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The practice of runic prediction: the preparation and production of runes

The practice of runic prediction: how to make the runes do-it-yourself preparation and production of runes

The practice of runic prediction: the preparation and production of runes

Hello my dear! I increasingly hear from you questions about how to learn. work with runes… ..

Therefore, I will try to explain to you here: on this blog, in order not to write each one separately almost the same thing …. I will not paint, what are the runes, where they came from and what they look like.

A large amount of information has been written about this: you can search for the printed version, or you can walk around the Internet.

Runes where to start

I have repeatedly written about it here, look through the pages, read the comments … I am sure that you will find a lot of useful and interesting information for you ….

But it’s best to start learning from Scandinavian folklore, Older and Younger Edda, and then begin to search for the most authoritative materials for you.

Here I will write about my practical experience and the experience I gained in the process of working with runes. Just want to warn you that Runic magic difficult task.

You will understand this as soon as you plunge into this topic. It will become clear to you that it is best to devote her whole life to her, and only then can you perhaps become a good magician.

The runes today are still a mystery, despite the fact that you can read about them and their meaning in various sources in sufficient detail, and in different variants for every taste. No secret techniques are hidden from you.

All in the public domain — take it and use it. If one was silent, the other necessarily told about it.

You can check….

There is everything: the translations of Icelandic texts, and the rituals painted in detail, and ready runescripts, who have been tested in practice more than once and have already given good results.

But for some reason, even good and proven recipes do not work for everyone.

I’ve heard stories like this many times. “I used the rune to remove a certain obstacle at work, but it turned out that I myself was left without work and there was no lumen. I tried the formula for finding a job, there is no result. That is, everything turned out exactly the opposite. ”

This case is from real practice.

Why is this happening? Because it is impossible, having read something about the runes, to make a good working amulet. You can not be thoughtlessly use ready runic formulas.

Runes need to do. Long.

Carefully. With respect.

With curiosity and inspiration. No need to expect from the Rune instant recoil.

Everything in life, right?

Runes they will demand unconditional knowledge and feeling from you. As well as practical experience and long work.

These seemingly simple things have to be repeated again and again. What is needed in order to start using runes for magical purposes?

Here we will not study the Runes. The study of runes, runology This is a big separate topic.

Often, the study of runes and the practical application of runic magic means doing very different things. The truth is not always the case.

To become a practitioner you need to know the material well, but in order to know the material, practice is necessary, but this is not the same thing and the same …

So, to summarize all of the above:

  1. Try to take the first practical steps.

First you need to understand how the runes «activate», «revive». There are many ways, but you have to choose the one to which the soul most lies.

This can only be understood in practice. Someone will write on paper, it is easier for another to put a rune on the body, and someone will need a complicated ritual …

Make reports. Watch what works and what doesn’t work.

  1. You need to start with a simple one. Do not immediately grab for complex tasks. And gradually each time complicate your tasks.
  2. Take practical experience from other practicing magicians, watch how they work. Try to figure out why this is so and not otherwise. It is natural for any person to make mistakes, therefore, before using someone else’s experience, one should check in practice how it works.

You should always try to come up with your own ways to solve the problem.

I want to immediately warn you that the runes will not work for everyone, but only for those who seriously studied the runes, and gave the runes a fair amount of their time and energy.

Those who are willing to learn new things, who are willing to work hard, give their strength and time, take responsibility for their actions, the runes will reciprocate and work with them.

Runic practice

The practice of runic prediction: the preparation and production of runes

It will take more than one month, or even a year, until the magical characters begin to form a coherent picture for you, and you yourself will master your destiny so much that you will turn to the runes only when absolutely necessary. Clear Runemal symbols will enter your consciousness and become an integral part of your spiritual life.

Rune making

How did the runes of the ancient inhabitants of Europe? On this account there were absolutely clear instructions. For their manufacture, they took pieces of stone or wood of approximately rectangular shape and magical symbols were cut out on one of the planes.

Judging by the data of archaeologists, the size of the runes varied slightly, averaging 4 to 6 by 1 cm.

There were also almost square-shaped runes that did not have a reverse (inverted) position. Too large and too small runes are uncomfortable to use.

To enhance the magical contact between the runes and their owner, signs were drawn with some sharp object, and then drawn with the owner’s blood. «Settled» the runes in a special bag.

The ancient Scandinavians always had the runes to themselves. They were included in the compulsory equipment of a warrior, merchant, traveler.

