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The most accurate and truthful fortune telling on the tarot cards

The most accurate layouts and fortune telling on Tarot: for the future, love, the situation

When resorting to tarot assistance, one should show respect and caution to the cards. It is recommended to resort to sessions only in serious cases, for the sake of fun, not to disturb the deck. Before fortune telling you need to mentally ask any question of interest, which boils down to clarifying a specific situation.

For example: “What should I do in this relationship?”, “How does a manager feel about me?” And so on. The question should suggest a detailed answer. The cards will understand if you ask them: “What do I need to do in order to get acquainted with the man of the dream?” And not “Will I ever meet more love?”

In some hands, before the shuffle of the deck, a card called the significator is chosen. This is a special lasso, which either clarifies the essence of the situation, or is used to designate the querent.

Waite as this card for men offers to take the card Magician, and for women — Papess.

Often, for this purpose, and use younger arcane any suit. The choice of a particular arcana is made depending on the predictor’s conception of querent (age, gender, occupation).

But the significator can be chosen from any other cards, if the questioner has a sufficiently clear meaning of the question. This may be a dozen pentacles, if the question relates to the inheritance, or the lady of the swords, if we are talking about a woman leader.

The most accurate and truthful fortune telling on the tarot cards

The deck is shuffled and laid out all the cards face down. Stopping to think about the issue of interest and shuffle, draw cards and lay them out in the order specified in the scenario. In the process of drawing cards, it is not so important whether any card feels warm or tingling.

A more significant point is that the arcana needs to be opened in the order in which they were pulled out.

When working with the tarot is useful to have a special diary. From time to time, new questions arising from the tarot, new considerations about recent sessions, are added to the deck. The answer may seem incomprehensible immediately after the execution of the alignment.

Records clarify the meaning later, with their help, you can again think about the question of interest and the answer deck.

The most accurate and truthful fortune telling on the tarot cards

The following layouts help clarify the future and understand what forces influence its formation now. During one session of the divination, it is not recommended to ask the deck more than two or three questions about the future.

The most accurate and truthful fortune telling on the tarot cards

For the alignment «Compass» you need to get four lasso and place them from left to right.

  • 1 — the current situation;
  • 2 — the near future, waiting for the querent;
  • 3 — influence on the circumstances of other people;
  • 4 — how the situation for the questioner will end.

This alignment does not decide for the querent, what to do, and does not give a definite answer «yes» or «no.» He clarifies the current circumstances and possible scenarios for the future in the future, depending on the decision-maker of a decision. Vorozhba is held for a period set by the querent during the shuffling process.

You can ask the deck to show the events of the next days, weeks, months.

It is recommended to formulate questions for the deck as follows: “What happens if I do this? And what happens if I do not do that? ”The alignment shows what awaits the querent in both cases.

The deck is shuffled and cards are laid out in the following order:

Interpreted cards like this:

  • 7 — describes the general nature of the problem, personal relation to it of the querent;
  • 3, 1, 5 — if the querent goes as he intended, then events will develop in that order (starting from the past to the future);
  • 4, 2, 6 — arcana show what will happen if the querent does not act in a planned way.

The following arcana are key to this fortune telling. When they appear, it is necessary to focus on them:

  • Lovers (in some decks — Choice). If this card came up, the querent has already made a choice, albeit unconsciously. His decision refers to the direction where the lasso lies.
  • Wheel of Fortune. The querent has no choice. Events of the outside world will develop in the direction corresponding to this map.
  • World. The place occupied by the querent in a situation is his life mission. The direction in which this lasso arose is the main life guide for the questioner.

One of the most detailed and effective divination. Suitable for clarifying almost any situation.

Alignment allows you to see the general trends of the current circumstances. Divination illuminates the reasons for the situation.

It also describes the psycho-emotional state in which the querent is now.

If the questioner is not quite sure about what layout to use to clarify the issue of interest, professional tarologists recommend using the “Celtic Cross”.

