is a modern addition to the elder futarch and occupies 25th place in the Germanic runic alphabet. This is one of the most controversial runes, evidence of the existence of which, like its absence in antiquity, does not exist.

Rune of Odin (Wyrd): the most complete value

Interesting! The American runologist Ralph Blum suggested adding an empty rune, finding that the interpretation of the characters lacked a factor of uncertainty.

The sign denotes the will of the gods, when the outcome of events depends on higher powers, and not on the person himself.

General information about the rune

Title:Alone, Wyrd
Value:Formation, fate
Deity:One — the creator, the creator of the world

One has neither a graphic symbol nor a digital one and is represented by an empty rune. By this sign symbolizes emptiness and infinity, personifying the higher and unknowable forces.

Interesting! Wyrd is a very unusual character belonging to the runes of another dimension. Indicates that the solution to the situation is in the hands of the Gods.

The fact that the character does not have a graphic image makes it theoretically not runic at all.

Wyrd means emptiness and karmic power. The rune indicates that unknowable forces have moved and moved your business off the ground.

Good or bad depends on the person and on his previous actions.

In normal and inverted position

Runa indicates that you are faced with a situation that is not able to give an explanation. You do not understand what is happening, where and how everything develops.

Often such questions need to be left unanswered.

One should trust the will of the gods and their wisdom. Let the situation develop by itself.

The rune is a test of your faith in a higher power and courage, manifested in absolute trust in them. Think of Odin as a good sign, as a gift from the gods, and as a symbol of the coming changes.

Tip! Trust the situation, be courageous and do not be afraid of the coming period.

The highest power that is implied in the description of the Wyrd rune can be called symbolically the guardian angel. It appears in every person at birth and protects him in difficult situations with unseen force, pulls him out of trouble.

Often, people attribute this situation to their incredible luck, eliminating the likelihood of involvement of higher powers.

Wird points out that an event will happen in your life that will forever change the course of things, and you will never be the same. Fleece indicates the end of one and the beginning of the next stage.

Important! A person is responsible for their actions.

The fallout of an empty rune foreshadows the appearance of very unusual events in your life. Their character is karmic and directly depends on the decisions made earlier.

Wird means the need for a decision on the situation. Your future is in your hands.

From you depends the vector of further development of life.

Higher forces direct you and open up possible paths for you. Which door to enter is up to you.

The responsibility of what is happening will fall entirely on you.

In divination, the rune symbolizes the universal emptiness, personifying at the same time everything and nothing. This is also a call to action.

You will have to move in any case, the question is in choosing a direction.

The rune indicates to the person that his situation is vague and not clear. It contains a lot of current and old unfinished business.

The development of future events directly depends on the resolution of these issues, but the answer to them is not clear.

If Odin fell at the very beginning of the hand, it means that the guardian angel will help you. Neighboring runes will help to figure out what specific situation in question.

If the Wird falls in the intermediate scenario, it means that first the events will develop as the initial runes show.

Then the higher forces will intervene and help, and then the processes associated with the following runes will begin.

If the Wird falls at the end of the positive scenario, it indicates that you will be assisted. If it is negative, it means that the higher forces will try to soften the blow, and you yourself should refrain from any action.

Odin’s fallout in a negative way can symbolize a man’s hidden fears. He is afraid of losing something and seeing the truth.

However, without solving the problems of the past, you will not get the development of the future. It is important to assess the possible harm that your unconscious fears can cause to your life and overcome them.

Remember that you will have to answer for the mistakes you have made, and you will not hide from retribution.

Tip! If the situation develops in the most unfavorable way for you, do nothing better.

Thus, you will not only avoid dangerous mistakes, but also make your life easier and avoid serious consequences.

Odin’s rune is a karmic sign and is not used in the occult. It is believed that a person is not able to influence his destiny, which depends entirely on the will of the Gods.

Therefore, the rune in the classroom does not apply magic.

However, Wyrd can be used for meditation purposes. Since the rune symbolizes emptiness, it often communicates with the gods.

