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The most interesting variants of divination for the New 2019

Divination for the New Year 2019

Before the New Year comes, we would like more than ever to even slightly lift the curtain of our future to find out what awaits us there. Therefore, if you also suffer in guesswork, what fortune-telling for the New Year to choose, you must read the following material.

The most interesting variants of divination for the New 2019

When to guess the New Year?

The division of divination into “before New Year”, “New Year” and “after New Year” is quite difficult. This separation will be very conditional.

As a model we can mention fortune-telling with the use of a mirror, although it is eerie, but it falls into the category of traditional ones. And it can perform, both on New Year’s Eve itself, and before it.

Yet, as a rule, New Year fortune telling is performed on the very night before this holiday — it is so much more interesting.

Methods to charm the New Year

I suggest you familiarize yourself with the most recognizable and attractive variations of the predictions and try them out on yourself on December 31, 2019.

Guessing with the use of a mirror

All that is required of you for this fortune-telling is to sit by the mirror, put a carafe of water and two candles on either side of it. What happens next?

Nobody will be able to answer this question, but it is quite likely that you will see your fate in the reflection.

The most interesting variants of divination for the New 2019

Printed Divination

It is very entertaining, although it can be performed at any time of the year. You need to take a closed book, place your left hand on top of it and say what you want to receive information about.

After that, the book opens and reads the line on which your view turned out to be. You may be lucky and not have to bother with the interpretation of words for a long time, or maybe you will need to make serious efforts for this to those who know it …

Of course, the publication for the New Year fortune-telling should be consistent with the theme of the event — certainly not a directory of telephones!

Divination with rice

This is a fairly common and widely recognizable variation of New Year fortune telling, in which rice grains are used. For its performance, place a bowl of rice on the table.

Then raise your hand over the bowl, conceive your innermost desire, take a little rice from the bowl and scatter on the surface of the table.

It is necessary to count the number of grains — with their even number we can talk about a positive answer, and with an odd number — about a negative one.

Divination with snow

It acts as a typical New Year’s prediction of the future. You need to go out right into the very New Year, fall back into the snow, then get up and leave without looking back.

In the morning, go back and study the imprint left in the snow. Interpretation options can be very different:

  • for example, the presence of a deep trace is intended to tell about multiple marriage;
  • even and beautiful traces — will tell about a successful life;
  • and if there is no trace left of your traces — it means that in the New Year various problems are not excluded;
  • This is considered a failed option fortune telling, when your tracks were trampled by stray dogs or someone else. But do not be in a hurry to get upset — you may well carry out a similar prediction a second time the night before Christmas. Only when you fall into a snowdrift — this time pick up more distant places.

Divination from the coffee grounds

The morning after the New Year also comes as an acceptable time in order to conduct such a seductive and mysterious ritual, like fortune telling with the help of coffee grounds. To help yourself in the interpretation of drawings, use your imagination.

The most interesting variants of divination for the New 2019

Divination with wax

It is very similar to the previous version. In this case, the wax is melted on the fire, and then you try to understand the figures and images formed on it.

Fortune telling with windows

For fourteen days after the New Year, it is predicted on the windows glowing in the dark. To do this, when it starts to get dark you need to go out into the yard, close your eyes and make a secret wish.

Then the eyes open and you consider how much all the windows glow in your house (only in yours, not in all the neighboring ones!).

  • if the resulting value is even — your wish is destined to come true;
  • Odd — unfortunately, this year will not be able to help realize our plans, but do not be in a hurry to get upset — there is also the next one.

Divination with apples

There are many variations of divination concerning the New Year’s treat. For example, this option — an apple is cut in half clearly, and then its cut is studied.

If there are bones in it that have the shape of a regular star — in the New Year you are waited for, happiness and luck will not wait.

Divination with a ring

Do you want to know when you will be called to the altar? Then you should use the following version of fortune telling, in which a gold ring is used, dipped into an empty glass.

It is necessary to count how many times the ring will hit the wall of the glass — exactly the number of years you have to wait until your marriage.

The most interesting variants of divination for the New 2019

Fortune telling by the stars

There is a belief that if you observe a large number of stars in the sky on New Year’s Eve, then the coming year will bring you success.

