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The most truthful gypsy divination for love, the attitude of men: on the cards, bones, interpretation and meaning

The most reliable gypsy divination for love and the attitude of men

Gypsy fortune telling will allow answering a number of interesting questions: what does the love union expect in the future, what is the man doing now, what is the impact of previous relationships on the current relationship. Gypsy divination is carried out only in good physical well-being and mood. Before laying out cards, the deck must be spoken.

This can be done with simple words: "As I begin to seduce, the cards will tell the truth". The deck should not be used for the game.

Polish fortune-telling on Gypsy cards for a man allows you to find out who your lover will be and in what way relations with a loved one will develop.

For this type of divination, not the whole deck is required, but only small cards (from sevens to ten). Pre-selected card blank.

She denotes a questioning woman. Traditionally, the form is chosen as follows:

  • A girl under 30 years old is a diamond lady.
  • Older than 30 — the heart.
  • Over 50 — clubs.

The remaining cards in fortune telling, with the exception of blanks, are symbols for different men. After that, you can start fortune telling. A reduced deck of 17 cards is carefully shuffled and laid out in a row.

Card shirts look down. In the row, you need to find the form and see what kind of card follows it.

She is the one who stands for the betrothed girl.

In the scenario, it may happen that the blank closes the row. This does not mean at all that the fortuneteller will not have a lover.

In this case, you need to see which card is in front of it.

The most truthful gypsy divination for love, the attitude of men: on the cards, bones, interpretation and meaning

This fortune-telling with a good explanation will tell about the features of a man of interest:

Chervovaya sevenThe man is calm, with high self-esteem. Does not like to get involved in disputes and conflicts. The impending relationship difficulties feels right away. She loves to be in the limelight. Therefore, the girl should always remain mysterious for him, so that her society is not bored
Seven of DiamondsThe man is very fussy. Important decisions are made on the go. Often scattered. Inconsistency makes living with him very difficult, as this person’s habits change from day to day.
Peak sevenA man with a conservative outlook on life. Perfectionist. Its main values ​​are power and strength. He is with a woman as long as there is a benefit from this relationship. Then leaves her without any regret
Club sevenAn unsure person, full of doubt and fear. The subject of his concern every day are hundreds of minor things. He constantly asks the surrounding council. Although relations with this man are simple: it is enough to become his main adviser, and everything will turn out
Heart of eightThe arrogant proud. But at the same time a man has patience, politeness and gallantry. Like a lady immediately calls to marry. But under no circumstances can you joke with him. His pride is very painful
The eight of diamondsOpen, straightforward personality. Lies prefers the truth, why suffer. If you make a man believe in himself, then life with him will turn into a real fairy tale.
Club eightA man with an optimistic view of things and a difficult fate. He has a lot of problems, but he does not get depressed. The girl should be helped to cope with his obstacles. In return, he will be happy to make her the happiest
Peak eightA smart man, but very boring. It is interesting in communication, although its monologues are always long. A woman should not offend him — it is fraught with scandal. Great family man. Cell society for him is the highest value
Hearts NineThe man is friendly, but incredulous. He loves and knows how to communicate, but at the same time he will not reveal his soul to the first comer. Sometimes behaves modestly, shyly. The girl should show maximum patience in dealing with him
Diamonds NineSecure and confident man. This macho knows his own worth. True, he is a big fan of collecting fans, so you should be alert. This dating is unlikely to turn out to be anything worthwhile.
Club NineWise and hardworking man. His main features — the mind, balance. Ready to share with the chosen one all the sadness and joy. The same lady will get along well with him — hardworking and optimistic
Peak nineDangerous guy. In the matter of seduction does not disdain in any way. An unpleasant man. The likelihood of psychological problems

The most truthful gypsy divination for love, the attitude of men: on the cards, bones, interpretation and meaning

Vorozhba allows you to get specific answers to questions guessing. A deck of 36 cards is used. During shuffling, one main question is asked, and then one card is pulled out.

In this fortune telling with a clear answer, the result largely depends on the suit.