When meditating, it is necessary to imagine the emptiness in which the gate to another dimension is located. During the sacraments, a person may receive an answer to questions regarding his karmic debts.

Is he capable of obeying fate and is he going right through life? Is able to serve the higher forces.

How can he take the path of truth and not descend from it.

When a fortune telling

A runed Wyrd rune can nullify the tips of all previous runes. She acts as a karmic crossroads. Carefully study the state of affairs in your current situation and make a strategically correct decision.

In case of failure, you will have to answer for all the consequences.

Your position and success is in your hands. Do not be afraid to go forward, trust the higher forces, but rely mainly on yourself.

Sometimes an empty rune falls out when the person himself does not know what he wants and what he wants. In this case, the runes will not be able to help him.

When divination for love

Wird reminds people that their happiness depends on themselves. If you wanted to improve your personal and family life, now is the right time for this. Fleece points to the need to boldly go forward and take the initiative.

You should forget about the small omissions, disputes and try to breathe new life into the relationship.

Men are recommended to give compliments to their chosen ones, to give flowers and gifts, to show signs of attention and care. Women should show all tenderness, warmth and affection.

Tip! Drop small troubles and actively show tender feelings to your partners.

Remember that even the slightest spark can fan the flames of love and passion.

Odin’s rune is a symbol of the fact that fear and anxiety about the state of his own physical health are hidden in the soul of a man. Calm down, relax and do not take hasty conclusions.

Wait for confirmation or denial of the symptoms that frighten you.

People with chronic illnesses must unconditionally accept treatment and follow the recommendations of doctors. Healthy people need to drop anxious thoughts and not get upset ahead of time.

Wird reminds us that we cannot look into the future and control it. It remains only one way out: to accept and wait for the resolution of the situation.

Combination with other runes

Wyrd is an empty rune. Its interpretation is not specific and not specific.

Understand the full picture of what is happening only in combination with neighboring runes.

Interesting! The rune of uncertainty can confirm or disprove the earlier signs.

Alignment can only hint at the real state of affairs, but a person will have to make a decision himself, guided by his own opinion.

  • Fehu — promises unexpected gifts of fate.
  • Uruz — predicts the approaching old age and degradation.
  • Turisaz — indicate a great deal of trouble and threat, even the evil eye or damage is possible.
  • Ansuz — means failure in the pre-election activities.
  • Raido — testifies to problems in a state of mind.
  • Kenaz — Talking about the tendency of man to insane acts.
  • Gebo — is a sign of severe emotional state, suicidal tendencies.
  • Vuno — symbolizes great happiness.
  • Hagalaz — indicates severe health problems, AIDS, sarcoma, leukemia are possible
  • Nautiz — warns against the desire to get the forbidden fruit.
  • Isa — speaks of complete chaos and lawlessness.
  • Yera — hints at the approaching capture, torture.
  • Eyvaz — warns of the appearance of uncontrollable desires.
  • Perth — says that your efforts are vain.
  • Algiz — is a sign of insanity.
  • Sovulu — indicates the presence of the idea of ​​a fix that has completely absorbed you.
  • Teyvaz — Icarus symbol.
  • Berkan — means ridiculous extravagance.
  • Evaz — Indicates a severe brain disease.
  • Mannaz — warns against falling into the circulation of serious trouble.
  • Laguz — speaks of a complex mental state, manic — depressive syndrome.
  • Inguz — indicates incurable health problems such as Alzheimer’s or Down syndrome.
  • Dagaz — testifies to retribution, punishment and cruelty.
  • Odal — foreshadows anarchy, chaos, unpredictability.

Rune tips

  • For all the will of the gods. You are not able to influence the course of development of the situation, as it is governed by higher powers.
  • Accept the concrete life situation as it is and wait for development.
  • From the fate you will not escape.
  • Give way to solving your problem of higher forces.

The blank rune wyrd is an innovation in modern runology. Use it in divination or not — you decide.

You can get answers to your questions without the help of Odin’s rune.

