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The best divination at home: for the future, love, desire

How to guess at home: fortune telling for the future, love, desire

Since ancient times, people have been asking questions about what to expect from the future and what is their fate. For this purpose, various methods of divination were used; simple rituals that can be performed at home were particularly popular.

You can guess at many things, the main thing is to follow all instructions and believe that the result of fortune-telling will come true. Therefore, you need to learn how to correctly interpret the received signs of fate.

When divination in the home, it is important to follow simple rules that, along with their simplicity, are quite effective and allow you to get the truthful result. Rules for performing divination:

  • You can not guess on Sundays and during church holidays. It is not necessary to carry out the ritual during the bell ringing.
  • It is recommended to guess about your future and love affairs in the evening. Best of all — after 19-00.
  • Guess you need one.
  • If there is no faith in the effectiveness of divination, then you should not even begin.
  • It is necessary to concentrate as much as possible on the process, turn off all modern gadgets.

Girls who want to know the name of their betrothed, wondered on Christmas night or on Ivan Kupala. But you can guess all year long, because questions arise constantly, and there is not enough patience and time to wait a whole year to find out the answer.

The best divination at home: for the future, love, desire

It is believed that Friday and Saturday are absolutely not suitable for divination. If you guess these days, then a string of trouble will accompany the fortune teller.

The only exception is Christmas or Fridays of Christmas, as they directly refer to the periods for divination. If we consider the months, the best for performing divination ceremonies is January.

It is especially good for divination for the long term. With a growing moon, the answer to the question about your financial situation will be the most accurate.

For financial divinations, February, October and November are considered the most favorable.

On the feast of St. Andrew (December 13), at Baptism and at Christmastime it is best to guess at the betrothed.

The best divination at home: for the future, love, desire

There are several types of divination, which are carried out very easily:

  • On desire. For the rite of divination to desire, you need to take twelve pieces of paper and on each write a separate desire. Get twelve wishes come true. Papers are put under the pillow in the evening. In the morning, take out three of them. They will come true next year.
  • On the betrothed. In order for a contented person to have a dream, you need to put a small mirror under the pillow and try to fall asleep, thinking that the future husband should dream. To enhance the effect, you can say the phrase several times: "Bride-dressed, come to me dressed up!". You can not speak out loud, but about yourself.
  • On the cards. Sometimes guessing on the cards. There is a simple kind of fortune telling on the four kings. The usual deck of cards is taken and before the New Year or during Christmas time (before bedtime) you need to take out four cards with the image of kings and hide under the pillow and sentence the words: "Who is my contented mummy, he will dream me in a dream".

There are also fortune-telling on water, which is popular in winter:

  1. 1. On the night of the New Year, everyone who is present in the room takes a spoonful of water and brings it to the frosty air. In the morning they try to predict the future in the form of water frozen in spoons. If the surface with protrusions or flat — fortunately. If the ice with dents — to disease and misfortune.
  2. 2. Pour water into a glass, put a ring in it and expose it to frost. In the morning they check how many bumps there are on the ice. It depends on the number of bumps how many sons the girl will be born of, and on the dimples — the daughters.

The best divination at home: for the future, love, desire

From the outside it may seem that it is not difficult to guess at home and it doesn’t bear anything terrible for a person. But this is a fallacy.

Experienced fortune-tellers and hereditary magicians caution, because you should look very carefully abroad between fate and reality, because the game goes on human life, and inept or reckless actions can adversely affect both the future guessing and the fate of his relatives.

When fortune-telling on the mirror of the house, one should begin the ritual only after a full sunset or at night. Such divination requires a psychological attitude.

You can not think about anything unpleasant, and the more bad. You must clearly present your goal and relax.

The fortune-telling on the mirrors is the oldest and simplest fortune-telling on marriage and love. How to conduct fortune telling:

  1. 1. For the ceremony, two small mirrors of equal size will be required.
  2. 2. They are put one in front of the other and lit by a candle in front of the front sides of each mirror.
  3. 3. Then they take one mirror in their hands and stand in front of the second mirror so that they can see the reflection of the mirror in their hands.

It is in this reflection that the image of the future spouse should be expected.

With the help of candles, too, divination. The shape and color of the candle is important.

A spiral candle will predict the fate, and the ordinary church will tell about the condemned one. On it for this you need to scratch his name.

When fortune-telling on a candlestick guessing should not interfere. Only after complete relaxation can you light a candle and start a ritual. The flame of the candle also matters:

Candle flame behaviorInterpretation
Split or more than two flamesAhead of waiting for trouble
Smooth and calmNothing will change in life
Goes off or does not light upFate will present an unpleasant surprise
Heavy smokeNeed to wait for difficulties
Loud crash when burningGuess come true
Flames moving in different directionsFor the execution of the hidden will have to make great efforts.

