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The gap in the life line — which means

The gap in the life line — the nuances of decoding

Palmistry studies the pattern of lines on the palms, which determine the crucial moments in human life. The first question that interests anyone is longevity.

What does it mean a break on the line of life, does it predict a sudden demise? We will deal with the issue in detail.

The gap in the life line - which means

Breaks on the life line

That is what scares all people, creating a situation of doom. But in fact, discontinuity on the line of life means changes in fate. What kind of changes await a person?

The answers are many. However, in most cases these will be adverse changes.

The gap does not predict premature demise, After all, a person’s lifespan is also indicated by “bracelets” on the wrist — each bracelet symbolizes 25 years of life! Therefore, do not panic if there is a broken life line in your palm.

Also note that the lines on the hands can be lengthened. Therefore, to despair is never necessary.

There is even a method of correcting the lines on the hand for changing events, therefore everything in the hands (and not on the hands) of a person is his whole life.

The fatal value for a person can only be the intersection of the lines of the heart, head and life simultaneously. However, it is necessary to look whether in this case there is a line parallel to the line of life — the symbol of the guardian angel.

The intersection with the line of Mercury (but not fatal) is also unfavorable.

The gap in the life line - which means

Types of breaks

How to start learning the line of life? You should first examine the palm on the right hand, and then move to the left. For left-handers, they do the opposite — start with the left.

After exploring the lines, consider the hills in the palm of your hand.

The lifeline can be interrupted in different ways:

  • dash line butt;
  • internal gap;
  • external gap.

End-to-end butt line looks like this: it has a long outline, but is interrupted after a certain period. After interruption reappears as a sequel.

What does it mean? In the life of a person, some unpleasant event will occur, which will end with time — and life will go on as usual. Otherwise, this interruption period can be called a “black stripe”.

It may also mean simply moving to another city or region.

If the line is interrupted in the center of the palm, this indicates a serious internal contradiction. These are the forces of doubt that prevent a person from achieving success in life.

In this case, you should think about self-improvement, in order to overcome internal discord with yourself.

If a triangle or square is visible at the point of rupture, this determines a serious disease. However, the square carries a positive value — a person has enough vitality to cope with the disease.

About chronic illnesses says constantly interrupted lifeline.

The gap in the life line - which means

Internal gap the line looks like this — the main line is interrupted, but the line of fate runs parallel to it. That is, there is no point in talking about a fatal event, especially about a sudden demise.

The palmists say that this picture tells about the dramatic changes in fate. For example, a person will move to another faith, or will completely change their lifestyle, as well as a divorce.

Therefore, for an accurate interpretation of the interruption of the life line, you need to consider the entire palm in the complex, and not one — but two at once.

External gap — the life line is interrupted and continues in another place. This may indicate a change of place of residence, and even departure for permanent residence abroad.

But more often such a picture appears when a person abruptly changes his world view — “born again”, starts life from scratch.

Note! Fatal is the gap on both palms at the same time, in the same place.

If the line of life ends abruptly, and then connects with the line of fate, this is a lucky sign. Life will be long and prosperous.

What does it mean if small thin lines cross the life line? This is a sign of the combination of the material with the spiritual.

Man lives in two worlds at the same time.

The gap in the life line - which means

Branching line

Consider the case when the life line forks and spreads out. In some cases, a split line at the bottom indicates duplicity — a person says one thing and does something else. Also, this sign may appear in those who are hiding something from everyone.

What could it be? Anything: from a mistress to a shadow accounting.

If the line forks at the very beginning, it is a sign of boiling energy: a person can succeed in work, thanks to a stormy temperament. Branching in the center of the line indicates a tendency to change places — traveling, moving from city to city.

The palmists claim that the lifeline does not at all indicate the duration of a person’s century. Rather, this line shows the energy potential that an individual has. And the quality of life, health and well-being depend on the quality and quantity of energy.

A short lifeline reports that a person is not endowed with a great energy potential, and therefore will be ill.

To change destiny, take a red felt-tip pen and draw an equal and accurate life line on a palm of the leading hand. Do this daily until the real line changes.

This is called correction lines on the hand.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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