However, the uncertainty factor introduced into the alignment will help to more realistically depict the picture of what is happening around you.

Empty Fleece (One, Wyrd): meaning in divination

The runes of Odin (Wyrd): meaning and interpretation, how to apply

One of the most controversial characters in the runic alphabet is empty rune One (Wyrd). This is the personification of fate, rock and karma.

An ideal supplement for meditation and other spiritual practices.

Its main significance lies in the speed of change. Someone Wyrd bring good luck, and someone — punishment.

If you have acted according to your conscience in the past, then the Universe will reward you. If your goals were selfish and selfish — do not expect that the Higher Forces will favor you.

In most cases, this symbol is not treated as an independent rune — the magician always pays attention to the adjacent dies and looks into rune combination table. The actual absence of the image carries the rune sign to another world — it belongs to the gods.

Rune Wyrd (empty): history

There is no historical evidence of the use of the empty rune in ancient times. Previously, this unusual character did not attach any importance.

Even in the runic poems there is not a single mention of Wyrd.

But now everything has changed dramatically — the sign is depicted on amulets, amulets and talismans. And most importantly, he enters absolutely all rune sets for fortune telling.

Many magicians use it in their practice and believe in its energetic power.

The first to explore the rune symbol was Ralph Blum. He drew attention to its uniqueness and breathed new life into it.

In his works, the magician argued that the runes can show the right path and solve any problem. They can change the current situation, no matter how difficult it may be.

Then Blum received an offer to use an empty plate in divination. He called her Wird, which translates to “fate.”

Its other name is Odin’s rune.

Many agreed with the proposal of Ralph Blum and also began to develop the idea of ​​an empty rune. Of course, there is a group of opponents who deny the significance of the symbol.

They refer to the absence of any informative base about the importance of the mark. In their opinion, Wyrd is nothing more than an invention or even a whim of a famous magician who just wanted to attract everyone’s attention.

However, supporters of the idea say that the ancestors knew about the rune symbol. The reason for the lack of any evidence of this is that they could not figure out how to describe the emptiness.

Empty Fleece (Odin): the meaning and interpretation of divination

According to Ralph Blum, the plate symbolizes the inner strength of a person and his interest in his own destiny.

This is a sign associated with rock, with upcoming events. Everything in our life is destined on the map of the Universe — it is impossible to change fateful ways.

There is a direct connection One with karma: each person must answer for their actions. Falling out in the scenario, she warns that the future will surprise you.

Pleasant it will be a surprise or not — depends on your past behavior.

If you see a rune mark on a fortunetelling table, try to imagine how it opens the door to other dimensions. In the unknown, the All and the Nothing exist simultaneously.

The value of Odin’s rune can be interpreted in two ways and means both good and bad. If in the scenario, it occupies a central place, it foreshadows imminent changes. Do not be afraid if you get a rune sign.

It is an important warning that at this stage something is hidden from you.

As mentioned earlier, a lot depends on the surrounding signs. For example, neighboring Gebo foretells you love affair.

A wonderful feeling will suddenly burst into your life and light up your gray days.

Summarizing, we can say the following: Wird is the embodiment of the concept of «everyone gets what they deserve.»

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Fleece One (empty) in a relationship

Our whole life is woven from relationships of various kinds: romantic, social, workers.

One points to the fact that the person to whom you are playing, appeared in your fate is not accidental. He will definitely play his part.

Now everything depends on you — you should not hope for the help and support of others.

If you want to maintain relationships and maintain communication, do not be afraid to take the first step.

Fleece One (empty) in love

In love matters, One means one thing: your second half plays a very important role for you. Such a union is quite strong.

Even if life develops so that you have to part — the memories will live in your heart for a very long time.

In rare cases, the plate may speak about the partner’s insincerity — he plays a double game.

What do the adjacent signs symbolize:

  • Uruz — act decisively and immediately. You may miss the chance to become a happy person.
  • Gebo — you will soon meet the love of your life.

