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The number of life path — the vector of human life mission

The number of life path — the vector of human life mission

All sorts of numbers surround a person throughout his life, and some of them are able to influence his destiny in the most amazing way. Such, for example, is the number of life path — an important numerological characteristic that determines the purpose of his ward, his life mission.

The number of life path - the vector of human life mission

The concept of the number of life path

Life path number (synonym — entity code ) — this is one of the main numerological indicators, the purpose of which is reduced to the definition of a person’s life task in his present incarnation. This is a kind of program embedded in a person from the moment of his birth.

The entity code is similar to the compass, which controls the fate of his ward, points him to the right direction in the event of a difficult life situations and trouble, turning points. The number of life path also contains the main features and qualities of the personality, its strengths and weaknesses.

It helps to reveal hidden talents, indicates the goals and objectives of a person in this world, determines his priorities.

Calculating the number of life paths

To calculate the number of life paths, you only need full date of birth person — all figures, its components are summed up . The resulting amount if necessary brought by numerological coagulation to the base (simple) value , which will be entity code .

The number of life paths often immediately turns out to be basic — in this case, you don’t need to add anything further. Numerological coagulation applies only to challenging numbers In addition, there are so-called master numbers — this 11, 22, 33 . However, not all numerologists distinguish them into a separate group — often they are reduced to prime numbers ( 2, 4, 6 ).

Examples of calculating the entity code

  • The base (simple) number. Suppose a person was born on February 3, 2001. Analyzing date of birth 03.02.2001 : 03 (day) is a prime number; 02 (month) is a prime number; 2001 (year) — a complex number, add up all separately. We summarize all the numbers: 0 + 3 + 0 + 2 + 2 + 0 + 0 + 1 = 8. As a result, we get the code of the essence of this person — eight .
  • Complex (two-digit) number. Another client, for example, was born on October 18, 1971. We analyze the date of birth 10/18/1971 : 18 (day) — a complex number; 10 (month) is a complex number; 1971 (year) — a complex number. We summarize all the numbers: 1 + 8 + 1 + 0 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 1 = 28. It also turned out to be a complex number; we reduce it to a simple one by addition: 2 + 8 = 10. Again, a complex number, add: 1 + 0 = 1. The number of life path — one .
  • Master number. The date of birth of the third person, let’s say, is November 25, 1985. We analyze 11/25/1985 : 25 (day) — a complex number, add up the components; 11 — master number, leave it in the same form, do not summarize anything; 1985 — a complex number, add up all the numbers. It turns out like this: 2 + 5 + 11 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 5 = 41. We bring the result to a prime number: 4 + 1 = 5. Entity code — five . If during the initial summation of the digits of the date of birth a master number is obtained, it is not necessary to reduce it to a simple one. For example, if the date of birth is March 1, 2005, the following happens: 01.03.2005 — 0 + 1 + 0 + 3 + 2 + 0 + 0 + 5 = 11. Entity code and will eleven , bring it to a simple value is not required.

Life path number: interpretation of results

Entity code — 1

The number of life path - the vector of human life mission

If a person manages life unit , his mission is to lead, to be first and to lead. Human units are distinguished by an outstanding individuality, they have a lively mind, they are endowed with inventiveness and often with creative abilities.

Units-children. The bright character of a man-unit is manifested in childhood. These are active and mobile children who never sit still and try to stand out from others.

Often they commit impulsive acts, the reasons for which they themselves cannot explain. As they grow up, such a desire to assert itself may result in egoism and independence, so these children should be wisely directed from childhood to be guided along the right path, cultivating in them a sense of self-control, responsibility and compassion for others.

Units are adults. Adult units, as a rule, are self-confident, extremely freedom-loving, brave, decisive and initiative.

They are able to make original decisions, they are distinguished by great willpower, they constantly strive for success in all spheres of life. Units do not like to be second, do not like to obey, so they often start their own business in order not to depend on anyone.

Weak and negative sides of the personality: excessive self-confidence, tendency to cruelty, irritability, selfishness, boasting, inability to count their real possibilities.

Tip: to learn self-discipline and self-control, the ability to suppress one’s irritability in time, not to count on someone else’s help, to learn from the experience of other people in business.

Life path number — 2

The number of life path - the vector of human life mission

Man led two , gentle and patient, knows how to get along with people around him. He does not like quarrels and conflicts, tries to avoid them, is distinguished by the ability to understand and sympathize.

Twos-children good contact with peers, know how to appreciate friendship, but prefer loneliness. They are impressionable, often closed in themselves.

