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The most accurate divination for the wedding and marriage

The significance of such an event as a wedding gave rise to many signs and fortune-telling associated with marriage. From the ancestors came fortune telling on the rings, threads, playing cards and the Tarot deck, and later the prediction by date of birth appeared.

And now divination is being actively used to look into the future and answer one of the main questions — about creating a family.

Even if you receive a negative result, you do not need to get upset. Configuring a happy outcome and acting, you can change the most gloomy predictions.

With the help of objects that are in each house, you can spend one of simple, but accurate divination. It is recommended for him to take the red thread of wool, as the use of natural materials makes the prediction more accurate.

  1. 1. Thread the needle through the needle, then hold it in your hand so that the needle is in the air. The hand should not be tense — this can lead to an incorrect result.
  2. 2. When the needle is in the air, mentally ask an exciting, fortunate question that can be answered unambiguously.

If the needle describes circles, the answer is positive, but if its trajectory looks like a cross, it is negative. Such divination helps not only to learn about marriage, it can be used in other situations when you need to get a definite answer.

For example, they are similarly guessing in order to determine the number of children in the future.

The most accurate divination for the wedding and marriage

Jewelry at all times was used by fortune-tellers to predict fate. To look into the future with the ring, you will need:

  • belonging to a guessing ring, best of all engagement;
  • thread or hair, depending on the chosen fortune telling;
  • a glass filled with water.

One of the ways of divination with the help of the ring is to thread your hair through it and bring it closer to the water poured into the glass. If, having touched her, the ring began to rock, you can expect a favorable development of love relationships, but if not, then you should wait a bit — the time for the wedding has not yet come.

Another way of divination is to hold the ring above the water in a glass with a thread and ask a question of interest. If it moves, the answer is yes, if it stays in place, it is negative.

You can also dip the ring on the thread in the water. The number of times it hits the walls of a glass with a ring, after so many years it is worth waiting for the wedding.

If a woman has already been married and is now looking for the answer to the question of whether she will be able to find true love and get married a second time, then for divination it is necessary to take a ring with a stone, a thread and peas. Sequencing:

  1. 1. Peas poured on the table, forming a circle of ten "slides", the number of each of which corresponds to the number of peas in it. So, in the first there will be only one pea, in the second — two, and so on.
  2. 2. Thread is threaded through the ring, thread is placed with the ring in the center of the circle like an arrow on the dial.
  3. 3. Describe as many laps as full years turned wondering, asking the question of when the marriage will take place.
  4. 4. Stop twisting the thread and wait until it stops.

The ring will indicate a stone on "slide", the number of peas in which corresponds to the number of years needed for the fortuneteller to find a loved one.

The most accurate divination for the wedding and marriage

Card divination — one of the most popular types. There are many options: from the simplest to accessible only experienced fortune-tellers.

To tell fortunes in one of the most accurate ways and find out what the marriage will be like, you need:

  1. 1. To sort a deck in which there are 36 cards, into two: the first — with cards, which contain numbers, the second — with jacks, queens, kings and aces.
  2. 2. Both shuffled piles of shuffle, thinking about marriage.
  3. 3. Next, refer to numerology. You need to take your birthday and recalculate this number to idle. For example, if the fortunate one was born on the seventeenth, then you need to add 1 + 7 = 8 — this number of cards from the first stack should be expanded in the first row.
  4. 4. Then you need to make a second row from the same stack. The number of cards in it must correspond to the month of birth. This number also needs to be turned into a simple one. So, if a fortuneteller was born in November, then 11 must be decomposed into 1 + 1 = 2. In the second row there should be only two cards.
  5. 5. Lay out the third row of the second pile, where there are more «strong» cards. Their number corresponds to the number resulting from the recalculation of the year of birth. For example, 1986 will be the number 6.

In the first row of the wedding month is encrypted. Add up the values ​​of all the cards lying there, and then a simple number is obtained from the result.

For example, if there are three cards in a row, each of which is a seven, then the result will be the third month of the year — March.

The second row will tell you how many years you should wait for marriage. Divination helps to look into the future for no more than ten years. Therefore, to find out the most probable wedding year, you should add up all the values ​​of the cards and decompose the amount into a prime number until it is less than or equal to ten.

If the wedding takes place more than ten years, divination will be inaccurate.

In the third row are important repetitions. You should remove cards that do not have a pair in color.