Rune Odin value in love, relationships, work, magic

The runes of Odin (Wyrd): meaning and interpretation, how to apply

We are completing the study of the Scandinavian runes and today we will talk about the symbol, around which there is a lot of controversy and speculation. The rune of Odin, the value of which we will consider, was not initially used at all in runic Magic.

For the first time, the elder Futhark was supplemented with this symbol by the American amateur researcher Ralph Blum, author of the famous literary textbooks The Book of the Runes and The Healing Runes.

It must be said that Blum’s interpretation of many magical signs also differs significantly from the classics, therefore on the Internet there are extremely opposite opinions about his approach. But, nevertheless, someone still uses an empty rune for divination, so we will not lose sight of it.

Odin’s Rune — Basic Meaning and Interpretation

This symbol has several names: the rune of Odin, the empty rune, Wyrd (sometimes Werth), the rune of Fate. There are several different opinions about the meaning, description and interpretation of the Odin’s rune. Which one of them is considered the most authoritative — choose for yourself.

However, even the use of this symbol itself is not mandatory — many runologists do not include it in their magic set at all.

Ralph Blum himself described this rune as an indication that the fate of a man is in his own hands.

If the questioner falls out of this sign in the scenario, it means that he is free to do what he thinks is right, because it is his personal decision that shapes his own destiny.

In an empty rune there is no answer or advice, but at the same time it simultaneously includes the meanings of all Futark symbols at once. As on an empty sheet of paper, we can draw the sign that we consider necessary in these circumstances.

Some researchers interpret the Wird rune differently. They believe that this is a sign of Fate, Karma, participation in the life of a man of the Higher Forces.

Judging from this position, the empty rune should be interpreted in the layout as events that do not depend on the will of the person: what is destined to be, that will happen.

There is another variation of interpretation. Many runners draw parallels between runic magic and tarot cards. So, for example, an empty card can mean closeness of information, a sign that a person at the moment does not need to know about something.

The meaning of the empty rune can be perceived in the same way.

Mantic meaning of the rune of Odin

Here, of course, it all depends on what interpretation you have defined for yourself. If the first, then the magic signs will give a single answer to any human question — “think with your head”.

The second option, on the contrary, reports that events will develop in their own way, and a person will not be able to influence the outcome of the case under any circumstances. In the third case, the value of Odin’s rune in fortune-telling should be perceived as an impossibility to get an answer to one or another question.

If your question implies the answer “yes” or “no”, then an empty rune answers it “I don’t know”.

For example, let’s try to consider all possible values ​​of Odin’s rune in a relationship, imagining that the client asked if he would be able to build a family with the partner with whom he had recently started a novel.

If we are inclined to the theory of Ralph Blum, then we see that everything is in the hands of this man. If he wants, he may well make an offer to this woman, and she will agree.

If he does not want, then their romance can only be temporary.

Decide what to do, he needs himself.

If we take for granted the assumption of intervention in the life of Fate itself, then we will respond to our client something like this: “You cannot change anything — in this case Fate decides for you. Whether this woman will become your wife or not will depend on the Higher Forces.

You just have to live and hope. ” Another option is to recall that sometimes the word “fate” can also imply karma — then we can say that the relations of these two people are clearly karmic, and only in a good or bad sense of the word will be seen later.

If we are more impressed by the correspondence of the Wird to the white Tarot card, then the value of Odin’s rune in love will be the lack of information on this issue. The man certainly does not need to know whether this girl will become his girlfriend for life.

Rune wyrd in magic and amulet practice

Of course, we do not know anything about the use of an empty rune during magical operations or as an amulet. Many runners claim that its presence in the runic set is only a modern addition, since in ancient times this sign did not exist in principle.

Therefore, to say something about this, alas, it is impossible — just empty assumptions and conjectures.

Rune of the Day Wyrd

If a symbol comes to you when you are wondering how your day will pass, you can make three different assumptions on this subject. First, the outcome of events will directly depend on your own actions and decisions.

Second — Fate itself will lead you where it is needed, all the events of the day will not be random. Third, expect surprises, because the information about the future is closed to you.