  • Figures are a simple dream, it will come true very soon.
  • Ace — the desired exactly come true.
  • Figures — guessing will not be disappointed.
  • Figures — the chances of fulfilling the dream 50:50.
  • Ace — this is unlikely to be realized.
  • Figures — there are opportunities, but they are few.
  • Numbers — negative experiences will block all positive emotions.
  • Ace — a dream come true later.
  • Figures — before the dream comes true, you will have to go through a lot of obstacles.
  • Numbers — odds are zero.
  • Ace — a dream is not viable.
  • Figures — before the fulfillment of the desire there will be many difficulties and questions.

The most truthful gypsy divination for love, the attitude of men: on the cards, bones, interpretation and meaning

Popular fortune-telling on playing cards, which is offered by the fortune-teller Aza, helps to sort out confused feelings and improve current relationships. Understanding the situation provided by the cards, will allow the return of the former man. Conducted divination:

  1. 1. From the entire deck of cards, 4 kings are selected, they guess the names of real men.
  2. 2. Formulated a question that needs to be answered.
  3. 3. Kings are laid out on the surface arbitrarily.
  4. 4. The deck is shuffled, under each of the kings other cards are put in the following order: 1st row — 2 cards, 2nd row — one, 3rd row — again 2, 4th row — again 1.
  5. 5. Duplicate cards are removed from the layout (for example, the heart of hearts and diamonds need to be removed).

Interpretation is made on the remaining cards.

The meaning of the maps in the prediction of the gypsy Aza is:

  • Six — long road. Travel, walk, ride.
  • Seven — dreams. With this man at this stage of life, only fruitless hopes are connected.
  • Eight — a kiss. A man or a guy will do something nice (for example, give a bouquet of flowers).
  • Nine — love from the chosen one.
  • Ten — the fortune seeker is interested in a man, but she is driven by respect or sympathy, not passion.
  • Jack — this person dreams of securing solitude. At least to communicate heart to heart.
  • Lady — with a man is expected intimacy.
  • Ace — a person has a strong sense of strength, wants to make her his wife.

Divination can be carried out on women. Male gypsy divination Azi will be made on the ladies.

The remaining steps are similar.

This ancient fortune telling allows you to get a specific answer to your question. Two bones are taken and, with the thought of a disturbing problem, are thrown to the surface. Fallen numbers add up.

If there is only one dice, it should be rolled twice. The meaning of divination is as follows:

  • 2 — luck in love. But the fortuneteller should be careful, keep his happiness and avoid change.
  • 3 — entertainment related to money (for men). Venal love or sham marriage (for ladies).
  • 4 — Care should be taken in financial matters.
  • 5 is a positive sign. Cases lucky. But it is necessary to show more attention in relationships, family.
  • 6 — in the life of a fortune-teller a lot of good and bad. It is time for change.
  • 7 — to solve any problem will help a creative approach.
  • 8 — the unexpected will happen soon. But surprises will not necessarily be positive.
  • 9 — difficulties in learning or in work affairs. Help can close people or friends.
  • 10 is a currency note. Finding financial well-being is not far off. But in the affairs of love is not lucky.
  • 11 — all is well, in this guessing can be no doubt.
  • 12 — small changes for the better will take place soon, do not be disheartened.

This simple alignment takes into account all aspects of personality. Therefore, it is considered one of the most effective predictions.

Gypsy Tarot for a man lets you know what the chosen one thinks about the questioner, what is his attitude, thoughts and feelings. Also, the alignment shows a possible scenario.

The balance is held on a full tarot deck. If you need to get a simple answer of a general nature, only senior arcane games are allowed.

To begin with, the cards are carefully shuffled, shifted towards themselves with your left hand. Randomly from the deck you need to get seven cards, laying them out in the form of a pyramid.

The first is placed on top, followed by the second and third, fourth and fifth. At the base of the pyramid are placed sixth and seventh.

  • 1st will tell about the personality of the diviner;
  • 2nd and 3rd — who loves and who destroys respectively;
  • 4th and 5th — who teaches and who torments;
  • 6th and 7th — what awaits and what does not leave.

To find out the moment when the fortuneteller succeeds in meeting love, the following effective fortune telling will help. As the forms the lady of hearts is chosen (even if the fortunate brunette).

It is placed in the center. The deck is shuffled.

