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The King of Swords Tarot — value cards

The map shows a proud and balanced man, seated on a throne, with rigid willed features. At first glance, it becomes clear that this is the king. He is dressed in clothes of light blue shades, and a purple raincoat is thrown over his shoulders.

In his right hand he holds the sword point upwards. The throne is set on a rocky elevation, and its headboard is decorated with images of sylphs and butterflies. The painting is depicted against the cold sky, where two birds soar.

Harsh mountains can be seen in the distance. All the general mood of this card is cold and alienation.

The King of Swords Tarot - value cards
The King of Swords Tarot - value cards

In direct position, the King of Swords symbolizes a person’s great intellectual abilities and his flexible, rational approach to all life events.

The card indicates that a person is always ready to come to the aid of other people. It emphasizes the fact that the fortunate is always seeking new knowledge.

In various areas of human activity, this card may indicate the following:

  • In matters of health, the map is neutral, but indicates that there is a specialist next to a person whose advice related to maintaining health must be heeded.
  • In his personal life, this card focuses the person’s attention on the fact that he is incorrectly related to the partner. Guessing always considers their own opinions the only correct and does not want to listen to the advice of a loved one. This always causes certain problems in communication. Sometimes the card indicates that the person begins to experiment with the feelings of a partner and, of course, this is not fair.
  • In the business field, the map is very positive. She focuses on the natural abilities of man and his ability to translate their own ideas into life, which undoubtedly contributes to success. In addition, this card may hint that, if necessary, a person can seek help from an influential person.

The card represents a wealthy man with authority. Very often, such people are government officials or choose professions related to jurisprudence.

This map indicates that there is a very fair person in the environment of a guessing person.

The meaning of the King of Swords card is upside down.

In an inverted position, the King of Swords symbolizes maliciousness, intrigue and intrigue. The map may indicate the unfairness of the current life situation.

It is very likely that a person in this period will have to endure an undeserved insult. But sometimes such a card indicates that the guessing person will act unfairly towards another person.

In the event aspect, the card foreshadows deceptions at the household level. Perhaps someone will attempt to intimidate a person.

If in the scenario this lasso fell next to the Five of Wands, then it symbolizes the attempts of authoritarianism. In combination with the Emperor, this card symbolizes the conflict of a person.

If the King of Swords falls out with the Hermit, then the person, by his behavior, opposes himself to society and can be left alone.

In other areas of life, the map may indicate the following:

  • In matters of health, this card foreshadows accidental injuries that may require surgery. At the same time, she warns that a heartless and ruthless doctor who can inflict severe pain can deal with the treatment.
  • In matters of relationships, the lasso indicates that one partner is trying to completely subjugate the other. Often this concerns a man’s violence against a woman. Also, this card emphasizes the fact that relationships are based solely on calculation. If Death falls out with this card, this foreshadows a break in relations soon.
  • In the business sphere, this card indicates that the person is seeking to achieve his own by any means. Such an approach can spoil relations with colleagues. There comes a period when a fortuneteller may become unwelcome to the authorities and they will try to demobilize him or even dismiss him.

This card symbolizes the ruthless and callous person, who in his heart completely lacks a feeling of compassion for other people. In addition, this card warns those who guess that there is a person next to him who cannot be trusted.

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