To use or not Odin’s rune for divination?

Whether to use an empty rune in your practice depends on your personal preferences. Runologi, working with Wyrd, note that it falls out when divination is rare, but, as they say, aptly. Others quite successfully cope without it.

In a word, it’s up to you and only you.

Odin. Empty Fleece Odin, Wyrd (Weird, Wyrd, E)

The runes of Odin (Wyrd): meaning and interpretation, how to apply

Three Norns — the characters of Norse mythology. These are three sisters, symbolizing fate: Urda — the past, Vertandi — the present, Skald — the future.

It is believed that their errands are performed by the elves — the spirits of nature, inhabiting the air, land, mountains, forests, homes, and usually benevolent towards people.

Explanations and recommendations for the empty rune Odin

This empty fleece (relatively recent acquisition futarka) symbolizes the unknown, indicating the end of the usual path and the early beginning of the next.

Empty Rune of Odin is a complex concept: emptiness is the end, but emptiness is the beginning. This “incompleteness” contains a powerful potential: empty and at the same time full of content, the rune embraces the fullness of being, everything that should happen. Favoring what is happening and readiness for it is the requirement of the oracle.

The appearance of the empty rune of Odin in the scenario should be perceived by you as evidence of direct contact with your true destiny, close to the meaning of karma.

To understand karma, it is not at all necessary to separate a particular religious belief or dogma, for karma is the law of cause-and-effect relationships.

In other words, karma is the law of retribution, the law of retribution. It is believed that by means of this law, the highest justice is realized in the Universe, which leads to a corresponding consequence for every reason, and every action leads to the same result.

Take note of the indisputable position that does not require proof: nothing is predetermined in advance, and all your thoughts, emotions and actions entail inevitable consequences. Runa Odin provides what is hidden from you today.

The value of the empty rune of Odin in combination with other runes

  • with the rune Gebo: new wonderful relationship as a reward for good deeds in the past
  • with rune Algiz (upside down): the need to repay karmic debt to your friends
  • with runes Mannaz, Hagalaz (Hagall) or Nautyz: a simple solution to the problems is now not available

Rune of Odin (Wyrd): interpretation options in the layouts

The runes of Odin (Wyrd): meaning and interpretation, how to apply

In this article I would like to touch on the topic rather difficult for the interpretation of the rune of Odin, the runes of the Wyrd or the Empty runes. Due to the complexity of their decoding and understanding, she often leads to the confusion of people starting to learn runic art.

The dominant view is that the rune of Odin is the rune of rock, the karmic share in the most negative shade. Not having a graphic image and often called the Empty Fleece, it denotes uncertainty, emptiness, which often repels and frightens newcomers.

In human nature, there is a fear of the unknown, in connection with which many do not even use this rune in the process of divination.

However, the fear of Odin’s rune and its incorrect decoding can lead to a misinterpretation of the whole scenario and lead to sad results. But for the process of knowledge, this rune is one of the best helpers!

The history of the rune Odin

The rune of Odin appeared after all the other runes. For the first time, information about her is found in Ralph Blum’s Book of the Runes in the 1980s, who tied the Empty Rune to Odin and believed that she represented karmic destiny.

But there is an assumption that this rune or similar to it has been used by runologists since the 16th century.

To date, there are 2 basic principles of fortune telling on the runes: using the Empty rune and without it.

Proponents of the classical, conservative approach, do not use this rune, believing that it violates the integrity of Futhark, a multiple of the sacred number «3».

Proponents of another approach are actively using this rune for divination and meditation.

The only thing that the proponents of both methods agree on is: in no case can the Odin rune be used in the formulas and runic staves.

Options interpretation of the runes Odin

Decoding options for this rune are huge, but most come down to the fact that the situation the client makes is at the mercy of a higher power. Rune Odin at the end of the layout says that the made-up situation did not just happen to the client, she MUST have happened.

This is what is destined from above, and what will later determine the whole future fate of a person, which means that it is impossible to know in advance the outcome of the situation.

