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The most tested and true divination for women by monthly

Monthly fortune telling is one of the possible ways to know your near future. The prediction is calculated for the next month and is valid until the onset of bleeding.

Exceptions are divination for the contented, but with their help, fate can be predicted only once. The interpretation will depend on the time, day of the week, day of the month, and also the lunar day.

It is recommended to combine several prophecies for a more complete picture.

To divination during the month was the most correct, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • Apply information that concerns only the first day of bleeding and its start, when it comes to time.
  • Use several techniques to get the most accurate prophecy.
  • Remember that the information received is relevant only until the beginning of the next menstrual cycle.
  • The results of divination can not be reported to anyone, even the inner circle.

It is necessary to remember or write down the prediction, in order to check later whether it has come true or not.

The most tested and true divination for women by monthly

Monthly fortune telling does not apply to traditional magical rites. Interpretation data was obtained as a result of centuries of observation.

The basis is to draw a parallel between the physiological changes in the body and the events that are associated with them.

The most tested and true divination for women by monthly

Heart means love, plus is a positive event, minus is negative

Divination by menstruation does not require preparation. To predict your fate, there is no need to be a fortune teller or have any additional skills.

It is simple, but fairly accurate.

There are a large number of varieties of fortune telling on the menstrual cycle. The most famous are:

  • on the time of onset of bleeding;
  • by day number;
  • the day of the week;
  • periods of the day.

Not less popular are the following methods:

  • divination on moon days;
  • divination by feng shui;
  • folk omens.

The most tested and true divination for women by monthly

This method is based on the exact time of appearance of the first discharge:

  • Until 11:00. The beginning of menstruation at this time promises the interest of the opposite sex, conflict resolution, harmony with the immediate environment.
  • 11: 00-13: 00. The girl is waiting for positive and luck, unexpected happiness
  • 14: 00-17: 00. Likely failures and trouble, you must be careful in any undertakings.
  • 18: 00-21: 00. A woman will be accompanied by a feeling of loneliness and despondency.
  • 22: 00-06: 00. Parting with loved ones, dishonesty or deception.

There is another version of the interpretation:

  • Morning hours talk about luck, which will accompany everywhere. Menstruations that began during this period predict that the most appropriate period is coming for falling in love and renewing past relationships. The strength of a woman is the ability to create comfort for others and to build harmonious communication. It will not be difficult for her to incline the environment to her own opinion, she will get pleasure from being in a circle of friends, relatives, in a work team. This divination applies to the entire first half of the day.
  • Menstruations that started during the day serve as a warning. In this situation, it is better not to trust anyone for the next month. It is time for bold undertakings and revelations have not yet come, as the probability of possible trouble is great.
  • Evening monthly predict significant changes, the nature of which can not be predicted. Mood can deteriorate due to unexplained despondency and confusion.
  • Night is the most unpredictable part of the day. If menstruation began at this time, you can wait for dirty tricks from the closest people. It is not recommended in the coming month to marry and resist the temptations.

The most tested and true divination for women by monthly

This fortune-telling predicts events that will take place on the love front next month:

  • 0:00-8:00 Secret passion, the inability to admit their emotions.
  • eight: 00-12: 00. Unforgettable initial period of relationships, vivid and memorable events.
  • 12: 00-15: 00. Relationships will be perfect.
  • 15: 00-18: 00. It is worth preparing for unexpected surprises, romantic acts.
  • 18: 00-00: 00. Relationships will collapse due to omissions and lies.

For a more complete analysis, it is recommended to combine this divination with the fortune-telling by day of the week.

No need to grieve, if you can not quite pleasant result. You cannot change it, but you can prepare and go through an uneasy stage as calmly as possible.

This divination is also accurate. Depending on what day menstruation began, you can get the following values:

Day of the weekValue
MondayIn the future, a woman waiting for the trouble, both joyful and not so. Another interpretation is receiving a gift from a loved one.
TuesdayThere is a high probability of meeting a friend who has not been seen for a long time. Another meaning is acquaintance with a person who will become an important part of his personal life.
WednesdayA warning about the unfavorable period. Probably need the help of friends to survive the difficulties
ThursdayPredicts celebrations, entertainment in the house. Chance to meet a familiar person is great, but the outcome of such a meeting is unknown.
FridayA woman will soon hear the news that will completely change her life. Another meaning is potential troubles that can be overcome by making efforts.
SaturdayLucky day. Divination foreshadows the solution of all issues, favorable events. You can wait for recognition in sympathy or fulfillment of desires
SundayWoman waiting for luck, victory, pleasant events

This fortune telling will help the girl determine how a young man treats her:

  • if menstruation begins in an even number, it means sincerely loves;
  • if odd, no.