And they turned to the runes quite often, or rather, wherever there was a place for doubt and indecision.

Today, in special shops you can buy ceramic runes, very high quality made.

But such a Futhark does not satisfy the basic requirement imposed on the runes — the future owner must make the runes on his own, at least put some effort into their production.

Thus, acquiring wooden blanks of the required size or collecting pebbles of the required shape, and then putting symbols on them, you will become the full owner of the “genuine Futark”.

It’s not at all necessary to use your own blood. Ready runes are recommended to be carried with you constantly: only after a certain time will the signs “get used” to the owner, feed him with energy, “sound” in harmony with his Power, “resonate” the movements of all the structures of his physical, mental and astral bodies.

Sabbath Rules | Witch holidays

Before proceeding to the description of the techniques of runic divination, familiarize yourself with the currently accepted system of interpretation of runic signs.

Technique divination on the runes

What character questions can an oracle ask? This is a very important question.

By asking the oracle “not his” questions, the diviner gets false information. As for runic divination, the approximate questions asked by Futark may have this general form:

  • What does the situation mean?
  • What direction should you take?
  • What follows the situation?
  • What should be corrected in the “real present” so that this situation is resolved favorably?
  • What is the essence of the conflict between my “small self” and “big self”?

By asking similar questions, you will receive comprehensive information on the required course of action.

Divination by one rune (Odin’s rune) allows you to immediately grasp the essence of the situation. You need to focus on the one and only question that really takes you now.

It is necessary to formulate the question as accurately and unambiguously as possible; The question should not contain double or multiple meaning.

Even if you are trying to hide the essence of the question from yourself, find the strength to be extremely honest. Now blindly remove one rune from the bag and also blindly place it on the table; at the same time one of the two narrow sides of the rune should face you.

The rune can be laid out on the table with either the reverse or the front side up.

The value of the fallen rune needs to be interpreted in the context of the question and the situation to which the question concerned. Let’s give an example.

The question was asked: “I have difficulty in communicating with others. What is the matter here? ”The WUNJO rune fell in an upside down position.

Interpretation of the runes: “Communication difficulties mean that you are going through a test period. You must be prepared for fear, doubt, hesitation. Focus on the “real present”, prepare yourself for the fight.

Sincerely treat others: during this period, any «back thought» can really weaken you.

This test is necessary in order to help your spirit overcome the shackles of the “small self.”

The masters of Runemal indicate that the answers of Futhark are not available to everyone, but only to those who are sincerely ready to act in harmony with their own destiny. A fortune-telling on three runes provides a more extensive answer. You should focus on the subject of divination, clearly formulate your question.

Now blindly remove three runes one by one from the bag and spread them from right to left with the back side up.

Depending on the nature of the question and the subject of divination, the runes are interpreted in the following ways.

Method one. The rune on the right characterizes you at the moment — it is an image of your real present; the rune in the center is a challenge that fate gives you; the rune on the left is the direction in which you should act to find a way out of the current situation.

Fleece on the right means a situation that has developed so far; Fleece in the center — the necessary direction of your actions; the rune on the right — symbolizes the situation that will develop after you take all the necessary actions. The first method of interpreting the three runes is more suitable for questions concerning the spiritual plan of your being, the second method is for solving narrower, purely practical questions.

Divination on three runes

Let us give an example of the interpretation of the oracle’s answer during fortune-telling on three runes. The question was asked: “My work has reached a dead end. What should I do? ”The question is applied, practical.

For interpretation it is better to choose the second method.

The runes (from right to left) of the runes were H AGALAZ in the straight position, ISA (does not have an inverted position), MANNAZ (in the straight position).

The current situation is characterized by the action of destructive forces, always threatening the creative activity of man; physical reality is full of elemental forces that have come into action. This fully explains that the work has come to a standstill.

Necessary course of action: be discreet, do not take initiative. Your position seems hopeless, but this is only the outer shell of events.

In fact, your work is in a period of hidden development, and soon the events will turn in the direction favorable for you.

The subsequent development of events, judging by the MANNAZ rune, which fell in a straight position, will be extremely favorable. You will not only achieve the goal, but also multiply your merits.

However, do not forget that success will be your new test: nothing weakens the strength of the spirit as self-satisfaction.

Urgent help runologist

The practice of runic prediction: the preparation and production of runes

Often people stand at a crossroads and do not know which direction to take, and what can give the desired result in solving difficult life situations? This will tell the runic signs.