Knowing in advance the final result, not having performed any specific actions, not taking initiative, or, conversely, zealous with it, you can radically change fate.

Odin’s rune in the middle of the hand may mean that at the moment a person is facing some decisive action. The gods have not yet determined his fate, and it depends only on him how he builds it.

Fleece in this position calls for attention and in-depth analysis of their actions and actions. When the situation on the relationship often means that all relationships and the situation at the moment is not accidental.

A person has a karmic debt, which fate gives a chance to correct.

But, as with all karmic relationships, it is impossible to predict exactly what the karmic lesson will be.

Rune Odin means the complete end of something, but at the same time — the beginning of a new one. She foreshadows the test of strength and gives the promise of reward in the end.

Rune of faith and cosmic energy at the same time.

The value of the rune of Odin at the beginning of the alignment warns that this question cannot be viewed: at the moment important events are taking place that the person himself must realize without outside help. Usually, if at the beginning of the alignment Odin’s rune falls, divination is stopped.

All subsequent layouts for this situation will most likely be incorrect.

If Odin’s rune falls out several times in a row on different issues, this is a clear sign that the runes are not ready to work today, you need to immediately stop divination.

I interpret this rune as a symbol of great opportunities — unrealized and potential. Everything is in the hands of man himself.

It depends only on him how and where he will lead his fate. There is no predetermined being, there is only He and His possibilities. All the «intractable» difficulties and «insurmountable» obstacles man creates for himself.

And he himself can overcome them.

Runa Odin

The runes of Odin (Wyrd): meaning and interpretation, how to apply

Before turning to the meaning of Odin’s rune in divination, it is important to note that none of the old Germanic and Old Norse futars and utkharks had such a rune. Odin’s rune is also called the rune of fate, or simply an empty rune, since this is a twenty-fifth element of the rune set that does not have a graphic image.

The empty rune was proposed by the American rune explorer Ralph Blum, who gave it the now well-known name Rune Odin. The significance of this rune was determined by the necessity of introducing into the fortune-telling futark of the factor of uncertainty, a certain universe, a superhuman will, which can radically change any situation.

The interpretation of the empty rune is twofold — on the one hand, it can be said that a higher force enters the situation, in the sense of — a force that you cannot influence and the existence of which you probably do not even know (or did not know until the current moment of time). ).

On the other hand, the meaning of Odin’s rune often comes down to the phrase “everything is in your hands”, and this means that in relation to your situation, the circumstances are such that you can, with any action, even the most insignificant and even intentional, swing the scales in the direction you want.

The Situational Value of Odin’s Rune

Odin’s rune in a relationship may indicate that you do not know something just because you really should not know it.

This is not necessarily talking about some kind of negative information, but the knowledge hidden by the meaning of the empty rune can drastically change the situation and you simply cannot cope or reconcile with these changes. Think — perhaps bliss is really in ignorance.

The rune of Odin in love often says that even if you do not understand the background of what is happening, you definitely should do everything to help develop the situation.

After all, this also happens — dreams come true, suddenly, unexpectedly, and this can be shocking. The empty rune in a close relationship indicates that if you slow down the situation, the outcome will not exactly satisfy you.

Neither you nor any other participant (s) of the situation.

Fleece of fate in the business or domestic aspect may indicate karma. Perhaps actual events are only a reflection or rather the result of your actions performed in the distant past (who knows — maybe even in a past life).

The difficulty lies in the fact that the interpretation of Odin’s rune always leaves uncertainty.

You may not understand who is helping or hindering you, why he is doing this and what awaits you in the end. But the changes are there and you are not able to resist them at the moment.

Or, as already noted, the value of the rune of Odin can be completely opposite for you and then you have to think hard, because every step can be crucial, and not only (and not so much) for you.

Council of Odin

Note that the value of Odin’s rune does not change depending on her position, simply because she always has one position, no direct or inverted aspect. In fact, many practitioners do not use the empty rune in fortune telling and it can hardly be argued that this makes their predictions and definitions of the situation less accurate.

