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The most effective ways of fortune-telling on the betrayed one: in a dream, at night, at Christmas

Credible fortune-telling on the betrayed: at Christmas, Christmas time, on Ivana Kupala, in the usual time

Before fortunetelling for the betrothed it is important to tune in a serious way. If you treat the process lightly, the result will be distorted. A fortunate dissolves hair, removes belts, any jewelry (bracelets, earrings), and a cross.

The room should be quiet and dark. It is not recommended to cross your arms or legs during divination.

Compliance with the rules will provide the most reliable result. To make a prediction come true, you cannot tell anyone about it.

It is not necessary to wait for Christmas or other holidays to be seduced for the betrothed. These days fortune telling is the most truthful, but one can resort to the sacraments on a normal day. The optimal time for the divination is the full moon.

Well fit days are traditionally considered women’s — Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

The most effective ways of fortune-telling on the betrayed one: in a dream, at night, at Christmas

Suitable for girls who would like to know the name of the future husband. Different men’s names are written on several small sheets.

Notes are put in a hat or container. Papers are thoroughly mixed, from there one gets at random.

The name written on it indicates the future husband.

The most effective ways of fortune-telling on the betrayed one: in a dream, at night, at Christmas

Rice is poured into a glass beaker. Above the capacity of holding his palm down the left hand. Then the fortuneteller utters a question of interest to her, and takes a small handful of rice from a glass.

Grains poured on a napkin or piece of paper. If their number is even — the answer is «yes.»

If odd, no.

The most effective ways of fortune-telling on the betrayed one: in a dream, at night, at Christmas

Take a few bulbs. Names of gentlemen are written on them. The bulbs are placed in water.

The one of them, which is faster than others will give roots, and points to the future spouse.

A few buttons of different colors are put into an opaque bag. It is recommended to take buttons of the same diameter, similar to each other by touch.

Then you need to mentally tune in to divination, ask the question: “My dear, where to find you? «And get one button. Her color will indicate the place of meeting with the future spouse:

  • Plain black is at work.
  • Green — in the market or in the store.
  • Brown — in a circle of friends.
  • White — in distant lands.
  • Yellow — on the road.
  • Metal — the spouse will be military.
  • With rhinestones or brilliant — in the cinema, club, disco.
  • Blue — indicates a random meeting on the street.

A few things are placed in a felt boot or bag, symbolizing different aspects of life:

  • A lump of sugar — the coming year will be happy, secured financially;
  • Ring — wedding;
  • The shawl is a handsome guy;
  • Rag — poor husband;
  • Coin is a rich husband;
  • Bulb — sorrow and tears.

The bag is shaken and immediately, without looking, take out the first item.

The classic deck is shuffled, and then one by one gets the cards. Each of them is called any male name. When the King of Hearts appears from the deck, the fortune-telling ends.

The name said by the fortuneteller belongs to the future husband.

The girl puts under the pillow of kings from the usual deck of cards of four suits. Before going to bed, the words are pronounced: «Sucker-disguised, come to me in a dream.» Depending on who dreams about, judge the future husband:

  • The peak king is an old man, a jealous owner.
  • Red — a young and wealthy man.
  • Cross — military or entrepreneur.
  • Bubnovy is a man of dreams.

You can guess at the betrothed with the help of the Tarot cards. You need to shuffle the deck and pull out 7 cards, each of which tells about the future:

  1. 1. The first card personifies the rise, her condition and attitude toward finding a husband and finding family happiness.
  2. 2. The second card will say when the girl meets her husband. It indicates exactly the time, perhaps the period of life.
  3. 3. The third speaks about the circumstances under which the meeting will occur.
  4. 4. The fourth will describe the personality and sometimes the appearance of the future husband.
  5. 5. The fifth card indicates whether this person is destined.
  6. 6. Sixth — how will life after the wedding.
  7. 7. The seventh card will give advice on marriage and relations with the future spouse.

For this fortune telling will require the help of a girlfriend. Vorozhba like a child’s game «nettle». A friend takes a guessing wrist of her left hand and gently twists it in opposite directions.

At this time, you need to look at the folds of the skin. They can consider the outlines of the letter.

She will be the title in the name of the future husband.

In the evening and at night, even at the usual time, the divination will be true. Indeed, in the dark, mysterious forces are set free, hiding in the light of day.

