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The number 33 — the value in numerology and the impact on human destiny

The number 33 — the value in numerology and the impact on human destiny

Number 33 esoteric attributed magical value. It is sacred in the Bible, because it was at the age of 33 that the Savior of all mankind Jesus Christ was crucified and rose from the Kingdom of the Dead.

Unique in all senses, one of the dominant — the number 33 — has received a special meaning in numerology.

The number 33 - the value in numerology and the impact on human destiny

Number 33 — meaning and characteristic in numerology

The number 33 in numerology is one of the master numbers (dominant, governing, dominant).

  • These are two triples, symbolizing a living mind and curiosity. Doubled in number 33, they personify extraordinary thinking and genius .
  • Triplets by numerological coagulation can be easily brought to six, expressing love and harmony .
  • This is triple 11, which also belongs to the category of master numbers.
  • If you turn the two triples to each other, it turns out eight, denoting infinity and absolute perfection .

The number 33 contains the qualities of all the numbers one way or another connected with it — first of all, the properties of the three and the six. Its strongest sides are:

  • creativity and fantasy, emotionality and artistry, optimism and fun, sociability and openness — qualities inherited from the top three ;
  • the ability to sincerely love, provide all kinds of help and support, care and take responsibility — features acquired from the six .

The number 33 signifies strength, perfection, completeness, unity of sets, harmony and balance. It calls for the highest degree of love — real, sincere, immaculate, and sacrificial, love between man and the Lord.

The example of Christ from the Holy Scriptures is proof of this.

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Characteristic people number 33

The carriers of the number 33 came to this world to serve and help humanity. The life mission of the two trust troopers is to act for those around them as a spiritual mentor, teacher, to be a humanist, to increase love and grace in this world.


Holders of the number 33 — people extraordinary (can be said of genius ) and a lively mind. They are endowed imaginative , explosive fantasy and thinking outside the box , whereby they most often associate their professional activities with creativity.

They make good writers, artists, artists, musicians, fashion designers and designers. The number 33 gives their players extraordinary natural talent and requires that this gift be developed for the benefit of others.

The people of the number 33 are inherent innate sense of beauty and refined taste . They are able, even from the most unsightly creations, to make a true masterpiece of art. These are creators and creators who can bring something brilliant to the world.

Personalities driven by the number 33 tend to continuous spiritual development , prone to philosophical thoughts about the essence of being. They are able intelligently allocate your time and energy .

The number 33 is interpreted by numerologists as “Master of the healing energy of love” and empowers his charges mutual understanding , love and compassion . The people of 33 exist in this world in order to help others, to bring benefit and benefit, so they strive to occupy an important place in society. Most of them are flawless altruists and philanthropists — they respond to requests everyone who needs a helping hand is happy give others love and care .

The number 33 - the value in numerology and the impact on human destiny

These personalities are resilient moralists , for which justice is paramount. They differ discipline , love order .


Despite all the positive qualities that the number 33 bestows on his proteges, not all of them are the personification of perfection. Some people of the number 33 prefer to go through their lives in an easier way and renounce humanity, altruism and spirituality . Moreover, they adhere to the same manner of behavior with regard to even their closest people.

Individuals from this category of people of the number 33 also wary of love in any of its manifestations. Any questions concerning this bright feeling cause them dislike and discomfort.

They regard love as a barrier that prevents them from achieving life goals. These individuals equate the love of slavery.

Over time, the representatives of this group of 33 people can become cruel tyrants and terrorize your family and loved ones. Another quality characteristic of them is absolute inability to forgive . They will never forgive betrayal, but if it happens, their rage will be limitless.

Such people should try to cultivate the ability to forgiveness in themselves — otherwise, it will result in numerous life difficulties.

Sacramental number 33

Number 33 is given sacramental significance in many spiritual traditions. You don’t need to go far for an example — just remember the Bible and Jesus Christ, crucified at 33 years old.

The number 33 - the value in numerology and the impact on human destiny

The Christian Church is of the opinion that the age of 33 years is the age when a person, if properly developed, reaches his spiritual maturity, comes to harmony and perfection, is fully formed as a person. At 33, an individual discovers his full potential, but in the following years, only accumulation of life experience and the refinement of his existing skills occur.

There is also a hypothesis that a person, realizing himself during his life, passes, in total, 33 steps of initiation. The last — thirty-third — stage on this path is the merging of the human soul with the divine principle.

If we touch directly on Russian traditional culture, the special position is attributed to the number 33 in it:

  • the Russian alphabet has exactly 33 letters;
  • the famous hero of Russian epics, Ilya Muromets, lay on the stove for exactly 33 years, after which the path of his exploits began for the benefit of the Russian people;
  • one of the heroes of A.S. Pushkin — an old man — was able to catch a goldfish, after 33 years of uninterrupted fishing;
  • another moment from Pushkin’s work — 33 heroes.

The number 33 seems to break some boundaries and allows a powerful flow of energy to spill out. It carries a powerful positive charge, which not every its owner can cope with.

However, in this case, a person always has a choice: reduce the dominant number 33 to a simpler six and continue its life course under its influence.

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