When there are more questions than answers, mantika comes to the rescue — the ancient art of divination. The material provided is the result of many years of practice in comprehending runic magic.

For many years, this knowledge has been built up from scattered and contradictory information. From the very beginning of the runic practice, I had difficulty understanding the concept of runes.

The books I re-read did not give this explanation or did not fully explain — someone called the runes bridges between worlds, someone compared the runes with subconscious impulses.

Many authors generally limited themselves to historical facts — the role of Odin, the Vikings, etc. And none of the read authors did not disclose the main thing — what are the runes in general?

But there was an obvious overabundance of the description of the runes. At that time I would not be prevented by the help of the rune.

Therefore, for many years I, like a blind kitten, collected runic formulas without an elementary understanding of the nature of the runes, limited to their description — because I couldn’t adjust the bridges between worlds to the daily activities of the physical world, just as I couldn’t limit the extensive scope of the runes by subconscious impulses on the processes occurring in our world. Some formulas worked, some came into motion after many years, when the requested result was no longer interesting to me.

Later, completely bogged down in runic magic, I realized that I was going too long because of the lack of a major understanding. And this understanding was reduced to the fact that the signs of the runes are the graphic keys to the forces of our world.

Signs that everyone knows about, but few can use them. Alas!

That is why I constantly read conflicting reviews about author’s formulas.

Some of the users they work, someone is silent, and someone directly expresses his opinion about: «unwarranted hopes.»

In general, many come to runic magic due to the frenzy of good fortune resulting from the successful application of the first 1–3 formulas, usually for terrible life needs.

Here we have drawn the runes of “reprisal” on the photo of the opponent, pronounced the names of the runes over the photo, explained what we need and … a week later the enemy is in hospital with an acute attack of appendicitis. Then he also got rid of the rest of the «enemies».

Everything seems great.

But one “but”: except for reprisals against the enemies, we can’t do anything else: put a love spell on the object of struggle with a rival, — and he doesn’t lead with an ear — looks at a new passion, started a fight with the help of runes with excessive fat deposits ( the beloved therefore ignores …), — and fats only accumulate … In such situations, a serious rethinking of magic takes place in two directions — either a complete rejection of the use of runes, or a lively interest in this strange and elusive force.

Now I’ll reveal a little secret: there are no non-working formulas, just as there are no working runes. But there is an abundance of unlimited number of helpless runologists, who are not subject to the power of a particular rune that makes up the formula.

Well, as an example: the formula consists of Uruz, Gebo, Inguz (this is the first thing that came to mind); “Magician”, by force of desire, moves in space the force of Uruz and the force of Inguz. Gebo remains immobilized.

The remaining runes “slip” without Gebo.

The «magician» fights in hysterics about wasting time, shouting at every corner about the curvature of the creator of this very «non-working» formula. Such situations occur everywhere.

Now I will explain what’s the matter. But the fact is that in every person, regardless of his magical abilities, there are rune powers in different volumes.

Someone developed the power of the Nautical (I strengthen it on diets), someone — Feu (garden-lovers, for example, in the process of growing from the seeds of a rich harvest), Turisaz is in full control of someone (I know one chaos woman, with her tricks with the explosions of household electrical appliances in the apartments of ill-wishers …), etc.

In each person, to a greater or lesser degree, there are several runes in a tame form. But not all. So in the case considered above, the “magician”, possessing the inherently or accidentally accumulated power of Uruz and Inguz, could not launch Gebo’s power.

Why did it happen? — because the power of Gebo in this magician was not.

How to eliminate the risks of failure? These risks are eliminated sequentially: diagnostics of the result of exposure, installation of protection on oneself, removal of protection from the object of impact. Magic of runes, like any other magic, is reduced to effects on people and on flows.

Sometimes — with a comprehensive solution to the problem: on people along with the streams. It is necessary to learn to differentiate before the start of magical operations.

The path to answers is through conscious action.

(this requires a strong root chakra — the basis for the accumulation of personal power)

When a person’s problem is related to another person, do not make hasty conclusions. If Vasya does not like Vasya, then the problem should not be solved only by forcing Vasya to love Masha.

As a rule (and mostly) Vasya is karmically called to “educate” Masha. After karmic cleansing, Masha, as a rule, is no longer interested in Vasya …

If the question is connected with streams — after karmic cleansing, people, as a rule, begin to get richer, healthier, multiply …. Hence the conclusion — you first need to deal with karmic debts, and then bind the flow of goods.