They like quiet, quiet activities. Differ slowness, accuracy, diligence and perseverance.

Twos adults — people are responsive and ready to always come to the rescue, to provide support and assistance. They can solve the problems of others, but almost never share their own, do not show their true emotions and feelings. A person with a life path of 2 is a responsible employee, but the role of a leader is not for him.

This is a performer who achieves heights, acting under the guidance of someone.

Weak and negative aspects of the individual : indecision, timidity, excessive modesty, gullibility, sometimes — the inability to defend their interests.

Tip: try not to fall under the influence of unscrupulous people, be more selective in people (colleagues, friends, partners), do not allow yourself to manipulate.

Entity code — 3

The number of life path - the vector of human life mission

Troika gives his charges excellent communication skills, high oratorical qualities, endless optimism. These are people who can not live without communication and society.

Children threesomes able to cause sympathy from the first minute. They are always surrounded by care and attention. Small triples do not like to sit still, they are distinguished by heightened curiosity and sociability.

At the same time, they are often quite capricious, self-willed, and impudent. A child-three from childhood must be well educated, taught to be responsive and sensitive, otherwise a despot and a tyrant can grow out of it completely indifferent to the feelings of others.

Adult threesomes endowed with extraordinary charm, insight, ability to convince. New information they grasp literally on the fly.

Their strong qualities help triples quickly achieve their goals and in a short time to build an enviable career.

Weak and negative sides of the personality: propensity to selfishness and ambition, superficiality, unwillingness to notice existing problems.

Tip: express yourself, experiment, be more attentive, do not waste your optimism.

Life path number — 4

The number of life path - the vector of human life mission

People whose life journey code is four , possess insight, perseverance, an amazing ability to understand the essence of everything that is happening, to reveal the hidden causes of actions committed by others. The four, guiding the life of a person, requires organization, responsibility, hard work.

Insight is intrinsic and foursome children : they perfectly feel adults, they literally see through them, they immediately recognize a lie. They are distinguished by a calm disposition and independence, they easily cope with complex tasks, they inspire confidence in others.

Often are indecisive, so the child-four need to instill confidence from an early age.

Fours-adults they are appreciated by their superiors because of their ability to perform strenuous and tedious work, while achieving excellent results. They are reliable and resistant people, about whom they say — “like behind a stone wall”.

Weak and negative sides of the personality: dissatisfaction with their fate, disagreement with the current state of affairs, overly conservative views, suspicion, indecision, made-up fears.

Tip: to be more proactive, not to compare yourself with other people, to struggle with your indecision, to pay more attention to your friends and relatives.

Entity code — 5

The number of life path - the vector of human life mission

Five endows his charges with cheerfulness, irrepressible energy, activity, ability to adapt to any situation. People whose life span is 5 love the attention to their own person, praise and admiration.

Prone to eccentricity.

Five-children like to stand out among their peers, because of this they often get into quite awkward and unpleasant situations. These are charming, sociable, friendly and inquisitive children with rich imagination, cheerful optimists.

They make a lot of friends.

In the adult age of five retain their best qualities. They love the movement, active communication and new experiences.

Fives are open, characterized by a flexible nature and goodwill.

Weak and negative sides of the personality: excessive impulsiveness, impatience, lack of concentration, inability to pay attention to details, inconstancy, denial of generally accepted rules, tendency to depression, moodiness, the habit of rushing from extreme to extreme, indiscipline, fickle mood, excessive curiosity.

Tip: overcome in itself a craving for impermanence.

Life path number — 6

The number of life path - the vector of human life mission

People whose life span is six , They are distinguished by good observation and can maintain external calm in almost any situation. Most of all they appreciate the regularity and order in all spheres of life.

Six children like to communicate with peers, easily find new friends for themselves. At the same time, they have a natural modesty, which prevents them from expressing aloud the thoughts and ideas digging in their heads.

Such children with small children need to be taught to overcome their indecision, otherwise in adulthood this quality will turn into a serious complex.

Six in adulthood characterized by assiduity and diligence, striving for order, have developed intuition. They are attentive, responsive and generous. They like to act according to a predetermined plan.

Enough stubborn.

Weak and negative sides of the personality: excessive modesty and indecision, often — obsession.

Tip: believe in your own strength, learn to suppress your stubbornness.

Entity code — 7

The number of life path - the vector of human life mission

The people whose lives are ruled by seven , can become good researchers — for this they have all the necessary qualities. They have a deep kind, unlimited learning abilities, the ability to get to the bottom of the essence.

