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The best fortune telling on dumplings: ways, meaning of filling, decoding

Divination on dumplings — the importance of filling and cooking rules

Guessing on dumplings traditionally occurs on Christmas Eve or Old New Year. To conduct it, girls and boys gather in large companies in the home of one of the participants (as a rule, this is a married older woman) and prepare the necessary ingredients in advance.

It should be noted that our ancestors perceived this method of divination as entertainment and did not attach much importance to the prophecies obtained, although they often came true. At present, the situation has not changed.

The main requirement for fortune telling on dumplings is that they should be cooked with their own hands. Other rules:

  1. 1. You can not buy in the store dough or ready-made stuffing, and even more so — the products themselves.
  2. 2. It is forbidden to facilitate the work with the help of kitchen appliances. If you knead the dough with a mixer or in a bread maker, the heat and energy of human hands will not be transferred to it.
  3. 3. Dumplings must have the same shape and size so that it is impossible to guess what the filling is contained in each of them.

The whole process from beginning to end should be performed in a good mood, because the mixture of flour and water absorbs negative emotions, and then conveys them in the form of diseases and misfortunes to those who eat dumplings.

Classical dough is prepared from the following ingredients:

  • 1 egg;
  • 1/2 cup water at room temperature;
  • 2 cups flour (sifted through a sieve);
  • some salt.

As for the filling, it can be any. But surprises, it is desirable to use those that do not change their properties during heat treatment. Some people try to wrap notes with funny and funny prophecies into the varennee dough, however, after cooking, the paper softens and the ink spreads and it becomes impossible to read the text.

Such surprises are more suitable for fortunetelling cookies and pies.

The best fortune telling on dumplings: ways, meaning of filling, decoding

Before the beginning of fortune telling, usual dumplings with potatoes should be served. And only after the guests are full, you can bring a dish with those that were prepared specifically for the fortunetelling. In some regions there is another tradition.

According to her, each person places on his plate from the common dishes, where both the standard dumplings and those inside which the surprise is hidden are mixed.

If a guest has several dumplings with different fillings, all predictions should be taken into account. And if it turned out that the forecasts have the opposite meaning, preference is given to a more positive one.

The best fortune telling on dumplings: ways, meaning of filling, decoding

Decryption of edible fillings.

The nutsA woman who had not previously been spoiled by her men’s attention will be able to gain several admirers at once. Those who have already arranged their personal life, expect pleasant surprises.
PeasRest will be successful. It will turn out to take a vacation at a time that I would like to spend outside a boring office. And the whole next year will please good events
DoughThis filling promises replenishment in the family. But not necessarily children will get himself wondering, the offspring may appear and his relatives
CandyTo passionate love, ardent feelings
SaltUntil the next Christmas Eve, people will be plagued by problems in all walks of life. Communicating with friends, relatives, colleagues, too, will not work out, the slightest difference of opinion will grow into a protracted conflict
SugarThe coming 365 days will bring only joyful events. Dreams come true, and the standard of living will improve significantly
Black Pepper PeasNew friends or business contacts will appear.
GarlicThe one-piece clove foreshadows the difficulties that a guessing person will face when trying to realize his plans. Cut to pieces — to a marriage of convenience
CucumberIf you have to participate in any competition or other event where you need to present yourself from the best side, there is no reason to doubt the success. Salted cucumber promises financial prosperity, and a fresh one promises lottery winnings
PicBoiled rice means good news, and raw says that you will not have to be sad for a year.
Bay leafIn gambling lucky as ever. Civilians can expect a promotion, and the military — the assignment of a new rank. People of creative professions will gain fame and recognition
CabbageIf a dumpling with such a filling was caught by a young girl, this year there will be a wedding. Those who have already entered into marriage, cabbage foreshadows the absence of family unrest and complete mutual understanding
CarrotNew and promising acquaintance. High chance to meet your soul mate
RaisinsConstant temptations. Guessing will desire that which they cannot afford. Lovers expect frequent quarrels over trifles
Ground pepperPredicts a major change. At first they will be unpleasant, but then it will become clear that everything happened for the better. Life will be full of topical events, and to solve problems you will have to tap the full potential.
An AppleCalm year without shocks. If before that there were difficulties with work or health, everything is normalized.
CranberryLike other sour berries, symbolizes unrequited love
Buckwheat, wheat, beansFinancial affairs will sharply go uphill. Even the most hopeless business will start to make a profit, and any undertakings associated with obtaining benefits will be successfully implemented.
Dill, parsleyHealth problems disappear
CornA close person, for the success of which the guessing person is experiencing, will be able to achieve the desired result in his activity
Cottage cheeseNew social circle. Sweet cottage cheese — to a pleasant pastime in the company, salty — it will be difficult to join the team. If the cottage cheese is mixed with greens, you will have a long trip to a sanatorium or a holiday home.
MilletGuessing expect vain efforts and bustle
Raw potatoesRecognition of talent or merit
Dried apricotsPredicts a happy event. Dried apricot with a bone was found in the dumpling — soon the circumstances will become known that will force you to change your attitude towards what happened.
MeatGuessing guaranteed a comfortable existence
Dried cherryPitted — good luck, pitted — a tempting offer will be a trick

The best fortune telling on dumplings: ways, meaning of filling, decoding

There may be inedible surprises in the stuffing, but it is better to warn guests in advance. Otherwise, such dumplings can be harmful to health.

RingIndicates a quick wedding. A delicate silver ring promises pure and true love that will lead a boy and a girl to start a family. A married woman promises loyalty to her spouse
  • White — among close relatives there will be a conflict related to the division of property.
  • Yellow — indicates the wealth and enjoyment of life
ButtonTo update the wardrobe. Throughout the year, the girl will walk in new and beautiful clothes, receiving compliments from others
  • Black is a close road. You will have to spend your vacation in the country, and if you manage to go somewhere, it is only within your own country.
  • White — travel or business trip abroad
Fish scalesTo pregnancy. If a person does not plan his own children, he may have a younger brother or sister
Tape or rope with knotsOn the way to the goal, the fortuneteller will face many obstacles. With an even number of nodules, they will be successfully overcome, and with an odd number, they will have to abandon the idea

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