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The number of fate by date of birth: calculate and change your life for the better

The number of fate by date of birth: calculate and change your life

It is believed that each person came to this world with some kind of special life mission, which is determined by the number of his fate. To calculate this important numerological indicator, you only need to know when the person was born. Calculate the number of fate by date of birth is not difficult.

How to do this — read the submission.

The number of fate by date of birth: calculate and change your life for the better

The concept of the number of fate

The number of fate — The term Vedic numerology. In western numerology, the term is used to denote this characteristic. life path number.

The number of fate indicates the life purpose of a person, reveals the strengths and weaknesses of his personality, has an impact on all the events that occur in his life.

How to calculate the number of fate by date of birth?

The number of a person’s fate is determined by simple numerological calculation by date of birth — day, month and year. To calculate the number of fate, it is only necessary to add all the numbers that make up this indicator, and reduce the resulting total to a simple number from 1 to 9 (except for some cases with the so-called dominant (governing, dominant) numbers — 11, 22, 33) .

An example of calculating the number of fate:

  1. Let’s say someone was born July 5, 1985 — 07/05/1985.
  2. Add up all digits (zeroes can be omitted): 5 + 7 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 5 = 35.
  3. Since we have a two-digit number, we bring the resulting amount to a simple number, using the numerological folding (addition): 3 + 5 = 8.
  4. The number of the fate of a person from our example is equal toeight.

Exceptional cases

Sometimes, when summing up the dates of birth, numbers 11, 22 and 33 can be obtained. In numerology, they are called dominant (master numbers). They themselves are very strong, have powerful energy.

Therefore, numerological folding with them is not always carried out.

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Characteristics of a person according to the number of his fate

The number of fate — 1

The number of fate by date of birth: calculate and change your life for the better

  • general characteristics. People whose number of fate by date of birth equals one are born leaders. The desire to be in the forefront, to stand out from the gray mass — an innate feature of them. These are bright individualists, for whom their own “I” always comes first. They are incredibly active, ambitious, original, and independent personalities who are capable of striving to achieve their goals.
  • Virtues. Self-confidence, unprecedented dedication, determination and courage, energy and a positive vision of life, honesty and generosity are the qualities that number 1 has given to its wards. People-units are known as resilient optimists; they have a good sense of humor. They are one of those who prefer to work with their own mind. By nature, they are talented, and they are able to direct this talent in a creative direction.
  • disadvantages. Persons governed by the number of fate 1, differ enviable stubbornness, reaching to obstinacy, excessive straightness, arrogance and arrogance. They are selfish, impatient, cynical, often overly aggressive. Units love power and tend to bend under themselves around, characterized by dictatorial manners. Hard to perceive criticism in their address, do not know how to admit that they are wrong. Not without vanity, prone to laziness.
  • Purpose: to be a leader and inspirer, to charge those around you with your enthusiasm, to encourage them to act.

The number of fate — 2

The number of fate by date of birth: calculate and change your life for the better

  • general characteristics. Cooperation and partnership are two words that characterize the people whose destinies are 2. The twos are inborn diplomats and peacekeepers. They strive for harmony, easily compromise.
  • Virtues. The wards of the twos are balanced, attentive, gentle and patient. They are kind, modest, tactful, not conflicted, they know how to share their warmth. Cool and calm, prudent and circumspect, endowed with an analytical mindset. Two people are well able to resolve other people’s conflicts, create an environment of peace and harmony around them. They are endowed with the innate abilities of a psychologist and insight.
  • disadvantages. Two people — incorrigible dreamers who often fly in the clouds. They are overly shy and indecisive, absolutely guileless and impractical. Easy to go on about the people around them. Prone to a quick change of mood. The two do not have enough initiative and assertiveness, the slightest failures make them fall into pessimism and despondency. In real life, all this often turns into an inferiority complex for people with the number of fate 2.
  • Purpose: take life in its natural form, adapt to it, avoid extremes.

The number of fate — 3

The number of fate by date of birth: calculate and change your life for the better

  • general characteristics. Talent and self-expression are the words that best characterize people whose number of fate is represented by a troika. The natural talent of triples often contributes to the fact that these people associate their lives with the sphere of creativity. These personalities are endowed with a sharp mind and curiosity, ingenuity and developed intuition, dynamism and optimism. They have a huge internal energy, which simply does not allow them to sit in one place.
  • Virtues. The threes have a good character that attracts others, like a magnet. They literally radiate charm and charm, love to be in the center of attention, eloquent and attractive. Very friendly and communicative. Threes appreciate sincerity and honesty, friendship for them is not an empty phrase. People with the number of fate 3 are distinguished by extraordinary generosity, often even to their own detriment.
  • disadvantages. Three people are characterized by impatience and excessive emotionality, temper and pride. Prone to envy and bragging. Quite talkative, not averse to participate in the dissemination of gossip. Often waste their talent, effort and time. They like to throw money around.
  • Purpose: to give and accept love, to serve as inspiration to people around.

