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The most truthful divination for Christmas at home: for the betrothed, the future, for the sale of an apartment

True divination for Christmas for boys and girls

Winter holidays two weeks long from Christmas Eve on January 6 until Baptism on January 19 are called Wishes. Divination for Christmas is considered to be the most truthful, and the farther from this day, the less accurate the predictions become.

This kind of divination is rooted in the times of ancient Russia, when paganism was widespread.

It is best to look only for a good sense during Christmas divinations in predictions; bad signs should not be given much importance, because the interpretation could be confused with both divisive and tricks features.

There are quite a few options for home divination. Most keenly their attention to this way to find out the future were girls. Although the church remains the complete opponent of any divination, but the tradition of guessing on Christmas night from January 6 to 19 still exists.

Christmas and Christmas divinations are held only from 6 to 7 January, on any other days they lose their relevance and veracity.

In order for the fortune-telling process to be successful, you need to prepare for it in advance: remove various wards, for example, rings, chains, earrings and crosses. Girls also need to dissolve their hair, as it has long been believed that women’s hair attracts evil forces, and if they are dissolved, the ritual will be more successful.

For the fortune-telling themselves, various objects were used which, according to popular beliefs, could protect the divinator from evil tricks: a mirror, a needle, a thimble, a ring, a comb and candles. Previously, it was decided to use church candles, but now they do not focus on this.

During the divination, each girl, in order to protect herself from otherworldly forces, outlined a circle around herself with a candle, a torch or a poker. If they wondered a whole group of girls, then they took each other for their little fingers.

Divination itself was taken in a waiting room, in an empty house or at a crossroads, since it was there, according to popular belief, that the evil one lived.

The most truthful divination for Christmas at home: for the betrothed, the future, for the sale of an apartment

Most often, unmarried girls are engaged in the rites of Christmas, which is why there are many more options for them.

The most truthful divination for Christmas at home: for the betrothed, the future, for the sale of an apartment

Although there are a great many variants of fortune-telling, fortune-telling for the betrothed is in the greatest demand.

The most truthful divination for Christmas at home: for the betrothed, the future, for the sale of an apartment

A girl should go out on the street alone at midnight and ask the name of the first man he met: that is how her future husband will be called. If she met only women or the man refused to give her name, she will be alone this year.

A blind girl is blindfolded with a transparent fabric and the items that symbolize various professions are laid out on the table: a law book (lawyer), a flash drive (programmer), a cookbook (cook) and a gold ring. If a girl chooses the same subject three times, then the future husband will be exactly this profession, if she takes the ring, then next year she will certainly get married, but it is not known what husband will be.

You need to take a glass of clean water, a gold ring and a string of 10–15 cm. The thread is threaded into the ring and lowered into the glass so that it does not touch the water.

A girl asks a question, for example: “After how many years will I get married? «. Immediately after the question, the thread with the ring will begin to sway (the hand must be held straight and not pulled) and beat against the walls of the glass, each stroke means one year, that is, 10 strokes means that the fortune-teller will marry only after 10 years.

To do this, take a rooster, a mirror, grain, water, salt, items placed in small containers and place everything on the table and release the rooster. The rooster itself must approach an object; the interpretation will depend on it:

MirrorThe future husband will be narcissistic
CornLife with the betrothed will be rich, the girl will not need anything
SaltMany tears shed wondering with her future husband
WaterSuicide will drink a lot

A girl should take a felt boot with her left foot (or just a boot) and go out at the crossroads at midnight, with her back to her house (the side where she came from). Then say, “My condemned, where are you coming from?” »And throw a felt boot over the left shoulder.

His sock will indicate the side from which the beloved will come. If the sock is pointed in the direction of the girl’s house, then this year she does not need to wait for the matchmakers.

Guessing girl on the back are attached three threads: red, white and black. The girl should feel them, but not know in what sequence those are located. Then she needs to remove one thread:

RedThis year, you can successfully get married and have children
WhiteThere will be no road to the registry office this year.
BlackGuessing is worth for a while stop thinking about marriage and turn your attention to more important things.

The most truthful divination for Christmas at home: for the betrothed, the future, for the sale of an apartment

In the evening, the fortune-teller makes a well and a bridge out of the rods (you can take matches) and, going to bed, says: «The married mumbler, lead me through the bridge.» It is advisable to no longer talk to anyone after this.

It is believed that the dream will appear in the dream and hold a guessing hand.

The most truthful divination for Christmas at home: for the betrothed, the future, for the sale of an apartment

Guessing is similar to the previous version, just before going to bed, the girl should put a glass of water under the bed, and then eat something very salty and immediately go to bed, saying: «You are married, come drink me.» In the dream, the future lover should come and give the girl some water to drink.

