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The Queen of Wands of Tarot — the meaning of the card

The map shows a stately woman sitting on a throne with a staff in her right hand. In her left hand the queen holds a sunflower, which personifies the power of the sun.

The golden hue of luxurious robes indicates greatness and self-confidence, while a silver cape emphasizes natural restraint. The throne is decorated with drawings of sunflowers, and two red lions are painted on the headboard.

Golden lions are also an ornament to the armrests. The black cat, which sits at the feet of the queen, symbolizes sensuality combined with natural rapacity. She also points to the connection of the person with the mystical world.

The internal attitude of the card emphasizes the combination of attractiveness and relaxedness against the background of business enterprise.

The Queen of Wands of Tarot - the meaning of the card
The Queen of Wands of Tarot - the meaning of the card

In direct position, the Queen of Wands card describes ambitious traits of a person’s character. She points to natural ambition and acquired equilibrium, which allows us to achieve significant success in life.

The card emphasizes the fact that a person is independent and has strong convictions and is faithful to his interests. In addition, this lasso often foreshadows the success of the business begun.

The appearance of the Queen of Wands in the scenario is a very good sign. He points to the positive dynamics of the situation.

In addition, he makes it clear that the strategic plans are correct and you need to continue to move in the chosen direction. It is very important in this life period not to stop.

It is necessary to mentally prepare for the fact that sometimes events will develop in such a way that instant decisions will be required.

In various areas of life this card may indicate the following:

  • In describing the scope of human health, this card is absolutely neutral.
  • In personal matters, such a card indicates that there is a reliable friend next to the person. Relationships in this life period will be active and filled with emotions. In combination with the King of Wands, this card can symbolize a stable marriage.
  • In the business field, the card refers to professional self-actualization. The life period has come, when a person is more confident than ever in his own abilities. There is a high probability that a person will be offered to take a leadership position. In addition, the card indicates a female leader.

Very often, this card in the scenario personifies a wise woman who can give valuable advice. If negative cards are next to each other, then a woman who is close to a person is greedy and ambitious, she is absorbed only in self-care.

The value of the Queen of Wands card upside down

In an inverted position, the Queen of Wands map emphasizes a natural inclination to deception and selfishness. If this card falls into the hands of a man, this indicates that he is not inclined to trust women, no matter how reliable and loyal they are.

This card symbolizes impulsivity and excessive independence of the person. He also points out that he doesn’t have enough experience to solve the problems that have arisen and he underestimates the difficulties that have arisen on the way to the goal. Very often, a map indicates that a vicious and insidious female enemy is nearby.

She is a limited person, has a high opinion of herself and is not inclined to help other people.

In various areas of human activity, the map may indicate the following:

  • In the field of health, the card primarily emphasizes the suddenness of certain manifestations. That is, any illness or a sudden recovery of a seriously ill person can start abruptly.
  • In private life, an inappropriate acquaintance with a fickle and capricious woman can happen. In addition, this card is a harbinger of jealousy. For a man in love, this lasso is a symbol of the fact that the lapping process continues for a long time.
  • In the business field, the card indicates financial difficulties due to the fact that the project started will fail. Also, the lasso warns that a female colleague is better not to trust the resolution of important issues.

The card represents a petty, irritable, and capricious woman. Very often, the Queen of Wands appears when a woman cannot find a balance between career and personal life.

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