For this useful buckwheat or rice, about a handful, but always the same amount. It is necessary to mix the cereals and throw them in a plate with water, then you need to carefully see which cereals are more on the surface:

  • Rice turned out to be more — happiness and luck are ahead.
  • Buckwheat turned out to be more — ahead of them expect complexity.
  • Equally rice and buckwheat — you will have to create your own future.

A handful of beans are poured on the table and are looking for a figure:

  • horseshoe — luck and happiness;
  • flower — acquaintance;
  • a triangle — problems are waiting for the family;
  • the cross is in trouble;
  • without a figure — there will be a losing streak.

On plaid paper, guess at the betrothed as follows:

  1. 1. You will need a pen and a sheet of such paper.
  2. 2. With the left hand (if a guessing right-handed person) the name of the betrothed is spelled in the corner, and a heart is drawn in the center. For lefties, everything is done the other way around.
  3. 3. Then, along the contour of the drawn heart, it is necessary to cross out all the whole cells that were not touched by the line when drawing the heart.
  4. 4. It is necessary to cross out the whole cells three pieces at a time.

The remaining cells will be the answer:

  • 1 cell — the betrothed reciprocates and pulls him away to the guessing one, but he is not yet ready inside himself for such a serious act as the proposal of a hand and heart;
  • 2 cells — he is indifferent to the guessing, but time changes everything;
  • there are no cells left — everything can add up, but not fast.

The way to find out about your future with your loved one is needle-telling. The result should be interpreted by a person who is already familiar with fortune telling and knows.

Algorithm of the ritual:

  1. 1. Take 13 thin long pins or needles. It is necessary to bend three pieces, and leave the rest.
  2. 2. Varnish mark one needle. Divination will be held on it.
  3. 3. If divination is carried out by another specific person, you can still mark the needle with his name.
  4. 4. A clean sheet of drawing paper is placed in front of him and all the needles rush at him with his left hand.
  5. 5. To decipher divination, you need to divide the sheet of drawing paper mentally into five parts.
  • those needles that fall to the top of the Whatman paper are unforeseen circumstances;
  • fallen in the left corner — a negative past;
  • trapped in the lower part — reckless submission;
  • right side — upcoming events;
  • the center of the leaf is harmony, peace and confidence.

If the tagged needle is in the center or intersects with other sectors — luck, surprises and interesting meetings are waiting ahead.

It is important where the eye of the needle goes:

  • in the right corner at the top — there will be positive changes in love;
  • to the right below — not exactly good news from the chosen one;
  • in the left above — the biggest change in love is over and there will be no news;
  • in the lower left — it all depends on their own efforts;
  • if the needle is alone and does not touch the rest — loneliness or quarrels with a loved one;
  • if the needle is at the top — the fate completely depends on the guessing;
  • if the ear is looking to the right — the loss of influence on the loved one and the transfer of initiative in his hands are possible;
  • if the eye is directed to the left — you should be careful not to destroy the harmony;
  • if the needle is at the bottom — the relationship depends more on the partner. The more needles that look with ears on the main needle, the stronger the marriage will be;
  • if bent needles were near — ahead of trouble;
  • if bent needles are very close to the main one and look at it with tips, there will be a lot of ill-wishers seeking to destroy the relationship;
  • if the other needle lies exactly on the main — there is a rival;

If you divide the sheet into twelve parts in a circle, the prediction can be obtained by months. Similarly, guessing on matches and sticks.

The eyelet replaces the head of the match or mark on the stick.

The ritual of fortune-telling on coins with skill and experience allows one to get answers to almost any questions, not only in the monetary area of ​​life. Need a container with water and a few coins.

Previously, they should be kept for a day in the water to remove someone else’s energy.

The method of divination on three coins:

  1. 1. Throw three coins 6 times and count more — tails or eagles.
  2. 2. If 2 or 3 coins fell upwards by an eagle, then on the sheet it is worthwhile to draw a line that is interrupted in the middle, if more are a continuous line.
  3. 3. The result is a hexagram, which is interpreted in different ways.

