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Ten Tarot Swords — the meaning of the card

The map shows a person lying on the ground. His body is pierced with ten swords. Around depicts a disturbing landscape.

The drawing itself suggests that in real life nothing good can be expected. A feature of this arcana is that it is able to influence negatively on any positive maps.

Ten Tarot Swords - the meaning of the card
Ten Tarot Swords - the meaning of the card

In the direct position of the Ten Swords very often symbolizes the end of a certain life stage. Moreover, its completion took place uncontrollably, so a person cannot count on a favorable course of life in the near future.

Most likely, there was a collapse of plans and all desires remained unrealizable, so you will need to adapt to new living conditions.

This lasso warns that in life there will be not temporary difficulties or forced stops, but about the life impasse in general, when a person ceases to understand in which direction he needs to move on. At present, the natural strength of the fortuneteller is very important, it is she who will help him to survive.

The fact that a person has internal reserves in order to resist the blows of fate, said the combination of the arcane with the Chariot. If this card falls with a Double of Wands, then this combination hints that the risk can be justified and can mitigate the situation.

In other areas of life, the map may indicate the following:

  • In the health field, the map indicates the development of the disease, and the problem will have to be solved surgically. It will be possible to judge how effective the treatment can be only by the cards that fall in the alignment with this lasso. Sometimes the card indicates that health can be quickly restored, getting rid of bad habits.
  • In matters of relationships, this map indicates a break with a partner. And it can not be avoided, despite all efforts. If a person does not prepare for this, then there will be complete devastation in his soul, which will cause rejection of the opposite sex in general and for a long time. Anything can be the cause of the gap. So, if this card fell near the Priestess, then the secrets of the past of one of the partners will lead to the separation.
  • In the business field, the card portends victory to competitors. If negative cards fall out next to this lasso, such a combination could be a forerunner of bankruptcy. But if the card falls near the Sun, then this indicates that business activity will soon improve, thanks to the intervention of a reliable patron.

The card personifies a person who has experienced difficult times and spiritual devastation.

The value of the map of the Ten Swords upside down

In the inverted position of the Ten of Swords symbolizes that the troubles recede, and comes the bright band of life. Sometimes it appears in the scenario, when the news comes about someone’s death. It can also often be a symbol of sudden sudden changes.

But on the other hand, the map indicates that you cannot see the situation around you only in black light, you need to remember that life consists of white and black stripes.

If there are negative cards next to this lasso, then this combination indicates that temporary difficulties may return. In life, a situation may arise that will be associated with old unsolved problems.

In addition, the lasso emphasizes that a period of vigorous action has begun. Otherwise, a person can become a toy in the hands of fate and he will not be able to turn the tide in his favor.

The fact that a person does not believe in himself is emphasized by the combination with the Two of Wands. It is necessary to apply their natural abilities and are not afraid of change.

In various areas of life, this card may indicate the following:

  • In matters of health, a dangerous combination is with any Death cards. It can actually be a precursor to death or the development of a serious disease that carries a threat to life. Also, this card may indicate recovery, but there is a high risk of relapses. All diseases can develop against the background of chronic fatigue, which reduces immunity.
  • In private life, it is planned to restore relations with a partner after a long protracted conflict. Also, this lasso can be a harbinger of the beginning of a new relationship. And in this case, it is likely that the partner will become a true and true friend. Very well, if in the layout of the Ten Swords fell next to Temperance. This indicates that problems in your personal life go away for good.
  • In the business field, the map indicates that before starting new business, you need to deal with old problems.

This card often represents a convalescent person. In addition, she may indicate that truly close people have appeared next to a person.

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