Communication with the other world is enhanced, which allows to obtain a more reliable result. The most accurate is a fortune telling from midnight to three in the morning.

Divination is performed only by girls. On a clear moonlit night, they go to a church or chapel that is locked at night. According to popular belief, one can hear either wedding singing or the sounds of a requiem service.

Heard shows how the ceremony will be next year: wedding or funeral.

Sitting in his room, listen to the sounds from the street. When all the households will fall asleep, extinguish the light and come to the window, saying the words: “My condemned, mummers, go past my house.” After some time, passersby will pass by or transport will pass.

If they scream, whistle or laugh — this is a good sign. The husband will be decent and kind.

If they pass quietly, it promises a poor man.

It will take a few candles. One symbolizes fortune, the rest — contenders for the hand and heart. Candles are lit, its put in the center.

The one in the direction of which the wax flows down from its and points to the betrothed. If the lamp is lit up evenly, wondering should not make a hasty choice.

He will be unwise.

Guessing the question of marriage. A wedding ring is taken from a mother, sister or friend. A thread of black color is passed through it, the decoration falls into the glass.

If the ring starts to touch the edges of the glass to the right of the guessing — to be a wedding. If the left — until you have to sit in the girls.

After removing the ring, they put it on any finger for the whole night. Any dream will be prophetic.

It will require multi-colored cloth scraps. All of them are folded in a box or pouch. Then, without looking, you get any piece of cloth.

At the same time they ask: “What color does my betrothed’s hair have? »Similarly, you can learn and other information — for example, the color of the eyes or even the car.

Before the fortress it is useful to put a pen and a notebook in front of the headboard. So that the prophetic dream of love will not be forgotten, it is necessary to record its details immediately after awakening.

For a dream to be true, you need to properly prepare:

  1. 1. Remove icons from the room.
  2. 2. To be in the bedroom alone.
  3. 3. Remove the belt, jewelry, hair strand.
  4. 4. After pronouncing the words, do not talk to anyone (otherwise the betrothed will not appear).
  5. 5. The fact of divination is kept secret.
  6. 6. Sleep the other way — head down where your legs are.
  7. 7. Turn the pillow too.

Under the bed of the mother, the girl puts the frying pan, but does not inform the parent of this. Before going to sleep, the fortuneteller says the words: «My condemned, mummers, come to the mother-in-law, there are pancakes.»

If a mother sees in a dream how she feeds some guy with pancakes, he will be considered the future husband of her daughter.

From a home broom gets a few twigs, of which constructed a small bridge. The product is placed under the pillow. Before going to sleep, the girl thinks: “Suicide, come to me, take me across the bridge.”

In the dream she will see the future partner in life.

In this fortune telling, a horseshoe and a twig from a new broom are used. Attributes are placed under the pillow. Suicide is in a dream in the form of a rider.

If there is no real horseshoe, you can replace it with a symbolic one — for example, by making it out of cardboard.

Twigs are taken from three trees — birch, willow and apple. It is advisable to pick them up from the ground. If there are no dry branches, it is necessary to carefully break them off from the tree, asking forgiveness from the tree.

At home, three branches are tied with a thread pulled out of their clothes. Before going to bed, they need to be put under the pillow, and then the fortuneteller will see his betrothed.

Tip! If the branches had to be broken off, as a sign of gratitude to the tree and an apology, you can hang a satin ribbon on the branch.

Or put at his roots a bun.

There are alternative versions of divination, in which special attributes are placed under the pillow (their action is similar to that described):

  • Instead of twigs put three bay leaves. With the words “My dear, mumbled, come to me in a dream! »The fortune goes to bed.
  • At the head of the pot is placed jam. In this case, the girl will see in a dream a young man who is already in love with her.
  • At the head of the bed before going to sleep there is a well of matches. They say the words: «Suicide-ryazheny, come to drink some water.»
  • A girl sleeping in a new place, before going to bed, says: “In the new place, dream about the groom to the bride.”

Vorozheya buys a new castle. From Tuesday to Wednesday, the rite is held: above the tank filled with spring water, the lock is held and closed. At the same time the words are pronounced:

«Suicide-disguised, come in, ask me to drink.»

In a dream, her future husband will be with her.