However, simply running the power of the rune is not enough. This force still needs to be correctly directed, because it is reflected, it can return and pounce on the operator.

And such cases, alas, are not uncommon — I often read reviews of beginning runners on how they suffered in connection with the use of a particular formula.

And everything is very simple: if the formula did not work, it means that the operator did not have enough strength to cause the power of the rune constituting the formula.

If the formula worked against the operator, then the power of the runes was still caused, but she came across the barrier and returned as a result of the rollback. Here I will explain that the magical force directed to the object of impact moves along a trajectory: the operator — the object of influence — is like a clot of energy.

I meet her in the form of a dark ball the size of a ping pong ball. This ball will ride along a given trajectory back and forth until it finds a target. Beginners do not take this into account and send power blindly.

At the end of the table the ball can meet the barrier and bounce towards the magician.

If the magician does not have protection, then the ball will fall into it and dissolve in its thin bodies. This is the «reverse».

All problems beginners arise due to lack of forces to run the runes, and very often from the «envelopes». It all happens together: as an example, in the case of one of my clients. The lady never practiced runic magic.

And so itch her to take away the peasant.

She found on the Internet the formula “Ice of relations”, “Slave Cross” and some other works of runologists aimed at increasing sexual attraction. I installed all this, without knowing how to carry out an elementary diagnosis, and began to wait for happiness … It took 3 months, there was no happiness on the threshold.

The lady then takes and “Ice Relations” (becoming a picture put on a joint photo of the man and his wife) puts in the freezer … And waits again.

After a couple of weeks, the peasant, who occasionally paid her attention to her by phone, actually freezes herself from our lady, and she, on the contrary, begins to go crazy with love and finds comfort in embracing a bottle of vodka, drinking alcohol in bitter solitude.

  • First mistake the lady was that she, not having the skills to work with the runes, began using very heavy formulas for her. In other words, she didn’t have enough strength to run all or some of the runes in the formula, so the first months there was no change in her relationship with her lover.
  • Second mistake. The restless client guessed to start the work of the “Ice relations” formula artificially — judging that the freezer would launch the force of Isa. In principle, a good solution. Isa earned. “Slave Cross” by that time, too, was set in motion — due to the emotions accumulated during the period of separation from the lover. Everything worked, but rested on the deaf protection of the lover and his wife. The wife, too, turned out to be no fool — in her time she had attended to protecting the family from countless claims of the mistresses of the walking peasant. As a result, all the work of the ladies returned to her «return line»: her lover felt cool, and she turned into a slave of his passion.

Impact runes on chakras and aura

It is important not to forget about the principles of equilibrium, so that later you yourself will not suffer from the thoughtless use of magical power. And that happens. As I, for example, can not stand the heat.

In the summer from under the air conditioner do not go out.

And then there was such a heat … And I had to go somewhere … Well, I caused a rain … Then the next day, somewhere, to go somewhere again … I caused the rain again … And so I had good weather for three days in a row. On the fourth day, a noisy company of merry neighbors playing with loud music dispersed in a hail.

As a result, my mother died a tomato crop and I was left without marinades for the winter.

This is done through meditation — it is necessary to mentally reproduce the sign of the rune, to mentally “shake” it — I spin the sign that reluctantly moves first, then stronger and at the end, spinning with maximum speed, begins to attract me and sharply flies into my body. I draw attention to the fact that this process is very important.

Remember the adage that thought is material. It really is. With the help of thought, man creates in the subtle world a projection of the physical.

This is clearly confirmed when entering the thin world. So called astral.

When I first crawled into the astral I was standing on all fours in the hall on the carpet.

Since the compartment was heavy, I moved clinging to a long pile of carpet. While there was something to cling to, I crawled.

When the carpet was over and the hand slid on the smooth surface of the tile, I was jerked into the body. Here I am dragged back, and I grasp the edge of the carpet and pull it behind me, tilting a corner.

I immediately wake up and find neither an inverted corner of the carpet, nor traces of clinging to a long nap.

And now think, where could my carpet, tile on the floor, walls, TV come from in the thin world, whereas these are exclusively objects of the material world, not born by the emanation of the ray of vital force? The dog, the husband, the flowers — not with the bill — they were born and their shells in the subtle world vibrate with their own lives.

