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The line of the Sun on the hand: its full characteristic and features

Line of the Sun and its full characteristic, marks on it

The line of the Sun (also known as the line of Success) is normally the same as the line of Destiny and must be interpreted taking into account the type of hand on which it lies. In this article we will provide basic information about the line of the Sun, as well as its distinctive features and their correct interpretation.

The line of the Sun on the hand: its full characteristic and features

General information about the line of the sun

The palmists of ancient Greece gave this line the name «Apollo line», as Apollo was identified with Helios, who spoke the god of the sun.

In situations of very good manifestation of the line in the palm of the hand, it ensures its owner the successful achievement of different goals and the realization of desires. In addition, the line will enhance the onset of success, if it promises a good line of Destiny: add brightness to such a person, sometimes — make a famous person.

Like the Sun, bringing fertility with all sorts of earthly blessings, the line of the Sun helps a person to strengthen his position in the world.

The line of the Sun contributes to the progress of success, provided by the presence of an excellent line of Destiny, is responsible for the achievement of fame, obvious merit and differences in life in situations where it corresponds to the work and profession, which show other lines of the hand. That is, if to explain in a different way — the line of Apollo corresponds with the temperament of a person who keenly feels art.

But if in other parts of the hand this is not confirmed in any way, it means that a person will be able to appreciate art, but will not be able to manifest himself in it.

Features of the interpretation of the line of the Sun

Absolutely everything in the world is cognized by comparison, and this line is no exception. Her study should take place with the obligatory consideration of the working conditions and career of the investigated person.

This means that if this line appears in the palm of your hand at a specific age period, for example, when a person opens his restaurant, this will not mean that he will suddenly become a multi-millionaire, but will indicate a successful period in business when he can rise above its competitors, but how long this period will last will be additional signs and other lines.

The line of Apollo can appear on the hand at different ages and among people of different social groups, qualifications, religion and so on. Regardless of all this, she speaks of a significant improvement in her career.

The line is very interesting, but it is not easy to read it, especially for beginner palmists.

What will tell the different beginning of the line of the sun

Perhaps the beginning of the line of the Sun from the line of Life, from the hill of the Moon or from the plain of Mars, the lines of the head or Heart.

  • at the beginning of the line of the Sun from the line of Life with the artistic type of hand, it means that all his life such a person will serve the beautiful;
  • with other good lines, artistic success;
  • if the line of Apollo begins with the line of Life, and in front of you is the artistic type of the hand, this suggests that such a person is destined to serve art all his life and he will be able to achieve significant success in it;
  • in the case of the start from the hillock of the Moon — mostly the glory will depend on how the person is evaluated by others, especially at the beginning of the line of Destiny from the same place. This mark is very often found in famous artists who have a lot of fans;
  • beginning from the central part of the palm from the plain of Mars — tells about the sunlight, which, however, will be preceded by tears, about the struggle, which will end in success;
  • in the case of the beginning of the line of the Sun from the line of Fate, regardless of location, it will further enhance the success foreshadowed by the Fate line. From this point, the person being investigated will begin to carry in the work;
  • at the beginning of a line from the head line, other people or other external factors will not be able to influence the success of such a person. He will be provided with a powerful talent and strength of mind, but at the same time a person can achieve success not earlier than in the middle of his life;
  • when the beginning of the line falls on the line of the Heart — you can talk about great love and talent for art, and the line from its inception portends an improvement in the life of the individual, happiness and finances. In the same case, when the line of Destiny is turned relative to the mound of Jupiter, one can speak of the unusual success or authority of a person from this time to death.

The line of the Sun on the hand: its full characteristic and features

What do the different signs on the line of the sun mean

  • A large number of lines on the hill of the Sun — indicates the presence of the artistic type of nature and the achievement of success in adulthood. Also, multiple lines indicate that a person has so many different activities with ideas that they already begin to interfere with him. Therefore, it is better when the line is one or two.
  • Having a star on the hill of the sun is a very good sign. At its location at the end of the line of the Sun, on its hill, it will tell about great glory and fame.

Note! The better the line of the Sun is shown on the arm, the more significant success a person can achieve in his life.

On the palms of criminals or people suffering from various bad inclinations, the line of the Sun tells about excessive fame and notoriety.

  • The square, located on the line of the Sun, is a sign that protects against any adverse effects.
  • The appearance of an island on the Apollo line indicates that a person temporarily loses his position or reputation (just as long as the island lasts). In the situation when the line has the same thickness, both before and after the island, it means that you will be able to fully recover and catch up as if there were no scandals and misfortunes.
  • The presence of lines that cross the line of Apollo — will indicate that someone will try to harm a person, namely his reputation.
  • The presence of lines crossing the palm of Mars’ hill and cutting or breaking the Apollo line — characterizes the competitors of the subject who have the same sex with him and will strive to destroy his position and reputation.
  • The starting point of the line comes from the Venusian or Martian hills, which will come close to the line of the Sun and cut it in the palm of your hand — for the stronger sex will tell about other men who can harm him in the specified period of time. Additional confirmation of this will be the presence of the island. As for the fair sex, then on their tender hands the appearance of these lines from the hillock of Venus or Mars will tell about other women who can shake their reputation or position in society. And with the additional presence of the island, you can safely talk about some scandalous situation in the period when the island appears in the palm of your hand.
  • In the case of a strong designation of the line of Destiny, but in the absence of the Apollo line as a whole, a person will be able to attain power and make a successful career, but there will be too few positive moments in his life. Such personalities are characterized by concentration on one’s own person, as well as avoidance of fame in any form and unwillingness to make contact with people.

The line of the Sun on the hand: its full characteristic and features

  • In those situations when the line of Apollo is thicker than the line of Destiny, this means that the shadow of a celebrity of his descendants always hangs over such a person. This is often found on the palms of sons, whose fathers could become very famous in life.
  • It is important that the line of the Sun looks harmoniously with the line of Destiny. If it is too manifest in the palm of your hand, it means that in the career sphere such a person will be accompanied by brilliance and glory, which, however, will have no basis. In this case, the line loses its strength in the sunken palm.
  • If the line of Apollo on the hand is not in principle, even if we have a talented and artistic hand in front of us, this indicates that a person can work very efficiently, make efforts, but be convinced that he will not be able to achieve recognition from others that subsequently carried out. And no matter what such a person is engaged in, in what area of ​​life he would not try himself, he only in very rare cases achieves fame.

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