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The magic of numbers numerology helps to change life!

Numerology — the magic of numbers, which means the main numbers

Numerology, along with astrology, is a metaphysical science that studies the effect of numbers on a person and his fate. It has long been observed that a combination of numbers, obtained on the basis of the date of birth of a person, affects his future life and using this data it is possible to build a numerological personality diagram, which contains information about the strengths and weaknesses of the personality, natural motivation and much more.

At the same time, it becomes possible, with the correct use of this information, to adjust your life path in the direction in which a person can maximize their natural potential.

The magic of numbers numerology helps to change life!

The origins of numerology — Ancient Egypt

Each number is characterized by its own vibration and rhythm. The ancient Egyptians each figure combined in itself all the combinations of functions that caused a given number (or phenomenon).

People believed that as a result of the interaction of numbers, various phenomena of physical reality arise along with manifestations of physical experience.

At the resonance of the rhythms of space, people with symbols, places, periods of time — in general, absolutely everything that exists in our world can be described using digital terms. It turns out that in reality all processes with objects occurring in our reality are essentially numbers.

Next we will deal with the meaning of the basic numbers (in ancient Egyptians).


It is not even the number itself, but a definite essence of the concept “number”. The unit acts as absolute, unpolarized, vectorless energy.

It is believed that the unit does not belong to either an even or an odd number, because if you add it to even numbers, it will turn them into odd numbers and vice versa.

It turns out that the number one is a union of two opposites — even and odd numbers, as well as other opposite things in the Universe. The unit is something perfect, eternal, unchanging, has polarized energy.


The two also have polarized energy. The number «two» has the properties of polarity, which is manifested in the division into «one» and «second.» The two is a unit having a polarized state.

In this case, the polarity affects absolutely all the phenomena of our Universe. This may include such varieties of opposites:

  • masculine and feminine energies;
  • odd and even numbers;
  • negative and positive;
  • activity with passivity;
  • good with evil;
  • truth with lies and so on.

In our world, constantly one of the opposites replaces the other, cyclical changes occur — the day gives way to night, sleep — wakefulness, life — death. In the end, all opposites are connected and the two becomes a unit — a single whole.


The three characterize in abstract terms the types of spiritual relationships between two types of opposites. For example, in a pair of men and women you need to hold on to something — it must contain spiritual relationships.

It is important to have love or desire for the emergence of these spiritual relationships. The Bible (the phenomenon of the Holy Trinity), as well as in the religious teachings of the ancient Egyptians and other world religious movements, speaks about the metaphysical role of the troika.

The magic of numbers numerology helps to change life!


Four represents a number that characterizes the composition of a substance — its structural and compound characteristics. The ancient inhabitants of Egypt, the creator god of the universe, was also associated with the fours.

It was also not by chance in ancient Egypt that they sought the help of the power of 4 elements (fire, air, earth, and water).


Five Egyptians depicted in the form of two (II), inscribed on top of the three (III), or else as an option — in the form of a star. The number five performs the function of combining the principles of polarity (number two), as well as their reconciliation (number three).

Absolutely all of the phenomena of our world are distinguished by polarity from nature and triplicity. It means that the five is the key by which a person can understand the secrets of our Universe.


Six — is the cosmic number of the material world, which was used by the inhabitants of ancient Egypt to denote the concepts of time and space. In modern science, many scientists are convinced that there is a very close relationship between space and time.

This connection is so close that both concepts are difficult to represent one by one, they are two different sides of the same coin.


In ancient times, the seven united in themselves the spirit (the number three) and substance (four) and therefore it was recorded in a similar format. One of the forms, in the form of which the seven were usually expressed, is a pyramid with a square base (the symbol of four elements) and triangular sides (the symbol of the spirit).

Seven is associated with constant development, growth, as well as cyclical aspects of the universe, which form the basis of the universe. Often, the number seven is considered in the context of explaining the principles and sequences of human development.

For example, the menstrual cycle of the fair sex consists of 4 weeks, multiplied by 7 days. There are seven days in a week, seven notes in a musical series — seven shades are presented in a color spectrum.

Similar associations can be traced in different spheres of human life.

The magic of numbers numerology helps to change life!


The eight is the number of four pairs of primordial forces known as the power of the Night, Darkness, Mystery and Eternity. It turns out that in the eight eight elements are combined (4 pairs each).


The development of the baby from the moment when conception occurred, and until the birth is 9 months. This information is significant in the process of interpretation of the semantic value, the ancient Egyptians enclosed in this figure. Nine is associated with the emergence of life itself on planet Earth.

Also, nine is the number of terminating pregnancies, and it also completes each of the cycles of numbers. It is also the number of one scale (numbers from one to nine) to another scale (which starts with a dozen).

It turns out that the number nine symbolizes a beginning, similar to the birth of a baby after 9 months.


Ten is the number of the Absolute, in which one and ten are harmoniously combined. In the inhabitants of ancient Egypt, nine was associated with completion and perfection, since this number stands at the very end of a number of basic numbers and reduces them back to one.

This is both a new force and a new return to the beginning of all beginnings.

The magic of numbers numerology is a very interesting topic, which you can talk about for a very, very long time. From the following video material, you will get even more useful and interesting information on how the numbers really rule the world and how they affect the human life:

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