Fortune telling

Before sitting down at the festive table, you need to write on twelve pieces of paper twelve names of different men and hide them under the pillow. When the triumph is over, without hesitation for a long time, at random, take one piece of paper — the one to which the hand will reach first.

It is believed that the name on it — this is the name of your future spouse.

Divination with walnut shells

You need to cut a few paper strips, write your innermost desires (for example, that you want to get married, go traveling, suddenly fall in love, and so on). Then, the cut strips are bent over the side of a container filled with water so that they are held on to it.

Then the half of a walnut shell is taken, a small candle is set on it and set on fire. Such a «boat» is floated.

Watch it — if the shell can swim to the pieces of paper and ignite it — your desire is destined to be fulfilled.

Divination with a twig twigs

Twigs are pulled out of an ordinary broom, a “bridge for their narrower” is woven from them. After that, this structure is placed under the pillow itself and the words “My condemned, naughty, come over me, speak three times, and translate me through the bridge”. Then go to rest.

That guy whom you see in a dream at night, and can be considered your narrowed.

Guessing with a comb

You need to take a comb, which you often used before, hide it under your pillow and say: “My dear you are my long-awaited and promised destiny, come to me in a dream, and look into my eyes. Curls me comb and describe yourself.

With the proper performance of this fortune telling in your night vision, you should see the image of your narrowed.

Guessing on the future husband on the cards

Before going to bed on New Year’s Eve, you need to put a card of kings under the pillow. And when you wake up in the morning, remove one of them to choose from and find out which spouse you will get:

  • the card of the king of hearts is young and secure;
  • Bubnovy — desired;
  • Trevovogo — widower;
  • peak — old and jealous.

Divination with a ring

On the night of New Year’s Eve, at the moment when the chimes are beating, a ring is thrown into a water tank prepared in advance and the number of circles formed on the water is counted. If their number is even, your wish will surely come true.

Guessing involving a cat (cats)

The question is asked, the answer to which can be exclusively unequivocal — either «yes» or «no.» Then podzovite your cat or cat, which before should be in another room.

Carefully watch what foot the animal puts first, entering your room — if the left, then the answer will be negative, and if the right — then positive.

The most interesting variants of divination for the New 2019

The truth in this fortune telling is also the third option — if the pet does not come into the room at all, then the further development of the question will be solely dependent on you and your actions.

Divination, find out the name of your future husband

Perhaps there is no such unmarried girl who would not be interested to find out the name of her future spouse. And when to do it, if not on New Year’s Eve!

To fulfill this fortune-telling, after the New Year officially regains its rights, you need to go outside, walk up to the first man in the street and ask his name. With a very high probability, your future spouse will have exactly the same name.

Guessing with eggs

In this way of predicting the future, silhouettes are recognized and chicken eggs are used. Ideally, of course, that the eggs were hatched by domestic chickens — you should not use eggs from a supermarket for fortune telling.

Also, if you decide to use this method, you must adhere to several basic rules:

  • the glass is filled with warm water and egg protein is poured into it;
  • when lowering a squirrel to the bottom of a glass — you can talk about various not very pleasant events: death, fire. And an unmarried girl promises not to meet her couple for a long time.

But do not be in a hurry to get upset, because, as a rule, the protein is stored in the central part of the glass and when folded, it is filled with the form of various figures, which are interpreted as follows:

  • a figure similar to a church will be a harbinger of a quick wedding for a young girl, but death for an old one;
  • if the outgoing figure is very similar to the sailing ship — this sign is intended to tell about the imminent arrival of the husband for a married lady, and the young woman will tell about marriage and moving to another state. For a young man — will be a harbinger of a long trip.

At the end of the topic:

  1. Divination for the New Year is a very popular topic. Time of divination does not play a significant role — you can resort to this process, both before, during or even after the chimes strike twelve nights.
  2. There is a very large number of New Year fortune telling, you must choose the option that intuitively seems to you the most acceptable and impresses you the most.
  3. In the process of execution of New Year’s divinations, it is important to monitor the correctness of their conduct.
  4. Remember that absolutely in all divination is the fundamental point — the presence of 100% faith in the result. If you believe that with the help of fortune telling, it will happen, just like the other way around.

At the very end of the topic I recommend that you watch a fascinating video material about the New Year divination:

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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