Having mentally formulated an interesting question, 10 cards are taken from the deck. Spread them in the following position:

The interpretation of the drawn cards in the Celtic Cross is:

  • 1 — the meaning of the present problem, the general description of the situation in the life of the querent.
  • 2 — external circumstances affecting the problem. The position describes the impulses that can complicate or alleviate the situation.
  • 3 — reasonable thoughts of the querent. What the questioner has already realized and is ready to put into practice.
  • 4 — feelings and unconscious, the foundation of the whole situation. Positive arcana indicates that the querent has enough internal forces. Negatives (for example, the color of swords) unequivocally hint at the questioner’s spiritual weakness.
  • 5 — lasso tells about the recent past. The map covers recent events that led to the current situation.
  • 6 — the first lasso that speaks about the future fate. Describes what will happen in the near future.
  • 7 — the map tells how the querent relates to the problem that is relevant to him. Arkan symbolizes the mood of the questioner.
  • 8 — external circumstances. The map illuminates the place where events take place, or significant people influencing the situation.
  • 9 — hopes and fears. This position can be a source of very valuable information (for example, if they are guessing at a missing person).
  • 10 — the second lasso, indicating the future. It covers the situation in perspective. Sometimes it shows the moment when events reach their climax.

Prediction of the future in this situation occurs on the lasso in positions 6 and 10. The remaining maps highlight the details of the background on which the events will develop.

This fortune-telling for the next week allows you to see what to expect in the coming days. First, the significator (S) is selected. Then, the cards are arranged in order according to the days of the week:

S 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

If divination is carried out, for example, on Tuesday, then divination begins at position 3 (Wednesday). Then they pull out the lasso to position 4 (Thursday), 5, and so on, until they reach card 2.

In that case, if the information received in the scenario is not enough, by a certain day you can get another 3 cards or get 3 cards for each of the days. In total in the latter case 21 additional cards will be released. Each of the three cards will symbolize the time of day of a particular day.

The first is morning, the second is lunch, the third is evening.

They get the significator, and after the standard manipulations — three more cards. Alignment allows you to make a brief forecast for the next three days. Alignment is as follows:

By analogy with the previous deal, you can add divination with nine more lasso.

Conducting alignment for events in personal life, it is recommended to abstract as much as possible from the exciting situation.

If the alignment is done to another person, tarologists are not advised to empathize with the querent. This will make the procedure more efficient.

This true divination allows you to get the right answer in a situation of conflict or misunderstanding between a man and a woman. Guessing alone.

Take seven cards and lay out in the following order:

The interpretation of cards in the scenario is as follows:

  • The bar on the left side (the arcana in position 7, 6, 5) indicates a woman, and the bar on the right (arcane 2, 3, 4) indicates a man.
  • Arcana 7 and 2 highlight the level at which the understanding of the partners of the events in a love affair takes place. The cards indicate what each participant thinks about the relationship.
  • Arcana 6 and 3 will talk about emotions, overwhelming a couple. They reveal the secret feelings, hopes and fears of each of the partners.
  • Arcana 5 and 4 talk about what men and women demonstrate on a behavioral level. Here the cards speak only about the facts of behavior, regardless of what the partner himself thinks about it (arcane 7 and 2) or feel (arcane 6 and 3).

This is one of the most accurate fortune telling to clarify a conflict situation in a relationship. Divination is carried out together. Arcana laid out as follows:

The first position means how the person who pulls the card sees his partner. The second position indicates the way he sees his own position in a love affair.

The third will tell you how each partner sees the relationship as a whole.

Allows you to understand whether the wedding will take place. Either how the ceremony will take place, if it is already appointed. After shuffling the deck, 6 cards are pulled out of it and laid out as follows:

The interpretation of the cards is as follows:

  • S — the significator;
  • 1 — whether the wedding will take place;
  • 2 — what will be the preparation for the solemn event;
  • 3,4 — describe the process of marriage and wedding celebration;
  • 5 — the questioner himself, his feelings.

In fortune-telling three cards are used. Allows you to get information about the feelings, thoughts and intentions of the beloved, look into the possible future of the relationship.

First, you should think about the woman he loves, and then, after refusing, pull out and put 3 cards in a row.

  • the first tells about her feelings for the questioner;
  • the second will describe the relation of the querent to the woman;
  • the third will highlight the most possible way of developing relationships.

The following divinations are held by the general rules. With their help, you can decipher the meaning of sleep, find out whether the desire will be fulfilled, analyze karma.

This alignment will play the role of a professional interpreter of dreams. For fortune telling take 7 cards. First, the significator is selected, and then the arcane is laid out according to the scheme:

The interpretation of the layout is as follows:

  • S is a dreamer;
  • 1 — the events of the near future, which include sleep;
  • 2 — whether what is seen in reality will come true;
  • 3 — from what dangers the vision warns;
  • 4 — to what actions it inclines the dreamer;
  • 5 — features of the symbolism of sleep;
  • 6 — features of his archetypal figures;
  • 7 — whether the vision is prophetic.