The number of fate — 4

The number of fate by date of birth: calculate and change your life for the better

  • general characteristics. A person whose number of fate by the date of birth is 4 is a man-fortress: serious, solid, reliable and responsible. Fours are balanced and industrious, independent and cautious, like order and stability.
  • Virtues. Quartet people are characterized by courage and determination, while they do not like to take risks. Decency, restraint and seriousness, morality, diligence and accuracy, the ability to perform routine work — this is what distinguishes the fours against the background of others. These people have good business skills. Men with the number of fate 4 are individuals whose hands grow from the right place: they get good mechanics.
  • disadvantages. Trust numbers of fate 4 are often impatient and stubborn, lazy and awkward. Prone to despondency and pessimism. Sometimes they lack confidence. In relation to their relatives and friends, Quartet people often show authority and harshness.
  • Purpose: “To introduce” in the surrounding people a sense of constancy and security.

The number of fate — 5

The number of fate by date of birth: calculate and change your life for the better

  • general characteristics. Adventurism and love of risk, impulsiveness and mobility, resilience and vigor, unpredictability and originality, love of freedom and independence are words that well describe people whose number of destiny by date of birth is equal to 5.
  • Virtues. Fives are people who are completely unable to sit in one place. They are very active, dynamic, constantly moving forward and simply adore all kinds of changes. Traction to everything new guides them through life. Becoming the soul of any company is not difficult for them.
  • disadvantages. The people of number 5 do not like routine activities, so they often take on several cases at once and do them rather casually. Fives are characterized by inconstancy and lightheadedness. It is not always possible to rely on these personalities, as the charges of fate 5 are very irresponsible. These people can behave eccentric, love excitement, often jealous and envious.
  • Purpose: encourage others to action.

The number of fate — 6

The number of fate by date of birth: calculate and change your life for the better

  • general characteristics. Reliability and stability, kindness and sincerity, incredible magnetism are qualities that characterize the personality of a person, the number of whose fate is 6. They strive for harmony. Capable of compassion.
  • Virtues. Noble and friendly, calm and delicate, kind and humane, sixes are trusted by others. From these personalities literally blows warm, with a number of reliable and fun. They are modest and peaceful. In general, people are very cute and attractive.
  • disadvantages. Despite the whole set of positive qualities, people of number 6 are vindictive and vindictive. Sometimes they are too picky and grumbling, often optional and inconstant. Rectilinear, obsessive and selfish. May be lazy and passive.
  • Purpose: caring for loved ones, helping those in need, creating a warm, cozy, family atmosphere.

The number of fate — 7

The number of fate by date of birth: calculate and change your life for the better

  • general characteristics. The number of fate 7 is the number of lonely and silent thinkers, the number is a mystery. Its owners to the continuous spiritual development, to obtain new knowledge, to the knowledge of the world and the disclosure of its secrets. The people of number 7 are intellectuals endowed with originality and many talents. These are philosophers for whom the material aspect of life occupies one of the last places.
  • Virtues. The sevens have an inquiring mind of an analytical warehouse, a developed intuition. They are perceptive — not hide anything from their attention. Physical work ward number 7 prefer mental. Seven people are very patient and independent, bright individualists. Closed, love loneliness.
  • disadvantages. Since the sevens prefer loneliness, they can be sullen and emotionally cold, alienated and impregnable. Their frequent companions are pessimism and despondency, which over time can lead to depressive states. Trust numbers of fate 7 are prone to insincerity, prudence and cruelty, to deceit and even betrayal. May become alcoholics. Often, they are ardent fanatics.
  • Purpose: transfer your knowledge, apply it for the benefit of mankind; to achieve inner perfection and be an example for people seeking to intellectual and spiritual evolution.