Objects of the material world acquire their astral bodies by filling them with human thoughts. The more thoughts a person directs to a thing — the denser the astral image of the object becomes.

This for me was confirmed by a huge spot of light on the carpet, when I crawled, clinging to its pile.

The spot was formed by the thoughts of the husband, who was accustomed to sit down this place in the process of watching TV.

Therefore, the exercise with the introduction of the sign of the runes in the subtle body please attach special importance. Digestion and assimilation of the rune by the body is achieved by performing exercises to the rune. This is gymnastics.

Exercises are not difficult. They will tune your body to the desired vibrations and speed up the process of implanting the runes into thin bodies.

Learning to «ritual» — namely, to use similar side vibrations to enhance the magical effect. It really enhances the magic.

When Anya conjured over the sale of my husband’s car in Israel, by chance her acquaintance put a roll with a doctor’s substitute for a drug on a photo of this car.

This substitute drug increased the demand for a car so much (for 300 000 rub. It couldn’t be sold four years ago … for 430,000 rub. — 900 views per day …. and buyers come every day to see) that I lost sight of my husband — in view of the need to show goods to customers.

In life, a lot of such magic amplifiers.

The runes from the tree. Making a set of runes for divination at home

The practice of runic prediction: the preparation and production of runes

Starting preparation for the manufacture of a rune set at home, that is, a set of runes for predictions, it should be remembered that the rune is not a simple symbol, letter or alphabetical sign, but something more.

As we already wrote on the previous pages, a set of runes for divination in the home can be made from any natural material, for example from clay, leather, metal, bone or wood.

The latter is most suitable for this purpose, due to its internal energy features.

In the runic practices of ancient peoples, runes are clearly associated with certain types of trees. Rune predictors of ancient times everywhere preferred wood for the manufacture of their own rune sets.

To make a wood rune set at home you will need twenty-four rounded blanks of approximately the same size.

In finished form, the entire rune set for divination at home should be placed freely in a bowl, folded from your palms.

Based on this requirement, the diameter of each of the blanks for the rune set should be no more than four centimeters, and the thickness of future bases for the application of runes is approximately half a centimeter.

Thus, for making a set of runes for divination at home, you need to cut twenty-five circles (ellipses) of approximately the same thickness. To make your own set of runes, you first need to choose a material, that is, a tree, from which you will prepare dies for cutting runes.

The search for a suitable tree for your runic set should be done without unnecessary moments of haste or incontinence. Go out to the forest or park, try to do it in the morning.

It is best to choose the day most suitable for the RUNICHAL CALENDAR.

Do not focus on the search itself, repeating to yourself — this tree is just what to make of my runes. Relax and listen to the voices within you.

If your thoughts are clear, then very soon you will see for yourself, or feel your choice.

Then say to yourself: the tree — I ask you to give your branch, I need it for my rune set, I thank you for the right choice. The most correct will be the manufacture of a set of runes from one branch, and the branch should be cut from the wild tree, repeating the words said above. In no case, when choosing a material, choose a dead, fallen tree.

Probably should not explain what predictions can be expected from the runes performed on such material. Preparation for making. Well, that’s all, the material is selected — proceed to your goal — the manufacture of a set of runes from wood, at home.

For practical training, it is necessary initially to carefully draw each of the runes with a pencil on sheets of paper and accompany the drawing with the name of the rune with brief comments on its interpretation.

For the preparation of primary dies, it is best to use thin cutting tools — a jigsaw or a model saw, so that when cutting a branch the structure of the wood is not damaged. Clamp the branch of your choice in a vise and cut twenty-five equal in thickness circles on the previously marked marking.

After the circles have dried (it depends on the type of wood chosen), it is necessary to clean both surfaces of the resulting blanks with emery paper, and several times. Do not be in a hurry, remember what you are working on — if you feel that you are tired of the work, it is better to postpone it and then continue with pleasure.

The runes do not tolerate dismissive attitude. Apply varnish on the surface of the workpieces, and wait until it is completely dry, then re-treat the surfaces with sandpaper. Continue until the surfaces of the dies are perfectly smooth.

And only then you can move to the main phase of manufacturing a rune set of wood — cutting runes. To make woodcarving you need a special chisel or a chisel.

You can also use a sharply nib penknife.

Before you start cutting the rune symbol, lightly draw a rune outline on one of the workpiece surfaces with a solid pencil. According to this pattern, you are predosit cut your first rune. Cut vertical lines of the runic symbol into three main separate cuts.

