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Ten Pentacles Tarot — the value of the card

Tarot Card Value Ten Pentacles (Junior Arkan)

In the foreground of the map is a venerable gray-haired old man who is resting in the garden and watching a couple in love. At the same time, young people coo and do not see him.

The whole map is as if permeated with surrounding peace and well-being. At the feet of an elderly person, dogs walk around, indicating that the old man has a sincere soul. It is noteworthy that the plot is depicted on the background of the arch.

This element symbolizes the commonality of the genus as a whole, but it emphasizes that generations are very far from each other in their life perception. Ten Pentacles are located all over the map.

Ten Pentacles Tarot - the value of the card
Ten Pentacles Tarot - the value of the card

The value of the map of the Ten Pentacles in the upright position

In the direct position of the Ten Pentacles symbolizes the well-being of life. This period, at the guessing person, differs in stability and high comfort.

For family people, the card indicates the unshakable connection of generations and draws attention to the excellent relations between relatives.

If the Ten Pentakley falls next to other financial cards, then it predicts a good inheritance or large sums from real estate transactions. Also this card can be a harbinger of any family celebrations.

Ten Pentakley indicates that the person feels safe and will try to increase their condition. And this will be very successful at this period.

In different areas, this map may indicate the following:

  • In the field of human health, everything is very well. He has excellent physical and spiritual health. People who are sick also begin to feel good, and against the background of self-belief, even the most serious diseases can retreat.
  • In private life harmonious stable relationships reign. Partners completely trust each other and are able to easily resolve any household problems that arise.
  • In the business sphere, we can expect management recognition of merit and, as a result, a salary increase. There comes a period when a person may well open his own business. You can also not be afraid to change jobs by trying yourself in a new field.

As a rule, this card represents one of the closest relatives or friends. It may also indicate that there is a wealthy person in the environment of a fortuneteller, whose help you can always count on.

The value of the map of the Ten Pentacles upside down

In the inverted position of the Ten Pentacles symbolizes disharmony in relations with people from the inner circle. It is very likely that differences may arise about the inheritance. If the Ten of Pentacles falls out in the alignment next to the death cards, then such a combination can be a harbinger of the death of one of the closest relatives.

If there are other negative cards nearby, then it indicates that in reality there will be problems with elderly relatives.

If a fortuneteller is engaged in big business, then he should prepare for the fact that some transactions fail and he will have to incur serious losses. In addition, a person’s reputation may be at risk if he chooses an unreasonable risk.

When positive cards turn out to be in the turned-up position next to the Ten of Pentacles, this significantly smoothes out all negative interpretations. In some cases, this is a recommendation to get rid of unnecessary things and systematize your own life.

In other areas, this card may emphasize the following:

  • In the field of health, it is imperative to pay attention to your own health, as the body develops a serious illness that can lead to unpredictable consequences in the future. If there is any swords card next to the Ten Pentacles, then a serious injury is possible in reality, after which it will take a long time to recover.
  • In a personal relationship is scheduled complete collapse. Moreover, the rupture of relations will be associated with big scandals and conflicts. Partners simply do not want to hear and understand each other.
  • In matters of financial affairs will always pursue failure, that will shake the financial situation of a person. All started business can be delayed indefinitely. Conflict situations will constantly arise in relations with colleagues.

This card in the inverted position personifies a very conflicted person who does not know how to find compromise solutions.

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