Summarizing all the above, we note that the empty rune in divination can give two diametrically opposed advice. First — show courage and take a step forward into darkness, into the unknown.

Second — show obedience and submit to circumstances, now is not the time to fight.

An empty rune in relationships, business and other situations can have an unlimited number of aspects, so it is more difficult to understand it than in the case of any other rune.

The use of Odin’s rune outside the divination context

Given the rather peculiar meaning of the rune of Odin, to use it in rituals and meditations, to put it mildly, is not recommended. Otherwise, a situation will arise where you will operate with forces and aspects that you do not know and do not understand, and it may be that you simply cannot control them.

For this reason, there is no esoteric practice (except fortune-telling) on ​​the application of the rune of Destiny. It is likely that such practices simply do not exist.

This moment is connected with the basic postulate of the runic craft — it is forbidden to influence your destiny with anything but your own actions.

Rune of Odin as a manifesto of faith through knowledge

K. Meadows defines the meaning of the empty rune (it was he who first called it the rune of fate) as a creative force that lies beyond the orderly. With reference to the Old Norse mythological system, we can speak of Utgard, a reality that lies beyond the worlds of the Tree of Yggdrasil.

It is a kind of transcendental space, external to all, including aces and baths.

If an empty fleece fell in the scenario, it always speaks of surprise. Many runologists (including the already mentioned R. Blum and K.

Meadows is inclined to believe that the essence of the interpretation of the situation lies not in the definition of the contextual meaning of Odin’s rune, but in the reaction that arises in a person under specific circumstances.

In other words — you react to the situation, instinctively, on the basis of a priori knowledge, and only then you ask yourself questions — what led to this situation, what is its essence, what are the consequences? Rune Odin focuses on the primary reaction, in it — all the answers.

Why does the value of the rune of Odin K. Meadows reduce to the concept of faith? Because faith is knowledge (this statement is closely related to a number of myths about how Odin gained his wisdom bit by bit).

But this is not received, but reflexive knowledge, primordial, underlying any event and phenomenon of the surrounding world, including man himself.

Such a definition takes time to understand, but in order to make it easier, the meaning of the empty rune can be defined by the phrase “I believe because I know.”

P.S. Contrary to the occasional assertion, the Odin’s rune has nothing to do with the Odal rune and adjacent symbols.

It is also wrong to define it as a rune that does not have a negative value.

Fleece one. the meaning of the interpretation of the runes

The runes of Odin (Wyrd): meaning and interpretation, how to apply


This empty fleece that does not have its own symbol personifies the unknown, prescribing the end of the ordinary way and the quick start of the next one. Runa Odin when interpreting a meaning in the rune scenario, it symbolizes a complex metaphysical concept: emptiness is the end, and at the same time emptiness is the beginning.

In the incompleteness of the rune of Odin, the most powerful inner meaning is hidden: externally empty and at the same time full of the content of the rune of Odin describes the full existence of the All. Everything that has already happened and just yet to happen.

The rune of Odin — symbolizes the law of karma, the content of the accomplished and the limits of responsibility of the present and future essence.

In order to realize karma, it is not at all necessary to divide an exact religious belief or dogma, since karma is the law of the execution of a causal link, the law of reparation, the law of retribution. Actually by means of this law in all worlds of the Universe the highest justice is performed. Any root cause leads to a corresponding consequence, and any action leads to a fair outcome. The full meaning or interpretation of the rune of Odin in runic divination:

Take for granted the undisputed axiom — nothing is predetermined in advance, nothing can come to an end — the end of something is always the beginning of a new one. All your thoughts, emotions and actions entail the inevitable consequences.

Rune Odin. The value of the rune of Odin in divination for love or relationship

Rune Odin. Emptiness is a symbol of the end of a relationship, but the same emptiness of the symbol of Odin’s rune in runic predictions of love or a relationship personifies the beginning of a new relationship or a radically new stage in those relationships that have found their outcome.

Nothing can be finally completed — your relationship no longer fits into the old framework — they have grown for something new.