If she didn’t see anyone sleeping in her dream, it means that it’s too early to marry her.

In another embodiment, you can take a comb for hair (this comb should be combed only guessing) and put under the pillow, saying: «Tried-ryazheny, come, comb me.» In the dream, the beloved must come and comb the girl.

To do this, at midnight you need to go to the intersection and draw a circle around yourself (it’s good if there is snow on the street). What exactly do you want to know about your future?

We must ask a question and listen to the sounds. For example, the question of marriage is interesting, then cheerful sounds, laughter, music will mean that the fortuneteller will marry this year, but if you heard swearing, abuse, then you shouldn’t wait for the betrothed this year.

Such divination should be carried out in the company. It is necessary to take one hair from the girls, it is desirable that there should be blonde, red and brunette, widow’s hair or a divorced woman and gray hair. Then you need to cut a sheet of paper into equal parts and wrap each hair separately, it is desirable that the envelopes do not differ in any way, leave one envelope empty.

At night, when she goes to bed, each girl chooses one bundle and puts it under her pillow, saying: “What hair will I get, this will be my future husband.”

BlondThe husband will be light and very soft, the relationship with him will bring only joy
BrunetteSuicide will be dark and too stingy on tenderness
RedheadRedhead sweetheart with a good heart and a good sense of humor
Gray-hairedFuture husband will be much older than wondering
Blank envelopeMarriage this year wondering will not come
Hair of a divorced woman or widowGuessing will marry a widower or a divorced person

The girl hangs a white towel out of the window for the night and says: “Suicide-ryazheny, come and clean yourself.” If in the early morning the fortune-telling will get a completely dry towel, then it will definitely not get married this year, and if the towel turns out to be wet or wet, then you need to get ready for the soonest news from your betrothed.

Divination with the help of mirrors is rightly considered one of the most terrible and dangerous. For his performance the girl will need two mirrors of the same size, as well as two candles.

From the room where the process will take place, it is necessary to remove all animals, remove jewelry and dissolve the hair, the girl should be left alone.

Mirrors are placed one against the other, and on both sides of the same candles are lit. It is necessary to make so that looking in one mirror, the lighted corridor was visible.

Guessing sits on his knees and begins to peer into the mirror corridor, sometimes it takes a lot of time. During this, in addition to the betrayed one, one can see evil spirits, therefore, as soon as his face is noticed, one must say “Chur me.” Otherwise, a lifetime mark may remain on the face of a fortuneteller.

The girl needs to go out and throw up her mitten up. If the mitten fell thumb up, then this year she has a chance to get married, but if the thumb fell down, then her betrothed this year she did not wait.

The girl before bedtime should put under the pillow of the king of diamonds and think of the person she wants to marry. According to beliefs, what dreams of this night will surely come true soon.

Before going to bed, the fortune-teller puts four kings under the pillow and says: «I’m dreamed of being married, dream it.» The betrothed will surely dream, and the interpretation of the dream depends on the appearance he has:

DiamondsSuicide will be the same age as the girl, a very sentimental man.
ChervovyThe future husband of middle age, with his canons of life
PeakSuicide, most likely, the military is either associated with medicine
TrefovyFuture groom is much older than wondering

The girl needs to take 4 jacks and make a man for each one. If her heart’s excitement turns out to be less than 4 (for example, 1 or 2), then others will become mysterious strangers.

The main thing is not to forget who is who.

  1. 1. Jacks are laid out in random order, face down, forming a horizontal line. Cards of 8 pieces (vertical line) are laid out under each of them, they can be opened immediately or after an equal number of cards are collected under each jack.
  2. 2. Then the cards are revealed and cards with one value are collected from each group and put on a jack. This is done until there are no other options.
  3. 3. Then, the remaining “no pair” cards are shuffled and re-displayed and assembled at their true worth.
  4. 4. This is done 4 times, and then you can watch the result.
AcesA man has a strong passion and longs for the fortuneteller to belong only to him
KingsBeloved is very jealous, you need to be careful with him
LadiesMost likely, the chosen man changes
Dozens ofA man has strong sympathy
NinesA man loves guessing, but perhaps hides his feelings
EightsThe man is eager to talk seriously, but for what reason and what this conversation will lead is not clear
SevensA man by all means wants a date with a guessing
SixesA man is looking for an approach to a fortuneteller, wants to know her better, but does not know how to do it. If the fortuneteller wants to give him a chance, she needs to take the first step herself.

If all 4 cards of the same rank are collected from one jack, their value is doubly enhanced.