Make the first cut along the central axis from top to bottom along each of the lines. After that, put two horizontal notches at the ends — at the top and bottom. These notches limit the length of the printed center line.

After that, holding the knife or cutter at a constant angle, apply on the sides, to the right and left of the centerline (center line) the two remaining incisions. A triangular groove was formed in the plate in this way. Diagonal lines should be cut on the same principle, mostly from left to right, from top to bottom.

Fill the resulting grooves with paint and wait for it to completely dry. When all the runes are cut and painted, apply another, the last layer of varnish, giving the work a finished look.

Lesson 2.9. Runic Magic

The practice of runic prediction: the preparation and production of runes

Runic magic is a special kind of magic based on different uses of the runes. The magician of Fire runes are used not only to create amulets and predict the future, but also to call the Spirits and enchant.

Despite the fact that the runes were used as writing by some peoples of Europe and Asia, in our opinion, the runes should be perceived primarily as magic symbols.

This approach is due to the understanding of the runes, as the union of 5-component parts: meaning, quality, strength, sound and form. Each of the parts is able to manifest itself through another part, that is, the form (the very image of the rune) contains sense, quality, strength and sound.

It is thanks to this feature that the Magician, applying a rune on a plate in a certain way, creates an amulet filled with power and having a certain quality.

The theme of the origin of runes and runic magic deserves a separate discussion in view of its significance and volume.

It is important to note that to master the runic magic, the main role is played not by the historical aspect of the origin of the runes, but by the mystic-mythological one.

In other words, it is important for the Magician not to memorize in which century and where this or that monument was erected, but to understand the myth explaining the origin of the runes and revealing their meaning.

Runic magic holds a special place in the teaching of Fire Magic. This exclusivity is due to the fact that the runes are not only a powerful and effective tool for influencing the world around us, but also a fairly accurate prediction tool that allows you to give a detailed and deep answer to any pressing questions.

Rune Magic Basics

In order to truly prepare for effective magical work with the runes, the Magician must devote a lot of time not only to learn the meanings, names and signs of the runes, but also to reveal all aspects of the runes in himself. By this is meant that the magician, based on the teachings, must, by thinking and acquiring mystical experience, penetrate into the essence of all meanings of the runes.

The technique of comprehending the runes, which begins familiarity with the runic magic, is to apply a separate rune to your body and the daily practice of concentrating on it.

Thus, you can work out each rune from day 1 to day 9, plunging into it and revealing its facets.

You should also pay attention to how the rune affects the person, his environment and the events around him.

Experienced masters recommend starting a diary during work, in which you can record results, thoughts and observations. These records will surely provide invaluable assistance in further practice.

Types of Runic Magic

The rune magic of the Brotherhood of Fire tradition studies and uses many different systems, both common runic systems (Elder Futhark, Junior Futhark and Northumbrian system), and quite rare and not common (Vers Darnas). Regardless of which system the magician uses, the principles of runic magic remain unchanged.

36 rune system «Vers Darna»

In total, there are 4 directions of runic magic:

Predictive Runic Magic is exploring ways to predict the future and adjust it. This direction uses special tools for prediction: runic sets and lots.

It is hard to imagine a runner-maker who would not use such a precise tool for seeing the future and analyzing the situation.

Ritual runic magic focused on the manufacture of items of power, artifacts, magic tools and amulets. This direction became one of the most widespread.

This popularity is due to the extraordinary efficiency and flexibility of the system itself. In order to create this or that event in life, you need a certain way to make a rune spell and put it on the amulet.

Also this direction uses runes in ritual practice. Summoning Runic Magic considers options for conducting rituals of invoking Spirits and interacting with them.

In contrast to the two previous directions, this is less well known, but just as effective and interesting.

In the arsenal of the Magician, practicing this art, there are many interesting things: seals of the summoning of Spirits, exorcism spells, amulets, allowing to come into contact with the other world, and so on.

Higher Runic Magic uses the runes to endow objects with different qualities, as well as for instant influence. This is the most difficult direction in runic magic, since it requires for its practice the hefty abilities of the Magician and the constant expenditure of energy on training skills.

But, as they say, those who were able to achieve even the initial results, it is worth it.

Most Fire Mages practicing runic magic specialize in one direction or another, but since all directions are closely related to each other and have a lot of related topics, it becomes impossible to achieve significant results on the chosen path without studying other directions of runic magic.

