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The most interesting and accurate fortune-telling on paper for love and the future

Interesting and accurate divination on paper: on love, the future and the fulfillment of desire

Paper reading is a universal way to look into the future. Its distinguishing feature is the combination of numerology and the principles of a common divination. The ease of interpretation and the possibility of holding anywhere makes this method one of the most popular.

Women and girls often guess at familiar guys, men, to find out what a person thinks, dreams about and how he treats a guessing person. The choice of one or another option depends on the issue of interest.

Variants of fortune telling can be complex, requiring the performance of any ritual, or simple, with which even a beginning fortune-teller or amateur can cope. A simple technician will need a piece of paper and a pen.

  1. 1. Exalt no more than once a day. All subsequent results may differ significantly from the truth.
  2. 2. Do not lie before the objects of fortune telling, otherwise you should not expect true results.
  3. 3. Make an accurate, capacious question. It is recommended to write it on paper using a minimum of words and without unnecessary details.
  4. 4. The question to keep in mind throughout the process of divination.
  5. 5. Do not tell anyone about the results of divination. But if the predictions are unfavorable or irrelevant, then you can tell, then they will not come true.
  6. 6. Do not guess the church holidays.
  7. 7. Women need to guess at "female" Days: Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Men — on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. On Sunday it is worth refusing from divination.

In divination, an important role is played by the preparation process. Before the ritual is necessary:

  1. 1. Disconnect all electronic devices. This should be done at least in the room where fortune telling happens.
  2. 2. Calm down and concentrate. In the process, try not to be distracted by everyday affairs.
  3. 3. If the fortuneteller is serious, then she needs to stay in the room alone. The process of fortune telling with friends is more fun, but it refers to the comic.

Guessing on paper comes true, if you take the process seriously and with full responsibility. Otherwise, the ritual can be called comic.

The most interesting and accurate fortune-telling on paper for love and the future

Most often women and girls guess love, relationships and feelings of the beloved.

The most interesting and accurate fortune-telling on paper for love and the future

This divination will help to know the true attitude of the beloved to the fortuneteller.

The procedure for the first stage:

  1. 1. On a blank sheet of paper write numbers from 1 to 100 without zeros (i.e. "7" instead "70") in several rows. Write any number of numbers in the first row, in the following rows — the same as in the first.
  2. 2. When the numbers end, vertically and horizontally begin to cross out the same numbers (3 and 3) or numbers that add up to "ten" (8 and 2, 1 and 9). Cross out according to this rule only need adjacent figures. The neighbors are those between which the number has been crossed out.

Then it is necessary to proceed to the second stage: write out the remaining numbers on the new sheet in the order in which they stand. Cross out only the same numbers.

The number of figures indicates the attitude of the man.

Results for the first stage:

  • 1, 10, 19 — strong feelings, love;
  • 2, 11, 20 — jealousy of all;
  • 3, 12, 21 — complete indifference;
  • 4, 13, 22 — the origin of feelings, sympathy;
  • 5, 14, 23 — the possibility that very soon he will pay attention;
  • 6, 16, 24 — warning: there are no feelings and thoughts about the guessing;
  • 7, 17, 25 — the possibility of communication only;
  • 8, 18, 26 — desire to be near;
  • 9, 18, 27 — the fate of being together.

Results for the second stage:

  • 1 — destined to be alone;
  • 2 — will soon offer to be together;
  • 3 — he has another;
  • 4 — love is possible on his part;
  • 5 — the birth of strong feelings is coming;
  • 6 — he has feelings for the other;
  • 7 — he is tormented by a strong jealousy that does not give rest;
  • 8 — he will arrive soon;
  • 9 — ahead of a long separation;
  • 10 — wait for a message from him, a letter;
  • 11 — an early meeting is possible;
  • 12 — there will be a serious conversation;
  • 13 — he thinks about the wedding;
  • 14 — he feels sympathy;
  • 15 — the guy is bored;
  • 16 — he does not think about relationships;
  • 17 — he is looking for the perfect companion;
  • 18 — he is in love only with himself;
  • 19 — he is too busy working or studying;
  • 20 — he misses the former relationship.