Another version of divination will help to know when the girl will meet her betrothed and what he will be in character. You can only guess once, otherwise the interpretation will be inaccurate.

Before starting the process, you must ask the appropriate question. The answer will depend on the day of the week:

Day of the weekInterpretation
MondayLoved one will be met soon. This is a person who is pleasant in communication, who knows how to choose the right words. He will behave this way, not only with the chosen one, but with all other women. Change it does not work: you need to either accept the man as he is, or leave
TuesdayFuture love will meet this week, but this does not mean that the girl will immediately see it. This will be a man of strict rules, preferring to first examine the partner before trusting him, so the relationship will progress slowly. If a woman intends to wait, he will become her perfect pair. If she is impatient by nature, their relationship will not last long
WednesdayThe onset of bleeding on this day suggests that true love will be met in six months, but will not be immediately recognized. A man will be inhospitable, but this applies only to strangers. After a closer acquaintance, a woman will understand that he is ready for everything for the sake of her second half.
ThursdayThe onset of menstruation on this day suggests that love is very close and goes unnoticed. It may be a close friend or neighbor. It all depends on how quickly a woman sees him.
FridayA woman will not soon meet her love. But when this happens, she realizes that she has not waited so long for nothing. A man will be romantic, ready for crazy things. With him, she will feel protected. This relationship can last a lifetime.
SaturdayFavorite meets by chance and it is not known when — tomorrow or in a few years. But the woman will immediately understand that this is her betrothed. She will like everything in him — appearance, demeanor, smell. But do not build castles in the air, because there are no ideal people. This man also has flaws
SundayMeeting with your beloved will happen soon enough. But not the fact that the relationship will last long — he will be rude and aggressive. A woman is unlikely to appreciate such behavior, especially in relation to herself.

If you believe the numbers, this prophecy should be the most accurate.

Interpretation of the decade:

FirstMenstruation, which began in this part of the month, marks a favorable period. The girl is waited by good luck in all undertakings, receiving a gift, a declaration of love. Relationships are possible difficulties, conflicts, misunderstandings. Guessing behind the backs that will come from an unexpected person is not excluded.
The secondDuring this period, possible improvement of the material state, the fulfillment of desire. The most unfavorable day is the 18th. On this day, monthly warn of betrayal by their relatives. There are various annoying situations that can completely change life. But one should not worry too much, because the future carries not only negative, but also positive moments.
ThirdIf menstruation began in the third decade, it can predict a collision with minor problems. Things may not go as planned. In personal life, cheating is possible on the part of both partners. You need to be more careful with finances. All events in the end have a positive result. Surrounding will be admired by the wisdom and faithful actions of women, success will accompany any business.

According to Chinese beliefs, it is believed that a woman is released from negativity during menstruation. The Universe comes to her rescue in this.

It is the energy of the Universe that decides when the time for purification begins. It connects with the elements that affect the further development of the process.

Element depends on the month of birth:

  • Water: Fish, Crayfish, Scorpios.
  • the fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius.
  • Land: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo.
  • Air: Gemini, Aquarius, Libra.

Deciphering divination by Feng Shui is as follows:

Day of the weekElement
Waterthe fireEarth and Air
MondaySignificant newsNew acquaintance, changes in lifePleasant acquaintance
TuesdayImplementation of plansSuccesses in work, improvement of material position
WednesdayLuckRomantic adventurePositive assessment of others
ThursdayPlans will not work out, just can not establish why
FridayScandalsIt is necessary to calm down and leave disappointments in the past.
SaturdayGood luck in everythingEnergy and progressMajor Changes on the Romantic Front
SundayYou need to take a break, gain strength, believe in tomorrow and wait for a new menstruation.Everything will go as planned

Guessing on critical days is a simple and harmless way to know the future. Previously, the period of menstruation was imposed certain restrictions:

  • Women were not allowed to swim in the river and visit the temples.
  • It was forbidden to cook and do housework.
  • It was also not allowed to plant the plants, as they could die.