The number of fate — 8

The number of fate by date of birth: calculate and change your life for the better

  • general characteristics. The number of destiny 8 bestows on its owner the desire for achievements related to material wealth, success, power and money. People-eight enterprising, material prefer spiritual. They have the qualities of a leader, they are able to realize the ideas that have arisen in the head.
  • Virtues. Eights — strong and strong-willed people. They are creative and original, independent and ambitious, brave and sturdy, reliable and practical. Have good performing skills. The character of eights is energetic and combative. These are deadpan, self-confident realists. Hardworking, not afraid of hard work, they are distinguished by patience, perseverance and purposefulness. They are able to answer for their actions and words.
  • disadvantages. Trust numbers of fate 8 are characterized by excessive burden to power and wealth. These are selfish obsessions, narcissists, and unpredictable cynics who do not like to obey, often playing with other people. They are very stubborn and capricious, prone to tyranny. Pretty messy. They are endowed with the ability to make money, but they do not know how to handle the earned finances.
  • Purpose: learn to use your energy and positive qualities for the benefit of others, try not only for yourself, but for the benefit of others.

The number of fate — 9

The number of fate by date of birth: calculate and change your life for the better

  • general characteristics. Compassion and humanism are the key qualities of people who are in control of the number of fate 9. Nines are romantics and dreamers who came to this world in order to give their love and empathy to other people. These are intellectual personalities endowed with a strong will, a lively mind and innate observation. The wards of number 9 are freedom-loving people who do not tolerate coercion and restrictions on their independence.
  • Virtues. Nines can create a good impression of themselves, attract people to themselves, easily gain someone else’s trust and sympathy. Characterized by tact, delicacy and politeness. In the eyes of others look sociable, friendly and cheerful. Nines have a strong, militant and firm character, the dominant nature, a great inner potential.
  • disadvantages. Nine people can be overly sensitive and capricious, hot-tempered and aggressive. They are impatient, selfish, subject to despondency and indecision. Vulnerable to addictions (smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction, substance abuse).
  • Purpose: illuminate and ennoble the lives of people around them, help them find the right meaning of life, serve as an example of true love and generosity.

Dominant numbers of fate and a brief description of them

In numerology, the dominant numbers 11, 22, and 33 often reduce to a prime 2 (1 + 1), 4 (2 + 2), and 6 (3 + 3). The dominant numbers of fate are distinguished by special energy and combine the qualities of several numbers:

  • eleven — reinforced unit and deuce;
  • 22 — reinforced two and four;
  • 33 — reinforced three and six.

To each dominant number, numerologists attribute their particular purpose:

  • eleven — This is the Master of Light, the Spiritual Mediator;
  • 22 — it is the Master of creation (the Construction master);
  • 33 — Master of the healing energy of love and service.

Since the control numbers 11, 22, and 33 can always be brought to simple 2, 4, and 6, we give only a brief description of them, which reflects the most typical qualities for them.

The number of fate — 11 (11/2)

The number of fate by date of birth: calculate and change your life for the better

  • general characteristics. The people whose destiny is the master number 11 are independent individualists, leaders, and pioneers. Along with this, they are not alien to the team spirit and partnership, the desire for peace and harmony. They are dreamers and idealists who rely on their life experiences and are interested in the secrets of the universe. These are sworn humanists. However, they are focused more on their inner world than on the life of society. Wards 11 love to be in the spotlight and often reach popularity. They are bold, but often restless, prone to fear and various phobias.
  • Purpose: to improve honesty and integrity in oneself, to lead people along with one’s own experience, to teach them spiritual truths.

The number of fate — 22 (22/4)

The number of fate by date of birth: calculate and change your life for the better

  • general characteristics. People born under the number of fate 22, are born leaders with enviable organizational skills. Master number 22 gives his ward a desire for large projects and their implementation for the benefit of the people. These are creative individuals who dream productively and are able to realize their dreams. They are serious and hardworking, loyal to others. The weak side of the number 22 people often is poor health, which they have to strengthen. They also endure various kinds of obstacles, when there are too many of them in their lives and activities, they may lose their sense of support due to this.
  • Purpose: carry the spiritual into the material world, having learned patience, fearlessness and discipline.

The number of fate — 33 (33/6)

The number of fate by date of birth: calculate and change your life for the better

  • general characteristics. Empathy, compassion, and helping others are qualities that most accurately characterize people whose number of destiny by date of birth is 33. The wards of master numbers 33 literally emit heat and light that lead many people to follow them. They personify Love in its most sincere and true form. Their weak side is the inability to clearly express their needs. The number 33 people often seek to solve all the problems of mankind, completely forgetting about themselves, and thus, they quickly burn out. They should direct their energy towards achieving spiritual and emotional harmony.
  • Purpose: to gain the opportunity to serve humanity, having first learned to love and heal yourself with the energy of love.

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