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The life line divides into two branches — features of interpretation

The life line divides into two branches — what does it mean

The life line is considered in palmistry as one of the main ones on the palm of the hand. Most people who are interested in fortune telling ask about the longitude of their age and are afraid if branches or crossing lines appear on the life line. Do these signs bear a fatal meaning, can you find out the approximate date of death along the lines on your hands?

Consider the questions: the line of life divides into two branches. We will also find out what the square on the life line means and the intersection with other lines on the arm.

The life line divides into two branches - features of interpretation

Interpretation of the line of life

The life line determines the life potential of a person, not the longitude of a century. In addition, the pattern on the palms is constantly changing, which makes its own adjustments to the definition of the fundamental events of human destiny. A long lifeline does not guarantee the longitude of a century, and a short one does not predict a premature demise.

It needs to be clarified once and for all.

The lifeline is considered an indicator of a person’s vitality, his vitality and vitality. Of course, the level of energy determines both the quality and the longitude of life — but this level can be raised with the help of an active lifestyle and proper nutrition.

Therefore, you should not fatally perceive the pattern on the palms, if everything can be changed with your own hands.

Where is the life line? It bends around the thumb, forming between it and the index finger.

The farther the distance of the line from the thumb, the greater the life potential of the person. If the line closely adjacent to the thumb, a person has a small amount of vital energy.

Such people are distinguished by fatigue, passive attitude to life and frequent diseases.

The life line divides into two branches - features of interpretation


What does it mean if the line of life forks at the end? The palmists say there will be a waste of energy.

These can be serious illnesses or a weakening of vitality. Consider all the options for bifurcation in more detail.

If the branch from the main line is barely visible in the palm of your hand, this predicts a weakening of the protective forces of a person: he can get sick. Particularly dangerous is the split on the hand of young people — urgently need to pay attention to their own health.

If one of the branches goes to the mound of the moon, it warns about the development of senile dementia. What can be done in this case?

Take drugs that improve the quality of memory.

However, if the fork in the direction of the Lunar Hill is clearly marked and has a pronounced depth, this indicates a move to another region or even a country.

If the bifurcation is clearly formed and looks like a fork, it indicates a person is tired. What do we have to do?

Rest more often, do not overload the psyche and do not overstrain at work.

The life line divides into two branches - features of interpretation

Sometimes on the palms you can see two lines of life at once, running parallel to each other. What does it mean? If the sister line is long, it speaks about the luck of a person — he is lucky in life.

This additional trait is sometimes called the guardian angel, because it protects a person in difficult moments of life.

If the sister line is located near the end of the main life line, it means that the person will be active even in old age. He has enough vitality to overcome diseases and hardships, he is not threatened with senile indisposition.

The life line divides into two branches - features of interpretation

Intersecting lines

The life line may intersect with other lines in the palm of your hand. These intersections have their own meaning.

For example, an intersection with the line of fate is considered negative — an individual interferes with himself by wrong thoughts and actions. He is confused by persistent doubts, lack of confidence in his own capabilities and various phobias.

Intersection with the line of mind is considered a positive symbol. This shows a purposeful and persistent person who knows how to set goals in life and achieve them with hard work.

If you see the intersection with the lines of the head and heart, this sign is considered fatal. The same applies to the intersection with the health line.

However, the intersection with the line of fate is the most positive sign of all.

The life line divides into two branches - features of interpretation

Sometimes near the line of life you can see small lines, perpendicular. What does it mean? Palmists call them lines of concern.

These dashes can cross the line of life. If a person has a lot of such lines on his hand, he worries about any trifle and deprives himself of peace.

These are lovers making an elephant out of a fly and panic because of every sneeze.

If there are few lines, it can be used to determine which life periods a person experienced serious events in his fate. Sometimes the lines of anxiety are absent on the palms.

It says that a person is little concerned with problems and life troubles or they are completely absent in his life.

Crossing lines of anxiety show the dramatic events experienced by man. If these intersections are located at the end of the line of life, a person will have a restless old age.

Either it will be a serious illness, or strong experiences.

What marks can be found on the life line or next to it? Attracts attention:

The square is interpreted in two ways. It can carry both positive meaning and negative. The square has a positive effect if there is a gap in the life line — it connects the line.

When a person is hit by the blow of fate, the square shows the possibility of getting out of the water dry with the most unfavorable scenario.

If a square does not connect a broken line of fate, this is an extremely unfavorable sign. A person will face a period of isolation — be it a serious illness or even imprisonment.

However, not everything is so sad: sometimes a square can show care in a monastery or study in a closed educational institution.

The cross at the end of the line of life speaks of a long century despite the negative interpretation of the symbol. The cross at the very beginning of the line shows a sincere and friendly person who can be fully trusted.

Birthmark foreshadows disease. When deciphering the value should pay attention to the nature of the life line after a mole.

If the line has unclear outlines, it means that the disease will take a lot of vitality. However, if there is a guardian angel line, you will be able to cope with energy losses and quickly restore health.

Watch a video on the interpretation of the values ​​of the life line on the arm.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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