If, during divination, the rune of Odin fell out — then, most likely, the situation asks you to listen carefully to the inner sound of your feelings, advises to show wisdom and be ready to accept the new.

Rudin Odin, when fortunate for a relationship, appears in a fortune-telling scenario to test your faith in love or your relationship with your loved one. Rune Odin — a sign of karma, a reminder to us about the responsibility for our actions and thoughts.

Rune Wyrd — Odin’s Rune

The runes of Odin (Wyrd): meaning and interpretation, how to apply

Fleece Wyrd is a pure fleece, empty. Nothing is displayed on it.

It symbolizes emptiness, infinity, karma, unknowable, fate, rock.

This rune may indicate during fortune-telling that the runes refuse to give an answer to a given question. For some reason, this is not necessary to know.

Maybe fate wants to protect you from rash acts or to test for strength.

Or rune Wyrd indicates that the laws come into force, which you can not comprehend. And internally you need to be ready for anything, both good and bad. Do not try to obstruct the forces of fate.

Be ready to accept everything and show courage and humility to the Higher Power.

  • Title: Wyrd, Vyrd
  • Value: Rock, Destiny, destination
  • Colour: no matching color
  • Number: ABOUT
  • Letter of the alphabet: no corresponding letter
  • Health: man, as a whole person, in the physical and mental sense
  • Rune potential: Fate
  • Basic properties: Destiny, Karma, the will of a Higher Power.
  • Rune Message: does not have

Fleece Wyrd in a futarka is present as the primordial force, the primitive rune containing all the runes in all their aspects and manifestations.

This is a complicated rune, since emptiness is both the end and the beginning of something. In the event aspect, it shows a man’s flight over the world.

All around pay attention to his talent, charm.

He is surrounded by the right people, energy over the edge, life is filled with a creative process. Therefore, nothing remains as fruitful and a lot of work to avoid disappointment.

Fleece points to resolve financial issues for a period of about a year.

At this time, you can travel, find new friends, new experiences.

Everything. what is intended, implemented. Fleece speaks of heightened imagination and ingenuity.

Increased intuition and ingenuity helps to engage in acting craft, creativity on the stage, try yourself in the role of a writer or singer.

This rune has no number and character associated with its name. And it originates from the Nordic Weird — one of the names of the three sisters of destiny — the patroness of the art of prediction: Urdr, Skuld, Verdhandi.

Which means — it was, it will be there. Weird is a complex concept of emptiness.

It is not nothing, it is the negation of any definition, but not of existence as such.

The rune operates completely through a different dimension than the one in which other runes operate. One states: «This rune of complete trust must be considered as a striking evidence of your immediate contact with yourself and your destiny.»

Therefore, stretching this rune is a test of your Faith. Do not forget that you yourself create your Destiny in your own words, thoughts, actions. And your inner development is a transformation of past actions.

Nothing is happening from nowhere. And nothing is predetermined.

You create your own karma.

During divination, it is worth paying attention to which runes are next to the Wyrd rune. They will help give the key to understanding. If, together with the rune Wyrd, we pull out the Gebo rune or another that indicates love, then a wonderful feeling will enter your life.

If the Wyrd Rune is in a concluding position, then you are not able to untie the knot, everything is in the hands of Rock, Destiny.

For magical purposes, the Wyrd Rune is not used!

The rune is associated with karmic symbols in your life, and it is very dangerous to influence your karma not by actions, but by magical influences!

Rune Wyrd is worth meditating. Very comfortable during meditations see the symbol of emptiness in this rune.

When its empty surface falls out, imagine a passage to another dimension where Nothing and Nothing exist at the same time. Through this rune speak gods.

Meditate if you want answers to the following questions:

  • what are my karmic debts?
  • Do I know how to accept the will of God and Fate?
  • Do I fulfill my karmic duties?
  • Can I obey the Highest Power?
  • What is my attitude to the Higher Forces?
  • Do I believe in Rock, Destiny?
  • What is my purpose (karmic tasks)?
  • Who was I in my previous life?

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