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The best fortune-telling in the Old New Year

The best fortune-telling in the Old New Year

It has been repeatedly verified that candlestick guesses are the most accurate. And if you hold a certain ritual on the eve of the Old New Year, then anyone will be able to know their near future.

From the first of January until the Christian holiday of Baptism in the world, the most magical period will come, when desires are fulfilled faster, conspiracies and rituals become more effective, and predictions are even more accurate than on ordinary days. This time of year is filled with renewed energy, which is ready to absorb all the information like a sponge, and in the shortest possible time to deliver it to the Supreme Forces.

But even at this time there are special days when the connection with your assistants reaches its peak and becomes the strongest. As a rule, they coincide with Orthodox holidays, such as Christmas, Old New Year and Baptism. So what needs to be done to find out your destiny?

Accurate divination in the Old New Year

This divination can be used on other days, but by applying it on New Year’s Eve, you will decipher the Signs sent to you faster and easier and understand their secret meaning.

To do this you need one candle and a white sheet of paper. There should be no picture on it: the album sheet or a piece of drawing paper will be the most ideal option.

Sit comfortably at midnight, read the prayer «Our Father» and light a candle. Then whisper the following phrase: “I am open to the heavens, I am waiting for the sign and I will heed you. Old Year, New Year, what will happiness bring to me? ”

After that, take up the paper and start to drive it over the flame of the candle. The distance should not be large, but expect so that the sheet does not catch fire. Move in a clockwise direction until the leaf describes three circles above the candle.

Then look at the drawing that came from the soot of the candle.

If you see something related to nature and vegetation, this year you will have an interesting journey with many discoveries. Also, do not give up on business trips that will help you gain valuable experience and advance through the ranks.

All paired objects and animals mean a meeting with your soulmate and a harmonious relationship. Hearts and any other symbols associated with this theme are also heralds of mutual love and happiness.

Ladders, any square items and everything that looks like money, means that you are waiting for a big profit or a career growth. As a rule, financial abundance comes unexpectedly and immediately from several sources.

Not a good sign is considered a leaf on fire. Besides the fact that it is simply dangerous, such carelessness is extremely undesirable from the point of view of esotericism. The paper that flared up despite the precautions warns: in the coming year, you can destroy a great deal by accidental movement of your hand, so be on your guard.

You need to finish the ritual with gratitude to the Higher Forces for opening the future to you. You may wish for some time to look at the burning flame and imagine how your dreams come true. Do not deny yourself this: in this way they give you a sign that you are on the right track.

But in the end, be sure to extinguish the candle without letting it burn out.

Many people worry that they will not be able to understand the encrypted information and will never know their future. But do not be upset, because the answer may come to you later as a hint in a newspaper or a book, or it may appear in a dream. Also there are many interpreters who will help to understand the situation. Believe in yourself and your abilities and of course do not forget to press the buttons and

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