The girl thinks of the name of the betrothed, takes two matches and sets fire to them, if after burning the head of matches looks at each other, then the thoughtful people are destined to be together.

Two needles are rubbed with lard or fat and dipped into a glass of water. If the needles are laid on each other — this foreshadows an early wedding, if, on the contrary, they give up, then the girl will be in trouble and possible illness.

On Christmas night, water is poured into a glass and put on the street. Such divination can be carried out only if it is freezing outside.

Before going to bed, a glass is taken and education on its surface is watched: the number of hillocks indicates the number of boys, and the hollows indicates the number of girls.

Also about the number of children will help learn fortune-telling with a string, a gold ring and a glass of water.

What fate promises can be learned in several ways. Such divination can be engaged and married women.

For divination, the company is going to be taken and several bowls are taken with the appropriate number of fortunetellers. Salt, sugar, onions, bread, a ring, a coin and water are placed in bowls.

Everyone with their eyes closed selects one bowl in turn. What he pulls out will be a prediction for the coming year:

What’s in the bowlInterpretation
RingTo the wedding
CoinTo wealth
WaterTo the absence of change in the near future
BowTo tears
BreadTo prosperity

Water is poured into the pelvis and paper is attached along the edges with the words: «Wedding», «Wealth», «Friendship», «Good Luck», «Career», «Health». A half of a walnut is taken in which a small candle is inserted.

Half falls in the middle of the pelvis. Where the «ship» will float, then it waits for the guessing.

The same fortune telling can be done a little differently. If the company is going, then their names are written on pieces of paper.

The question is asked about who will marry first. Whose name «ship» floats to, that and wait for the matchmakers to your house.

A sheet of blank paper should be crumpled and placed on the bottom of an inverted plate, then set it on fire and brought to the wall, turn off the light. In the process of burning paper on the wall, images will appear on which the fortune-teller’s life will be built.

A candle is taken with water. Guessing asks a question about what awaits her this year, and then sets fire to the candle.

When the wax begins to melt, the candle drops over the plate. According to the figures from the frozen wax in the water, an interpretation is made about the future of the fortunate:

CrossIf the contours are fuzzy, then you should prepare for a series of minor troubles, if clear, then the fortuneteller can get seriously sick
FlowerWedding throughout the year
AnimalAn inveterate host may appear.
StarsLuck in business
StripesBusiness trip, trip, travel
Human figureNew friend coming soon
BabySmall pleasant chores
Geometric figuresDifficult life situations
RingFirst wedding
TreeIf the branches are directed upwards, then this is a success in business, and vice versa.
Damn, settled to the bottomLong girlhood

The girl writes in advance on small separate sheets of paper «Happiness» and «Misfortune», twists them and puts them behind the icon. In the morning, just waking up, she should immediately take out one piece of paper.

What she pulls out and waits for her this year.

Independently, without any professional knowledge, you can use simple Tarot layouts. For example, the alignment on one map.

If a wondering is interested in a question that can be answered “yes / no”, “good / bad”, “to be or not to be”, then this alignment will do. From the deck you need to remove the cards of the Main Arcane and shuffle.

Then select one card and watch the value. In this case, the specific value of the arcana is ignored, and attention is paid only to its upright or inverted position.

Three-card layouts are also considered simple. It is necessary to take three cards of the Main Arcane and lay out horizontally (from left to right: the past or the source of the event, the present / current state of affairs and the future / what awaits, this card also symbolizes the advice from the Tarot). To better understand, you can pull out and 4 card.

It will mean the future of the diviner if he follows the advice of the Tarot cards.

Whether it is worth waiting for a good change in life will help to know the flame of a candle:

QuietCalm life, without worries and failures
DullPossible loss of luck indefinitely
BrightMay indicate damage to money and success.

There is no clear division into “male” and “female” divinations in the world; such a division is purely formal and is not mandatory.

To the guy to know if he will be with his lover or not, water will help. To do this, take a deep plate with water, add sugar, salt and ashes to it, mix. When the water calms down, you need to put two hairs in it: one from the guy’s head (guessing), the other — the girl.

This plate must be left overnight. In the morning, just waking up, the guy needs to look at the plate: if the hairs are intertwined, then it’s not for him to be with this girl for a long time, and if they are distanced from each other, then being with the girl is not destiny.

A guy or a man who is not yet married, you need to go to the barn and choose at random a log. It is important that the room was dark.

Then you need to inspect the log: how it will turn out, it will be the same as the contracted one.

