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The best fortune telling to answer the question

People often have various questions related to their lives, relationships, upcoming trips, etc. Many of them want to get answers to them immediately and quickly. Different types of divination, the meanings of symbols, layouts of cards will help to correctly determine the essence of what is happening and to answer the question of interest. But the correct answer will depend on the skills and knowledge of the person who is guessing.

In the event of a misinterpretation, the fortuneteller risks receiving incorrect information.

There are many variants of divination that will help get answers to questions. The most common types of divination to the question:

  • layouts on the tarot;
  • on playing cards;
  • on the runes;
  • on the bones;
  • on dominoes.

These methods more accurately than others will help in divination:

  • on relationships;
  • on love;
  • on fate;
  • for a period of;
  • on desire;
  • addressed;
  • for the future;
  • on the situation.

If a person does not trust seances, gypsies, mediums, fortunetellers, he can learn to guess and decide everything independently. Only it is necessary to know the various interpretations, signs, meanings of runes, different symbols, etc.

The best fortune telling to answer the question

True and instant prediction can be obtained with the help of tarot cards. The solution of the issue is the most universal alignment on the Tarot. He orients a person in any difficult situation.

You can ask about love, relationships, money, work and much more.

This alignment is unlike other fortune-telling on Tarot, it gives not a simple short answer, but analyzes the whole situation in detail and with an explanation. Images suggest how to lead, so that the result was the best.

Position values ​​play an important role.

  1. 1. It is necessary to formulate a question accurately, clearly and in detail.
  2. 2. Pull 5 cards from a full Tarot deck (from different places) and put them in a row.
  3. 3. Turn and try to determine the values ​​of each character or pattern.

You can use this fortune-telling many times a day for any situations, but you can’t ask one question for this type of tarot twice a day. If nothing happened, you must wait for the morning and try again to raise an important question.

Card Position Value:

  • First place — confirmation of what should happen.
  • The second image is denial. It indicates what may cause what the first drawing implies.
  • The third one explains why all events (past, present, and future) have turned out this way and not otherwise.
  • The fourth position is resolution. It shows what action needs to be taken, if possible.
  • Fifth — the result of all the previous ones. She explains what a person will achieve when the situation develops, as the first image indicates, if the condition recommended in the 4th Tarot figure is fulfilled.

But for the right decision it is necessary to study the values ​​of all symbols. For example, the «Hermit» (second image) has the following interpretation — privacy, caution in actions and deeds, prudence.

The best fortune telling to answer the question

Sometimes a person has special questions, but no one can help in resolving a particular situation or he simply does not have enough time to go to a psychic or medium. In this case, he can find out everything himself, using ordinary playing cards.

To carry out this divination, you need a deck of 36 pieces and a few minutes.

  1. 1. You need to take a deck in the right palm (if left-handed — in the second).
  2. 2. Remove any part of it with your free hand.
  3. 3. Lay all the cards upside down to form a circle.
  4. 4. Ask about any thing that is the crux of the matter.
  5. 5. Pull out and turn over the card, which will be the answer or a hint for further actions to solve the problem.

You can ask only 5 times in 1 session, because with this method the opposite principle operates: the more you want to know, the less certainty there is.

Table of interpretations depending on the image and the suit:

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