Circles from two sides are drawn on a piece of black fabric with a wax candle. Their diameter should be approximately equal to the bottom of the glass.

On one side in the circle is applied the name «Raphael», on the other — his name. Four crosses are drawn around the circles in the same places: above, below, right and left.

Before going to bed, the fabric is placed under the pillow. Spell pronounced:

“Great Lord, from everlasting to everlasting glory to Thee in the highest. I come to you, Father, Your servant (name). Send me Your Angel, whose name is drawn in the circle of pentacles.

Let him show me my betrothed. Glory to Thee, Lord.

Amen, Amen, Amen. «

Before carrying out this divination, it is necessary to observe fasting for three days.

Take three bay leaves. The names of the angels — Ananias, Azarius, and Misail — are written on them.

Leaves are placed on the windowsill in the bedroom. Before going to bed, the words are pronounced: “From Monday to Tuesday, I look at the window sill.

Whoever dreams of me, let him appear in a dream. ”

January 6 is a special day, Christmas Eve. On the night of Christmas, as well as in Yule (from 8 to 18 January), you can find out your fate. It was believed that at this time the mysterious forces rush into the human world.

In the period from Christmas to Epiphany, unclean spirits lose their power, and fortune telling turns from sin into simple fun.

The most accurate days for divination are Christmas Eve, the old New Year (January 13), and also the Epiphany Eve, celebrated on January 18.

The night before Christmas, a white towel is hung out on the street, pronouncing the words: «My condemned, disguised, come to wipe.» If the fortunate morning picks up a completely dry towel from behind the window, then this year the wedding is not scheduled.

If it is wet, it spells a quick marriage.

Girls and boys in the old New Year take at random on an armful of wood and carry them to the room. There is considered a quantity.

If firewood is an even number, an armful will marry or will get married. If it is odd, it will remain idle.

On one leg, the girl puts on a sock or stocking. The second is placed under the pillow.

Before going to bed, the words are pronounced: “My condemned, mumbled, come to me, come and unmask me.” Well done, that dream, and have a future husband.

Without combing her hair, she puts a comb or comb under the pillow. The words are pronounced: «My condemned, mumbled, come comb me.»

In a dream, the fortunate will see the future spouse.

This method can cause disorders in the bowels. But some wonders still use it.

Vorozhba consists in the fact that a thimble of salt is eaten before going to bed, and it is washed down with a thimble of water, at the same time the words are pronounced: “My condemned mummy, come and give me a drink”.

On the night before Christmas or in the old New Year, you need to go outside and go to the nearest pedestrian intersection. Now we have to wait for late passersby.

When the first man appears, they will recognize his name under any pretext. So they will call the future spouse.

Guys can conduct a similar rite on female passers-by.

Refers to forbidden, terrible fortune telling. Unlike other methods, conducted exclusively at Christmas time.

For the divination, two mirrors and two church candles will be required. It is carried out as follows:

  1. 1. Mirrors are placed on the table opposite each other.
  2. 2. At the same distance from them are put and lit candles.
  3. 3. The girl asks her husband to come to her.
  4. 4. Next, you should look at the reflection in the mirrors. At first, the look will be blurry, but then it will become clearer.
  5. 5. When the image becomes noticeable, the words are pronounced: “Dumb me, dumb! «.

If a fortune decides to interrupt the ceremony, both mirrors are quickly placed on the table with a reflective surface down. The room lights up.

Divination is carried out at home by several girls. For the ritual will require:

  • Spoons (the amount depends on the number of participants in divination).
  • The corresponding number of strips of white paper up to 2 cm wide and up to 30 cm long.
  • Wax candles.
  • Large flat plate or tray.
  • New towel.

The rite is performed as follows:

  1. 1. Each of the participants in divination sits in a circle, lights a candle in front of them.
  2. 2. The presenter puts in the center a plate with spoons and paper.
  3. 3. Those present join hands and spell three times: «Brownie, brownie, if you are here, answer with a spoon, if not, do not open a single one.»
  4. 4. Each of the participants should take one piece of paper and ask questions that imply the answer is “yes” or “no” (for example, “Will I get married this year?”, “Will my future spouse be rich”?).
  5. 5. Cutlery is placed in folded paper in half. Then both ends are wrapped around the spoon.
  6. 6. The device scrolls until the paper strip has completely twisted the cutting. Then the spoon is placed on the tray.
  7. 7. The presenter covers the devices with a cloth and quickly turns the plate in a clockwise direction. Having made several turns, she throws back a towel so that each of those present would take that spoon, the stalk of which is being sent to it.
  8. 8. If a strip of paper freely releases the cutlery — the answer to the question is positive. If the spoon remains inside the paper — the brownie answers “no”, the questioner’s desire will not come true.