Divination allows you to determine the circumstances that will facilitate or hinder the fulfillment of dreams. It helps to highlight the hidden meaning of the desire for the querent.

For the hand you need to pull out 6 cards and lay them in a row. The meaning of the arcana is:

  • 1 — is there any chance that the dream will come true in the near future;
  • 2 — whether the querent deserves the desired performance;
  • 3 — whether the higher forces help him;
  • 4 — whether dark spirits, the essence of these obstacles, obstruct the obstacles;
  • 5 — whether the dream will be fulfilled in favor of the querent or not;
  • 6 — what consequences will the fulfillment of desire.

The following layouts highlight the current situation of the querent, which causes difficulties. If the difficulties are very complex and are for the questioner a source of significant stress, you can light a candle of blue wax during divination.

This color symbolizes calm and gives peace of mind, which makes it easier to conduct a session.

«Crossroads» — one of the most accurate and simple layouts. It allows you to get a specific answer that leaves no one in the soul questioning doubts.

It highlights the current trends for the fortunate situation, gives advice on how to proceed.

Alignment perform on senior lasso. After mixing the deck, four cards are laid out in the following position:

Positions have the following meanings:

  • 1 — what is the essence of the problem;
  • 2 — negative tendencies of behavior of the questioner (namely those that should be avoided);
  • 3 — how to do it;
  • 4 — what awaits the questioner as a result.

The main thing in the process of performing the alignment is to feel the difference between the lasso in position 2 and 3. It contains the whole point of fortune telling

Suitable for those who would like to know the reasons for their difficulties, covered in previous incarnations. For carrying out the fortune-specific knowledge of karma is not required. For the deal, 5 cards are taken, which are laid out in the following positions:

The interpretation of the cards is as follows:

  • 1 — what is the source of the problems of the present;
  • 2 — what is the impact on the current circumstances of the karma that was gained by the querent in the past;
  • 3 — what depends on the questioner in the current situation, what he can and / or should do;
  • 4 — who or what will assist him;
  • 5 — the final result.

Alignment using a single card is recommended for those who need fortune telling with a clear answer. For unambiguous information, it is useful to limit the spell to higher lasso. The question for the deck should be very specific.

Mentally setting it, they get one lasso, which will denote the answer of the Tarot.

In this type of divination, knowledge from tarology and numerology by date of birth is applied. The latter is considered particularly accurate, since the birth number contains information about past incarnations of the individual.

Numerology allows you to find out what fate awaits a person in the future.

Consider the calculation of the Tarot card by date of birth on the example of a person born on September 27, 1993. All you need to get three numbers — they point to the three main lasso.

The first number is the date of birth of the person. If this figure is less than 22, then no further action is needed. In the above example, the number is more than 22.

From it you need to take away the total number of senior arcane: 27-22 = 6. The first map of the date of birth in our case will be Lovers.

The second map is calculated by adding all the numbers of the date of birth. In this example, this is 2 + 7 + 0 + 9 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 3 = 41. We have a number that far exceeds the number of senior arcana.

22 should be subtracted from it until a lower value is obtained. 41-22 = 19.

The second map by date of birth in the specified example is the Sun.

The third card often coincides with the second. This means that a person has not three, but two arcana, affecting fate.

To calculate the third number, the number of the day, month and year of birth is given in accordance with the Tarot system, but this time — separately. In this example, we have:

The three digits received are added up. If their sum exceeds 22, this number should be subtracted from it. In our case:

The third birth card in the example being described is the Priestess.

Cards are treated as follows:

  • The first lasso points to the personality traits, character, behavioral patterns of the questioner. The card tells about the social role or mask that a person wears throughout life, how other people see the querent.
  • The second card indicates the person’s life mission, his purpose. Arkan reveals the main meaning of the earthly incarnation of the querent.
  • The third lasso is usually regarded as complementary to the rest. It affects the fate, but to a lesser extent than the previous two.

After any session, it is recommended to perform a cleansing ritual. The easiest way is to wash your hands with cool water or take a shower entirely.

If the alignment was made to a person with very heavy energy, it is necessary to use the elements of fire for purification. To this end, a wax candle is lit in the room for half an hour.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes. I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me.

However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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