From it you need to get 12 cards — all jacks, kings and aces.

Then they are laid out in the form of a circle, face up. Each corresponds to one calendar month. The countdown does not begin with the New Year, but from the moment of the divination.

Cards turn over one after another. After that, you can proceed to decryption:

  • Jacks of any suit mean flirting; these men are interested in a non-burdensome, easy connection. For wonders this contingent will not be of interest.
  • Kings designate wealthy and successful men who are interested in divination. It is impossible to predict how serious the relationship will be at this stage.
  • Aces of any suit, except heart, indicate candidates for husbands. Their intentions are extremely serious: having got acquainted, you can later get married and start a family.
  • Ace of hearts. Indicates true love. A man who sincerely wants to make a man happy.

Alignment allows you to judge the quality of the relationship — who cherishes whom, who needs a love affair more. At first it is necessary to guess the king and the lady (guessing and interested man).

The deck is shuffled, and then the cards are laid out three pieces in a row. When the queen and the king come out, you can lay out one or two more rows (optional).

Then you should carefully consider the position of the cards. In the layout three vertical rows and several horizontal ones are formed. Rows vertically: the leftmost one denotes the past, the central — the present, the right one — the future.

For example, the king fell at the top, and the lady (divisive) — through several horizontal rows. She’s like in his legs.

This means that the man does not value the present relationship. They have lost their former value.

Now you should see if there is another lady. For example, it may be closer to the king, but also below. In this case, the man does not need any of the women — neither guessing nor her rival.

If there is a lot of club cards next to another lady (they denote cases), she is united with a man with common affairs. Perhaps they work together. If there are cards of rush about a lady, denoting the very high point — hopes for a joint future are void.

Relationships do not give joy.

A deck of 36 cards is required. At first, any map is chosen at random — it will designate a man of interest.

Then take out one card. They are assigned specific values.

At the time of extraction, the following words are pronounced on each of them: “guest”, “on the threshold”, “on the road”, “on the bed”, “at the table”, “firmly in love”, “sleep soundly”, “kiss”, “ grieve. » The removed cards are shuffled again, one is randomly drawn. This prediction tells about what a man is doing at the moment:

  • «Guest» — the guy came to a friend for a cup of tea.
  • “On the doorstep” — is currently rattling someone’s threshold. Perhaps attends any state authority.
  • «On the road» — he is in a hurry somewhere or just in transport.
  • «On the bed» — a man with another woman, it is unnecessary to comment on this value.
  • «At the table» — he is at a festive event.
  • “Tough love” — here the value speaks for itself.
  • «Sleep soundly» — a man is resting (at home after a night shift or even while working or studying).
  • «Kiss» — will do something nice guessing at the meeting.
  • “Grieve” — the guy will do or say something that will upset the girl.

Before fortune telling you need to decide on the question of interest. You need to mentally formulate it in order to properly tune in to the information field.

It is allowed to ask about anything in the framework of a love theme.

Next deck shuffled. Three cards are drawn from it.

The first will tell about the past, the second will show the present, and the third will designate the future.

Detailed decoding for this scenario, and subsequent, see below.

This divination is carried out in the case when a prediction is required for the evening or for the day. For example, if a fortuneteller is very much waiting for a certain event and daily hopes that it will be completed in the evening.

Or you need to understand the features of the current day.

While mixing, you should relax, think about the question. To do this, one card is drawn from the deck.

Its meaning will tell about events on the time interval of interest.

It allows you to find out what a man thinks, whether his heart is filled with love in relation to the divining one, about which his heart is worried. Suitable for those girls who would like to tell fortunes to the former.

The alignment makes it possible to determine the most likely scenario: whether the restoration of relations is possible, and if so, how this will happen.

To get an answer to the listed questions, a king is selected first. He denotes a man of interest. The suit of the card depends on the appearance of the gentleman:

  • Blonde blond fit suit tambourine.
  • Dark-brown man with light eyes correspond to hearts.
  • Dark brown with dark eyes fit clubs.
  • Dark-eyed brunette — peaks.