Take out the water and poured under the nearest pillar. At the same time, the words are said: “I shall polish the snow, washing my face with white. Show me what my betrothed is. ”

Having said the plot, take a handful of snow and rub their cheeks. Then snow falls home.

If the handful is friable, it melts in a matter of seconds — the future spouse will be calm and docile. If the snowflakes sparkle, they sparkle — marriage, full of love and happiness, is waiting for an increase.

If the snow turns into a com — the husband will be strict and intractable.

For the rite will require:

  • Small sheets of paper.
  • Capacity with water.
  • A piece of candle.
  • Half of walnut shell.

Names of gentlemen are written on sheets of paper. The notes are glued on the inside of the bowl, but so that they are not moistened with water.

To do this, the container is filled with liquid half.

A candle is attached to the shell and ignited. The resulting design is gently lowered into the water. Then they observe: to what name the “ship” will swim, and so will be the condemned one.

If the shell does not come close to any note, this year there will be no wedding.

On the day of Andrew the First-Called (December 13) the fortune-struck is notable for its particular accuracy. At this time, the girls observe the fast and ask the Apostle Andrew for the gift of a good husband.

Held after sunset. A man goes along a fence and counts pins.

The words are pronounced: «Rich, poor, widower, unmarried.» On which of the words the fence ends, he will be her betrothed.

A fortune-teller picks up a handful of hemp seeds in his hand, goes out into the courtyard at night and goes around the house three times. In this case, the seeds gradually pour out. The words of the conspiracy are pronounced:

“St. Andrew Konopelki sowed. God forbid, to know with whom to play the wedding, to live life. ”

After the ceremony, the girl goes home and goes to bed. In the dream, the future husband will appear.

The bowl is filled with water. It puts several straws in the form of a small bridge.

In a dream, a gentleman must appear, who will lead a fortune through the bridge. He will be her betrothed.

In rare cases, the reason that the girl does not see the betrothed in a dream is the crown of celibacy. But most often the reason that the future husband does not dream is simple: until the time for a meeting with him has come.

If a former husband dreamed of and behaved benevolently, this suggests that the spiritual relationship with him is complete. Soon the lady will love another person.

You can find out about it by reading again, but not earlier than in a month.

Sometimes the fortune see the future spouse, can discern the details of his appearance in detail. But in the dream you can’t see the face.

Experienced fortune-tellers emphasize: this also indicates the remoteness of the meeting with the contented in time. Meeting with a man will happen no earlier than a few years.

In this case, divination is recommended to repeat after a year, at Christmas time, or at another suitable time for divination. A girl can remember other details that appeared to her in a dream — clothes, manners, voice.

The holiday is celebrated annually on the night of July 6-7. Kupala night is considered the most magical of the year.

Divination at this time the most reliable.

Before the onset of Kupala night, girls weave wreaths of wild herbs. Before the sun sets below the horizon, the wreath falls on the water:

  • If he drowns right away, he will not call the betrothed under the crown, or he will deceive.
  • Grass grazed or a wreath quickly moored to his own shore — this year the wedding is not expected.
  • He sailed far and fast — to wait for the wedding.

Spring water is poured into the bowl. Two chamomile flowers are placed on the surface. In advance, they are denoted by the names — their own and men of interest.

If the flowers float nearby — to be together. If you split up — the couple has no future.

For fortune telling, a ripe, fluffy dandelion is taken. Tuning in a positive way, blow on the flower. If all the fluffs scatter — soon the girl will marry.

If half the “caps” remain, the wedding will be, but not as fast as you want. If most of the flower remains intact — until the dream came true.

Since any divination takes away spiritual strength from a fortuneteller, after the ceremony, it is useful to wash with holy water, go to the temple. This will cleanse and restore energy.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

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However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

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It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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