The most interesting and accurate fortune-telling on paper for love and the future

Often, during a telephone conversation, a person unconsciously draws some figures. The first who paid attention to this and began to study such signals of the subconscious, became Jung. He believed that the subconscious in a similar way talking to a person.

These signals can tell a lot about his true desires.

It is necessary to prepare a sheet of paper and a pen in advance. It is good if the telephone conversation will take place exactly with the person of interest to whom the divination process is directed. If this is not possible, then his image just needs to be remembered.

When the conversation begins, you need to start drawing without looking.

The results depend on the resulting shape:

Circles crossed among themselvesGuessing wants stability in relations with her beloved. Due to the unresolved nature of her concerns, her anxiety level is greatly increased. Therefore, in order to somehow escape, she wants to be in the center of attention, in the center of all events. Sometimes it seems that life just passes by
Ordinary circlesGuessing her life seems to have stalled, a certain stagnation has begun. If she is ready to leave her comfort zone, then she needs to let the man of interest into her life.
Sun and flowersGuessing — a real extrovert. It is important for her to be in the spotlight. Without communication, she does not find a place for herself. Her true problem is unwillingness or fear to show her true feelings to her beloved.
Little menThe mood in the pair sets the man. Guessing acts as a child in them, unable to make informed decisions, shy when "adult" to the man. In the future, perhaps someone from the tandem will get tired of this connection.
Intertwined heartsGuessing you need to gain strength and confess your feelings to your partner. All unsaid gnaws at her from the inside, not allowing to move on
Waves and spiralsThe conflict is either just brewing or has already taken place. Relations will not be the same as they were before, but nobody knows how to build them differently. Guessing you need to listen to your inner voice and understand for yourself what exactly she wants from this relationship
Chess fieldBecause of its indecision, the fortunate one is in an uncertain state. It is time for her to gain courage and clarify the situation before it was too late.
Bee honeycombThe beloved characterizes the fortuneteller as a reliable person who prefers a measured lifestyle. Relationship with the chosen one is in harmony
Wallpaper patternsGuessing was very tired from her chosen one and from the constant clarification of the relationship. Everything that is happening in her life seems unfair to her. In her opinion, it is the chosen one who is to blame.
Geometric shapes: squares, rectangles and trianglesThe figures characterize the guessing as an introvert. She knows what she wants, and as far as possible achieves this. However, very soon she will face a conflict with the chosen one because of the unwillingness to give in to him

This is a new way of divination, which will help to know the prospect of a relationship with a certain person and to understand whether there is a chance to be with him.

For fortune telling you just need to answer the questions, and then add up the results.

  1. 1. How many letters are in his name?
  2. 2. How many letters in the name guessing?
  3. 3. Does the name guessing "ABOUT"? What is her account? If not, then put "0".
  4. 4. Item "3" for his name.
  5. 5. What is the numerical value of the first letter of the name guessing.
  6. 6. Item "five" for his name.
  7. 7. How many letters "L" in his and her name?

The ratio of letters and numbers is as follows:

Formula of love:? = (? — 7) * 2, where ? — the sum of all the answers.

The results are interpreted as follows:

oneComplete idyll in relationships. Quarrels happen rarely, and if they do, they do it in everyday life. The only disadvantage is the mutual desire of both partners to subjugate their opponent
2Love built on friendship and mutual respect. This union will be similar to the development of a beautiful fairy tale.
3Union with permanent "bouquet and candy period". The most important thing is to put yourself right at the beginning of a relationship.
fourThe couple, for which the expression «together closely, and apart boring.» These are people who are constantly drawn to each other. However, due to completely different characters, it will be extremely difficult for them to get along.
fiveThis is love with passion — "volcano"who is ready to explode at any moment
6Rather friendly, brotherly love. The union, not characterized by a special passion and trembling, calm and stable. Ideal for creating a family
7Permanent competition and the battle for the right to be first. The union is like a tandem of a cat and a dog. However, if one of the couples gives primacy to another, such a pair will last for a very long time.
eightHeavy and unsuccessful union. Romance, present at the beginning of a relationship, will soon come to naught. This is an alliance with constant conflicts, understatement and mutual resentment.
9Because of a different worldview, partners are not destined to live together for a long time. Finding a compromise is unlikely, because no one wants to make concessions

Vorozhba by name is considered easy children’s divination.

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