Altar and tools

In addition to the magic altar (the classic altar used in ritual fire magic is suitable for the practice of runic magic) and the tools of the Fire Magician for the practice of runic magic you will need another table (working bench) and an additional set of tools (for working wood, leather, metal, etc. .).

Due to the fact that runic magic is closely connected with the manufacture of magical artifacts, tools and various amulets, it contains a large amount of knowledge associated with various crafts and materials science. In order to make a high-quality amulet, it is not enough just to cut a rune on a plank, you need to choose the right material, based not only on the physical properties of the material, but also considering its magical properties.

Learning Runic Magic

Learning such a volumetric direction as runic magic cannot be fast. It is impossible to reliably say how many years of study will be required before the Magician masters all 4th directions of runic magic perfectly.

It does not depend more on time, but on the student’s diligence and dedication to the learning process.

The process of learning runic magic is differentiated and includes a number of specific initiation initiations, which both mark the transition of the student to the next level of learning and expand his capabilities.

In order to achieve significant results in the field of runic magic, it is necessary to lay the «correct foundation» for further training. It is worth starting the study of runic magic by mastering the techniques of predicting the future and creating runic amulets.

This will allow not only to understand and learn the values ​​of various aspects of the runes, but also to verify their strength and wisdom.

Runes for beginners

The practice of runic prediction: the preparation and production of runes

Today we will give some advice on the treatment of runes for beginners, as runes are naturally not newfangled esoteric toys, moreover in the hands of a thoughtless person they can do harm to him as well, since this is rather an developed objective mechanism for controlling the energies of the universe. Ancient experts noted that «what is written in runes, it is not possible to change even to God.»

Tips for beginner runners

Therefore, the first and most important advice to beginner runners: remember once and for all — as soon as you use any rune separately or a bunch of formula (for yourself), you change …

Depending on which runes are used, there are several options for this change:

  1. You are changing at the same time (because of this), changing the situation.
  2. You change the situation and because of this, you change yourself.

But the main thing is that this is always the case; the first two points are always interrelated.
Regardless of how exactly this will happen, you yourself change unequivocally and irrevocably …

Ethics in working with runes

If you cut runic symbols to someone else, it changes. Before anyone cut the formula, think about it.

On the ethics of professional work with runes and just safety for you and others, it would be very good to understand the person himself before understanding how he will become after the work you have done … After all, one will be superimposed on another … One rune on another …
Remember that you can come to the same result in different ways … And you should choose this path too …

Also, you should be asked to do something for another person. After all, you interfere in his fate. So not do this only because it is you who thinks that it would be better for him.

Not your business, even if it is the closest person to you. Another thing is that you can offer your help and explain what exactly and what will come out of it. But decide, ultimately, to the person himself.

How runic amulets and runes work

Another point is to make a man a bunch, tell us what can happen and how … Explain that the talisman you have made must be obeyed. And then …
You made a protective amulet, and the person believes that nothing will happen to him by definition by definition …

Everything in him and around him protests against him going to the venue … And the lock breaks, and the phone distracts, and he sprains his leg. But he did scatter on one leg, headlong.

And there a brick will fall on his head … Ahh. Amulet does not work.

But I also hope that the beginner will understand that the wise action of the runic amulet in this case was to cause these troubles so that the person did not get to the meeting.

Therefore, the owner of such «magical» things must have the wisdom to notice in which direction they change situations and not to stop them from changing, by their thoughtless and chaotic actions.

And if you already know why you need runes? So if you decide to work with them trust them.

And even more it is necessary to understand, “the amulet does not work to protect against fire in the case when a person is flooded with water … The result is what we come to or want to come to using this bundle. Here too there can be one rune or several.

Several — intermediate results.

As an example, we will earn money and we will rejoice at this. Here, as you can see, two runes. Or two groups of runes …

Since if we, as beginners in working with the runes, do not prescribe the second part, the money that came in may cause even more trouble than before, so there is a need to “correctly formulate our desires”, so that later we don’t regret that they were fulfilled wrongly as we thought and expected it in our head.

Runic Formulas

Now, literally in a nutshell, how to make runic formulas

The rune formula itself may consist of one rune, two, etc. If there are more than nine, separate this nine point. The more runes in the formula, the less opportunity you have for improvisation, the clearer the path is spelled out, and for beginners, the less mistakes they can make …

And therefore, if something can be solved with one rune, do not cut two, if possible with two, do not cut three, etc. The recommended number is not more than five.