The deck is mixed. From it gets 5 cards, located under the card of the chosen king. Alignment is interpreted as follows:

  • 1st card is the essence. The secret meaning of the relationship between the fortuneteller and her chosen one.
  • 2nd card — feelings. The state of mind of a man of thought, what he thinks of a woman, how sincere his experiences are.
  • 3rd card — his thoughts. What are the features of a man’s worldview, what are his main outlook on life?
  • 4th card — action. How the relationship will develop depending on the activity of a man and a woman. Will the connection be restored (in the case of the former).
  • 5th card — results. The overall outcome of the current situation. What will end the love story — will the partners stay together, or will their paths diverge.

This oracle is used in the absence of a specific question from the witch. A small gypsy balance reveals a mysterious veil of the near future, for example, a week ahead.

The deck is shuffled and then shifted with his left hand towards himself. Cards are placed face down. Interpretation of cards:

  • The first one shows the present.
  • The second — allows you to look at guessing from the side.
  • The third is hidden anxieties and fears.
  • Fourth — desires, dreams and goals.
  • Fifth — what results can be achieved in the current scenario.
  • Sixth — what will be the near future.
  • Seventh — helps to understand the events affecting the future.

Gypsy divination on ten cards opens the veil of the true attitude of a man to a woman. She will tell you what the past, present and future of the object of love or the very witty is.

This type of divination for love begins with the choice of a fortune card. Among the Gypsies, it is believed that she points to the mental state of a person — that which lies in his heart. In divination for a man means the attitude of a man towards you.

If a fortune-maker makes a hand on herself, the map will display her innermost dreams and desires.

After shuffling the fortun goes blind and goes down. Then under it you need to expand three more rows of three cards:

  • The first row points to the past.
  • The second is for the present and near future of man.
  • The third will talk about the distant future.

You should also pay attention to the place occupied by the card:

  • The central is associated with the person on whom the alignment is made.
  • Left — his relatives.
  • The right one (the last in the series) indicates friends.

Prediction using a deck of 36 cards is universal, it can be used to guess both fate and love. For many gypsies, it is regarded as the most correct divination, accurately showing the influence of the past and the future on the current situation.

Shuffling a deck, you must remove five cards from above, and then distribute them on the surface in a horizontal row. Cards are removed with his left hand in the direction away from you. They slander the phrase:

  • «For me, for my soul and home, I want to know what was and what will be.»

After that, six more cards are removed. The phrase is said:

  • «The heart will calm down, the case will end.»

A series of five cards indicates mistakes and shortcomings of the past. The second alignment tells about what fate awaits in the future.

Alignment allows you to identify life problems and current opportunities. 5 cards from the playing deck participate in it, which are displayed in the form of a horseshoe from left to right.

  • The 1st will tell about the present and the role of the diviner in the current situation.
  • 2nd — indicates the near future and possible problems.
  • The 3rd is a key card that tells you about the main situation. The rest only complement it.
  • 4th — indicates the development of events in the distant future.
  • 5th — summarizes. If the card is negative, it will not burn out.

Alignment allows you to find out how past relationships affect current ones. A standard gypsy deck is used for evaluation. 11 cards are pulled out:

  • 1st — tell about what the relationship with the former means for a man now (or, for a guessing person, past love affair).
  • 2nd — indicates the features of the current relationship.
  • 3rd — opens the veil on how a man was in his previous relationships.
  • 4th — tell you what he liked in the former love affair.
  • 5th — reveals all the secrets of the difficulties of the past.
  • 6th — indicates how the shadows of the past are displayed on a relationship with you today.
  • The 7th one will tell you that from the last love affair takes root in the present one.
  • 8th — indicates how a former sweetheart treated a man.
  • 9th — how a man perceives the attitude of the questioner towards himself.
  • 10th — indicates those feelings that arise when he remembers the past.
  • 11th — fully describes how previous relationships affect the present.

To determine the results of some divinations, refer to the complete interpretation of the cards in the gypsy divinations.

