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The most accurate fortune-telling on 36 maps for the future — 4 ways

The most accurate fortune-telling on the cards for the future (deck of 36 cards)

Guessing on the cards for the future helped to lift the veil of secrecy, learn about the unknown, predict your fate, unravel the attitude of the fortuneteller to those around you. The most popular deals are performed on 36 maps — we will share the best ways of divination, thanks to which you will learn many new things.

Guessing on the cards for the future with the help of a deck with 36 cards

Let us examine the four most popular layouts. They will help to find out what awaits a guessing person in the coming month, lift the veil of secrets from the past, better understand the present and foresee the future — short-term and long-term.

For the coming month

To tell fortunes and find out what awaits a guessing person in the next thirty days, you need to choose the right time. The last days of the current month are suitable for this method (from the 29th to the 31st day).

You must carefully shuffle the deck, and then randomly draw 9 cards from it. The values ​​of these cards and tell about the near future. For example:

The most accurate fortune-telling on 36 maps for the future - 4 ways

Note: the sequence in which the cards fall, and the number of suited images also matters. Study the scheme with interpretations as detailed as possible to find the right value and correctly guess the future.

For past and future

This is a universal fortune telling. It is advisable not to use the playing deck and not guessing at the new moon — under such conditions there is a risk that the cards will start to lie and tell a lie.

It is also not recommended to use this divination more than once a day.

  1. Choose a suitable day. In the evening, sit down at the table, light candles (this is optional, but the energy of Fire will help to uncover the secrets of your past and better understand what is in store for the future), prepare a deck
  2. Shuffle your deck well. During the shuffle, focus on what you want to know. You must be calm, relaxed and peaceful. Try not to allow extraneous thoughts into consciousness — you should only be divined
  3. After shuffling, remove five cards from the top of the deck and lay them on a table in a horizontal row. At the same time, it is necessary to sentence the following phrase: “For me, for my heart, for dwelling, I want to know what was and what will be.” Important: you must remove the cards with your left hand (closer to your heart) in the direction away from you
  4. Repeat step three. But to get and lay out not five cards, but six. And the words will be different. When laying out cards from the deck, repeat: «The heart will calm down, the case will end»

Then study which cards fell out. In the first row — indicate what has already happened in your life.

A five-card alignment will indicate mistakes made in the past or details that are worth paying attention to.

The six-card hand will indicate what awaits a guessing person in the future.

Interpretations can be as follows:

The most accurate fortune-telling on 36 maps for the future - 4 ways

The most accurate for the future

The next, third method, which we will discuss, is not the most popular, but definitely the most accurate. It is based on the magic of number 13, which protects all magical rites, rituals and divination.

When using such a number of cards, they most often tell the truth.

But you can only use this divination in one case — when you are faced with a choice: you need to make a certain decision. If the situation is critical, you see two options for the development of events and you can not choose the right one, you can apply this divination.

How it is done:

  • Prepare a deck of 36 cards. Shuffle thoroughly. During the shuffle clearly imagine the situation, consider possible solutions to the problem or out of the critical situation
  • Then randomly reach out thirteen cards.

The interpretation will not take into account all of the thirteen cards, but only those that were odd. What they point to:

  1. The first card — represents some important event that worries you most at the moment
  2. The third one will indicate the reason why you are having difficulty making a decision.
  3. Fifth — predicts events and situations that will happen to guessing in the very near future
  4. Seventh — indicates the abilities and talents of the person, the strengths of his personality, which must be used on the road to success
  5. Ninth — will indicate people who are able to help a guessing person in solving his problem. Either these are some opportunities that need to be exploited in the near future.
  6. The eleventh is the source of the negative that is present in the life of the fortuneteller and prevents him from moving forward.

To solve the meaning, use the interpreter:

The most accurate fortune-telling on 36 maps for the future - 4 ways

Upcoming events

This simple fortune telling will help to find out what awaits a person in the near future, as well as to predict events that will happen not very soon.

First, prepare a deck of 36 cards. Then shuffle thoroughly. Remove cards arbitrarily three times towards you.

Put the removed cards aside.

From the remaining deck, select 16 cards — they will be used for fortune telling.

Watch the video, which tells how to tell fortunes on the cards for the next month:

Lay out 16 cards in 4 rows of 4 pieces:

  1. First row — the cards will predict the near future. These are the events that will happen from day to day.
  2. Second row — the future for several weeks ahead
  3. The third row is the future for several months ahead
  4. The last four — what will happen at least in a year

The most accurate fortune-telling on 36 maps for the future - 4 ways

These divinations are very simple. Anyone can do them.

But be careful and do not be skeptical of the ritual — the cards tell the truth only to those who believe in them and have no doubt that the prediction will be fulfilled.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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