If menstruation began on the wedding day, it was believed that children would have a difficult life. To protect themselves from this, it was necessary to read the plot.

Women whose bleeding time coincided with the full moon were considered witches. They were forbidden to look at people and cattle, so as not to jinx it.

Menstrual blood was revered as a guard. If there was a fire in the village, during the menstruation, the girl ran around the burning hut three times to prevent the fire from spreading to the others.

Such secretions spat their own housing to protect against the evil eye. The most experienced fortune tellers in the settlements predicted the future of the female lunar calendar.

Lunar days have a definite effect on the condition of a woman. This method of prophecy refers to divination, existing since ancient times:

  • If the monthly came to the growing moon, they promise success in business. Life will be filled with happy moments throughout the entire menstrual cycle.
  • At full moon you can wait for true female happiness, the fulfillment of a cherished dream.
  • Waning moon bears disappointment and trouble. In life began a black stripe.

It is impossible to guess the 1st, 12th, 13th, 14th, 19th, 23rd, 26th, 29th lunar days, since the information will not be true.

There is a variant of divination by the menstruation cycle, where the interpretation depends on the number at which the bleeding began:

Day of monthValue
oneGood luck and happiness that will bring euphoria. But she is not blind, but will give an impetus for improvement.
2A close person will disappoint or even cause contempt. Probably negative attitude of others
3It is recommended to refrain from conflicts. At this point, you need to take care of your health.
fourThe joy caused by the embodiment of desire. In this month you need to give up on trifles and enjoy life.
fiveFavorite will present a gift. If men are not, menstruals predict a profitable investment.
6Intrigue behind the back or the machinations of enemies. You must try not to slander
7Forerunner of mutual love. It is necessary to look closely to all men who are close. Perhaps among them is the betrothed. If you have a loved one, the relationship will be strengthened.
eightPossible outbreaks of jealousy partner. No need to give a man a reason to worry and perform rash actions
9Slander, gossip, attempts to thwart plans. You need to act calmly and not to give in to emotions
tenThe love of another person. If there is a partner, the union will be strengthened. If a relationship with a man ends, it may happen that they resume
elevenIt must be remembered that the beloved should be trusted. Outbreaks of jealousy can lead to negative consequences.
12The likely appearance of a fan. You should be wary of him, because you will not be able to have a serious relationship with him.
13Unlucky number. Woman waiting for bad luck
14Happy news on the threshold
15Problems bring a beloved or close friend (or they themselves will experience trouble), but this is temporary
sixteenShould refrain from gossip. There is a risk to suffer from them. Keep away from comments that may upset loved ones
17Separation from a loved one, long or short. We should refrain from strife, otherwise we will have to wait long for reconciliation.
18New serious phase. For unmarried girls, she will bring a marriage proposal; for married women, a new round in family relationships.
nineteenIt is necessary to beware of a man who is trying to charm a woman. He acts out of selfish motives
20Unrequited love for unmarried. This number promises a tiff with a person who is not indifferent;
21It is necessary to exercise caution in everything: to follow things and for people around you who are able to deceive. Do not make deals. It is necessary to devote more time to the family, otherwise it may collapse.
22The beginning of the menstrual cycle on this day promises material well-being (big win in the lottery, earnings, an unexpected bonus). There is a high probability of getting a job in the coming month.
23Lucky number. The month that is coming will give a lot of joy and happy important events. Many of them have a chance to become crucial in life.
24It is necessary to start preparing for the reception of guests. They will be numerous and happy
25Perhaps the appearance of a man with whom the romance is tied. Travel is not excluded
26This number means finding a faithful friend and a month under the sign of constancy
27Fulfillment of desires. At any moment, a person may suddenly arise who will help to bring them to life.
28In personal life, nothing will change, progress is possible in work. The material component will also be better.
29During this period sorrows and tears await the woman, but you can expect support from others
thirtyRelationship with an unfamiliar man. Free girl will meet a new partner. For married women can flirt on the side
31Adventure, unexpected news, the emergence of a new hobby, dating, travel

Divination is designed for any month, even if it is less than 31 days.

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