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The best express guessing from the picture: what awaits you in the New Year

The best express guessing from the picture: what awaits you in the New Year

On the eve of the New Year, many of us want to look into the future. Someone uses for this svyatochnye, Christmas or New Year’s rites, someone builds forecasts based on horoscopes. But there is an easier way to find out what the year holds.

This technique is based on a subconscious choice. The subconscious mind is arranged quite difficult and cunning, but nevertheless, the credentials have long been studying it, and some secrets can be considered as revealed. These include the unusual ability of our brain to isolate the main thing from what we have seen faster than we can comprehend it.

If you quickly miss in front of the eyes of a person image slides with innocuous photos, most likely, he does not see anything. But if among the pictures there are images of common fears — photographs of poisonous snakes or insects — then you can be sure that these shots will be snatched away by our sensitive subconsciousness.

Our test picture works in the same way for the future. In order to tell fortunes quickly and easily, you only need to look at the proposed picture. It is necessary to do this in the following way: first close your eyes tightly, then open your eyes and, without looking and reading, remember the word that you came across first.

This word is the choice made by your subconscious in express divination. Think about its meaning. If you have seen something favorable, it means that you are striving for this, that you are waiting for this and, most likely, you will receive it.

After all, our strong desires come true, but what is stored on your subconscious level, can not be a weak desire. In the New Year, you will be waited for exactly what you considered in the first second when you looked at these letters.

Do not rush to panic if you meet something negative in the fortune-telling from the picture. This does not mean that all your failures and problems will haunt you. But since your subconscious in the series of positive predictions saw a specific negative result, it means time to work with your own fears or anxieties.

Do not let the fear of making a mistake rule your life for a year. Negative is not a reason to despair, but an incentive to improve and grow.

Whatever the prediction, try an experiment. Bookmark yourself in a browser and pass this test again after two weeks. And then conduct a control rapid test.

And if something has changed for the better, then you can congratulate yourself: you managed to convince Fate itself and did it with your own hands. We wish you success and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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