Hearts are a symbol of sensual and romantic relationships:

AceA wedding is coming soon. Relationships are filled with true love. The desire to spend time in the family circle. If the alignment was at the time of a particular event, it means morning or spring
King or queenPersonality up to 30 years male or female respectively. The king symbolizes a father or man seeking to inculcate traditional values ​​in the younger generation. Lady points to warmth, maternal care
JackConstant dreams about the object of passion. The card indicates a young man, a new boyfriend. Can mean rejected partner
TenStrong emotions, the desire to always be close to the chosen one. Good news. In fortune-telling, a specific question speaks of the fulfillment of desire
NineA good sign, talking about warm feelings towards the more expensive. High compatibility of partners. Victory, a positive outcome. For lovers means a quick wedding
EightGuessing and object of love are similar to each other, they have a lot of common points of contact. When it comes to husband and wife, their relationship is filled with harmony and harmony
SevenSharp, but favorable life changes. It is necessary to listen to the recommendations of a more experienced adviser. Sometimes a card prophesies a jealous chosen one
SixA date or trip will take place soon. A trip to places where you can forget about worries and gain strength. Pleasant pastime with optimistic person

Clubs — a sign of responsibility, business relations, serious intentions:

AceThe attitude of a man is friendly, not loving. In the present relationship indicates a quarrel, misunderstanding. If the question was time, indicates evening or autumn
King or queenA man or girl bound by marriage. The king points to an influential figure to rely on (for example, a leader). A lady is a relative or close friend. If the alignment is negative — rival
JackThe man is filled with tender feelings, but stubbornly keeps them within himself. Sometimes it refers to an employee or employee of the authorities involved in resolving a certain range of problems. If you solve the problem gradually, success is not far off
TenThe family is built on a strong relationship. The bond of marriage, loyalty, confidence in the future
NineThe marriage union is filled with warm feelings. The current love affair also influences the professional sphere — for example, if a girl acts as a muse for a man of the creative profession.
EightFriendly communication. Meetings with clients, business partners. Sometimes indicates depression, exhaustion, health problems.
SixA person is interested in someone else. Hope for the future is not realized

Tambourines are traditionally associated with human activity — travel, knowledge acquisition, communication:

AceMarriage of convenience. If negative cards are around — a sign of hatred between a husband and wife. Indicates summer or day. In the professional field speaks of positive changes
King or queenYoung man or girl. For young ladies, the king means a candidate for a husband. The lady often symbolizes mistress
JackA person can not make a serious choice. Depending on the context may mean getting important news or useful acquaintances. The map indicates a reasonable young man — perhaps a military
TenThe desire to win the attention of others through outrageous actions. In a scenario, a person speaks of a sociable person seeking to spend as much time as possible in a cheerful company.
NinePassionate love, strong feelings. A love affair will bring a promotion. Outside the scope of the relationship indicates an excellent opportunity to invest money, obtaining a large benefit.
EightPeople are financially or otherwise profitable. They like to interact. The card indicates pleasant chores, for example, before a wedding or anniversary
SevenPure greed. All actions are dictated by greed. Favorable offer which you should not refuse
SixThe person wants to meet, but the card does not always indicate a future date. Map means long road, fulfillment of desires. For the journey to take place, it is necessary to temper financial expenses for a while.

Peaks talk about problems and difficulties in relationships:

AceAttachments will be broken. Sometimes indicates damage, cuff, infidelity. The card symbolizes alcohol or drug addiction. In conjunction with the six of any suit predicts a long journey. Time is night or winter
King or queenA man or woman aged, trying to separate partners. Independent, aggressive person. Lady symbolizes unpleasant gossip spoiling the weather in the house
JackPossible lies and treason. Disease, lack of morality, a lot of negative events. Young dark-haired man — possibly a swindler
TenThe connection will be completely broken. Divorce, severe illness. Dreams do not come true
NineSelfishness partner. Lack of love Mental disorders. Swearing, quarrels, tense situation
EightMan and woman do not understand each other at all. They are so different that the union has no future. Ill health, disease
SevenTears, sufferings, regrets about their actions. Betrayal. Possible to move to someone else’s house
SixInertness, lack of motivation to maintain a love affair. Map indicates trip failure

In the process of shuffling it is important to concentrate on the issue of interest. Those who want to get a true divination should not resort to cards in the full moon. At this time, they may distort information.

After the procedure, the deck must be “repaid” for the work. You can donate some amount to the poor or send money to a charitable foundation.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes.

I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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