It can be deciphered by the interpreter:

Number and order of linesInterpretation
All solidPeak of success
All intermittentPerseverance will bring success in two months
1 solid, three intermittent, solid and intermittentNothing will come true, all without success
1 intermittent, 1 continuous, three intermittent and 1 continuousSoon much will become clear
Three solid, 1 intermittent, 1 solid, 1 intermittentSoon will need a lot of strength
1 intermittent, 1 continuous, 1 intermittent, three continuousComing conflict destroying harmony
1 intermittent, 1 solid, four intermittentConscious solitude
Four intermittent, 1 solid, 1 intermittentTroubles behind, but not all
Three solid, 1 intermittent, two solidAhead of bad luck, but then success
Two solid, 1 intermittent, three solidNeed to show restraint and courtesy
Three solid, then three intermittentFriends will bring good luck
Three intermittent, then three solidBe careful, near detractors
One solid, one intermittent, four solidEverywhere will meet nice people
Four solid, 1 intermittent, 1 solidGood luck ahead
Two intermittent, 1 solid, three intermittentAhead of failure, but everything will be fine
Three intermittent, 1 solid, two intermittentSuccess is coming
One continuous, two intermittent, two continuous, 1 intermittentDo not change their principles
One intermittent, two solid, two intermittent, 1 solidCorrect relationships with your surroundings
Two solid, four intermittentSuccess in all things
Four intermittent, two continuousTrouble ripening around
1 solid, two intermittent, 1 solid, 1 intermittent, 1 solidNew business will bring happiness
One continuous, 1 intermittent, 1 continuous, two intermittent, one continuousThe question of fortune telling depends on the people around them.
Five intermittent, one continuousThere are big changes ahead which are no longer known.
One continuous, five intermittentTangled situation and change
One continuous, two discontinuous, three continuousIt is worth being truthful, success ahead.
Three solid, two intermittent, 1 solidStrength will be needed soon
One continuous, four intermittent, 1 continuousStop gossiping and everything will work out
One intermittent, four solid, 1 intermittentSelf-confidence hurts, and self-criticism comes in handy.
One intermittent, 1 solid, two intermittent, 1 solid, 1 intermittentLosses and losses, but they lead to success.
1 solid, one intermittent, two solid, 1 intermittent, one solidWaiver of Illusions

This is a fairly simple fortune telling, as follows:

  1. 1. You need to take a book of more narrative content and make a page number and lines.
  2. 2. Do not forget to specify — top or bottom to count.
  3. 3. Read the hidden line, it will be the hidden meaning of the answer.

You will need colored threads — red, white, blue, green and black. It is necessary to cut off a small segment and put five threads in a small bag. After that, say the phrase: "I want to know everything in my beloved heart.

Open darling to me and tell the whole truth".

Close your eyes and randomly pull out 5 strands. It should look, what threads will be more. If all five threads turn out to be of a different color, then you need to tell fortunes again.

If the threads turned out to be a pair of each color and one other, then both predictions are appropriate, the only question is the time through which they will come true.

  • White That he will make a marriage proposal. It is not known how long this marriage will turn out, but at the moment it is happiness.
  • Black The chosen one likes another girl, because he constantly stares at others.
  • Green He is ready to be there, but his family and important decisions will depend entirely on his wife. If this does not scare, then you can develop a relationship, the chosen one will not leave.
  • Red. He is very fond of and devoted to a fortunate girl.
  • Blue This is more a friend than a betrothed. It is better to reconsider such a relationship.

The algorithm for making divination is as follows:

  1. 1. For fortune-telling on men’s feelings need a pen and two sheets of paper.
  2. 2. On the first sheet you need to draw a big heart, and cut another sheet into squares.
  3. 3. On the squares you need to write letters from the letter s ="tautology-highlight">letters "BUT" to the letter "F".
  4. 4. Put the leaf with the heart in front of you, and mix the squares and pour it onto the heart with the words: "My heart, show my betrayed".
  5. 5. Next, you need to get four squares, as long as they are in the contours of the drawn heart, so you will need an assistant.
  6. 6. Then you can open your eyes and read the result.

The letters, which will be in the squares, will eventually be in the name and the name of the future husband.

Under any hat or kerchief you need to put cotton balls, which differ in size. Then you need to pull one at random and look at its size.

The lump is larger, the spouse will be thicker.

A lump of paper is burned, and the shadow cast by the remaining ash is trying to look at the outline of the contracted. The value of the seen figures is found by the interpreter.

Cut the apple into nine parts, eat eight in front of the mirror, and throw the ninth shoulder (left) and look in the mirror — the image of the betrothed will appear there.

Women often wonder about hair. Apply this type of divination is recommended no more than once a year.

If there is a premonition that the future depends on the upcoming difficult choice and any action will have consequences, then you should guess so.