However, they prefer to rely only on their own experience. The sevens have a well-developed intuition.

Sevens-children — dreamers and dreamers, very impressionable. They constantly strive to comprehend new things, absorb knowledge like a sponge. At the same time, small sevens are characterized by modesty, they are often embarrassed to express their opinion, they may confuse the imaginary with the real.

For these children, the support of adults is very important — it will help strengthen their faith in themselves.

Adult Sevens — these are ideological inspirers, excellent strategists, but the performers from them are unimportant. Interesting interlocutors.

They are honest, smart, endowed with a good sense of humor and business acumen, prudence, innate sense of beauty. Sevens feel good to other people, they know how to find their weak points.

Weak and negative sides of the personality: cunning, prudence, revenge. isolation, secrecy, changeable mood, sometimes — cruelty to the people around them.

Tip: not to give in to pessimism and despondency, not to be a bore, to show more interest in other people.

Life path number — 8

The number of life path - the vector of human life mission

People- eights have a strong character, wise beyond the years. They strive for success and well-being and easily achieve this, thanks to their personal qualities. The eights make good leaders and organizers.

They started the business to the end.

Eights-children they surprise with their unprecedented self-control, ability to rely only on themselves. They are very diligent, they can do one thing for a long time, until they complete it.

Eight-adults strive for leadership, always in the center of any company, amaze with their strength of will and unprecedented endurance. They know how to set goals and persistently achieve them.

Eight people are constantly striving for success. Life tests and difficulties do not frighten them; they can find a way out even from hopeless, seemingly situations.

Eights — loyal friends who know how to keep secrets.

Weak and negative sides of the personality: rudeness, excessive authority, the tendency to manipulate people, boastfulness, impatience, the tendency to over-dramatize the situation.

Tip: learn to control their negative negative qualities, to show more attention and care for close people.

Entity Code — 9

The number of life path - the vector of human life mission

People whose fate is ruled nine , distinguishes a complex and multifaceted character. These are idealists, whose number of their life path obliges them to be benefactors. At first glance, they seem impermanent, doubtful, rushing from one extreme to the other.

They act according to their own logic, which is rarely understood by the people around them.

Nine Children — these are inquisitive restlessies who seek to be in time everywhere, to be among the first. They have a wide range of interests.

Since childhood, little nines should be taught to concentrate on one particular business, to be more selective in their aspirations.

Adult nines characterized by innate desire for leadership, ability for logical analysis and extraordinary intelligence. They know how to fight for their well-being, not to deviate from their opinions. Nines are not accustomed to sit on the ground — they always strive for new heights, develop their personality and are ready to overcome any difficulties.

These are self-confident and energetic people. They are responsible and initiative, generous and prone to self-sacrifice, often have creative abilities and rich imagination.

Weak and negative sides of the personality: excessive ambition, conflict, superficiality, the tendency not to finish the job, sharpness with people around them, squabbling.

Tip: learn to give what you already have, without asking for anything in return; realize your generosity, without demanding gratitude in return.

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Master numbers — 11, 22, 33

As noted above, master numbers are not always allocated separately when calculating the entity code — they often reduce to 2, 4, and 6. Therefore, if your life path number is 11, 22, or 33, you can use the interpretations given for 2, 4 and 6.

We note only the most significant qualities of the personality of those whose way of life is under the control of 11, 22 and 33:

  • Eleven. People, driven by the number 11, are characterized by heightened intuition. They are able to foresee the coming events, subtly feel the state and intentions of others. By their nature, the wards of the eleven are inspirers: they know how to convince others, influence their thoughts, manage their goals. Such people often become the initiators of change and new ideas. Their personality attracts others with its mysteriousness and incomprehensibility.
  • Twenty two. The charges of the life path number 22 have a great potential of the Master-Creator, however, they are not always able to realize it, which results in internal anxiety. If they manage to take advantage of their hidden opportunities, it will be something grand, valuable and durable — a project that benefits many people. People whose fate is known by the number 11, often associate their lives with the creation of something material. Sometimes it can be a system of some knowledge, laws.
  • Thirty three. The wards of entity code 33 are individuals endowed with the great potential of the Master-Teacher. These are generators of ideas that can unite other people. They can become talented leaders of large teams. Often, such people calmly follow the path of the number 6, but periodically they light up with a creative spark — and then they have a large number of bright ideas, abilities that they never knew they had before.

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