For example, if there are 2 ladies in the row: red and black suits, then both are removed. The same is done in the case when 2 ladies of black suit and 2 red ones fall out. This stack will tell you what family life will be like:

  1. one. Ace symbolizes loyalty. If he is of red color — the marriage will be happy and strong, if black — the difficulties associated with the difficult character of the spouse are possible.
  2. 2 King shows what will keep the family. Red — on love and loyalty, black — on material gain.
  3. 3 The lady will tell who will be the head of the family. Red color indicates that the main earner and "stone wall" for the wife there will be a man, while black will foreshadow that all important decisions will have to be made by the woman.
  4. four. Jack reflects how stormy the relationship will be. If it is red, then you should expect bright love and romantic confessions, if black — the union will be difficult for both parties, you will have to go through a lot of difficult situations.

The most accurate divination for the wedding and marriage

The most accurate predictions can be obtained from an experienced tarolog, as working with these cards requires a lot of knowledge.

If the fortunate herself is familiar with the Tarot cards, then the alignment, even made at home, will be as accurate as possible. This is explained by the fact that the cards work with the subconscious, and no one, except the guessing one, can fully realize the depth of the images hidden in them.

For divination is required:

  1. 1. Divide the deck into younger and older arcane.
  2. 2. Lay out with your left hand the outer circle of five randomly selected senior arcans and with your right hand — the inner circle of random juniors.

Senior arcana will tell about when, with whom and under what conditions marriage will take place. Younger — how to behave, to build a harmonious relationship with the chosen one.

You can ask questions about a particular person, as well as about a still unfamiliar one.

Special attention should be paid to divination by the Tarot online. Despite the controversy surrounding this method, if you wish, you can try and draw your own conclusions about its accuracy.

Its undoubted advantage is that it does not require any card handling skills.

With the help of numerology, you can find out the possible date of the wedding. There is a simple algorithm for finding a favorable year for marriage:

  1. 1. Find a prime number corresponding to the date of birth. To do this, all the numbers must be folded to obtain a simple value. For example, if the fortunate one was born on 18. 09. 1995, then one should add: 1 + 8 + 0 + 9 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 5 = 42, and further: 4 + 2 = 6. Date of birth corresponds to the six.
  2. 2. According to the same algorithm, you should get a prime number of the year in which the wedding is planned. For example, 2020 corresponds to the example: 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 4.

For interpretation, you can use the presented table, in which the first column shows the digits of the date of birth, and the second — the prime numbers of the year favorable for marriage.

Date of BirthYear of marriage
one1, 4, 5, 7
21, 5, 6, 8
33, 6, 7, 9
four1, 4, 7, 8
five2, 5, 7, 9
61, 3, 6, 9
71, 2, 4, 8
eight1, 2, 6, 8
92, 3, 6, 7

So, if the date of birth corresponds to 6, then the year corresponding to one, three, six or nine, for example, 2019, will be favorable.

Divination is often associated with the holidays. Prediction of the future marriage on the bones is made on the New Year or within forty days after the holiday date.

It helps to find out not only whether it will be possible to get married, but also what will be the year as a whole.

To get a prediction, a pair of dice is shaken and thrown over the left shoulder. Then look at the amount of the figures dropped.

For example, if it’s five and two, then the future will reveal the number seven.

The numbers have the following meanings:

  • two foreshadows that this year the benefits will fall on the wondering as of a horn of plenty;
  • troika promises that this year it is worth waiting for a declaration of love;
  • four promises auspicious changes, if the divine has enough courage to implement them;
  • five — a sign of a joyful event: the beloved one marries a fortuneteller and the marriage will be happy;
  • six promises a stormy, but short-lived romance; the coming love affair will not be the beginning of a serious relationship;
  • sevenbut says that this year you should not look for your love; should pay attention to other things, such as career;
  • eight promises a fateful meeting with true love, but in relationships may be difficult — you need to be patient;
  • nine means that the fortuneteller has a fan who is unrequited in love with her; in the coming year, one should pay attention to his feelings — perhaps this is fate;
  • ten promises a favorable year, full of pleasant dating; may soon be able to find true love;
  • eleven warns of difficulties in relationships; possible a major quarrel with a loved one, and even treason, on both sides;
  • twelve — a favorable number. It means that the probability of a happy marriage this year is very high. Do not lose your luck.

Guessing is a way to understand yourself and your desires and draw up a rough action plan for the near future. If it promises something unpleasant, do not get upset — this is just one of many options, and there is always a chance to prevent a difficult situation. If the forecast is favorable, do not forget that the execution of the prediction often requires active action.

The future depends on the most guessing.

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