It will take a strand of hair from the head of the fortuneteller. On a windless moonlit night, burn the lock on the fire and observe the burning process:

  • They burn right away — in the future business will succeed.
  • They burn brightly and for a long time — spiritual development is ahead and large acquisitions are coming.
  • Smolder and do not want to burn — danger, illness or even death. At least the trouble.
  • Do not burn to the end — it is treason from a loved one.
  • Smoke and burn brightly — in the future life there will be changes.

There is a simpler way, but accordingly less reliable. Your hair is wound on a finger and count the number of turns.

If even — the answer "Yes"if odd — "not".

There was one more fortune-telling at the Epiphany evening or at Christmastime, the girls were looking for hair under the house among the snow. What color it will turn out to be — that’s what will be at the man’s hair

If the hair is not found, then the marriage is not expected.

You can put a comb (comb) under the pillow, always washed clean and at the same time say: "Suicide, ryazheny, comb my head!" Chosen should appear in a dream and in the morning you can find hair on a comb. By their color it is worth understanding what the future husband’s hair color will be.

The first method of divination is the following:

  1. 1. Put on the table straw collected in a ball.
  2. 2. They put a frying pan on it, and a stone on it.
  3. 3. Then it is poured over with water, and each of those present slowly takes out a straw from under the stone.
  4. 4. By sound represent the name of the betrayed.

The second method of divination:

  1. 1. Pour water into the pan and put stones inside.
  2. 2. From above throw lumps of hemp or flax, set them on fire and cover with a saucepan.
  3. 3. If the water begins to bubble loudly, then the son-in-law will have a very nagging mother-in-law, while the sister-in-law will have the same mother-in-law.

Three-quarters of the water is poured into a simple glass with a flat bottom and the wedding ring is gently lowered into the middle. Before the ceremony, it should be thoroughly cleaned.

If you look in its middle for a long time, you can see the future spouse (or wife).

Girls (without looking) take out a log from a woodpile and examine it. The more it is smoother and smoother, the more beautiful and kinder the future spouse (boy) will be.

How to conduct such divination:

  1. 1. If you eat something too salty before bedtime, you can see a prophetic dream. Before you fall asleep, you should say the words: "Who is my husband, who is my mummers, he will give me a drink".
  2. 2. Before the New Year, twelve scales are separated from the bulb and they are named for twelve months. Each sprinkled with salt and put on the table at night. In the morning, check what happened to them. So learn about the events of the coming year.

The onion flake is treated as follows:

Name of the monthEventthis month of next year
  • Salt melted — need help.
  • Swollen salt — to pay attention to the education of children.
  • If everything remains so — waiting for a profit
FebruaryMelted salt — winter fishing will succeed
  • Melted salt — to the differences in the family, disputes and quarrels.
  • Swollen salt — possible betrayal of the spouse (or spouses).
  • No change — everything will be fine in love
AprilSalt swelled — good fishing and hunting
MayMelted salt — it is better not to leave the house for a long time, then trouble may come
  • Melted salt — do not move from the place of residence, otherwise it will be a disaster.
  • Swollen salt — fishing and hunting will be successful.
  • No change — will be able to travel or country trip
JulyNo change — a good time to rest.
AugustSalt is swollen — a highly paid new job
  • Melted salt — it’s time to rest.
  • The salt swelled — a new interesting work will appear.
  • Nothing has changed — previously lost connections will be restored
OctoberNo change — it is worth returning to the old links.
NovemberNo change — it is worth restoring lost connections.
  • Melted salt — the purchase will be successful.
  • Salt is swollen — new acquaintances will appear

If on some scale the salt turns black, then this is predicted by the illness of a guessing or close person. This month will be difficult, with monetary costs, and the works will bring very modest results.

This is the forerunner of frustration, collapse of plans and losses.

If not only salt but also the scale itself has turned black, then this foreshadows thefts, fires, accidents, injuries, violence, etc. Someone from friends or relatives may die.

If the scales are wrinkled, then danger comes from the side. This is a sign of bad luck.

Coffee is not drunk until the end, the cup is shaken clockwise several times and put on a saucer so that one edge is higher. A flowing down thicker look and looks for a pattern that will mean the following:

  • A pattern or sign more is a strong influence of the sign.
  • Patterns closer to the edge of the cup — prediction will come true sooner.
  • The pattern is located below — longer wait for the result of divination.
  • Closer sign to the pen — the relation to the guessing has a result.
  • More dark color — worse will be guessing.
  • A bright cup is a rainbow future.

The interpretation of the patterns should be carried out by the interpreter.

Divination is carried out as follows:

  1. 1. On Christmas Eve at Epiphany, before sunset, naked girls leave the house and throw snowballs over their left shoulder. At the same time they listen. Whence the sound is heard — in that direction and they will marry.
  2. 2. Girls lie back on the snow in the evening, and look in the morning. If the snow remained smooth, then their future spouse will be kind and calm. If the place is excised, then the husband will be pugnacious and foolish.