The formValue
Thin, with smooth barkThe wife is beautiful and young
Thick rough barkUgly wife
Peeled barkPoor wife
Cracked logWife with some disabilities
Big logHealthy wife
Knotted logKnots mean the number of children

To find out what awaits him in the current year, the guy needs to take a hat, a piece of bread and a piece of wood and put all this in a big pot. Then, closing your eyes, you need to get one item from the pot:

  • If he pulled the hat off, he will marry this year.
  • If you got a piece of bread — will be in abundance all year.
  • If a piece of wood — then you need to be careful, perhaps a serious illness is approaching.

For fortune-telling for the future, you need to take a knife and a wooden chopping board, about 30 cm in diameter. The most common answers are written on sheets of paper:

  • «Yes».
  • «Not».
  • «Be patient».
  • «Caution: next to you is an enemy hiding under the mask of a friend.»
  • «Good news.»
  • «Love Message».
  • «Good luck in the undertaken business».
  • «Unexpected guest.»
  • «Love».
  • «Today’s tears will turn into joy tomorrow.»
  • «Unexpected News.»
  • «New love».
  • «Unexpected meeting».
  • «Journey».
  • «Important letter».

These sheets are arranged in a circle on the board, and the knife is placed in its center. Then the wondering mentally asks the question and turns the knife around its axis three times.

What falls out will be the answer.

If the knife edge is between two answers, the divination must be repeated.

The most common fortune-telling fortune and money is the option with buttons. For it you need to take 5 large buttons and 4 medium. Then the buttons are mixed and thrown up:

  • If all the big buttons have fallen to the right foot, then this year the fortunate one should expect a lot of luck in money and promotion.
  • If a large number of large buttons fell to the left foot, then good luck is worth waiting for in family life, and not in work.
  • If the middle buttons were at the right foot, then the guessing person should be more careful with the money, perhaps he spends them not at all on those things.

The date of interest is written on a blank sheet of paper. Then the sheet is set on fire at the bottom of the inverted plate.

When the sheet burns, you need to pay attention to how the ash behaves: if it rises along with smoke, then on this day the fortuneteller will succeed, and vice versa, if the ash lies at the bottom.

The same method can be used when a question arises related to the purchase or sale of real estate, for example, an apartment.

The behavior of the ashes will tell you how successful the sale or purchase of an apartment or other property will be.

It happens that a person is simply afraid to guess alone, therefore it is allowed to do this in a company. There are truthful and comic divinations.

In order to accurately know your secret future, it is better to do this, being alone, without extra ears, and therefore without a chance to be confused.

The girls cut the onion in half and put it in the ground. The one whose bulb will germinate sooner and the first one will be married.

Very similar to this fortune telling option with beans. Only the beans do not need to be cut.

It is necessary to take a book, ask a question, guess the page number and the line number from the top or bottom. This line will be the answer to the question.

If for a long time it is impossible to decide which answer to give, then such a comic divination can help. It is necessary to scatter the grains on the table, close your eyes, ask the question of interest and lower the palm into the grains.

The number of grains in the palm and will mean the answer: even — “yes”, odd — “no”.

A guessing person makes a wish, after which he releases a cat or a cat at the door, and then launches it. If the animal crossed the threshold of the left paw, the desire will not come true, and if the right paw, it will come true.

We need to take the key, the rope and the book. Thread the thread in the key, and put it in the middle of the book so that his bow remained outside. Wrap the book so that the key does not fall out, and hang it above the table.

Then each of the company names his name, and the one on whose name the book starts to sway will certainly get married (married) this year.

At bedtime you need to turn the pillow on the wrong side. Place the pillow where the legs usually lie.

Himself put on pajamas too inside out. Before going to bed make a wish.

In the morning, if the guessing person wakes up with his right cheek to the pillow, the desire will be fulfilled in the near future; if with the left, the time has not yet come.

After the coffee is finished (without sugar), the cup should be turned over on a saucer three times, up and down. The thickeness will begin to flow down the walls of the cup, forming figures:

DogLoyal friend and comrade
DeerFast road
SnakeAppearance of the enemy
BearPatron higher status
GoalArrival of guests
MountainDifficult life path
Human figuresNice date
HouseSign of abundance
StairsQuick achievement of the goal

Just laugh with the results of light divination, you can use paper and scissors. To do this, hearts are cut out of sheets of clean paper and are cut with clearly distinguishable «female» and «male» halves.

The company has halves of hearts and a wish to find your soul mate in the near future.

For the ceremony you need to stay in the room alone and clearly formulate your question. Then turn on the TV or radio.

What the fortune-teller has heard will be the answer to his question. This may be a lead monologue, a song, an excerpt from the film.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes.

I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when you had to give 11 for renting an apartment.

What was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight. I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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