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The line between the line of the heart and mind — how to recognize and decipher

The line between the line of the heart and mind: the types and values

The line between the line of the heart and mind in palmistry is considered secondary, but nonetheless very important. Let’s talk how to interpret the value of this trait from the point of view of palmistry as correctly and correctly as possible.

«Defects» on hand

The ideal line, located in the middle of the two main features of the palm, should be straight, clear, well expressed. But only in units there is a standard.

And this is not bad, because all people are different, because their characters and destinies are different.

The line between the line of the heart and mind - how to recognize and decipher

The most common defective lines are formed into figures that have their own meaning:

  • If there is a speck or a barely noticeable point, this may indicate that the person constantly has to face small obstacles in the process of realizing the goals set.
  • Squares are auspicious symbol: man is always protected by his tribal system and God. Need to learn to feel their invisible support.
  • Grid — not the most reassuring symbol. Tells about the inability to look at things soberly and take responsibility for everything that happens around — in the outside world and in one’s own life. Such a person may not grow up for a long time and become an adult, independent person.
  • Crosses — a symbol of change, radically changing life in one minute, which may occur sooner or later. Bad or good will be this event is unknown. It all depends on the thoughts, feelings and actions of the person you are wondering
  • The islands mean that a person spends a lot of energy on empty targets. For this reason, he can often feel the decline of vital forces, unlearn how to enjoy life and look at things positively.
  • Triangles — an indicator of intellectual abilities. Symbol of great intelligence and giftedness. A person with such a “defect” can achieve great success in science and education. This is a discoverer, scientist, researcher, innovator

Next, let’s talk about how the line of the heart affects the fate of a person.

Types of lines

Depending on the location and shape of this symbol, the fortune of the fortuneteller will be folded differently.

The line between the line of the heart and mind - how to recognize and decipher

Physical heart trait:

  • It has a rounding at the end, and its beginning is located between two fingers: the thumb and index
  • Indicates a person deeply sensitive and able to express these feelings, to convey them to others. He openly and sincerely shares his feelings.
  • Able to see happiness in simple things, enjoy every moment of life and find a positive in everything
  • Quickly restores a normal state of mind after painful emotions associated with relationships
  • Sincerely and openly shows love, generously sharing it with others, therefore there are many friends around him

Spiritual heart feature:

  • A solid horizontal line that runs through the entire arm, without interruption. Clearly expressed
  • People with a similar sign are trapped in the expression of feelings and emotions. It is difficult for them to talk out loud about what is happening in their soul. They do not know how to share experiences: for this reason, problems often arise in relationships with loved ones
  • They prefer to suffer and be offended silently, rather than to tell about what is disturbing. Therefore, among the people with the spiritual line of the heart are often found typical «victims», always in search of «executioner»
  • If they fall in love, nobody will ever know about it, because they will keep a mask of indifference. The partner will have to make a lot of effort to break the ice and teach how to share feelings.
  • Closed personality. Never makes personal life for all to see. Such people are easy to detect: on social networks they have the same photo on their avatar for years, they are reluctant to show pictures of their lives

Damaged heart feature:

  • A person will experience severe emotional distress at some important stages of his personal life.
  • Most often, breaks in a line indicate painful events in life that a person experiences very difficult and emotionally.

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Line of intellect and mind

This line describes everything that concerns the mind and mental abilities of a person. This is how he solves difficulties, overcomes obstacles and how rationally he relates to events.

The line between the line of the heart and mind - how to recognize and decipher

The greater the length of the line, the more successfully a person realizes his mental abilities and finds use for them. This is an indicator of how strongly he uses his potential given by nature.

  • At the end bends towards the base of the arm.
  • A person solves any problem creatively, using all the power of his imagination.
  • It is important for him to engage in activities that bring pleasure. Only then can he benefit and be a harmonious, happy person.
  • A person seeks to surround himself with beautiful things; aesthetics is important to him.

Practical line of mind:

  • Passes horizontally
  • Says that man is rational. He does not focus on spiritual development; he prefers to act rather than reason.
  • Never soars in the clouds, stands firmly on his feet and knows what he wants and how to come to it
  • Hardworking and efficient, practical approach to everything. Most often an atheist, never relies on faith and seeks to control everything
  • If at the end the line of the mind has a branch, this indicates a highly developed creative side of nature.
  • A man with a bright, vivid imagination. He always has plenty of ideas, but may not have enough energy to translate them into reality.
  • This is a great entrepreneur, leader. But it can also be a “free artist”, only in this case it is difficult to achieve financial stability.
  • Easy to learn and can teach others. Able to systematize information, sort everything out and convey to people

Material line of mind:

  • If at the end of the line is bent toward the ring finger, then a person seeks to become rich. He has very high requests. If this is a girl, she will definitely want to find a rich husband
  • It should be careful not to turn the idea of ​​enrichment into an obsessive

Strive to analyze the lines on the palm, not only individually, but in general, to make a complete picture of the individual.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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