For such fortune-telling will require an interpreter of the value of cards. It can be purchased at any bookstore or found on the Internet.

Tarot cards also have their own interpreter.

How to perform fortune telling on cards:

  1. 1. A deck of cards needs to be shuffled, to think over the question to which an answer is sought.
  2. 2. Part of the deck should be removed with his left hand and shifted down the deck.
  3. 3. Then the cards are fanned out, nine cards are selected from the deck, not turned over.
  4. 4. With the help of the interpreter it remains to find out the answers that have turned out.

Another way of guessing on the cards:

  1. 1. From the mixed deck of 36 cards, remove the part with the left hand and put it under the deck, and then, without looking, take out 5 cards and put one on the table in the center, and one on each of the four sides.
  2. 2. The central card is number 1, on top -2, on the right — 3, on the bottom — 4, on the left — 5.
  3. 3. Cards are put face down.

The decoding of the cards in this fortune-telling is as follows:

  • 2 — near future;
  • 3 — the distant future;
  • 4 — the distant past;
  • 5 — that prevents the fulfillment of desire.

With the help of fortune telling on a playing card, you can find out about your future with a certain person. The deck should be shuffled and moved over with the little finger of the hand (left), and then put down. The top card is the answer to the prospects with the betrothed, which is interpreted as follows:

  • Clubs — difficulties.
  • Worms — strong love.
  • Peaks — to the difficulties and troubles.
  • Tambourines — happy life.
  • 6 — expected news.
  • 7 — to the joy.
  • 8 — disappointment is coming.
  • 9 — a kiss.
  • 10 — long happiness.
  • Jack — to love.
  • Lady — to rival.
  • King — someone will help in love problems.
  • Ace — the relationship will be strong.

Conduct such a rite for the future life with the elect late in the evening and always on odd days of the calendar.

Seven cards are taken in turn from the tarot deck and interpret the future according to the interpreter:

  1. 1. Map of the Sun.
  2. 2. Horizon map.
  3. 3. Obstacle map.
  4. 4. Strength map.
  5. 5. Map Consultant.
  6. 6. Navigation Map.
  7. 7. Map of Clarity.

To carry out such divination, it is better to contact an experienced tarologist, who will make the correct layout of the cards.

Only Tarot Junior Arcanum cards are used. In the center is placed corresponding to the character of the fortunate card.

Then the deck is laid out around it in four piles of cards in the form of a cross.

The best divination at home: for the future, love, desire

In each pile, two cards are opened, and the rest are collected and two cards are put in between the bars of the cross. Then put four cards on the edges and remaining on the center card.

Interpretation of positions:

  • the first position is real events;
  • second position — past cases;
  • the third position is thoughts about the thought.

Answers to questions posed during fortune telling may not always be interpreted in the same way. But there is a common interpretation of the cards.

The interpretation will depend on the face value of the card:

  • 6 is a quick date;
  • 7-light flirtation without consequences;
  • 8 — interest in the guessing;
  • 9 — receiving gifts, winnings, debt repayment;
  • 10 — family hearth, home;
  • Jack — troubles associated with love relationships;
  • a lady is a married woman;
  • the king is a free and fair-haired man;
  • Ace is good news.

Treat as follows:

  • 6 — long road;
  • 7 — a pleasant surprise in the form of money or a gift;
  • 8-interest in the business field;
  • 9 — return of debts, winning the lottery;
  • 10 — big money;
  • Jack — a good man who will help for work;
  • the lady is a middle-aged but energetic girl;
  • the king is a reliable and decent man;
  • Ace — wealth, overcoming difficulties.

This suit has the following interpretation:

  • 6 — deserted road;
  • 7 — troubles, minor worries;
  • 8 — poor health, damage, illness;
  • 9 — illness and sadness;
  • 10 — unexpected achievements;
  • Jack — useless works;
  • the lady is the intrigues of the devil;
  • the king is a military man;
  • Ace — state house.

They have the following interpretation, depending on the face value of the card:

  • 6 — fun event;
  • 7 — a good offer;
  • 8 — a useful meeting;
  • 9 — love news;
  • 10 — successful trip;
  • Jack — good news, baby birth or wedding;
  • a lady is a friend, an unmarried girl or woman;
  • the king is a friend or a young man;
  • Ace — Nice problem solving.

Home divinations are simple, with the help of them you can easily and quickly get the necessary answers to any questions.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes. I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me.

However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when you had to give 11 for renting an apartment.

What was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight. I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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