And even better, no more than three … But here, it all depends on what you really want to achieve. Sometimes the best option will be only one rune.

If you just need to get out of depression, just add yourself strength, just find knowledge or insight, you cut one rune. Why do you need more.

In this one rune there is already the path itself and the result.

But Mantica runes is a completely different topic and very serious, and requiring a separate presentation … At the starting point of the path, turn on the chuyk and forward.

Runner Tips for Beginners

It is often recommended not to improvise at the beginning of the journey, starting to work with the runes, but using the ready-made «proven experts and time» formulas … I can not say that I am clearly against, but …

Proven formulas are naturally averaged for all and will not give an ideal result in your particular situation, keep this in mind.

Therefore, I recommend even beginners to try to learn these formulas to calculate, decompose, think over and understand how they work, how they work, what will change in the situation, in the person who uses this formula, etc.

That is, I offer you a kind of research work with these formulas, and build your own. But sometimes, it is useful not to reinvent the wheel, but to use an already invented one, at the same time understanding how it is driven.

After all, he goes and gives real results, but what else do you need?

Runes can be cut and charged, painted in front of you in the air, “implanted” into a person, painted on your hand, drawn on a piece of paper, used as energy flows, etc. In general, all that is enough for your imagination … But it is from you depends on how they will work, how long, in what cases, etc.

According to the classics, an amulet (talisman) is cut and a ritual is performed, so that a bunch of runes will work. And it depends on the ritual itself how long this talisman will work.

Runic Diagnostics for Beginners

ActionTeaser.ru — teaser ads Now, let’s talk about diagnostics runami, sometimes, for example, when you are attacked or need to stop the blood, to remove the pain, it is clearly not needed. You know exactly what is happening and immediately take adequate measures.

But, if you make a particular talisman, you do a specific job, it is necessary.

“The patient always lies” (“Doctor House”) The client (and often you yourself) will never (almost) tell you the truth and what is really happening. He (or you) is always white and fluffy and in no way guilty.

If he knew what was the matter, he would have coped without your help … This is such a strange habit, everything is either time, or we do not agree, and not to anyone else.

Therefore, in order to avoid mistakes of runners in the work and diagnosis of runes, before someone else does something, spread the runes and read what is actually happening … Why is the “patient” poor, sick and does not like the girl … And only then will you understand what can be done about it.

Sometimes, what would his girlfriend love, you just need to bring a person out of depression. And that he would earn a million, he needs to deal with his wife or his children, or parents … Here you have the right way.

These are the forces we will work with.

Do runes trust

Sometimes when diagnosing situations, the runes, from your point of view, give a complete nonsense. No need to immediately think that you are an idiot, or your runes, and stop trusting them.

Write down the alignment, meditate, think, compare all the available information, ask questions.

The answer will definitely come … Very well in this case, change the question, break one big question into several small ones. To the extent that the runes also clarify what was meant.

You understand what’s the matter and have lively composed the formula … Do not hurry. Let this formula you «settle».

Calculate in advance how the situation will change, the person himself and, accordingly, his character, health, etc. How much this formula corresponds to this particular person … Go through different options, maybe you will find a better alternative.

Recheck everything before use.

If a person has a bad heart, you are sure that you need to force him to actively rush forward … Maybe softer, thinner … If this is an old grandmother, does she need to cut the same formula as a healthy young man? If a person is cynic and stale rusk, is it necessary to aggravate these qualities of his.

To be 100% sure that you will not harm yourself and others, it is very useful to ask the runes what will happen, how the situation will change if you make this bundle and use it, and what will happen if you DO NOT.

Surely you will get a lot of information for reflection. Especially at first, if you still do not have enough experience.

Yes, it will naturally be longer and more difficult, but you will be able to work with the runes as a professional, and not as a drunk monkey with a grenade in his hand.

In general, before happily blessing a person by solving his problems, think about how you are going to do it …

And another very important point — sometimes the runes will tell you that nothing can be done to this person. In this case, calmly refuse to help him.

Just do nothing.

Most likely this is his working off something, or the fact that he must pass on his own … He is what they like to call the beautiful word «karma». You do not have the right to interfere.

Neither you nor him from this intervention will not be good.


So the last runner advice for beginners today is to have the wisdom to change the situations that are necessary and not influence the situations that are not necessary to influence. Then your practice will be successful and long, and your advice will be the most working and effective what I wish you.

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