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Ten Tarot Cups — the value of the card

The map shows a happy family: parents and two children. A man and a woman stand with their backs to the viewer, they embraced and raised their hands in a welcoming gesture. Next to the parents, their children spin in dance.

In the distance you can see a beautiful landscape: hills with green trees and a calm river. Also on the image is visible the house in which, apparently, a friendly family lives.

In the bright blue cloudless sky shines a beautiful rainbow, which is crowned with ten golden cups.

Ten Tarot Cups - the value of the card
Ten Tarot Cups - the value of the card

In the direct position of the Ten Cups symbolizes the harmony in the relationship. There comes a life span filled with joy and happiness.

This card emphasizes that a person is completely satisfied with the course of his own life. He does everything, and he confidently brings all his ideas to life.

This lasso indicates that the person is very sociable and it helps him a lot on the way to the goal. In addition, the guessing person always deeply interprets the current situation before making a responsible decision.

Also, a person objectively perceives the world around him and always takes both the positive and the negative side of life.

If next to this lasso falls Six of Cups, then this indicates that fate itself favors the person and he can safely be taken for any projects. In conjunction with the Force, this card indicates the balance of the physical and spiritual needs of the diviner.

In other areas of life this card may indicate the following:

  • In matters of health, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. A good psychological state helps to successfully cope with any disease.
  • In personal life things are going very well. When such a card falls in the scenario, it is very often a harbinger of a wedding in the near future. In conjunction with the Empress, this lasso foreshadows happy motherhood. And for single people, a pair of Top Ten Cups and a Priest is especially positive. This is a sign that a person will meet his soul mate.
  • In the business sphere, this lasso marks the prosperous state of affairs. If there are any changes, they will be extremely positive.

This card represents a happy family man who can appreciate life. She also emphasizes the fact that a person is surrounded by reliable and loyal friends.

The value of the map of the Ten Cups in an inverted position

In the inverted position of the Ten Cups symbolizes the end of a joyful life period. She foreshadows emotional excitement, irritation from the coming strip of bad luck and the loss of harmony.

At the event level, the map predicts constant quarrels and quarrels with loved ones.

This lasso indicates the occurrence of various obstacles, seemingly out of the blue. Sometimes this may just cause sincere bewilderment about how this could happen. The fortune-teller must understand that, despite the problems that constantly arise, he should not stop, he must constantly move forward.

Only in this way can the approach of a bright life line be approached.

In other areas of human life, the lasso indicates the following:

  • In the field of health, this card is a precursor of a disease that will not have critical consequences. It may very well be that the cause of the disease will be a bad environment or an unhealthy lifestyle.
  • In personal life, there is a rift in relations with a partner. Especially strong conflicts can occur in couples. If the Troika of Swords falls out of the map, this indicates that a person has an acute sense of loneliness in his soul, despite the fact that the partner is nearby.
  • In a business relationship is also not all right. Disagreement in business and misunderstanding of the position of colleagues is planned. Against this background, material problems may arise.

The card represents a person seeking to harm. It may also indicate that a person may have problems with adolescent children.

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